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What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?

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What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?

You may not have given them much thought, but strawberry leaves have all kinds of benefits. In fact, most people leave the leaves and only ever pick the ripened berries. However, you can use the  the wonderful properties of these leaves to enhance products and nourish your body inside and outside. If you are curious and asking yourself, “What are the benefits of strawberry leaves?”, then this is a great blog for you to start looking for answers! We are going to talk about the various ways you can use the Natures Garden herb, Strawberry Leaf Cut and Sifted, to create wonderful bath and body recipes.

Plus, we will talk about the different ways that you can use some strawberry leaves to promote health inside the body, too. Although our herbs aren’t sold for internal use, we think it is nice to know all the beneficial properties an herb has. So, let’s get into all the benefits you can have from using strawberry leaves!

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Growing ConditionsWhat are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Growing Conditions

A patch of strawberries of healthy requires full sun and soil that drains well. You may want to go with either a sandy soil or a loam soil, just make sure to check the water a fertilizer more with sandy soils as they drain very well.  Also, the plant likes soil that is slightly acidic. If you aren’t sure about the pH of your soil we can help you with that below. Further, you don’t want to plant them near tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, or eggplant, as these can carry verticillium wilt. Additionally, you may want to give your plants enough space to send out shoots and grow larger. The amount of space that you need will vary based on the type of strawberry plant that fits your needs best.

Furthermore, there are three types strawberry plants that you can choose to grow. The first type is the June bearing strawberry plant. This plant will produce a single harvest during a two or three week period around the time of June. There are a few varieties that will either bear fruit in early spring or late summer so you can space out your harvest a bit. A second option is the Everbearing strawberry plant. This plant will produce two or three harvests throughout the spring, summer, and fall. While these plants send out less runners compared to the June variety, they allow you to harvest berries for a longer time. Lastly, we have the Day Neutral variety that will produce the fruit all through out the growing season. However, this variety produces smaller quantities of berries and fewer runners than the June bearing variety.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: What are Strawberry Runners?What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: What are Strawberry Runners?

If you aren’t sure about what a strawberry runner is, then you’re in the right place. These runners are the off shoots a strawberry plant will grow. These off shoots can take root and lead to even larger strawberry patches. The number of runners a plant will have depends on the type of plant. The different strawberry plant varieties with produce different amounts of runners and berries. So, you may want to use the amount of berries you need to determine the type of plants that you want. Anyone that is growing strawberries for their own use will likely enjoy either the Everbearing or the Day Neutral varieties. However, the June bearing strawberries may be too much at once for a regular household. Plus, the June bearing strawberry plant will require a bit more room at they produce more runners. It is all up to your own need though!

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Industrial Uses

There are many uses that have been found for strawberry leaves. You can incorporate the strawberry leaves in smoothies or teas to gain the benefits, like vitamins and minerals, Also, these leaves have properties that many find perfect for natural remedies. Of course, the strawberry leaves can be incorporated into bath and body recipes that really care for the skin. Whether you are looking for bath and body supplies, natural remedies for minor ailments, or other benefits, this cosmetic herb is a great one to check out!

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Food and BeveragesWhat are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Food and Beverages

Often, strawberry leaves are not eaten as much as the berries. This is likely due to the flavor. While the leaves are bad tasting, the berries are just tastier as they are juicy, sweet and delicious. Plus, many people like to eat strawberry leaves due to their beneficial properties. Plus, they are full of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants, and more. These leaves have a mild fruity flavor that is actually pretty good. But, this flavor is often overshadowed by everyone’s favorite berry. But, you could create a tasty tea or tonic with these leaves. Or, you could mix the leaves into a smoothie. In fact, you could even add the leaves to a strawberry smoothie. This way you can get the taste you love and all the nutrients from the plant that you can!

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Bath and Body ProductsWhat are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Bath and Body Products

Not only are strawberry leaves wonderful for nourishing the inside of the body, but there are benefits for the outside of the body, too. Adding this wholesale cosmetic herb to your homemade recipes is sure to help boost the beneficial properties for your body. So, you can use this herb to make all kinds of products that are great for skin care.

One fun, easy way to use the light flavor of strawberry leaves would to naturally flavor a strawberry lip balm recipe. Just add this herb to a draw string tea bag. Then, add this filled tea bag into your melting oils to incorporate the flavor. Further, you can add this herb to create a light scent for often given much thought.

Some have found that strawberry leaves can be used to reduce skin inflammation, which is useful for rashes, eczema, and even acne. So, this is a great cosmetic herb to include in facial soaps or lotions.

Another great reason to add this cosmetic herb to lotion is its ability to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals that are perfect for revitalizing your skin. Plus, the vitamin C and slightly acidic natural will work to reduce oily skin. Additionally, it has been found that this herb has anit-aging properties. Due to the ellagic acid that the leaves contains, they are able to use this anti-oxidant to prevent collagen damage. The ellagic acid protects you by repressing a specific enzyme, which destroys collagen and is triggered by UV light. This collagen damage is a major factor for wrinkles, so this herb will help to protect your skin and keep it looking young. Further, strawberry leaves are known to be amazing for your skin complexion. The herb is thought to reduce pore size and rejuvenate your skin.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Medicinal UsesWhat are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Medicinal Uses

There are so many uses for strawberry leaves. Not only is this wholesale herb full of vitamins that are great for the body, but it has properties that are beneficial for homemade remedies. In fact, people were using wild strawberry leaves medicinally for centuries. Some of these ancient remedies were used for things like improving liver function, treating bowel inflammation, and for various aches or pains.

One great benefit of strawberry leaves is that they promote good digestion. This leaf has been found useful in teas for improving digestion and relieving symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Plus, some have found that that a strawberry leaf herbal tea is useful for reducing hemorrhoids. Further, many believe that strawberry leaves can help an upset stomach as well as reduce nausea, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. Also, the strawberry leaves are rich in iron, which is beneficial for the blood. The iron is a crucial building block for red blood cells and hemoglobin, so this herb is rejuvenating for the blood.

Also, some have found that compounds in the leaves, like caffeic acid, can help relieve some of the pain of arthritis. The strawberry leaf herb is known to be a natural diuretic. This means that the herb will pull water from your joints and relieve you of some of the pressure. Further, a study provided some evidence that the caffeic acid in strawberry leaves can reduce the inflammation in joints, which reduces the pain of arthritis. Although there are many useful benefits for drinking the tea, there are some cases where gargling the tea is useful, too. For instance, moving the tea around your mouth is known to be beneficial against a sore throat, gum inflammation, canker sores, or minor scrapes and burns.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Other Uses

Another benefit that some people have found in strawberry leaves is that they can help protect your body from getting cancer. A study revealed had linked the strawberry plant to lower rates of cancer. So, there many be something in the make up that inhibits the formation of cancer cells. Also, some have found that strawberry leaves can be used to promote healthy weight loss. Plus, strawberries and their leaves are wonderful for eye health. In fact, macular degeneration has been linked to not eating enough fruits everyday. So, the fruit will help you can your eye sight as you get older.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: How Do I Check the pH Levels for my Strawberry Plant?

If you are trying to grow strawberries, then you know that the soil needs to be slightly acidic. But, what does that mean? It meas that the pH is slightly below 7. If you look at the pH scale 7 is neutral, anything above 7 is basic, and anything below 7 is acidic. So, you can get an at home tester kit to determine whether the soil conditions are good for your strawberry plants. If your soil is between 6.5 and 5.5, then your soil is good. However, you may need to slightly alter the pH, which should be done prior to planting your strawberries. You can use the How to Acidify Soil for Strawberries directions by wikiHow to determine how to change the soil pH as well as see the different options for planting strawberries. However, anyone with a soil that is too basic may want to just do a raised garden with potting soil.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Ask Us Your Cosmetic QuestionsWhat are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Ask Us Your Cosmetic Questions

We hope that you enjoyed learning about the various ways that you can use this wholesale herb. You can find even more herbs that you can use with this one on our Herb and Spices page. If you have any more questions about your cosmetic products or candle making recipes, then reach out and ask us! We are available in the store, on the phone, and on the web. One easy way to find us on the web is on social media. You can find us on our Facebook page. Also, you can use @ngscents to find us on either Instagram or Twitter.  Hope to hear from you soon!

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Leaves?: Reminder for Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells herbs, like our Strawberry Leaves Cut and Sifted, for external use only. We do not sell this herb as a food item. The information we provide on this herb is for educational purposes only. We do not intend to use this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this information. You should keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Pregnant and/or lactating women should take special care when handling any of our herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our herbs. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Alabama Gathering

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Alabama soap gatheringHello everyone!

I have just recently returned from The Alabama Soap and Candle Gathering that occurred last week.

After a very long drive of 12 hours we arrived at our hotel, settled in, and got plenty of rest.  I just knew that the Alabama Gathering this year was going to be a great event for everyone attending.

The next morning, when the day arrived, we were ready to go!  As we were setting up the Natures Garden booth, our customers were so excited to see everything that we had brought.  You could actually feel the anticipation as we got everything unpacked.  There was a lot to get organized.  Once again, we brought our entire fragrance oil line containing 816 fragrance oils, our various essential oils, and even the array of  flavorings Natures Garden carries.

As for the examples of products that you can make using Natures Garden’s ingredients, we had some exciting recipes to share.  The famous Pigs In The Mud Candle was there, complete with adorable pink pig tarts.  The colorful Gummy Bear Candle made its debut.  And the show stopper, the Ducks on the Pond Candle came too.  This is a super cute combination candle using both gel and pillar of bliss wax.

As for bath and body recipes, we brought examples of two of our newest recipes.  The lovely Lavender Cold Process Soap complete with purple swirls, whipped topping, and lavender buds sprinkled on top.  And, finally the Mechanics soap.  A great and easy to make melt and pour recipe which gently exfoliates.  It seemed that many customers really liked the Mechanics soap because it was not gritty like other hand cleaners.

During the Alabama Gathering we met so many fun and fabulous people.  As for the seminars and educational classes, Amanda Stott did an amazing job teaching the art of making candle tarts.  Benjamin Aaron also gave a wonderful seminar covering his adventures of teaching soap making for nonprofit outreach.  And, another one of my favorite speakers from the Alabama Gathering was Deborah Bruijn.  She spoke about skincare and the amazing benefits Jojoba provides.

I truly had an amazing time at the Alabama Gathering.  I enjoyed meeting a ton of new and excited homemade crafters.  They just brought so much energy and excitement to this gathering that I did not want to see it end.

In closing, I have to stress that if you have never been to the Alabama Gathering, you should plan to go.  Next year, the event will be taking place June 12th and 13th, 2015.

I also want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Alabama Soap and Candle Association for the amazing 2 days we got to spend with all of you!  Well y’all until next time!

Have a fabulous Day!


2014 Alabama Soap Meeting

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Annual Alabama Soap Meeting The Annual Alabama Soap Meeting

Another gathering is quickly approaching that Natures Garden will be attending; the 16th Annual Alabama Soap Meeting!  Taking place from Friday, June 6th through Saturday, June 7th, this event has a jammed packed schedule of fun and informational classes.

The Annual Alabama Soap Meeting will be yet another first for Natures Garden.  The Natures Garden representative attending this year will be Cindy.  She is once again super excited at the opportunity to meet even more of our wonderful customers in attendance, and many new faces!

Held at the Doster Memorial Community Center in Prattville, Alabama; this event promises “fun, fellowship, food, education, and awesome shopping opportunities”.  It really looks to be quite the amazingly planned event.

So, if you are interested and willing to move quickly, you still have time to register.  Ending May 31st, you will not only be able to meet Cindy, but you can have the opportunity to attend some amazing and informative classes covering quite the array of various market related topics.  Besides all of the fun and knowledgeable festivities, you will also receive a goodie bag, and the chance to win numerous door prizes during the two day event.

As per our usual vendor booth set up, Cindy will be bringing a sample of every fragrance oil that Natures Garden currently carries.  So, once again, if you plan on attending, you will have the opportunity to sniff every different fragrance oil to your heart’s content.  And, let’s not forget if you are there, stop by and say hello!

Natures Garden is currently taking pre orders if you are planning on attending the Annual Alabama Soap Meeting.  Cindy will also be bringing the orders with her, so if you pre order, you can save on shipping.  There is also a 5% discount if you act fast.  Just make sure if you want to partake in this fabulous deal that when placing the order you write in the special comments section:  I need this order delivered to the Alabama Gathering.  Once this is established for your order, you will be credited for the shipping cost, as well as the 5% discount on your merchandise.  This deal is effective through June 3rd.

Hope to see you there!


HSCG 2014 Conference

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HSCG 2014Last week, Cindy and I attended the HSCG 2014 Conference in Tucson, Arizona.  Spoiler alert… we had a blast!

At first, Cindy and I did not know what to expect.  This was our very first time attending an HSCG Conference.  We were nervous and excited at the same time.  It was going to be such a treat to meet our customers and other soapmakers and crafters.

Upon our arrival to the breath taking Loews Resort (where the conference was held) we quickly wanted to get our vendor booth set up and functional.  Since we brought a sample of each of the 816 fragrance oils that Natures Garden currently carries, we knew getting them unpacked and displayed was going to truly be a feat.

Walking into the conference area was inspiring, there was quite an array of other vendors also setting up and preparing for the conference.  Briskly walking past the displays, it was very easy to see that there was going to be something there for every attendee from fragrances to essential oils, unscented bases, educational books, supplies, and packaging; just to name a few.

Once we settled into our area, we quickly started to unpack and set up our displays.  People were already starting to register in the lobby and it was very easy to see everyone’s excitement for the conference to officially begin.  There was most definitely a contagious thrill mounting in the air.

hscg conferenceAs for the Natures Garden booth; we did bring a few other products for our booth, but the main focus was the fragrance samples.  We saw the HSCG Conference as a chance to let people smell fragrances that they always wondered about.  And boy, let me tell you the attendees were ecstatic over the scents.  It was very energizing to see the excitement as people sniffed away and asked questions.

It was very easy to see from the first night that this conference was going to be a huge success.  The charisma and vigor that all of the attendees, staff, vendors, and guild members had was inspiring.  Everyone was so very genuine and nice; not only to us, but amongst each other as well.  And, it was so very nice to see many of the experienced soap crafters giving advice, sharing tricks of the trade, and helping those that were either just starting out or thinking about extending their lines.

During the conference, the days were chucked full of educational classes, gourmet meals, meet and greet opportunities, and good times.  Every time a seminar let out, the vendors area would fill with attendees discussing everything they learned, the great experience they had, and the plethora of knowledge they attained.

All in all by the time that Friday morning hit (the last day), the conference was a buzz with all of the happiness of a well planned and informative week.  The Handcrafted Soapmakers and Cosmetics Guild had yet another successful conference year.  Everyone had a super fun time, learned a lot, and met such a variety of new and creative crafters.  All in all, attending the conference was so well worth it.

Next year the HSCG 2015 Conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana from April 18th – 20th.    Our suggestion for anyone that is on the fence about going is that attending this conference is highly recommended from these two first year conference attendees.  Not only will your days be filled with knowledgeable seminars and your evenings with fun get togethers, but you will meet some of the nicest and most helpful fellow crafters in the industry.

On a final note:  A special thank you goes out to all of the hard work that the members and staff of the Handcrafted Soapmakers and Cosmetics Guild did.  For us, this year’s conference was a huge success.  We met new people, had tons of fun, many laughs, and truly enjoyed our time at the conference.


HSCG Conference

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hscg conference

For the first time ever, Natures Garden will be attending the Annual HSCG Conference!  And, let me just say that everyone here at NG is super excited for this event to occur!

This year, the annual HSCG conference is going to be held in Tucson, Arizona at the Loews Ventana Canyon, which is a beautiful resort by the way.  There will be over 400 people in attendance.  The 3 and a half day event is going to be filled with tons of fun, educational, and informative seminars and speakers, as well as networking opportunities during and after the conference day’s full and busy schedule. This adventure is going to be quite lively.

As the date quickly approaches we are all working very hard in preparation for this upcoming event.  As for us, the air plane tickets have been purchased, the booth supplies packed and shipped, and we are finalizing the last very few details in our planning.  Needless to say, we are anxiously waiting for this party to get started.

Representing Natures Garden at the HSCG conference will be the lucky duo of Cindy and Nicole.  And, let me just tell you; both of them are just bursting at the seams at the chance to meet all of our wonderful customers that are attending the conference. Filled with enthusiasm at the chance to mingle and meet some of Natures Gardens clientele, Cindy and Nicole are all ready to hop on the plane and get this party started.

Accompanying them (besides a few other fun things), will be a sample of every fragrance oil that Natures Garden currently carries.  So, if you are planning on being in attendance, you will have the opportunity to sniff fragrances that you have always wondered about.  It is also a great opportunity to ask questions and get to know them, and them you!

So, if you are attending make sure you make the time to stop by the Natures Garden’s vendor booth and say Hello.  We look forward to meeting you. Make sure you stay tuned for a future blog post about Cindy and Nicole’s experience at the conference.  This is going to be a Hoot!


Handcrafted Items using Fragrance Oils

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fragrance oils1.  What’s your name & Your Company Name:  Denise R. Scott and Cindy Stroupe,  Denise’s Creation

2.  Why did you decide to go into business?  What was your motivation?  How long have you been in business? I met my friend Cindy Stroupe when we worked together about 7 years ago. My motivation occurred after my conversation with Cindy.  Cindy told me she made handcrafted soaps and I knew the soaps in the store irritated my skin. After using her handcrafted soaps I was sold. So smooth, fresh, and the scents were awesome. Since I work I knew my coworkers were looking for natural products for skin and good smelling items for their homes.  Cindy makes an anti-bacterial soap for acne and our customers love it.  Also I promote and sell handcrafted  purses, wallets, baby blankets, curtains and more made by Venessa Shoup.  Venessa made me a purse and the rest is history. People love the handcrafted purses. They can be washed and are 98% cotton. By schooling, I have a marketing degree and love to talk to people. I knew these items could sell well. Together Cindy and Venessa make the handcrafted items and I sell. Also I market by word of mouth and established the facebook page. So totally we have been in business for seven years.

3.  What products do you make and sell?  Handcrafted candles, soaps, purses, wallets, baby blankets, curtains. There are other items on my facebook page that is not handcrafted, oil burners and plug ins, but many our customers love the oils from Natures Garden for their burners. Also I use designer oils along with the bottles to make body spritzers.

4.  What are your business goals?  I currently work and this is a home base business I would love to have a small shop myself or collaborate with someone to put the items in their store.

5.  What are some products you use from Natures Garden; what are your favorite products from Natures Garden?  All our fragrance oils, designer fragrance oils and bottles for the spritzers.

Facebook page:  http://facebook.com/dwisecarverscottfragrance oils