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Kelp Uses

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kelp maskKelp Uses

Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! For all you creative people out there, are you looking for something new and exciting to add to your products? Something out of the box that you probably wouldn’t normally think of? Maybe kelp for example? And yes, I mean like seaweed kelp! Kelp is actually a very amazing product that would be a great addition to your soaps and bath and body products! Did you know that there is a possibility that kelp could actually be used as a natural renewable energy source? It’s very effective in yielding methane, as well as sugars that can be converted to ethanol.

Kelp can be used in many different products and industries including skin care, medicinal purposes, culinary purposes, hair care, and many bath and body products. Common products that can include kelp are body wraps, facial masks, lotions, creams, ointments, bath salts, scrubs, soaps, foot treatments, and bath teas. When used in soap making, kelp brings wonderful nutrients to the skin, as well as giving the soap a natural green color. Kelp is a great way to help hydrate your hair as well as helping to thicken, rebuild, and strengthen the hair. You skin will benefit from kelp use as well, it supplies the skin with many important nutrients and helps to calm any sensitivities. Kelp also helps to moisturize the skin, reduce any skin tumors, and it also helps to slow down the aging process!

There are many wonderful medicinal benefits to using kelp as well. Did you know that it can help you to lose weight? It actually works as a natural diuretic, working to get rid of excess water weight. It also helps to regulate your thyroid, which in turn regulates your metabolism, which also helps you to lose weight! Kelp also has high content levels of iodine. Iodine is also amazing for helping with thyroid problems as well! There are some specific benefits to kelp uses for women as well. Kelp can be used to dilate the cervix to induce labor and delivery in pregnant women, as well as being used to dilate the cervix for medical procedures, and the placing of intrauterine devices. When the kelp is inserted into the cervix, it is sometimes called a tent. The tent can also be used to cause abortions as well as being placed before the performing of a D&C (the scraping out of the uterus.) Kelp can also be used as a natural antibiotic, helping to protect from colds and the flu, increasing insulin resistance, treating radiation sickness, and even helping to prevent cancer!

Are you wondering how to get your hands on this wonderful product as soon as possible? Well hold on just a second because it gets even better! When you search “kelp” on our website, it will take you right to our Kelp Powder page. On top of the powder picture, you will see a little green link labeled “Recipe.” This will show you the name and picture of our Seaside Spa Scrub which is actually made with kelp! This wonderful recipe is one that you’re sure to adore! While you’re there, make sure to check out all the rest of our free classes and recipes as well! Enjoy these great products and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

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