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Lime Fragrance Oils

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Lime Fragrance OilsLime Fragrance Oils

Today, we will take a closer look at some of Natures Garden’s lime fragrance oils.  This refreshing citrus aroma is great year round, but we especially love them this time of year.  So, below we will talk about Natures Garden’s top lime scents.

Mandarin Lime Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Mandarin Lime Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a simple, but complementary arrangement of fresh mandarin oranges to energize your spirit, and fresh lime to improve your mood.  A great, pick-me-up fragrance!

Lime Fragrance Oils- Lime Citronella Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Lime Citronella Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a wonderful combination of essential oil of citronella, with notes of lemon, fresh lime, and white flowers.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Lime Cilantro Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Lime Cilantro Fragrance Oil

A clean, refreshing fragrance oil by Natures Garden that has a citrus lime blend with slight hints of jasmine and a background of musk and woodsy notes.

Lime Basil Mango Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Lime Basil Mango Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is sweet and tangy, with a summer citrus blend of exotic kaffir lime mixed with crisp basil and juicy mangos.

Top Notes: Kaffir Lime, Mango, Lemon
Mid Notes: Basil, Lemongrass, Orange Blossom, Ginger
Base Notes: Musk

Lime Fragrance Oils- Keylime Pie Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Keylime Pie Fragrance Oil

The luscious aroma of fresh, keylime pie!  This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a mouth watering combination of bitter lime and green lemon zests on a dry down of vanilla cream.

Top Notes:  Key Lime, Mandarin, Apricot, Lemon
Mid Notes:  Coconut Milk, Sweet Butter
Base Notes:  Whipped Vanilla Cream, Pie Crust

Lime Fragrance Oils- Keylime Pie Candle RecipeLime Fragrance Oils- Keylime Pie Candle Recipe

This next craft recipe is one of my favorite dessert candle recipes.  It is the Keylime Pie Candle Recipe.  It was designed to look like a keylime pie.  From the crust to the whipped cream on top, not only does this candle look delicious, it smell great too.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Hot Pink Lime Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Hot Pink Lime Fragrance Oil

This refreshing fragrance oil by Natures Garden is an accord of Kaffir lime, Japanese grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon; middle notes of bergamot and strawberries; sitting on base notes of brown sugar and oakmoss. An NG Original Scent! Now with higher levels of essential oils.

Top Notes:  Kaffir lime, Japanese grapefruit, tangerine, lemon
Mid Notes: bergamot, strawberries
Base Notes:  brown sugar, oakmoss

Lime Fragrance Oils- Pigs in the Mud Candle RecipeLime Fragrance Oils- Pigs in the Mud Candle Recipe

We love our Hot Pink Lime Fragrance Oil so much we decided to use it in this Pigs in the Mud Candle Recipe.  Using both Joy Wax and Pillar of Bliss, this candle is simple to make.  In addition, it is absolutely adorable.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Ginger Lime Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a bright and zesty lemon-lime blend combined with the warm and comforting notes of honeyed ginger for a sophisticated twist on a refreshingly clean combination. This fragrance was in our VIP testing program and given a 2 thumbs up by customers!

Lime Fragrance Oils- Golden Clover Bath Bombs RecipeLime Fragrance Oils- Golden Clover Bath Bombs Recipe

Now, let’s talk about the Golden Clover Bath Bombs Recipe.  This fizzy fun recipe is scented with Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil.  However, this bath bombs is covered in 24K gold mica.  This will leave your skin with a golden shine.

Frosted Lime Cupcake Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Frosted Lime Cupcake Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden was inspired by the news on the street that cupcakes are a hot commodity!  In order to expand your product line, we have worked closely with our perfumist to develop an entire cupcake line of fragrances!  You are going to just love our Frosted Lime Cupcake fragrance!  This fragrance begins with top notes of Persian lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of meringue; and well rounded with base notes of Royal vanilla icing and creamed cake.  Amazing!  An NG Original Fragrance!

Top Notes:  Persian lime and lemon zests
Mid Notes:  Meringue
Base Notes:  Royal vanilla icing and creamed cake

Lime Fragrance Oils- Coconut Lime Verbana Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Coconut Lime Verbana Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is very fresh! A citrus bouquet of lime, kumquat, grapefruit, lemon, with a soft floral undertone of jasmine, on a background of musk and sandalwood.  A Best Seller!

Top Notes: orange, coconut, bergamot, pineapple, lime, grapefruit, lemon
Mid Notes:  island air, cyclamen, lily, jasmine, kumquat
Base Notes:  palm leaves, vanilla bean, sandalwood, musk

Lime Fragrance Oils- Coconut Lime Verbana Soap Bowl RecipeLime Fragrance Oils- Coconut Lime Verbana Soap Bowl Recipe

We used this lime scent in our Coconut Lime Verbana Soap Bowl Recipe.  This melt and pour soap recipe uses both goats milk melt and pour soap and our clear SLS free mp soap.  It makes the perfect summer bath room decoration.  It is made completely of mp soap base.  Inside the coconut shell are little guest soap that will impress your friends and family.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Agave Lime Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Agave Lime Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a shimmering citrus blend of high concentrations of the following essential oils:  lime, lemon, and orange creates an effervescent top note for this exotic scent, while accents of liquid ozone add a refreshing highlight.  Tropical floral notes and exotic agave greens balance at the heart of the fragrance.  Clear musk and rich sandalwood form a soft background for this highly textured scent.

Top Notes:  lime, lemon, orange, ozone
Mid Notes:  agave greens, hibiscus, plumeria
Base Notes:  musk, sandalwood

Lime Fragrance Oils- Lime Cupcake CP Soap Recipe

Are you looking forward to using this lime fragrance oil in your soap recipes.  Try the Lime Cupcake CP Soap Recipe.  This free cupcake soap tutorial will show you how to make frost soap cupcakes.  Then, add a slice of lime made from clear melt and pour soap.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Margarita Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a fresh lime fragrance with hints of lemon rinds and fresh greenery. This fragrance oil has high levels of essential oil of lime for a true-to-name aroma.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Margarita Salt Scrub Recipe

Now, let’s talk about a fragrance fun recipe using Margarita Fragrance Oil.  Our Margarita Salt Scrub Recipe is a foaming salt scrub that uses this strong lime scent.  In addition to the salt and scent, we have added sodium cocoyl isethionate.  Sodium cocoyl isethionate or SCI gives this lime scented scrub some major bubbling action.  It also leaves skin feeling silky soft.  In fact, many with sensitive skin also love this ingredient because it is gently on their skin.

Frozen Margarita Fragrance OilLime Fragrance Oils- Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil

So, I know what you are thinking, “Why do they have two margarita scents?”  Well, the most notable difference is the salt note.  The frozen margarita has a stronger note of salt in it.  Frozen Margarita fragrance oil by Natures Garden begins with top notes of essential oil of Lime and Mandarin Orange; including notes of Southern Valencia, Lemon, and Sea Salt; followed by middle notes of frothy iced Guava Nectar, Strawberries, and Pineapple; all sitting on base notes of Brown Sugar, Vanilla Rum, and Musk.

Top Notes:  Lime, Mandarin Orange, Southern Valencia, Lemon, Sea Salt
Mid Notes: Iced Guava Nectar, Strawberries, Pineapple
Base Notes:  Brown Sugar, Vanilla Rum, Musk

Lime Fragrance Oils- 7-UP Pound Cake Fragrance Oil

Next, 7-UP Pound Cake Fragrance Oil is an aromatic combination of lemon-lime and cake to create a fabulous bakery aroma.  This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a perfect blend of warm cake, almond, lemon, lime, vanilla, and sugar.  An NG Original Scent!  A Best Seller!  

Top Notes:  lemon, lime, coconut, almond
Mid Notes:  maple sugar, red berry, cinnamon
Base Notes:  vanilla cake, brown sugar, musk
Lime Fragrance Oils- 7 Up Bundt Cake Soap Recipe

We used 7 UP Pound Cake Fragrance Oil in the 7 Up Bundt Cake Soap Recipe.  This is a melt and pour soap recipe scented with this strong bakery scent.  It is a fast and easy soap recipe that is perfect for beginner soap makers.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Blue Agave Fragrance Oil

With this fragrance oil by Natures Garden, something amazing happens when Kaffir lime is combined with the fresh, green aroma of oakmoss.  The scent is very uplifting and very fresh!  Natures Garden’s Blue Agave fragrance begins with top notes of Kaffir lime, lemon zests, apple, and black currant;  followed by middle notes of lily of the valley and rose petals;  sitting on base notes of oakmoss and white woods.

Top Notes:  Kaffir lime, lemon zests, apple, black currant
Mid Notes:  Lily of the valley, rose petals
Base Notes:  oakmoss, white woods

Did you know?  The Blue Agave is a renowned plant in the central part of Mexico.  This plant can take up to 7 years to mature and can grow to be several feet tall.  The core of the plant is the only part that is used to make agave nectar.

Lime Fragrance Oils- NG Mt. Dew Type Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is soda with a jolt. This classic lemon/lime fizzy pop is so good you will swear you can smell the caffeine and feel the bubbles tickle your nose.

Lime Fragrance Oils- Mojito Fragrance Oil

New and Improved Mojito fragrance oil by Natures Garden!  We read your reviews, and had a master perfumist create a better mojito fragrance for you.  Our mojito fragrance has strong top notes of juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves and rum. During test burns, this fragrance filled the entire test room in less than 15 minutes.  A Best Seller!  How do you do a mojito?  Well, if you are looking to try the real thing, check out this keylime mojito recipe from Martha Stewart.


Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil

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Christmas Wassail Fragrance OilChristmas Wassail Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is an exciting, cultural, culinary aroma.  Warm cider, fresh fruit, and spices mix together to create a Nature’s Garden Original Fragrance like no other!  Wassail is a beverage of hot mulled cider traditionally consumed as an integral part of wassailing.  The word “wassail” comes from the Old Norse phrase “ves heil” which means “be you healthy.”  Wassailing is a tradition dating back to the 8th century.  Similar to Christmas caroling, wassailing was a tradition that involved going from dwelling to dwelling, bringing seasonal blessings in return for gifts.  This was frequently accompanied by the drinking from a wassail cup and an exchange of wishes for a bountiful harvest in the upcoming seasons.  In the middle ages, this progressed as an exchange between peasants and their feudal lords.  Peasants were able to offer blessings of a fruitful harvest in exchange for gifts of food.  Try Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil today, and bring your customers good tidings and cheer!

What Does Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil is an exciting Christmas drink scent.  This fragrance is comprised of the aroma of mulled apple cider, fresh pineapple, and orange zests surrounded with spicy cinnamon and cloves.

Top Notes: Orange Zests, Pineapple
Mid Notes: Mulled Apple Cider
Base Notes: Cinnamon, Clove

How Do Our Customers Use Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil?

Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil is a charming holiday scent that will create a cozy atmosphere in your home.  Room scenters can incorporate up to 50% of this strong fragrance oil in projects like incense, smelly jelly jars, and potpourri.  This fragrance oil is also strong in aroma beads.  Homemade candle crafters can use Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil up to 10% with vegetable waxes and paraffin wax.  This scent will perform perfectly in Joy Wax, Wow Wax, and is nice and strong in soy waxes.  If you wish to color your candles, we would recommend 3 drops of red, 3 drops orange, and 1 drop of brown Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye per 4 pounds of candle wax.  You can also color your melted wax with a small amount of red, orange, and brown color blocks.  Do not use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Despite its name, people find that Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil creates warm and inviting room scenting products that can be used year-round.  One customer writes “I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this scent the first time I ordered it, but it pleasantly surprised me the first time I used it. It is great for Christmas, or year-round. Customers seem to love it and it has earned as spot in Christmas catalog.”

Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil is not body safe, so unfortunately you cannot include this fragrance in your bath and body products.  Since you can’t use this fragrance is body products, here’s a body-friendly way to enjoy Christmas Wassail: Create the actual drink!

Christmas Wassail Drink Recipe:

  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 25-30 whole cloves
  • 6-10 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 quart pineapple juice
  • 1 6 ounce can frozen orange juice concentrate

Mix all ingredients in a large pot and simmer. Serve hot.