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Melting Snowman Candle Project

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Melting Snowman Candle ProjectMelting Snowman Candle Project

In this blog we are highlighting a brand new homemade candle that we recently made! This is a recipe original to Natures Garden, as we have not seen it done before. We wanted to try something new and make a cute craft for the holidays! This melting snowman candle project was the perfect Christmas creation for our vision. Our candle project is an added bonus for anyone out there who loves snowmen decorations as well. The scent from the Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil really gives it the smell of a minty Christmas! It can be used as a decorative candle around the house, or it could be given as a cute, fun, unique gift to any friends, family, coworkers, teachers, and more! Although this is a newer recipe of ours, the Natures Garden website carries MANY homemade products such as embed molds, fragrances, and ornaments that are related to Christmas. These can be used to make several more fun, homemade, Christmas recipes! We even have a free class section dedicated to all sorts of Christmas Craft Recipes, including cold process soap, bath bombs, potpourri, and candles. Now we can go ahead and get started with this melting snowman candle project!

Ingredients Found at Natures Garden:

Joy Wax- 1 SLAB
BEESWAX White Pastilles
Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil
Yellow Color Blocks Dye
Orange Color Blocks Dye
Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye- BLACK 1 oz.
CD Candle Wicks (100 wicks)
Flexible Silicone Mat


Other Ingredients & Equipment You’ll Need:

(4) 16 oz Glass Apothecary Jars
Stove-top Pot
Hand Mixer
Mixing Spoons
Hot Glue Gun and Stick

Before we begin, it is important to make sure that you have a clean work space to create this project. Sanitize all of your packaging materials before using them. As you should know, only use materials that are for soap making and candle making. Do not ever put food or anything like that in these same packaging materials. Especially with soap, since lye can be deadly if ingested. It is suggested that you wear gloves and protective clothing when preparing this recipe.

This recipe will make approximately 4 scented candles.

Prepare the Double BoilerPrepare a Double Boiler

As usual, we are going to be using the double boiler method to make this recipe. Grab a normal stove-top pot that you use only for soap making and candle making. You will also need a pouring pot. Place a couple inches of water in the stove-top pot and put it on the burner to heat it up. Then, each time you need to melt an ingredient for this recipe, add it to the pouring pot and place that inside of the stove-top pot. The first thing we need to melt is the Beeswax.

Melting the Beeswax

To begin, we need to weigh out 5 grams of the Beeswax White Pastilles. This type of wax is extracted and filtered from the honeycomb of a beehive. Beeswax is commonly used in cosmetics, toiletries, and candle making. As we mentioned, this will be the first ingredient that we melt using the double boiler method. Place the beeswax into your pouring pot and add that to the heated water that is in the stove-top pot.

Incorporating the Orange and Yellow ColorantsIncorporating the Orange and Yellow Colorants

Once the beeswax white pastilles have completely melted, we are going to incorporate the colorants. These will be essential for the faces of the snowmen. Using the color blocks dye, shave off a tiny piece of the yellow color dye and a very tiny piece of the orange color dye. Add both of them to the melted beeswax. After everything has fully melted together, transfer the mixture to a plate to allow them to set up for about a minute.

Wipe out the contents from the pouring pot that are left over from creating the orange colorant. Next, measure out an additional 5 grams of the beeswax white pastilles. Put them into a pouring pot and melt them down again with the double boiler method. Then, add one drop of the black spectrum liquid candle dye. Once it has evenly mixed in with the beeswax, pour it out onto a plate just as we did before. Give this about a minute to set up.

Pouring Out the ColorantsCreating the Facial Pieces of the Snowman

Once the color blocks are set up, it is time to cut our pieces out! Using a knife, we are going to cut out snowman noses with the orange portion. All you need to do is angle the knife to create a long triangular shaped nose. Then, we need to shape the snowman eyes and mouth out of the black portion. To do this, take the knife and hold it vertically. Place it in the black portion and move it in a circular Creating the Facial Pieces of the Snowmanmotion. We made four black circles for the mouth and obviously two for the eyes. Now you will have all of the parts to their faces that you need! We will of course place each of these onto the snowmen heads in a later step so hang tight!

Weighing Out the Joy WaxWeighing Out the Joy Wax

Now, weigh out two pounds of the Natures Garden Joy Wax. This was created by Natures Garden and is only sold here! Joy Wax is a great container candle wax which provides both hot and cold scent throw. It also requires zero curing time! Fragrance holds much more to Joy Wax than other types of wax on the market, and there is no seeping. It only requires a single pour, it clings to jars really nicely, and its appearance is both glossy and creamy. When you weigh it out for this recipe, it does not need to be exact–as you can see from the picture, we measured a little bit over two pounds. Put the Joy Wax into the pouring pot, place it in the stove-top pot with heated water once again, and melt it down.

Incorporating the Fragrance OilIncorporating the Fragrance Oil

Measure out 2.5 ounces of Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil. We have not gotten to use this fragrance in many recipes, so we decided to incorporate it into this one. It is very fitting for a melting snowman candle and fits right into winter and the holiday theme! This fragrance oil is an original scent made by Natures Garden. It blends together the scents of peppercorn, nutmeg, fresh clove, elderberries, blackberries, plums, green oak moss, carbonated pop, and to top it off, cool mint. The main element of this scent that comes through is the cool mint, which fits right in with winter. It is also a great fragrance to use in body perfume, soap, bath oils, lotions, potpourri, and incense! After you measure out the 2.5 ounces, add them to the melted Joy Wax.

Combining the MixtureCombining the Mixture

Once you have taken the melted mixture of the Joy Wax and Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil off of the burner, pour it into a mixing bowl. Using an electric mixer with attachments, begin stirring the mixture back and forth. Doing this step will prevent any clumps from forming at the bottom of the bowl. Once this has been done for a minute or so, set the electric mixer to the side. Then, get a larger mixing bowl and put some ice cubes in it. Place the smaller bowl with the mixture in it inside of the larger bowl. Doing this with the ice in the larger bowl will allow the mixture to cool down much more quickly.

Forming the MixtureForming the Mixture

Once you have your bowl with the mixture inside of the larger bowl with ice, it will begin to cool down. Start by stirring it with a mixing spoon every once in a while. Then, use the electric mixer once again to begin thickening the mixture. Continue stirring until it becomes the consistency of a thick frosting.

Setting Up the WicksSetting Up the Wicks

Meanwhile, you can start setting up the CD candle wicks in the candle jars while you wait for the mixture to keep cooling down. We used the Natures Garden CD candle wicks in 100 count. We also sell Hemp, Zinc Core, and HTP candle wicks in sample size, 100, and 1000 count. Take your candle wicks and get a hot glue gun with a hot glue stick. Squirt a small amount of the glue onto the silver part of the wick. Then, stick them to the bottom of each of the candle jars, quickly, before the glue dries. Make sure to center them.

Pouring the Mixture Into JarsPouring the Mixture into the Jars

After you have your candle wicks set up and centered in the jars, pour your thick frosting like mixture into each of the candle jars. Try your best to avoid pouring it over the candle wicks. Now your candles can have a bit of time to set up while we make the snowman heads!

The first thing we need to do is to weigh out one pound of Natures Garden Joy Wax. Put it into the pouring pot once again, in the stove-top pot with the heated water and melt it. We are going to use this portion of Joy Wax for the heads of the snowmen. When the wax has fully melted, add in one ounce of the Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil once again.

Forming the Mixture to Create the Snowman HeadsForming the Mixture to Create the Snowmen Heads

Next, transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl and place it inside of a larger bowl with ice once again. It will cool down much faster with this method, which we need to happen in order to add them onto the candle jars. You can alternate between the electric mixer and a mixing spoon to stir it all up. Continue to stir and mix until it finally becomes thick enough to roll into balls. This step may take a while because it takes time for the mixture to become that thick for the snowmen heads. Keep working with it and it will eventually become as thick as the picture shows!

Rolling Out the Snowman HeadsRolling Out the Snowmen Heads

The next step is to actually create the heads of the snowmen with that thick mixture of Joy Wax and Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil. Take out a silicone mat to make it easier to roll these into balls. Roll your wax into four balls, one head for each jar. Decorate them with the eyes, nose, and mouth pieces that we cut out. Allow the balls to set up in the freezer for about ten minutes to harden. Since Joy Wax is so soft and smooth, touching it can quickly cause it to start melting. Placing them in the freezer after they have been formed will help to make it easier when placing them in the candle jars.

Using a straw, poke holes through the center of the snowman heads. Push the straw completely through each of the heads. This step is necessary in order to feed the candle wicks through the heads.

Finishing the Melting Snowman Candle ProjectFinishing the Melting Snowman Candle Project

Finally, you can place each of the balls on top of the melted snowman bodies in your candle jars. Feed the CD candle wicks through the hole in the snowman heads. Trim the candle wicks and your project is all finished! Although this picture only depicts three candles, the recipe does make enough for a fourth candle. Thanks for following along and we hope that you enjoyed making these adorable Melting Snowman Candles!

Reach out on our social media to share with us your own Melted Snowman Candle Project! Our Facebook page is under Natures Garden, and the handle @ngscents can be searched to find us on either Instagram or Twitter.

Trying Out a Recipe for Melted Snowman Cookies

Not only can you create these awesome melted snowman candles, but you can also try out a cookie recipe for the holidays! These are Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies from a recipe by Betty Crocker. They are simple to make with only six ingredients. We think that this would be the perfect dish to bring to family gatherings this Christmas if you would like to try it out for yourself!


Our Favorite Christmas Crafts

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Our Favorite Christmas CraftsOur Favorite Christmas Crafts

Christmas time is really a hectic time of year. Decorating, card writing, the kids’ Christmas programs and shopping, it’s amazing that it is the happiest time of year! Plus, most of us like to get crafty this time of year. Nothing says love like creating something special with a specific person in mind or a whole bunch of people in mind! If you need some Christmas gift inspiration, then check out some of our favorite Christmas crafts! These crafts are easy to make, yet give the impression that you spent a lot of time creating them. So if you are a busy elf during the crazy holiday season, then give these recipes a try. You will not only impress the people on your gift list, but you will impress yourself as well!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: How To Have a Stress Free ChristmasOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: How To Have a Stress Free Christmas

Most of us in today’s world, have the idea that Christmas has to be picture perfect. We watch the movies on the Hallmark Channel and expect our Christmas to be just like on TV.

However, we don’t live our lives scripted. It’s always important to remember that the Christmas tree doesn’t have to look like Martha Stewart decorated it. Our Christmas cookies do not need to look like they came straight out of Bon Appetit magazine. Christmas is a beautiful time to simply spend with loved ones. Those will be the memories that your children can cherish and remember when they grow older. It’s not about how perfect the ornaments were hung on the tree. It’s about the memory you have of each ornament that you hang on those branches. It isn’t about how perfectly edged the icing was on the cookies. It’s about how awesome those cookies tasted no matter how much icing Junior glopped onto the snowman shaped cookie.

Enjoy your holidays! Take some shortcuts when it comes to having friends or family over. It’s okay to have something that’s not made from scratch! Homemade gifts don’t have to say you don’t have the funds to buy elaborate gifts. If you create things for certain people in mind, then you have given something to somebody that says, “I took my time and love to make you something I knew you would enjoy.” That type of Christmas is perfect in every way. Follow this link to read up on how to have a stress free Christmas before you start running in a million directions!



Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Candy Cane Candle RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Candy Cane Candle Recipe

Our first recipe is our Candy Cane Candle Recipe. This is truly a fun candle to have on your tabletop during the Christmas season. This is a simple candle to create. We used our awesome Joy Wax. Joy Wax is a soy/paraffin blend candle wax that is easy to work with, even if you’ve never made candles before. Our Joy Wax has a wonderful hot and cold throw. It has a nice creamy finish and sets up beautifully in your containers. The candy cane candle is layered in pink, red and white with a fluffy, whipped wax topping! Yes, you can create fluffy whipped toppings with this wax. To complete the “candy” theme of the candle, we placed two swirled candy embeds made from our Pillar of Bliss. Pillar of Bliss is also a soy/paraffin blend candle wax that is perfect for creating embeds or wax melts. It hardens up nicely to allow for easy release from molds.

We have scented the candle in our Candy Cane fragrance oil. This scented oil is a yummy blend of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, strawberries and vanilla. This fragrance is a must for any type of Christmas projects you have in mind!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Candy Cane Facial MaskOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Candy Cane Facial Mask

This  Candy Cane  Facial Mask recipe makes eight 4 oz jars which is the perfect amount to give to your girlfriends or to make for a Christmas party to hand out as party favors. This face mask has some wonderful skin therapy ingredients such as Kaolin Clay, Rose Clay, Beet Root and Hibiscus Flower Powder. We also used some Peppermint Essential Oil and Vanilla Powder for fragrance. It is a yummy smelling combination! Your skin will be glowing and refreshed after just one use! While we did layer it to have the look of a candy cane, the powders and clays will combine once you start using it, however, it will still smell divine. Just like a stick of peppermint candy!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Bath CookieOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Bath Cookie

You just have to have cookies at Christmas time! It’s a necessary thing. So how about some cookies at bath time? Our Christmas Bath Cookies look and smell yummy enough to eat, and are perfect to entice little ones to take a bath! These bath cookies are very similar to bath bombs. The fizz and bubble and will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling good! We have used cocoa butter, mango butter, kaolin clay powder, and baking soda to name just a few of the ingredients. Your skin is going to feel amazing after your bath! We chose our Christmas Cookies fragrance oil that smells exactly like a freshly baked, buttery Christmas Cookie! Of course, cookies need frosting, right? Our “frosting” is our whipped soap that we used some of our FUN Soap colorant. With some Christmas colored sprinkles to top it off, your bath cookies are complete!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Coffee Wax Melts RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Coffee Wax Melts Recipe

Here we have our Christmas Coffee Wax Melts. This recipe will make 24 wax melts using our mini muffin silicone mold. This recipe is perfect in that they are quick and easy to make, plus the recipe makes plenty to share between friends and family! How cute would these look gifted in a sweet little Christmas bag and tied with a pretty bow? We used our Pillar of Bliss Wax and layered it to look similar to a french vanilla coffee with a coffee brown base and a creamy white top. In fact, the base is scented in our French Vanilla Coffee which is the aroma of coffee, cream and vanilla, while the top part is scented in our Snickerdoodle Cookies Fragrance Oil. When these wax melts melt and blend together, your house will smell like a warm, inviting coffee house. Top the melts with a few whole coffee beans and they are ready to go!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Confetti Soap RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Confetti Soap Recipe

If you’re looking to make some soap this Christmas, our Christmas Confetti Soap recipe is perfect! Quick and easy to make, we have used melt and pour soap base in Goat’s Milk and Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base. Simply melt down your soap, color, scent and layer. For the confetti part, we used some melt and pour with added vegetable glycerin. This helps make the soap more pliable allowing you to easily cut the colored part of the soap into little squares to resemble the confetti. For the pretty whipped topping, we used our Whipped Soap base and sprinkled some more confetti soaps on top. Our fragrance of choice is our Fruitcake Fragrance Oil. This scent smells of candied fruit, cake, sugar and vanilla! Mmmmm! This recipe makes one 4 pound loaf and then can be sliced up and wrapped for gift giving!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Tree Bath Bomb RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Tree Bath Bomb Recipe

I can never say it enough! You can’t have too many bath bomb recipe ideas in your recipe box. Plus, they really are a fun gift for the kids. If you know some kids that don’t enjoy bath time, whip some Christmas Tree Bath Bombs. The kids could help make them as well.  Also, these bath bomb ingredients aren’t harsh and are perfectly safe for young skin.  These bath bombs are made into Christmas tree shapes with pretty colored Christmas “balls” decorating the branches. Also, these bath bomb ingredients are gentle enough to use on kids’ soft skin. We chose our skin safe Kringleberry fragrance oil. A very-merry-festive fragrance oil by Natures Garden with the aroma of fruity cranberries and red currants,and juicy apples. You will also smell base notes of fresh cut evergreens, and sprigs of bright, cheery holly berry.

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Wreath Fire Starter RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Christmas Wreath Fire Starter Recipe

I know one of my favorite things to have is a fire in my fireplace. Not just at Christmas time, but all winter long! Getting a fire started can be intimidating. Most people will use a fire starter log, but they can get expensive if you have a lot of fires during the winter season. Create some of our Christmas Wreath Fire Starters and you will be happy you did. This recipe will make 11 cupcake size fire starters and the best thing about these? They are scented! Fire starter logs won’t give you that! We made these starters using Pillar of Bliss and our Christmas Wreath Type fragrance oil. A perfect blend of fresh cut boughs of pine, balsam, holly berry and earthy pinecones along with notes of orange and cinnamon. We also included some cut and sifted Nettle Leaf and whole Juniper Berries to enhance the Christmas Wreath fragrance oil.

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Pinecone Fire Starter RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Pinecone Fire Starter Recipe

Here’s another lovely fire starter recipe that uses pine cones. These Pinecone Fire Starters will also make a pretty, scented and rustic display when placed in a basket next to your fireplace! Simple to make, this recipe will give you 20 large pine cone fire starters. To create these, you will simply dip your pine cones into melted and scented was, allow to dry overnight and they are ready to go! We chose our Pleasingly Pumpkin fragrance oil to scent these fire starters. Pleasingly Pumpkin is a sweet, creamy combination of pumpkin puree with warm notes of butter and sweet vanilla cream. It’s really a warm, yummy scent without being overpowering!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Holly Berry Bath Bomb RecipeOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Holly Berry Bath Bomb Recipe

How cute are these Holly Berry Bath Bombs? Fun and festive, these would look pretty stored in a large, clear candy jar for all to admire during the holiday season. If you are familiar with bath bomb ingredients and the process of making bath bombs, then you know how easy it will be to make these. Add some cute little Holly Berry shaped sprinkles to make these stand out! Bath bombs are a perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day of shopping and wrapping gifts. We scented these with our festive Holly Berry Fragrance oil. this wonderful fragrance is a well-balanced blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove, and lemon rinds. It’s a very nice scent for soap and body lotion as well.

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: Gingerbread Latte CandleOur Favorite Christmas Crafts: Gingerbread Latte Candle

Next, we have a fun candle to create for those that love their lattes! Our Gingerbread Latte Candle looks like a true coffee drink with its chocolate colored coffee base and frothy whipped topping. For the icing on the cake, we have a sweet little gingerbread “cookie” setting on top. As like all of our Christmas Crafts, this candle is super easy to make using our Joy wax for the “coffee” and “whipped topping”. The gingerbread embed was made using our Pillar of Bliss. We scented the whole thing in our Snickerdoodle Latte Fragrance Oil which smells of rich roasted Colombian coffee that is blended with spices and hints of toasted nut. A base of vanilla buttercream rounds the whole fragrance out!

Our Favorite Christmas Crafts: More Craft Ideas

Well, that is all we have for today. We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about some of our favorite Christmas crafts here at Nature’s Garden. If you are interested in more Christmas Crafts, check out these 25 crafts from Crazy Little Projects.

Look us up on social media and show off what you made with Nature’s Garden products. Whether it’s one fragrance or 10 different ingredients, we love to see what you made! Share us a photo and description and we will share it with everybody! Find us on Facebook, Instagram (@ngscents) or Twitter (@ngscents). Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers happy with Nature’s Garden fragrances, soap making supplies or candle making supplies. Have a question? Need an answer? Give us a call or email us and we will help you out!