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What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?

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What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Ask Us Your QuestionsWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?

What is the ground pumice herb? Also, what are the pumice stone benefits? Anyone that may be asking these questions, you are in luck, as this cosmetic blog is a great way to answer your questions.  Plus, you can use this blog to find out about the benefits that this herb has for your body.  The cosmetic pumice stone available from Natures Garden is perfect for creating all kinds of cosmetic recipes. Further, there are all kinds of other ways that you can perfectly use this herb. If you are interested, then you can continue reading this blog to learn more about the uses of ground pumice stone.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits? : What is Pumice?

First of all, pumice isn’t really an herb. This cosmetic ingredient is actually a type of rock. This rock will form certain types of magma that are cooling. In the case of this cosmetic ingredient, the pumice stone would be ground up to be used in all kinds of bath and body recipes. But, not all pumice starts out in such a small form. In fact, some of the pumice stones that are formed can be quite large!

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits? : How is Pumice Made?

Simply, the pumice stone is a type of volcanic rock that is formed from cooling magma. But, there is a bit more you can learn about the formation of this special rock. First of all, there is a slight difference between magma and lava. While these two words are very similar, the difference is that the magma is stuck underground and lava flows above ground.  Sometimes the magma will become lava after a volcano eruption. Other times, the magma will cool underground before it gets the chance to make it to the earth’s surface.  In both of these cases, there is a potential for pumice to form. But, the rock that will be formed from magma that rapidly cools under the ground is more common for industrial use.

However, pumice isn’t formed from just any type of magma. These cosmetic rocks are made from magma that is frothy, full of gases, and cooled rapidly.  The gases will form the little holes that we see in the pumice stones. Once the liquid around the gas solidifies it will leave the air pockets that we see in the hardened rock. If the pumice doesn’t form underground, there is one more way that it can be created. You can have pumice form after a volcano erupts. Once the volcano erupts any of the frothy magma that is spewed out has the potential to quickly cool into pumice as it falls back to the earth. 

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Where is Pumice Found?

Although pumice can be formed underground or in the air after an eruption, most of the pumice is formed by magma cooling underground. Since most of the pumice is created from cooling magma, most of this volcanic stone is mined from the ground. These hunks of pumice can then be used to create pumice stones or ground up to be added to bath and body recipes.

Plus, there is pumice being mined in areas all over the globe. Italy is the largest producer of pumice and is followed closely by nearby countries, like Spain, Greece, and Turkey. However, this volcanic rock can be found all over the globe, including the United States.  Basically, you can find pumice anywhere there was gas and water in magma that is cooing rapidly. So, many of the volcanoes that form near a coast will likely have pumice being created nearby. You can even find this stone in the deepest depths of the ocean, as there places in the oceanic crust where water sinks below the crust and can lead to pumice!

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Industrial Uses

This ground up volcanic rock can be used to create all kinds of great bath and body recipes. Of course, you can use ground pumice to add some exfoliating properties to your bath and body recipes. Plus, there are some other various uses for this stone in both the current industry as well as in the ancient past. So, check out the information below to learn even more about this cosmetic ingredient.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Medicinal Uses

Although there aren’t any medicinal benefits to eating ground pumice stone, there are some medicinal benefits that you can gain from using this cosmetic ingredient. However, all of these benefits are cosmetic and there aren’t any known benefits for ingesting this stone.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Food and Beverages

Even though you can’t use a pumice stone to create drinks or meals, there is another type of product that this stone can be used to make. This cosmetic herb can be added to tooth paste to add some exfoliation properties. This great herb can be used to provide some extra exfoliation properties, as it will add cleansing and abrasive properties to the recipe.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Bath and Body UsesWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Bath and Body Uses

Pumice is best known as a natural exfoliating ingredient for cosmetics. This cosmetic herb can be included in all kinds of recipes to add some exfoliating properties to your various cosmetic recipes. Plus, some people will even use a whole pumice stone to exfoliate rough, callused skin. So, you know that this cosmetic ingredient works well and can get your skin feeling its absolute best.

First, you can add some of the ground pumice to your bath and body recipes and to your homemade soap making recipes. Then, you can use a recipe with pumice stone to both cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This will be useful for helping rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Also, you can use the pumice to help remove any blackheads that may form. Plus, this is a fantastic herb to use to create homemade scrubs. This is a fantastic ingredient for creating cosmetic recipes that will remove dead skin. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Further, people will use this herb to help soften calluses and corns to reduce pain from friction

Additionally, you can use this cosmetic herb to boost circulation. This will bring more blood to the skin, which makes your skin look that much healthier. Also, using a pumice stone can be useful for improving skin tone. So, the pumice herb will help exfoliate dead skin and reveal your young, beautiful skin. Plus, this cosmetic herb can be used to reduce rough, dry skin. So, you can help to create smoother skin that is less dry and rough.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Natures Garden Cosmetic RecipesWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Natures Garden Cosmetic Recipes

First, you can use some of the ground pumice from Natures Garden to create a fantastic foot care recipe. Although this recipe is for making a cleansing soap, the added pumice allows the recipes to add some foot scrub properties. So, this bar of soap will be able to smooth, pamper, and moisturize the feet, too. Not only does our Peppermint Cold Process Foot Soap Recipe include pumice to exfoliate and smooth your feet, but this homemade soap recipe includes luscious herbs and essential oils that will nourish the skin.

Alternatively, you can use pumice to create a cleansing bar of body soap. Our Mechanics Soap Recipe is perfect for anyone that needs some extra help getting really clean. This homemade soap recipe will provide a better clean than a typical bar of soap due to the extra exfoliating power. So, these bars of soap are perfect for providing a stronger clean along as well as exfoliating the dead skin and grime. Plus, this recipe includes skin loving oils and even some cosmetic clay that will all work to nourish the skin.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Other UsesWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Other Uses

Another added benefit of this cosmetic ingredient is that you can use this cosmetic herb to remove unwanted body hair. This hair removal process is similar to how you exfoliate dead skin.  First, you will want to wash the area with warm water. This will soften the skin and make the hair removal process easier. Then,  you will want to make sure that you lather the area with soap, cosmetic oils, or another kind of lubricating substance. This lubricating substance will be used to help prevent irritation and make the process go easier.

As you use the stone, make sure to do small circular motions. You will want to go both directions with your small circles and apply minimal amounts of pressure. If you decide to use straight strokes instead, then you will be more likely to break the skin. Also, use brisk strokes and be careful not to be too rough as you could potentially cut the skin. be sure that you don’t use this method of hair removal on areas that are irritated, sunburned, peeling, or broken.

Also, small pieces of pumice can be use to prevent bumping of a boiling liquid. This will ensure that you liquid boils more calmly and won’t splash too much.  However, pumice isn’t the only stone that can be used as a boiling stone. Any porous material that are chemically inert can serve as an effective boiling stone.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: History of Pumice for Building

In ancient civilizations pumice was used for quite a few different ways. One significant use this volcanic stone has is by Romans. This ancient civilization, as well as a few other civilizations, would use this herb  to construct buildings. Some of the constructions that they included pumice in was the dome of their Pantheon as well as some of their aqueducts. Furthermore, many of these ancient constructions are still around today.  Even today, pumice will be used to create lightweight concrete to make some of other modern buildings. If you want to learn more about this cosmetic herb, then you should check out the Pumice and Roman Concrete article from Pumice and Concrete.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Fun Facts About Pumice

You may notice that pumice stone is very porous. In fact, it has about a 90% porosity. The abundance of pores has led to this volcanic stone being the only known rock to float on water. However, the pumice rock will eventually sink as it slowly absorbs the water until it becomes too heavy. Also, this useful stone can be used for creating a chinchilla dust bath and even a cat litter box.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Ask Us Your QuestionsWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Ask Us Your Question

If you have anymore questions about this cosmetic herb, then you should feel free to reach out. We are available to talk at the Natures Garden store, on the phone, and online. An easy way to reach us online is on our social media pages. First, we have a Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on Instagram and on Twitter. Not only are these platforms perfect for getting answers, but you can share your own creation and even take part in the conversation. We wish you the best of luck for creating your cosmetic recipes. Also, we hope to hear from you all soon!

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: A Note About Our Pumice Stone

Natures Garden sells our ground pumice, for external use only. We do not sell our cosmetic products as food items. The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. We at Natures Garden Candle and Soap Making Supplies do not intend for this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The information written about pumice that we have provided has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, you should keep all of our herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, special care should be taken by any pregnant and/or lactating women when handling pumice. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our cosmetic herbs. Also, all of the required testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Green Tea Benefits

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Green Tea BenefitsGreen Tea Benefits

Many people enjoy drinking green tea, but the taste isn’t all that this tea is good for. In fact, there are many green tea benefits that you can enjoy in your various products. Just drinking green tea have some wonderful benefits for your body. Plus, you can even use green tea to provide benefits that make it perfect to add combine with bath and body supplies and create some fantastic products. Both our Green Tea Powder and our Green Tea Leaves Cut and Sifted from Natures Garden are perfect for creating wonderful homemade bath and body recipes. Plus, you can combine these herbs with other flower and herb powders that can be used as wonderful soap making supplies. So, let’s get into some of the amazing benefits that people can have from this wonderful cosmetic herb.

Green Tea Benefits: Growing ConditionsGreen Tea Benefits: Growing Conditions

Although green tea plants will grow best in areas that are considered zone 7, you can grow this plant in colder areas, too. All you have to do is put your tea plant in a pot and bring it in during the winter. This plant can survive down to about 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, you can transfer your plant to larger pots as it grows. You will know when it is time if you see that the roots begin to push out of the drain holes in the bottom. Your green tea plant will prefer soil that drains well, like a light sandy or medium loamy soil. Further, these plants like soil that is acidic that has a pH between 4.5 and 6. Also, your plant will prefer to be in either full or partial shade.

Once your plant is thriving, you can start thinking about harvesting your tea leaves. You will want to use the young tender tea leaves. So, pick a new shoot with only a few leaves on it. For best results, you may want a new shoot with about two or three leaves on it. Typically, you will be able to harvest your tea leaves in the summer. Later, the plant will bloom to produce pretty flowers, this will happen between September and November. While these blooms are quite pretty, they aren’t all that great for making green tea. So, you may want to store some for after green tea season.

Green Tea Benefits: Industrial Uses

There are many benefits that you can have from bringing green tea into your life. You can use this as a regular tea to provide your insides with all kinds of benefits. Also, you could use green tea to create all kinds of yummy foods. Another fun option is to create fun bath and body creations that you can use to care for your skin and hair. So, check out all the amazing benefits that you can use to pamper your body from head to toe.

GGreen Tea Benefits: Bath and Body Productsreen Tea Benefits: Bath and Body Products

Creating homemade bath and body products is great for making easy crafts for adults that produce some amazing results. One option for incorporating green tea into your products is adding the powdered herb directly into your products. Also, you could use our whole green tea cut and sifted to create a tea to use in the water phase of your cosmetic recipes. This homemade tea can be added to many recipes. You can also infuse green tea into the oils you are using in your recipe. Another option for you is to add the whole herb directly into your cosmetic recipes. Adding the whole green tea leaves will provide the regular benefits of green tea along with some light exfoliation for your skin. This could be useful for creating homemade scrub recipes. Now that we have options for incorporating this herb, let’s look at some of the potential benefits.

Green Tea Benefits: Bath and Body Product Benefits

First, this cosmetic herb has been found to be useful for skin complexion. A study had been done with green tea that revealed this herb can be used to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. Not only does this herbal tea help your complexion, but it can be used to reduce circles or puffy under eyes. This is because green tea contains antioxidants and an astringent that can help shrink the blood vessels. So, you may want to create a lotion soap, or other bath and body product. Also, this herb would be perfect for making bath bombs, as you can soak in the rejuvenating herb as you relax in the tub.

Another great benefit of this herb is that it has been known to help reduce breakouts of acne and pimples. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are both thought to be useful for fighting acne. These properties are thought to fight the bacteria that cause acne and reduce the redness and inflammation, too. Further, it is thought that the catechins in this tea can be used to help regulate hormone imbalances. So, creating an acne soap recipe with green tea would be a great idea!

Green Tea Benefits: Natures Garden Bath and Body Recipes

We incorporated our green tea cut and sifted herb to add some refreshing, soothing properties to our Sunburn Relief Bath Tea Recipe. We included this herb because green tea is popular for homemade sunburn remedies. First, the anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the redness and pain. Further, some have found that this herb is effective for reducing your risk of skin cancer or tumors due to UV sunlight. So, green tea is an amazing way to care for your skin after a sunburn and makes a perfect addition to our recipe for sunburn relief.

Green Tea Benefits: Food and BeveragesGreen Tea Benefits: Food and Beverages

The taste of green tea is often bittersweet, but the taste can vary slightly. This variation depends on the growing conditions, processing methods, and harvesting methods. Most often, people will use these leaves to create a tea. This practice is so common that the herb has been called green tea. However, there are other ways that people will use this herb. This includes adding it into their food recipes, as this herb can be a delicious flavor for some meal recipes, like the Green Tea Teriyaki Chicken Recipe. Another delicious example is all of the green tea themed dessert recipes on this Green Tea Food Recipes board on Pinterest, which is full of all kinds of ideas for green tea recipes.

Green Tea Benefits: Medicinal UsesGreen Tea Benefits: Medicinal Uses

Green Tea was one of the many herbs included in traditional Chinese medicine. The natural flavor was said to have cooling properties, which can be used to refresh the mind and promote a positive, alert mental state. Plus, it was thought that this tea will quench your thirst, promote body fluid production, and lead to good digestion. Also, some green tea would be good for a cold, as it has been thought to cool the body and clear phlegm. Plus, it was thought that this tea could flush out toxic evils, as it would flush the body by promoting urination and bowel movements. Some of the traditional benefits that have been studied were immune and cardiac health. First, it was found that green tea contains polyphenols, which can reduce oxidative stress. and prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol. Further, another study on these polyphenols were linked to reduced abnormal cell growth.

Green Tea Benefits: More Medicinal Uses

Also, green tea has been known to kill bad bacteria. So, this tea is thought to help lower your risk of infection and possibly help reduce the length of illnesses. Plus, these properties are beneficial for promoting good oral health. The tea is thought to kill the bad bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for forming plaque and creating cavities. Further, the properties in this herb are thought to help reduce bone loss.

Some people will try green tea to help reduce their chance of cancer. There are properties in this tea that can help protect your cells from oxidation damage. This kind of damage can damage cells and lead to the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. A few studies were done that found a correlation between drinking green tea and having a reduced risk of certain cancers.

Additionally, green tea has been thought to promote brain health. A study on green tea found that the polyphenols were able to boost the amount of available dopamine in the brain, which promotes a positive mood. Further, these chemicals were found to help regulate insulin in the brain by enhancing the sensitivity for it in the brain. Also, some studies have linked green tea to a reduced risk of certain brain diseases common in old age. These diseases include both Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Since Parkinson’s disease involves the death of dopamine producing neurons, an herb that promotes the production of dopamine from other cells could be beneficial. Also, EGCG was found to help protect your brain from forming the plaques that are thought to cause Alzhemer’s disease.

Green Tea Benefits: Other UsesGreen Tea Benefits: Other Uses

Another benefit of green tea is that it can help you stay awake. Many people prefer to drink tea instead of coffee, as it doesn’t provide the same “jittery” feeling that coffee can. Although green tea does naturally contain some caffeine, it has a much lower concentration than coffee. So, this is a more gentle way to wake yourself up in the morning. Furthermore, there is a chemical in green tea called theanine, which can provide a calming effect. So, you may be able to use tea to have a calm, alert feeling without the nervous jitters.

Additionally, green tea contains chemicals that are useful for reducing anxiety. This tea contains L-theanine, which has been found to increase leaves of dopamine and improve positive mental function. Also, there have been studies that like green tea to weight loss. It is thought that this tea can help to reduce appetite. Further, there have been mixed results on the EGCG, a powerful antioxidant, in green tea being able to promote weight loss.

Green Tea Benefits: Boseong Green Tea Fields

Anyone that is a really big fan of green tea will want to hear about the Boseong Green Tea Fields. These Green Tea Fields in Korea are absolutely stunning and you can stroll through the beautiful landscape, stop at souvenir shops, or even try green tea ice cream. If you want to hear about a tea lover’s actual experience, then check out Boseong Green Tea Fields: Everything You Need To Know To Visit. Not only does she show pictures and share her experience, but she provides tips for travel and other nearby destinations to visit for anyone that is interested in going!

Green Tea Benefits: Ask Us Any QuestionsGreen Tea Benefits: Ask Us Any Questions

We hope that you learned something new about green tea from our natural cosmetic blog. Also, you can use this botanical herb along with some of our other herbs and spices to create some amazing bath and body recipes. If you have any other questions about this wholesale herb or any other, then reach out and ask us. You can find us in the Natures Garden store, on the phone, or online. You can easily find us on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents), or Instagram (@ngscents). Hope to hear from you soon!

Green Tea Benefits: Reminder About All Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells herbs, like our Green Tea Powder and our Green Tea Leaves Cut and Sifted, for external use only. Although other suppliers may sell green tea that is food grade, we do not sell our herbs as food items. So, the information that we provide about our herbs is only for educational purposes. We do not intend for you to use this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of this information. Make sure that you keep your herbs out of reach of any children or pets. Also, pregnant and/or lactating women should take special care when handling our various herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with these herbs. All product testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

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Pumpkin Seed Oil BenefitsPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

Everyone that has ever carved a pumpkin knows all about pumpkin seeds. One of the best parts of Halloween is carving a spooky face after you get rid of all the seeds and goop. But, these seeds actually have quite a bit of nutrients that can provide some amazing benefits for your body. So, there are lots of Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits that make this oil useful for all kinds of bath and body products. Not only does this cosmetic oil work perfectly for making bath and body products, but it provides the body with some additional benefits. So, this blog will be talking about all the ways that Pumpkin Seed Oil is great for you and your products.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits: Pumpkin Seed Oil Origin

Long before pumpkin seeds were used for cosmetic oil or even scooped out of Jackolanterns, they were cultivated by people native to Mexico. These seeds were found to be utilized back as far as 7,000 B.C. and these seeds were important for both food and medicinal purposes. These seeds were used for things such as sleep aids, reducing pain, fighting cancer, and much more. If you’d like to learn more, then check out Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas) – An Ancient Medicinal Food With Powerful Benefits by Get Nativ. This site provides information on native plant species, the ancient uses for these plants, and ways to eat the current versions in the present. Its a fun way to explore the past of our food and beauty supplies.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Bath and Body Products

First, we are going to go over how this cosmetic oil performs in a variety of bath and body products. Every cosmetic oil is made up of different nutrients that can create a different feeling or provide different properties for you products. So, you need to both figure out important properties for your product and find the cosmetic oils that are going to provide this the best. While anyone can create a bath and body recipe, you really need to know your cosmetic oils’ properties to make a product that performs exactly how you need. So, let’s talk about the way this cosmetic oil works in different bath and body recipes.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Homemade Scrubs and LotionsPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Homemade Scrubs and Lotions

You can use this great cosmetic oil to create some easy homemade lotion or diy scrubs. Including this lovely cosmetic oil in your homemade products would be amazing for moisturizing your skin. Of course, another great property for a lotion making oil to have is quickly sinking into the skin. Since Pumpkin Seed Oil is able to do this, the cosmetic oil is perfect for nourishing deep layers of skin without leaving a greasy feeling on the top layer. This means that this cosmetic ingredient provides you with all of the important skin care properties for a lotion without feeling too greasy. If you would like to try out one of our recipes that include this luscious oil, then you can find it under the Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Recipe.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Homemade Hair ConditionerPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Homemade Hair Conditioner

Not only is this cosmetic oil perfect for conditioning your skin, but it is great for your hair, as well! Adding Pumpkin Seed Oil to your hair conditioner diy recipes is perfect for moisturizing and adding nutrients to your gorgeous locks. These nutrients are able to shield the hair to protect and provide a lustrous to your hair. Also, the cosmetic oil will hydrate and nourish the follicle to provide healthy hair growth. Further, this cosmetic oil has been found to actually thicken hair and reverse hair loss! Overall, this is a great ingredient to include when making your own conditioner recipes.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Making Cold Process SoapPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Making Cold Process Soap

Another great way to use Pumpkin Seed Oil is to create easy homemade soap recipes. This soap making oil is perfect for creating a conditioning, skin nourishing batch of soap. In fact, this cosmetic oil contains nutrients that are great for the skin. For example, this oil contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, that are wonderful for the skin. Plus, the bar is able to contribute to the creamy lather of the soap. This will make the bar feel luxurious and creamy as you use it. Also, this ingredient will add to the hardness of the soap, which will create a sturdier bar of soap. This will ensure that the bar doesn’t fall apart and will last longer. So, this cosmetic oil is a great choice for creating cp soap that cares for your skin. Those that would like to test out this soap-making oil for their selves, can try out our wonderful Pumpkin Puree Cold Process Soap Recipe!

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Your Body

Next, we are going to go over the various properties that this cosmetic oil have for the body. This is a very important aspect for choosing the cosmetic ingredients for your products. To have a great product you need to include oils that are going to perform well in your product and nourish the body in some way. Further, you need to make sure that these properties will provide you with the desired benefits. For example, those that have very dry skin may need soaping oils with higher conditioning levels than a typical bar of soap. So, you need to think about these benefits in the context of the product you are trying to make.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for MoisturizingPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Moisturizing

Since this cosmetic oil contains amazing nutrients and is able to easily sink into the skin, it is a perfect moisturizer! Pumpkin Seed Oil is able to reach and nourish the deeper layers of your skin. Later, this skin will make it up to the outer layer of skin. So, it is important to take care of your deeper layers and allow your skin to be its best. Also, this cosmetic oil can be especially useful for dry skin types that need faster skin conditioning that reaches deeper. Further, this cosmetic oil is still useful for oily or acne prone skin. This cosmetic oil is sensitive and can be used to help balance oil levels in the skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Anti-AgingPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Anti-Aging

One amazing benefit of this cosmetic oil it’s ability to make skin look healthy and youthful. In fact, this cosmetic oil will leaving your skin absolutely glowing. Pumpkin Seed Oil is full of nourishing antioxidants along with Vitamin E. These nutrients are a perfect blend for increasing the elasticity of your skin. This allows your skin to reduce fine lines and leads to a firmer, younger appearance. So, this is a perfect cosmetic oil for creating a your own diy anti-aging serum.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Healing the Skin

Another benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil is its ability to help the skin heal. One of the many vitamins that this cosmetic oil contains is Vitamin K. This lovely vitamin helps your blood clot better and ultimately leads to your wounds healing faster. Furthermore, this can be useful for dealing with skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. This cosmetic oil may help you body control and heal these areas of your skin. Plus, the Vitamin E is useful for promoting cell function and nourishing your skin. Also, some have found that this cosmetic oil can be useful in preventing infection and irritation. So, this is a perfect ingredient for creating soothing, healing lotion.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for Skin Tone

Also, you can use this wonderful cosmetic oil to brighten and even out your skin tone. The nutrients that this cosmetic ingredient use to improve skin tone are Vitamins A, C, and E. Each one of these vitamins are useful for healthy skin cells, so together they are like magic! First, Vitamin C is known to both brighten and lighten. Also, Vitamin A helps the skin lock in moisture and keeps the skin from getting dry. Finally, Vitamin E is an amazing oil that will nourish your cells and help you heal, too. Anyone that considers their skin to be dull, will fall in love with this cosmetic oil. Its perfect for creating lotions that will leave your absolutely skin radiant!

natures gardenPumpkin Seed Oil Benefits: Contact Us

We hope that you enjoyed all the benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil. If you would like to see more of our bath and body recipes, then check out our other Free Classes & Recipes. We have quite a few recipes that include cosmetic oils just as useful as this one. Also, feel free to contact us on any of our social media pages. We have a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter and Instagram. For the latter two platforms you can find us with @ngscents.


Natures Garden sells our pumpkin seed oil for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. The information we provide above is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration). Keep all oils out of reach of children and pets. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our oils. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe

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Pink Salt Solid Scrub RecipePink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe

The Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe is a unique scrub recipe that is simply divine! This Natures Garden one of a kind salt scrub is even more than your run of the mill scrub recipe. This recipe contains both moisturizing oils that protect your skin and soap to clean as you exfoliate. Further, this scrub recipe contains quite a bit of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which has a multitude of benefits for your skin! Plus, this recipe comes in a perfectly portable package that is great for single uses. These clamshell containers make it easy to use, simply pop out one block to use and close the rest back up. It is convenient to take to the shower and easy for single use. This recipe is truly the perfect bath product!

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Available Ingredients From Natures Garden

Soya Milk Melt and Pour Soap
Coconut Oil 76
Sunflower Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
NG Sun and Sand Type Fragrance Oil
Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Ground
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Ground
24K Gold Mica Pigment
Diamond Mica Pigment
Clamshell Containers

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Other Equipment That Is Needed

Gram Scale
Microwave Safe Bowl
Mixing Bowl

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Weights and Amounts of All the Needed Supplies

170 grams Soya Milk Melt and Pour Soap
15 grams Coconut Oil 76
57 grams Sunflower Oil
40 grams Sweet Almond Oil
20 grams NG Sun and Sand Type Fragrance Oil
40 grams Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Coarse Ground
315 grams Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Fine Ground
A tiny amount of the 24K Gold Mica Pigment
5 Clamshell Containers
A tiny amount of the Diamond Mica Pigment

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Clean and Sanitize Before Working

Before you begin creating your recipe, make sure that the area you will be working in is clean. This will help protect your product from contamination, which could ruin your recipe. Plus, this preparation strategy will prevent you from running into space issues as you are working. First, remove anything in your work area that isn’t necessary for your project. This will give you the space you need to finish this craft. Second, make sure everything is sanitized. Otherwise, you could end up with dirt or debris in your completed pink salt scrubs. So, the safest way to create this recipe is to be prepared first.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Setting out the Clamshell Containers

Another way to be prepared is to set out the packaging. Before you begin, retrieve the five clamshell containers you will use when creating this recipe. You will need these clamshells quickly after you whip up the entire mixture. So, it will be very helpful to have the packaging immediately available. Otherwise, your soap scrub may set up before you add it to the clamshell containers. While the recipe would still be okay to use after this point, it will be near impossible to get the mixture into the clamshell containers. Not getting the mix into the clamshell containers will hinder the appearance of your product, as you will not be able to add the pretty topping to the scrubs.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Preparing the SaltsPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Preparing the Sea Salts

Also, you want to get the salt ready before you melt the soap. Melt and pour soap will set up quickly, so it is best that you have everything ready. So, weighing the salts before will provide you with more time to work. Now, weigh out 40 grams of the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Coarse Ground in one of your bowls and weigh out 315 grams of the Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Ground in another of your bowls. These will be set aside for later use. The finely ground pink salt will be used as the main exfoliant within this salt scrub mixture. This will help remove any dead skin. Also, the coarsely ground pink salt will be added to the top to provide both the lovely appearance and some extra exfoliation.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Preparing The Melt and Pour SoapPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Preparing The Melt and Pour Soap

Next, you will be melting the soap for this pink scrub recipe. So, cut up and weigh out 170 grams of Nature’s Garden’s Soya Milk Melt and Pour Soap. Add this soap to a microwave safe bowl. You will want to melt the soap in 30-second increments, stirring in between as it is melting. Stirring as you go will disperse the heat more evenly so the soap will not overheat as you are melting your soya milk soap. Once all the soap is in liquid form, then you can stop heating the soap. After it is melted, it is time to move on to the next step.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Adding All of the OilsPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Adding All of the Oils

Now, we are going to add the oils to your recipe. These are the oils that are either beneficial for your skin or scenting the scrub. So, take your melted soap and quickly add your oil ingredients. First, weigh out and add 20 grams of the NG Sun and Sand Type Fragrance Oil to the soap. Mix this into the soap well. Now, add 15 grams of the Coconut Oil 76, 57 grams of the Sunflower Oil, and 40 grams of the Sweet Almond Oil. Again, stir well to mix these ingredients into the melt and pour soap.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Adding the Himalayan Pink Sea SaltPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Adding the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Next, you are going to be adding the salts you have already weighed. Be sure to move quickly as you move to this step because your soap will begin setting up pretty fast. Now, pour in the Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt that you have already weighed into the soap and oil mixture. You will want to fold the salt into the mixture quickly. However, you want to make sure that the pink salt has been incorporated well enough so that everything seems evenly mixed together. You don’t want the melt and pour soap to set up, but you don’t want the mixture to be uneven in areas.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Packaging the Mixture and Adding the ToppingPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Packaging the Mixture and Adding the Topping

Now, you are ready to package up your mixture by filling your clamshell containers. Begin by spooning the mixture into the clamshell containers. Then, you will use your fingers to work the pink salt scrub into each of the six cavities. You will want to pack everything fairly tight. Also, make sure to leave a little bit of room on top so that you are able to close the clamshells after adding the coarse pink salt on top. You don’t need much room, but you shouldn’t overfill the clamshell containers. After each of your clamshells fully packed, you will be adding the coarse ground Himalayan pink salt to the tops. So, place about 9 grams of the coarse ground Himalayan pink salt onto the top of each clamshell. Make sure to spread this out evenly over the entire top of the filled clamshell containers.  Finally, press gently so that the coarse pink salt sinks in slightly and stays in place.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Adding the GlitterPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Adding the Glitter

Now, you will add the shimmer to the tops of your nearly finished bath scrubs. You will less than a gram of both the Diamond Mica Pigment and the 24K Gold Mica Pigment. You will only be giving the tops of your pink salt scrub a light dusting with a tiny amount of the shiny mica dust. While you can dust separately with each of your two mica pigments, we recommend mixing the mica dusts before dusting.  We have found that this provides a more even dusting that prevents the colors from looking separate on your finished products. So, you would mix together about a tiny bit of the diamond dust mica and a tiny bit of the 24K gold mica together for a pretty mica blend that is lovely and shimmery.

Next, you will be adding a light dusting to your recipe. You can either do this with your spoon or a shaker. If you do not have a shaker or have another way to dust your solid salt scrub, then you will be fine using a spoon when applying the mica. We chose to use a shaker to evenly coat the tops of the salt scrub with the mica mixture. Also, you can lightly shake a spoon of the mica powder over the scrubs to provide a dusting, as well. Any way that you choose to add the shimmery shine, just make sure the sparkles are as evenly applied as you can possibly get.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Finished CreationPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Finished Creation

Finally, your solid scrub recipe is complete!  After you have finished, these bath scrubs will be immediately ready to use! You can use these to wash and exfoliate your hands or you can use these in the bath for a whole body experience. Either way, this is a wonderful recipe that combines the clean fun of melt and pour soap with the care caring properties of a typical salt scrub. So, you are truly set with this bath and body recipe!

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe The Mineral Benefits of Using Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in the Bath

First of all, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is enriched with many minerals that a healthy human body should have. This includes minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, and so many others. Including this in a bath product can provide all the benefits, since your skin can absorb some of these essential minerals through your skin. So, using this solid salt scrub in the bath could provide you with a mineral soak, which would be beneficial for your health and your skin. Plus, this pink sea salt is a gourmet salt that is kosher, food grade, all natural, organic compliant, and has high levels of beneficial minerals. Meaning that this is very beneficial for those that will use this solid salt scrub in the bath!

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe The Detoxifying Benefits of Using Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in the Bath

Further, the pink Himalayan sea salt has even more benefits for your skin. Not only is this pink sea salt beneficial for mineral absorption, but the salt can be used to detoxify your skin. In the bath, the Himalayan sea salt from your scrub will dissolve in the warm water of your bath. This combination will create an ionic solution, which means that the solution will be able to draw out toxins from your skin as you are soaking.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe The Skin Hydration Benefits of Using Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in the Bath

Also, soaking in a bath of pink sea salt is great for hydrating your skin. This is because our bodies readily absorbing the Himalayan sea salt and where the salt is stored. Since the sea salt remains in the outer layers of the skin, it binds to water molecules. This prevents the water from escaping from your skin as easily, which will leave your skin more moisturized. Additionally, the pink salt in this solid scrub is beneficial for relieving skin issues. This lovely salt is useful for helping to heal issues one may have with their skin, such as acne, eczema, or blisters.

Pink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Let Us Know What You ThinkPink Salt Solid Scrub Recipe Let Us Know What You Think

Give this new variation of a salt scrub a try and let us know what you think about our salt scrubs! You can reach us on the Natures Garden Facebook page or you can tag us on Instagram with @ngscents. We just can’t wait to see what you have created using this recipe. Regardless of whether you added your own twist or followed our instructions, your products are sure to be wonderful! Plus, we are excited to hear from you as we are very certain that you will love this recipe! Not only are they incredibly useful, but they shimmer as well. So, it is a pretty, exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing bath and body creation that is super easy to use. What is there not to love?