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Sage Fragrance Oils

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Sage Fragrance OilsSage Fragrance Oils

A fresh, bright fragrance oil is the perfect way to breathe some life into your favorite product recipes. We at Natures Garden have a wide variety of scented oils that are perfect for creating anything from bath products to room scenting recipes. Some of these lovely scented oils use wonderful scent of herbs or essential oils in their blend. One lovely category of scents that includes the fresh scent of true herbs are the Sage Fragrance Oils. These delightful aromas are perfect for creating gorgeous homemade products that look and smell absolutely fantastic! So, check out some of the fresh, sage scented oils below to find the perfect sage fragrance oil for your own homemade recipes.

Sage Fragrance Oils: Basil Sage Mint Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil

One refreshing ingredient that you can include in your homemade recipes is the delightful Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil! This aroma has an enticing scent of garden fresh basil leaves, clary sage and peppermint sprigs accented by hints of citrus zests, fresh spring flowers, and soft, soothing musk. So, this is a wonderful fragrance oil to add to your room scenting recipes to create some invigorating products. Plus, you can make some room scents, like refreshing scented candles, that will leave your home with a clean, herbal scent. So, you will be sure to enjoy this herbal fragrance oil blend in all of your delightful homemade recipes!

Sage Fragrance Oils: Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil Sage Fragrance Oils: Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil

Further, this fragrance oil is a great one for creating bath and body products. We at Natures Garden used this fragrance oil in our very own Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe! You will lovely the combination of bubbling, fun ingredients along with ingredients that are wonderfully conditioning. Plus, this recipe adds to the scent by adding in real herbs, like peppermint leaf powder and basil leaf. This recipe is absolutely perfect for creating a calm, inviting bath for your to relax and enjoy.

Sage Fragrance Oils: Mango Sage Tea Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Mango Sage Tea Fragrance Oil

Plus, you can use the lovely scent of our Mango Sage Tea Fragrance Oil to create some gorgeous hoemmade bath and body products! You will certainly enjoy this unique combination of refreshing leaves of rubbed sage, juicy mango, papaya, and strawberries, with a wonderful base note of freshly brewed white tea leaves. This refreshing tea scent is a perfect blend for creating all kinds of delightful bath and body products.  Furthermore, you can use this delightful tea scent to create all kinds of unique and refreshing scented candles. Whether you decide to create bath products or home scenting products, you are sure to enjoy this refreshing aroma in your recipes.

Sage Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Sage Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil

Also, you can use the scrumptious aroma of our Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil to create some fantastic products at home. This delightful aroma includes strong top notes of tart blackberries, mulberries, and orange zests; middle notes of nutmeg, rose petals; bottom notes of fresh green sage leaves, red clover, and a dry down of vanilla. So, this lovely scent would be great for creating homemade bath and body products, like irresistibly scented lotion or berry scented soap from scratch. Plus, you can use this delightful scent to create some amazing scented candles with this delicious blend of sweet and herbal aroma. This means that this delicious scented oil is perfect for adding to any of your lovely homemade recipes.

Sage Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Sage Soap RecipeSage Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Sage Soap Recipe

This beautiful blend of sweet fruity aromas and fresh sage is the perfect scent for our delightful Blackberry Sage Soap Recipe. This gorgeous aroma pairs perfectly with the gorgeous soap with green, purple, and white swirled soap. Plus, the blackberry shaped melt and pour soap creates the perfect topper for the recipe. This wonderful aesthetic combined with the luscious oils of the homemade soap bars will have your falling in live with this scent. So, you can create a lovely cold process soap recipe with a fantastic aroma!

Sage Fragrance Oils: White Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: White Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

Further, you can use the inspiring scent of  White Sage and Sea Salt Fragrance Oil to create some fantastic homemade products from scratch! This delightful scent from Natures Garden is a perfect blend of bright, refreshing notes that are reminiscent of a bright sunny day at the beach. So, this scent is a lovely combination of fresh sage and trendy sea salt backed by white washed driftwood will transport you to a place of natural harmony. You will be transported to a bright, sea side paradise when you add this scent into your homemade recipes. So, you will love this scent in homemade bath and body products, like bright scented lotion. Regardless of how you choose to use this fragrance oil, you will certainly enjoy the aroma of this paradise fragrance oil.

Sage Fragrance Oils: Lavender Sage Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Lavender Sage Fragrance Oil

Another great fragrance oil that you can incorporate in your homemade scented products is the complex Lavender Sage Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has gorgeous top notes of French lavender, lime, sage, and fern leaves that is followed by middle notes of dill, pepper, moss, and ginger. These magnificent aromas are well rounded with base notes of pine, musk, and patchouli. So, the unique and herbal scent of this fragrance oil is perfect for creating some wonderfully herbal scented candles. Further, you can use this lovely scent to create some delightful bath and body creations, like diy bath bombs or homemade conditioner . So, you will certainly love using this delightful fragrance at home in your products!

Sage Fragrance Oils: Lavender Sage Bath Bomb RecipeSage Fragrance Oils: Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe

One of the delightful bath and body recipes you can make with this scented oil is the Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe. Not only does this recipe use our lovely fragrance, but this bath bomb uses real herbs, like rose and lavender. This will provide your bath product with a scent blend that you will truly enjoy. So, this lovely, herbal bath bomb recipe is perfect for creating a relaxing, spa-like experience right at home!

Sage Fragrance Oils: Apple Pecan Sage Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Apple Pecan Sage Fragrance Oil

Also, you can use the Apple Pecan Sage Fragrance Oil to create some wonderful homemade scented products. This fragrance oil has an aroma of sweet fresh picked apples with aromatic spices and a wonderful nutty flavor. This is a rich, herbal scented oil that is perfect for creating all kinds of homemade recipes. You can make all kinds of delightful scented homemade recipes that are a perfect blend of rich spices and fresh apple. Plus, you can use this delightful scent to create some scrumptious bath and body creations. No matter how you choose to use this apple and sage fragrance oil you will absolutely adore your finished products!

Sage Fragrance Oils: Sage Leaf Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Sage Leaf Fragrance Oil

Another great fragrance oil that you can use to create your delightful homemade products is the Sage Leaf Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden. This fragrance oil has the scent of fresh herbal sage leaves. This is a fantastically refreshing fragrance oil that is great for using all by itself. Also, this scent is a perfect choice for creatively mixing scents to create the perfect aroma. You will love this fresh, herbal scent in homemade recipes like herbal scented lotions or refreshing, homemade bath bomb recipes. Additionally, you can use this delightfully fresh scent to create herbal scented candles. So, this lovely fragrance oil would make a perfect addition to any of your lovely and homemade recipes.

Sage Fragrance Oils: DogSage Fragrance Oils: Doggy Shampoo Cold Process Soap Recipegy Shampoo Cold Process Soap Recipe

This delightful fragrance oil is perfect for creating the lovely Doggy Shampoo Cold Process Soap Recipe. So, you would be able to create  homemade soap from scratch that is both gentle on skin and cleansing enough for your dog. So, your dog will get clean with a bar of soap that is sensitive enough for the most precious puppy. Further, this skin-loving soap recipe includes the refreshing herbal scent of our Sage Leaf Fragrance Oil that will leave your pet smelling absolutely delightful!

Sage Fragrance Oils: Sage and Citrus Fragrance OilSage Fragrance Oils: Sage and Citrus Fragrance Oil

Additionally, you can use the bright, herbal blend of our Sage and Citrus Fragrance Oil in any of your homemade bath recipes or home scenting recipes. This lovely scented oil has delightful notes of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds, with base notes of fresh sage leaves. So, you can include this lovely scent in your homemade bath and body creations to add some refreshing citrus and sage. Also, this fragrance oil would be a wonderful fragrance oil for creating bright sage and citrus scented candles or citrus reed diffusers. Regardless of which recipes use choose to create, this delightful fragrance oil will make a perfect addition that provides an irresistible scent.

Sage Fragrance Oils: History and Benefits of the Sage Herb

Sage is an herb that has long since been used by humans for all kinds of benefits. We know of a few ancient peoples, like Romans or Greeks, who even thought of the herb as sacred and incorporated it in ceremonies. In fact, it is considered to be one of the herbs used longest by humans over known time. This may be due, in part, to the medicinal properties that many people claim that this herb contains. Plus, this sweet and savory herb is often used to enhance the taste of dishes while simultaneously promoting a healthy body. So, there is quite a bit to love about this fantastic herb. If you are interested in learning more about this intriguing herb with a long history, then check out The Worlds Healthiest Foods to find out even more!

Sage Fragrance Oils: More Fun With Sage

Not only are our sage scented fragrance oils wonderful for your homemade recipes, but the actual herb can make a nice addition, too. There are all kinds of uses for this beloved herb. Some people enjoy the supposed health benefits that this herb provides. Also, there are many people that use food grade sage in their homemade teas. Another great way to utilize food grade sage can be cooking delicious dishes. If you are interested in learning about these dishes, then you can find all kinds of ideas at Sage Recipes: 45 Things To Do With Fresh Sage.

Further, there are those that use this herb for skin care. Also, there are many people that use this herb in their aromatherapy as well as a way to rid their home of evil spirits and negative energies. But, there are many other ideas that you can try out with this wonderful herb. If you are interested in trying out this herb, then your will definitely want to check out the available from Natures Garden!

Sage Fragrance Oil: Find Us On Social MediaSage Fragrance Oils: Find Us On Social Media

We would love to hear all about the unique projects that you have created using these lovely sage fragrance oils! Also, you can find us online to ask any question you have about your sage fragrance oil scented creations. Whether you wish to reach out to share or ask questions, we would love to hear from you. Firstly, you can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use @ngscents to find us on either our Twitter or Instagram pages. We can’t wait to hear from you and see all of your wonderful creations!

Note: Natures Garden sells our sage herbs for external use only. We do not sell these herbs as food items. (The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration). Keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products that you make with our herbs. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Oils For Soap Making

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Oils For Soap MakingOils For Soap Making

There are quite a few different kinds of oils for soap making. Each type of cosmetic oil has different properties that can be used to create batches of soap with different qualities. The main qualities that these oils can provide for your soap are hardness, cleansing, conditioning, bubbly lather, and creamy lather. Whether you are in interested in creating a moisturizing bar of soap, extremely cleansing bar of soap, or want to create a different kind of soap there are a few things you will need to know, a bit about the oils you are using is just one of those things. So, it can be useful to understand the impact that each of these cosmetic oils can have on your soap batch. At Natures Garden you can find all kinds of bulk oils for soap making that would be wonderful for making your own soap recipes! So, we will go over a few of the soaping oils that you could use to create your homemade soap making.

Oils For Soap Making Apricot Kernel OilOils For Soap Making Apricot Kernel Oil

First, we have a lovely cosmetic oil that is perfect for moisturizing the skin. Apricot kernel oil will easily absorb into your skin and provide your skin with the deep nourishment that it deserves. This oil is perfect for soap making and can be used in either cold or hot process soap with a recommended usage rate of 5%-10%. This oil is excellent, luxurious, and very conditioning! In fact, this oil will provide you soap bars with some amazing conditioning properties. Since this oil is such a skin loving cosmetic ingredient, it is sure to transfer this ability to your handmade soaps. Also, this oil will provide your bars with a slightly harder finished soap with a creamier lather.

Oils For Soap Making Avocado OilOils For Soap Making Avocado Oil

Another great soaping oil that you can add to your homemade recipes is avocado oil with a usage rate of 5%-30%. This lovely oil is perfect for skin care and would be wonderful in your homemade cold process soap. Not only is this oil wonderful for moisturizing your skin, but this cosmetic oil is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Further, this soaping ingredient will provide a creamy lather as well as a conditioning properties that you will love in your homemade products! 

Oils For Soap Making Castor OilOils For Soap Making Castor Oil

Also, you can use castor oil to create lovely soap by adding this oil to your own recipes. Castor oil is a humectant so, it will attract moisture to your skin. This oil provides your soap with conditioning properties as well as a lather that is both very creamy and bubbly! You will love this oil in your homemade recipes. You can use about 5%-7% to get these lovely properties in your bars. Just make sure that you don’t use too much because more than 10% could make your soaps sticky.

Oils For Soap Making Coconut OilOils For Soap Making Coconut Oil 76

Further, you can incorporate coconut oil 76 in your homemade soap recipes. Coconut oil 76 will stay in a solid state in temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Coconut oil will provide you with a harder and whiter soap bar with a bubbly lather. Also, this cosmetic ingredient is a very cleansing oil that is perfect for soap making. While this oil is not very conditioning, this can be countered by superfatting the recipe. Since this oil can strip the skin of natural oils and leave the skin dry when used above 30-35%, you can use a higher amount of other oils that are highly conditioning for the skin. This will allow your bar to be cleansing as well as moisturizing. We recommend no more than 20% of oil for soap making in your recipe.

Oils For Soap Making Coconut Oil FractionatedOils For Soap Making Fractionated Coconut Oil

Although, fractionated coconut oil has similar properties to coconut oil 76 in a bar of soap, there are also some differences. Fractionated coconut oil will contribute to making a bar of soap that will both be cleansing and provide a more bubbly lather. Furthermore, this cosmetic oil will provide you with a bar soap that is harder. While this oil won’t provide your bar of soap with any conditioning properties, you can easily pair this oil with other ingredients that are more conditioning. Combining ingredients with differing traits will make sure that you have a bar of soap with properties that are well-rounded. In addition, fractionated coconut oil contains only the medium-chain triglycerides of coconut oil making it liquid at room temperature. Finally, it has an almost unlimited shelf life.

Oils For Soap Making Grapeseed OilOils For Soap Making Grapeseed Oil

Also, you can use grapeseed oil in your own homemade recipes for making soap from scratch. This cosmetic oil is useful for adding some extra conditioning properties to your soap bars. In fact, this oil is typically used to superfat a recipe. So, this oil would be great for pairing with coconut oil to create a cleansing recipe that won’t dry out your skin. Plus, grapeseed oil will absorb easily into the skin. This means that your skin will be perfectly moisturized without a greasy feeling.  Further, this cosmetic ingredient will provide your recipe with a bit of a creamy lather and a slightly harder bar. Our recommended usage rate for grapeseed oil is up to 5%.

Oils For Soap Making Jojoba OilOils For Soap Making Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is another lovely cosmetic oil that can be used for soap making. Plus, this ingredient is a luxurious oil that is perfect for conditioning your skin. So, this oil will provide your soap with a bit of a conditioning property. Not only is this ingredient perfect for moisturizing the body, but this oil has remarkable absorption and will sink deep down into the skin. While this lovely oil is great for creating deeply moisturizing bars of soap, this ingredient may speed up trace, so you will want to be prepared to work a bit quicker with this batch. You can use 5-10% of this carrier oil in your soap making recipe. Further, jojoba oil has a long shelf, which is uncommon for luxury oils, of about 1-2 years. 

Oils For Soap Making Macadamia Nut OilOils For Soap Making Macadamia Nut Oil

Next, you can use macadamia nut oil for soap making. Macadamia nut oil provides wonderful nourishment for aging skin. In addition, this skin loving oil will easily absorb into your skin without a greasy feel left behind. This lovely carrier oil is is high in both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Since the levels of antioxidants are high, macadamia nut oil is not prone to rancidity. We recommend using no more than 10% of this oil in your handmade soap recipe.

Oils For Soap Making Meadowfoam Seed OilOils For Soap Making Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Furthermore, you can use meadowfoam seed oil for soap making. Adding this soaping oil to your soap from scratch will provide both conditioning and a bit of cleansing properties. While this oil has no fatty acids, it is still quite conditioning for the skin. In fact, this oil is so conditioning that meadowfoam seed oil is often used to superfat the soap batch. Also, this oil has an excellent resistance to oxidation and is not prone to rancidity. Additionally, this cosmetic oil can be used as a binder that may help to increase the life of fragrance oil. So, this oil is perfect to make scent in soap last longer. You can use this cosmetic oil at about 5-10%.

Oils For Soap Making Olive OilOils For Soap Making Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very popular cosmetic ingredient that can be used to create homemade soap. This oil is a very conditioning oil that is perfect for creating a moisturizing bars of soap. Due to this property, many people can use this cosmetic ingredient to create Castille Soap, which is also referred to baby soap. This soft baby soap is made from olive oil with no other cosmetic oils added. Another type of soap that this oil is used to create is Marseille soap, which is made with 72% or more of this oil. This second type of soaping recipe is created to add other oils and create a better lather. Since Olive Oil can leave a lather that is a bit “slimy” with limited bubbles, many would prefer to add other oils to create a better kind of lather. Also, this soap making oil can be used to add some hardness to the bar and a bit of a creamy lather to your batch.   

Oils For Soap Making Palm OilOils For Soap Making Palm Oil

Additionally, you can use palm oil to create your homemade soap recipes. In fact, this oil, along with olive oil and coconut oil, is one of the most common oils that is used for making soap. This cosmetic additive will provide your batch of soap with a few different beneficial properties. Due to the properties of conditioning, a creamy lather, and a hard bar that are added to the bar from the soaping oils, this batch of soap is commonly enjoyed by soap makers. It is solid a room temperature. Although this cosmetic ingredient is great for making quality bars of soap, you need to be ready as it can speed up trace.

Oils For Soap Making Pumpkin Seed OilOils For Soap Making Pumpkin Seed Oil

Also, pumpkin seed oil is a great soap making oil that you can use for your handcrafted bars of soap. This cosmetic ingredient is a dark oil that contains nutrients to the skin, like vitamins A,C,E,K, and zinc. As well as providing nutrients to the skin, this oil can provide some lovely qualities to the batch of soap. This cosmetic oil mostly provides conditioning properties. Further, the oil can provide a bit of hardness and a creamy lather and has a slight nutty aroma. Finally, the recommended usage rate is 5-10%.

Oils For Soap Making Rice Bran OilOils For Soap Making Rice Bran Oil

Further, you can use rice bran oil in your homemade soap making recipes, containing lots of antioxidants and vitamins. This cosmetic oil is perfect for mature and sensitive skin types. Not only is this oil great for more sensitive types of skin, but rice bran oil can provide your bars with some lovely properties. First, this oil can give your bar conditioning properties. Also, this oil can give your bar wonderful creamy lathering properties. So, soaps that use this cosmetic oil will create a soap batch with a conditioning, rich, creamy lather.

Oils For Soap Making Safflower OilOils For Soap Making Safflower Oil

Also, safflower oil is a lovely cosmetic oil that can be used to create nice bars of homemade soap. First of all, this soap making oil is very conditioning. Plus, oil can provide slight properties of hardness and creamy lather to the soap. So, you can create a mild and very moisturizing bar of soap with this oil. You can use up 5-15% of this ingredient.

Oils For Soap Making Sesame Seed OilOils For Soap Making Sesame Seed Oil

Another great oil for soap making is sesame seed oil. This lovely ingredient is said to be helpful in treating eczema and psoriasis. Further, this cosmetic oil will provide conditioning power, a creamy, stable lather, and a silky feel. Furthermore, this ingredient can be used to slow down the trace in your batch. Also, sesame seed oil has a natural, nutty aroma with a long shelf life, this oil is not prone to rancidity. You can use 5-10% of this oil in your batch.

Oils For Soap Making Sunflower OilOils For Soap Making Sunflower Oil

Furthermore, you can add sunflower oil to your soap making recipe. This cosmetic ingredient is most commonly chosen to slow down trace, which is very helpful for creating some swirled soap. So, you will have more time to work with your batch and get creative! Also, this cosmetic oil can provide lovely properties of this batch of cold process soap. This oil will add conditioning properties, a creamy lather, and a silky feel. Further, Sunflower Oil can naturally resist rancidity due to its high vitamin E content. If you choose to use this oil in your soap batch, then you can use up to 25% in soap batches. Just realize that using a high percentage of this oil will create a softer bar. So, it may be helpful to pair this oil with another ingredient that will strengthen your bar.

Oils For Soap Making Sweet Almond OilOils For Soap Making Sweet Almond Oil

Another cosmetic oil that you can include in your homemade soap making recipes is sweet almond oil. This ingredient is a light oil that is perfect for adding some skin care qualities to the soap bars. This soaping oil is perfect for conditioning purposes. Furthermore, this oil will absorb perfectly into your skin and provide your deepest layers with nourishment. Also, you can use 5-10% of this cosmetic oil in your soaping batch.

Creating Your Own Homemade Soap

Now that you have learned a bit more about the soaping ingredients can impact your final product, it would be a great time to create you very own soap recipe! You can choose a few of your favorite cosmetic oils and use the Recipe Calculator on Soapcalc to perfectly formulate the perfect soap making recipes. While it is super fun to make your very own recipe, you can check out our formulations. The Cold Process Soap Recipes page on the Natures Garden website has quite a few different types of soap recipes that may be great for you. All you have to do is take a look through the recipes we created and try your favorites.


Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil

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 Tranquil Sleep Fragrance OilTranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil is a serene and floral scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a perfectly sweet blend of fresh floral notes and juicy melon notes with bottom scents of woodsy and musk elements that all create a peaceful fragrance oil that is perfect for all kinds of stress relieving products. Whether you are creating serene candles or tranquil bath and body products, you are almost guaranteed your home will be transformed into a day spa while using this scent.

What Does Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden begins with top notes of violet, cyclamen, hyacinth. Middle notes of juicy cantaloupe and watermelon, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. Bottom notes of cedar, amber, and musk. Absolutely fantastic!

How Do Our Customers Use Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Products?

Many of our customers can include this relaxing fragrance oil in their handmade bath and body products. Bath oils, bath gels, lotions, soaps, perfumes, bath teas, bath bombs, and other related homemade bath and body crafts can be created. These products can contain a maximum of 5% of this scent. When you are looking to add color to your natural bath and body products, then we would like to suggest using some blue liquid soap dye in the amount that you would prefer. If you want to color these creations differently, then beware of candle dyes as they are not body safe.

If you know how to make soap from scratch, then including this floral scent should be an easy task. Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this fragrance oil is a perfect flowery scent for if you like to make your own soap. These soaps will have a perfect pour with no separation, no acceleration, and no ricing. While the bar does discolor to a light butter shade, it will retain a strong scent after the cure.

How Do Our Customers Use Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Products?

Our customers can create their own room scent diy creations with this delightfully floral fragrance oil. Diy potpourri recipes and room scent sticks can both be made with up to 50% of this flowery scent. Natural homemade household cleaners can be scented with a concentration of 5% for this aroma. Sachet bead recipes can be created with this tranquil fragrance oil.

Additionally, our customers can do scented candle making with up to 10% of this peaceful fragrance in candles made of either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax. Wow wax and Joy wax candle making will each perform perfectly with the inclusion of this scent. Soy candle making supplies can potentially include this relaxing fragrance oil. For coloring, we suggest using either two drops of blue liquid candle dye. Another option would be a small bit of shredded blue color block per four pounds of wax. Remember that crayons aren’t a good substitute for colorants as they are likely to clog your candle wick.

Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil Massage Oil RecipeIf you enjoy our Tranquil Sleep Fragrance Oil and are looking for a way to incorporate it into a relaxing product, then you may want to try out our Relaxing Massage Oil Recipe. This recipe combines the calming properties of chamomile flowers with this tranquil scent and a couple moisturizing oils to create a perfect massage oil.