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Castor Oil Benefits

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Castor Oil BenefitsCastor Oil Benefits

We at Natures Garden would like to share with you some awesome castor oil benefits that could work for your entire body. So, this oil could benefit certain aspects of your body on both the inside and the outside. There are benefits to be had for areas like the skin, hair, and even your well being. You can use castor oil to create luxurious bath and body products or you can simply use this oil on its own.  Regardless of how you use this cosmetic oil to help, you are sure to benefit from the amazing qualities of this oil. This oil has moisturizing benefits, hair growth stimulation, and much more!

Castor Oil Benefits Where Does this Oil Originate?Castor Oil Benefits Where Does this Oil Originate?

Castor Oil is a type of vegetable oil that comes from a specific species of plant. This plant is often called Castor Bean, but its scientific name is Ricinus Communis. The castor bean plant, which is featured to the left, produces the seeds that are pressed to create this wonderful oil. Many believe that this oil has some properties that our bodies can benefit from.

Further, it is thought that this plant originated in tropical Africa and that the Egyptians were among the first to utilize this oil. While we have come a long way from that time, castor oil has become widely used for cosmetics, soap, and other products. So, the beneficial properties of this oil have become more widely sought after and used as the years have progressed. So, check out this oil’s benefits in a variety of areas to determine whether you could benefit from this cosmetic oil in some way.

Castor Oil Benefits for Homemade ProductsCastor Oil Benefits for Homemade Products

Homemade products are only as good as their ingredients. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for to select the ingredients that will provide you with your desired properties. Each oil is unique, so castor oil’s properties may or may not be what you are looking to add to your product. While it is a thicker oil, it is an amazing moisturizer with some beneficial properties for various products. So, here is how this oil will act in certain products that you can make at home.

Castor Oil Benefits in Soap MakingCastor Oil Benefits in Soap Making

This lovely cosmetic oil is great for creating luscious, handmade soaps. For example, our Blackberry Sage Soap Recipe contains castor oil. Since castor oil naturally contains a variety of fatty acids that are great for the skin, this is a perfect soaping oil. First, adding this oil to soap will create a bar that is more conditioning, so your hands will be left softer after using. Plus, this means your body will be better moisturized and more nourished due to this oil. Also, this oil provides a more bubbly and creamy lather in your finished soaps.  However, you do want to be careful not to add too much.   Soap recipes can contain 5-7% of this wonderful oil. Some will add as much as 10%. However, adding more than 10% castor oil in
soap can produce a sticky soap.

Castor Oil Benefits Lotion and Body ButterCastor Oil Benefits Lotion and Body Butter

Also, you could use this cosmetic oil to create lotions, creams, or body butters like our Natural Facial Night Cream Recipe. This oil has properties that are perfect for skin care products. Castor oil is a very conditioning oil that reaches deep into the skin to nourish your body. So, your skin will be softened all the way through and fully hydrated. Further, this oil helps stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which are very important for beautiful skin. So, this oil can help maintain a more youthful appearance for your skin.

Castor Oil Benefits Natural MakeupCastor Oil Benefits Natural Makeup

Anyone creating natural cosmetics could include Castor Oil in some of these products. First, many have found homemade mascara can be made perfectly with this oil. Plus, some believe that castor oil will lead to growing thicker, darker eyelashes over time. Alternatively, you can use castor oil to create an eye makeup remover.

Castor Oil Benefits Lip Balm Castor Oil Benefits Lip Balm

Castor Oil is a perfect cosmetic oil for creating lip balm. This thick, moisturizing oil is perfect for locking in exactly what your lips need. Plus, this oil is perfect for adding extra power to your lip balm recipe that can help bring cracked, dry lips back to life. While you can apply this oil on its own to your lips, we’d recommend adding this oil to other amazing oils to create a perfect lip balm! Be sure to check out our Silky Vegan Lip Balm Recipe, not only is it amazing, it also contains castor oil.

Castor Oil Benefits for External CareCastor Oil Benefits for External Care

Castor oil cosmetic oil is full of nutrients that your skin and hair can benefit from using. This oil is moisturizing and full of nutrients. Plus, this oil has been known to have antiviral, anti-inflammation antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties for the skin. In addition, this oil is great for hair growth and conditioning power. Since this oil is fairly thick, some may find it easier to mix this oil into homemade cosmetics before applying. But, you can use castor oil on it own, as well.

Castor Oil Benefits for Skin InflammationCastor Oil Benefits for Skin Inflammation

Your skin can become inflamed for a variety of reasons. This could be due to a  recent sunburn, stubborn acne, dry skin, or many other reasons. Regardless, castor oil is great for relief inflammation based issues. This cosmetic oil is a good choice for soothing these dilemmas because it has anti-inflammatory properties that can be utilized by directly applying the oil to the afflicted area. While you can directly apply this oil, you could incorporate this oil into your handmade skin care products.

Castor Oil Benefits for Wrinkle ReductionCastor Oil Benefits for Wrinkle Reduction

Also, castor oil is great for reducing wrinkles! This oil nourishes the deeper layers of your skin to rejuvenate the skin. This will lead to healthier skin and reduced wrinkles for some after a few months of applying this oil. This cosmetic oil would be perfect when added to homemade night cream recipes. This way you can add a few other beneficial ingredients to the cream and create the perfect wrinkle reduction. Plus, you will be able to leave this thick, moisturizing oil on your face overnight, so you will get the full benefits of this oil!

Castor Oil Benefits for Brittle NailsCastor Oil Benefits for Brittle Nails

Not only is this oil great for the skin, but your nails can benefit from castor oil, too. If you have brittle or cracked nails, then this oil is perfect for you. After about a week or so, you should be able to notice a difference. The oil provides your nails with nourishment, which for some, helps them be stronger and healthier. Furthermore, this oil can be used to nourish your cuticles, too. So, you’ll have healthy nails in no time.

Castor Oil Benefits for Soften CallusesCastor Oil Benefits for Soften Calluses

Due to castor oil’s strong moisturizing power and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a perfect oil for home callus treatment. While this alone won’t remove these hindrances, it certainly helps. First, the oil moisturizes deep into this rough, callused skin to provide a softer feel. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the pain and swelling. So, this oil may make a callus a bit more manageable. Simply soak a cotton ball in castor oil and tape it to the affected area for several hours. Personally, I’d recommend wearing this to bed to get all the benefits without being annoyed by this treatment all day. Also, it may help to pull a sock or glove over the cotton ball after it has been taped.

Castor Oil Benefits for Hair CareCastor Oil Benefits for Hair Care

Not only is castor oil good for the skin, but your hair can benefit, too! This conditioning oil is perfect for moisturizing and caring for the scalp. So, this oil is great for helping treat dandruff. Plus, the healthy acids in this oil restore the roots of your hair and increase circulation. This will stimulate hair growth and help reduce hair loss. Further, this natural hair conditioner it perfect for locking in moisture. This hydrates hair and reduces split ends simultaneously. Furthermore, this moisture locking property makes the hair thicker and darker, which would enhance naturally darker hair colors. Thus, this oil would make a great addition to homemade hair products for certain hair types.

Castor Oil Benefits for Growing EyebrowsCastor Oil Benefits for Growing Eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrow growth some believe castor oil is one of the best. Whether you are wanting to regrow your eyebrows or wanting help with your thin eyebrows, this oil is just what you need. Castor oil benefits your eyebrows with the same amazing hair growth benefits as it does for the hair on your head. So, this oil will nourish the deeper levels of your skin and stimulate the follicles. This will lead to thicker, lashes because Castor Oil provides the nourishment to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Castor Oil Benefits for Beard CareCastor Oil Benefits for Beard Care

Due to Castor Oil’s wonderful benefits for healthy beard growth, this oil was specifically chosen to be included in our recipes for beard soap and beard balm. First, this oil’s antibacterial properties and antifungal properties are perfect for helping to keep facial hair clean. Also, the nutrients in the oil are perfect for stimulating growth and leading to a thicker, fuller beard. Also, its conditioning strength perfectly reduces split ends and softens hair. This will lead to more luscious, touchable facial hair that everyone is sure to love. So, adding this to your homemade beard soap or beard balm will keep you looking fresh.

Castor Oil Benefits Castor Oil PackCastor Oil Benefits Castor Oil Pack

Many have found Castor Oil to have beneficial properties for the inside of the body. It is thought that allowing castor oil to sit on your skin for long periods of time could sink into your body and begin to work for you. This is thought to detox your liver, reduce inflammation, and improve lymphatic function. While this has not been officially certified, many people swear by this method of detox. They simply create a pack by soaking a cloth in castor oil and allowing it to set on their skin for between thirty minutes and an hour. Also, they use plastic to wrap the cloth and place heat over the plastic. This could be an electric heat pad or even a hot water bottle.

Castor Oil Benefits Sore MusclesCastor Oil Benefits Sore Muscles

Also, this oil has been said to be great for relieving sore muscles. Since Castor Oil is a warm oil, it promotes circulation in the body. So, adding this oil to your aching body may reduce the pain of overworked muscles. All you need to do is apply the oil and it will absorb and work its magic. You can either rub this oil into the target areas or create a massage oil with other beneficial ingredients. Either way, the soreness should be reduced by this oil.

Castor Oil Benefits for Internal CareCastor Oil Benefits for Internal Care

This naturally derived oil is a perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle. Not only does this oil care for your body externally, but there are many that believe that Castor Oil has some beneficial properties for your insides, too. Some use this oil as a natural way to detox and clean out the body. So, depending on your body’s needs this could be a great oil for you to use.

Castor Oil Benefits for ConstipationCastor Oil Benefits for Constipation

In the past, this oil has been medically used to treat constipation. Now, there are those that continue to use castor oil as a laxative. This oil can be used as a stimulant laxative for those that need the assistance. This oil will increase the movement of the intestines, which will help reduce constipation. So, Castor Oil is perfect for those who are a bit backed up and need help moving things along. Just make sure to not take too much at one time, as laxatives have the potential to dehydrate you from extreme cases of diarrhea. This oil is safe in regular doses, but overdoing it can be dangerous. So, you will most definitely want to consult a doctor before ingesting this natural laxative.

Note: Natures Garden sells castor oil for external use only. We do not sell this cosmetic oil as a food item. The information that we provide about this oil is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit

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Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit

8The Natures Garden Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit is a perfect idea for those that would enjoy creating their own lip balm. Not only is this kit a fun craft, but you will create eighteen individual lip balm pots. So, you will have plenty of lip balms! Plus, the created lip balm feels amazing and looks super cute. The lip balm is softening, sweet, and is long lasting. This combination creates a perfect lip balm. This recipe great for you lips and looks simply scrumptious! The two layers of the lip balm make the overall lip balm look like it is a small Strawberry Cheesecake. So, this create is a great way to create a ton of perfect lip balms.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Ingredients from Natures Garden

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Ingredients Provided in Kits

26 grams of White Beeswax
47 grams of Coconut Oil 76
20 grams of Shea Butter
23 grams of Cocoa Butter- Golden Natural (not deodorized)
1 gram of Vitamin E Oil
20 drops Strawberry Cheesecake Flavoring Oil
1 packet of Stevia Powdered Sweetener
1 vial of Lip Tint (Diva Red or Red Hot Momma)
5 disposable pipettes
18 clear jars with lids 6 ml
1 drawstring tea bag

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Other Need Supplies and Equipment

Stove Top
Larger Pot
Small Pot
Mixing Bowl
Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Clean and Sanitize

Make sure that you sanitize both your equipment and your workspace before starting this project. While this is a simple task, performing it before you begin will make the process easier. First, clear off anything you won’t be using from your workspace and sanitize the cleaned area. This will make sure that you have room to work and prevent potential contamination. Next, make sure that your equipment, such as pots or bowls, are sanitized. This prevents possible contamination of your lip balm pots.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Creating the Double Boiler

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Creating the Double BoilerBefore starting you should get your double boiler prepared. This is done to prevent the oils and butters from burning. Although this is used to prevent the oils from being ruined, the water could boil too high and get into the pot. So, make sure that you keep a careful watch on the boiling water. Now, retrieve both your larger pot and your smaller pot. Fill your larger pot with a couple inches of water and place this pot on the stove top. Then, place the smaller pot into the larger pot of water.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Weighing and Melting the Butters and Oils

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Weighing and Melting the Butters and OilsFirst, you will be weighing out the butters, oils, and beeswax for your lip balm. Find your scale and tare the weight of the bowl. Now, weigh out the 26 grams of beeswax, 47 grams of Coconut Oil 76, 20 grams of Shea Butter, 23 grams of Cocoa Butter, and 1 gram of Vitamin E Oil. After you weigh out all these ingredients you can put this mixture into the smaller pot of the double boiler. While you are melting these ingredients, make sure that you are keeping watch to avoid burning.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Stevia

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the SteviaNext, you are going to include the stevia in your oils. While your oils are melting, you will be preparing the sweetener. So, take the powdered stevia sweetener and crush the granules with a spoon. After you have crushed enough of your sweetener, place the stevia in the drawstring tea bag. Place your tea bag into the smaller pot of the melted oils and press on the bag to force the particles of stevia into the mixture. While this sweetener will not dissolve in oil, the particles that escape the tea bag will evenly disperse. This provides the lip balm with a sweetness, but the tea bag prevents the stevia from creating a scrub texture.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Strawberry Cheesecake Flavoring Oil

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Strawberry Cheesecake Flavoring OilNow, you will add the Strawberry Cheesecake Flavoring Oil to your melted butters and oils. First, remove the melted mixture from the stove top and transfer the liquid to your bowl. Next, use one of your disposable pipettes to add 20 drops of your flavoring to the melted mixture.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Base of the Lip Balm

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Base of the Lip BalmThen, you are going to add the base to your lip balm pots. This will be the bottom portion of the Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm. You will fill the lip balm pots almost to the top.  Leave about 1/8 of an inch from the top. It is important to make sure that you leave enough room to add the red strawberry topping later. So, take your melted mixture, disposable transfer pipettes, and fill the pots the appropriate amount. Also, it may be more helpful to uncap your lip balm pots before you begin filling, but you can uncap the pots as you go.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Provided Lip Tint

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Provided Lip TintNow, you are going to add the lip tint to your remaining lip balm mixture. Before you add this portion of the lip balm, make sure that you re-melt your remaining butter and oils to allow you enough time for you to work. Next, you will be adding the lip tint to the melted mixture in an amount you see fit to provide a bright red topping for your lip balm. Mix the lip tint thoroughly until the color is even.

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Top Layer            

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm Kit Adding the Top LayerNext, you will be adding the red colored lip balm to your lip balm pots. Before you add the red lip balm, make sure that the sides of the clear pots are cleaned off to make sure that the layers look clean. So, remove any of the lip balm on the sides above the bottom layer. Once you mix the lip tint into the melted butter and oils, you can pipette this mixture onto the partially filled lip balm pots. This will create an aesthetic and flavor of a small strawberry cheesecake.


Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit

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Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit

Homemade Lip Balm Recipe FinishedThe Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit contains a delightful homemade lip balm recipe and all the ingredients to make the lip balm magic happen. This Natures Garden crafting kit skips the headache of formulating your own recipe and the tediousness of collecting all the individual ingredients to get straight into the fun process of making the lip balm!

Not only does this kit skip straight to the fun, but you can go through the process of making your craft with the guidance of step by step instructions. So, there is no confusion nor frustration of not getting the desired result. Plus, creating your very own products allows you to know exactly what is going into your lip balm, so it is easier to avoid allergies and sensitivities. There is only thing that makes this kit even better, the recipe is super simple and fun to create. The result of this super fun craft is thirty individual lip balm products. These lip balms use natural ingredients, taste like chocolate, and leave your lips feeling soft. You can’t find a better kind of lip balm!

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Needed from Natures Garden

Natures Garden Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Ingredients and Equipment Contained in the Kit

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Ingredients and Equipment Contained in the KitComplete Step by Step Instructions
White Beeswax
Coconut Oil 76
Avocado Oil
Mango Butter
Vitamin E Oil
Chocolate Candy Wafers
Lip Balm Tubes and Caps
Transfer Pipettes

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Weights and Amounts for a Single Batch

29 grams of White Beeswax

35 grams of Coconut Oil 76

35 grams of Avocado Oil

17 grams of Mango Butter

1 gram of Vitamin E Oil

4-6 Chocolate Candy Wafers

30 Lip Balm Tubes and Caps

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Other Necessary Equipment

Stove Top
Medium Pot
Small Pot
Small Bowls

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Clean and Sanitize

As always, you should make sure that you are fully prepared to create these amazing and lip softening lip balms. You will want to make sure that you have both clean equipment and enough working space to make the product inside your kit. First, clean all of the equipment you will need that is listed above and make sure that it is nearby. Keeping this equipment readily available will make this process go smoother and quicker. Second, make sure that you have your stove and counter top clean and ready to use. This will not only speed up the process, but help to reduce possible contamination. While this step seems simple, it is crucial for your product that everything is sanitized and ready to use.

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Making a Double Boiler

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Making a Double BoilerBefore you begin, we need to make sure that you are comfortable with using a double boiler for melting. This method of melting various things, such as oils or chocolate, is done to reduce the chance of scorching the ingredients. Instead of specifically purchasing a double boiler, you can create something that performs similarly with two differently sized pots.

First, take the larger pot and fill it with water. This pot will sit directly on the stove to allow the water to boil. Next, the smaller pot will be set in the water of the larger pot. The ingredients that you want to melt will be placed into the smaller pot. Once you are ready to melt your ingredients, turn up the stove to boil the water. This will melt your ingredients at a safer temperature, but be sure that you stir periodically and make sure that you water doesn’t boil over. Now, you are ready to get started.

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Weighing Ingredients

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Weighing IngredientsFirst, you will weigh two of your ingredients that will take a bit longer to melt. Retrieve the beeswax, mango butter, a bowl, and your scale. Now, tare the weight of the bowl from the scale. Individually weigh your 29 grams of the white beeswax and 17 grams of the mango butter into the bowl. Set this bowl aside for a moment, but not to far as you will use this mixture in the following step.

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Melting Ingredients

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Melting IngredientsNext, you will melt your weighed ingredients in your newly created double boiler. After you have the double boiler assembled turn on the stove to begin boiling the water of the large pot. Next, retrieve the bowl of white beeswax and mango butter. Empty this mixture into the small pot. Additionally, add approximately 4 to 6 discs of the chocolate wafers. The amount you add is a personal preference in flavoring, so add any amount you choose. Since these three ingredients will take longest to melt, these will be allowed to stay on the stove while the next few steps are done.

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Weighing the Remaining Oils

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Weighing the Remaining OilsNow, you are going to weigh out the remaining oils. Take another bowl, a scale, coconut oil 76, the avocado oil, and the vitamin E oil. Tare the weight of the bowl from the scale and weigh your ingredients. You will be weighing out 35 grams of coconut oil 76, 35 grams of avocado oil, and 1 gram of vitamin E oil.

Additionally, it is possible that your bottles of coconut oil 76 may be arrive in solid form, as its melting point is around room temperature. If this happens to occur, then you will need to melt the coconut oil 76 before weighing. You can either place the closed bottles into hot water or place the uncapped coconut oil 76 in the microwave with thirty second intervals to melt. Once everything is weighed into your bowl, temporarily set aside.

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Combining Ingredients into the Double Boiler

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Combining Ingredients into the Double BoilerNext, you will be adding the mixture in the bowl to the double boiler. Hopefully, the mixture already in your double boiler has melted a bit. Now, you can add the coconut oil 76, avocado oil, and vitamin E oil mixture to your double boiler.  You will want to be observant and make sure that the ingredients in your double boiler don’t get too hot. If you feel that your ingredients are getting too hot, turn down the heat or lift the small pot for a moment or so. Finally, when the mixture has completely melted you can remove the small pot from the water.

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Filling the Lip Balm Tubes

Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm Kit Filling the Lip Balm TubesLastly, you will transfer the mixture from the pot to the lip balm tubes. Take your transfer pipettes to move your mixture from the pot into the lip balm tubes. You will want to work fast because the mixture will begin to set up as it cools. If the mixture hardens in the pot, then you can reheat the mixture carefully. Additionally, the hardened mixture in the pipettes can be squeezed out into the pot for melting. You should have plenty of pipettes available, but cleaning out the pipettes that you can will help prevent you from running out too soon. Once you have filled all of your lip balm tubes you will need to leave them to set up. They shouldn’t take too long to cool, but make sure not to use or cap your finished products until they are at room temperature.