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Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel

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BIte Me Bloody Bath GelBite Me Bloody Bath Gel

Today, we are going to show you how to make a fun project that is perfect for Halloween!  Our Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel project uses Natures Garden’s Bite Me Fragrance Oil along with the Ritzy Bath Gel.  This soap making project is a fun and easy project that will make a spooktacular addition to your Halloween bath and body product line!

Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel Ingredients

Ritzy Bath Gel

Bite Me Fragrance Oil

Xanthum Gum

8 oz. Clear Boston Round Bottles

White 24/410 Lotion Pumps

Da Bomb Soap Dye- Red 

Ritzy Gallon Pump Dispenser

Disposable Pipettes

Other Items Needed for the Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel Project

Mixing Bowl

Measuring Spoon

Distilled Water

Hand Mixer



Total Recipe Amounts:

27 ounces Ritzy Bath Gel

2 ounces Distilled Water

1/2 tsp Xanthum Gum

12 ml Bite Me Fragrance Oil

15 drops Da Bomb Soap Dye- Red

A Closer Look at Some of the Ingredients Used

Before we begin, let’s look at some of the Natures Garden products that we will be using in this soap making recipe.  We will look at these ingredients and talk a little more about each one in depth, below.  For those familiar with these products, you can go ahead and begin.

Ritzy Bath GelRitzy Bath Gel

The Ritzy Bath Gel from Natures Garden is a premade base.  In fact, it can be used right out of the jug.  This bath gel base allows you to create a quick bath and body product that work wonderfully.  It should be noted though, some fragrance oils can thin the base.  In order to counteract this, you can use a thickener, which we will talk about next, to get the base back to the proper thickness.

Xanthum GumXanthum Gum

The xanthum gum from Natures Garden Candle and Soap Making Supplies is a food grade, polysacharide, all natural thickener.  This thickener is designed to maintain transparency.  So, it perfect for products like our Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel.  It will allow your gel to maintain that gel look without turning it cloudy.   Xanthum gum can be used in products such as bath gel, shampoo, bubble bath, lotions, creams, shower gels, and liquid soaps.  Just a small amount of xanthum gum goes a long way.  In fact, you will only need .1-1% xanthum gum needed to thicken a thinned bath and body product.  When using xanthum gum, you will need to create a slurry.  So, you simply mix the powder with distilled water and mix with a hand mixer for about 5 minutes.  If you simply add the powder to your product, it will clump and not thicken.  Once you have mixed your xanthum gum, it should be quickly added to your product.

Da Bomb Soap DyesDa Bomb Soap Dyes

For this recipe, we will be working with the red Da Bomb Soap Dye.  The Da Bomb Soap Dyes from Natures Garden are water based colorants used in soap and cosmetic making.  They are FD&C dyes.  This particular soap dye is the red #40.  So, what make the Da Bomb Soap Dyes perfect for this soap making project?  Well, when used in bath gel, they allow you to maintain a translucent appearance.  In fact, this is also true when the Da Bomb soap colorants are used in a clear melt and pour soap base.  They produce a wonderful vibrant color.  However, when they are placed in a white soap base such as shea butter or goat’s milk mp soap base, they will give the finished soaps a beautiful pastel color.  They are also fabulous in lotions, whipped soap, and slime, giving each product that wonderful pastel color.

The Fragrance Oil Used in the Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel RecipeThe Fragrance Oil Used in the Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel Recipe

Dracula would fall in love with this fragrance oil by Natures Garden! Bite Me Fragrance Oil starts with fresh citrus notes of crisp lime and juicy orange sparkle with effervescent highlights. The citrus notes lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Then, leafy green accents intensify as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance.  Bite Me Fragrance Oil is a Natures Garden original scent.

Top Notes:  black cherry, orange, strawberry, pineapple, lime
Mid Notes:  eucalyptus, violet, lily
Base Notes:  clove, vanilla bean

Did you know?  Count von Count the Muppet vampire from Sesame Street is based on the vampire myth that throwing mustard seeds outside ones door will stop any vampire from entering the home.  This is because, as the myth states, a vampire is compelled to count items, so therefore, the vampire would have to count all of the seeds which would take until sunrise.

So, how do our customers feel about Bite Me Fragrance Oil?  Well, they LOVE it!  Our clients use this berry scent in everything from wax melts to melt and pour soap to scrubs!  In fact it even performs well in CP soap!  Many consider this powerful fragrance oil a must have in their cold process soap line!  It had a perfect pour, no ricing, no acceleration, no separation, discolors to a light tan, very strong, a must have for all lines.

Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel Recipe Preparations

Prior to beginning, you will want to prepare your work area.  So, get all of your supplies out and ready in your clean work area.  In addition, clean and sanitize your packaging materials as well as any utensils that you will be using.  Finally, place the Ritzy gallon pump dispenser on the Ritzy Bath Gel jug.

Weigh Out Your Bath GelWeigh Out Your Bath Gel

First, you will need a deep mixing bowl.  Using a deep mixing bowl will make preparing the handcrafted bath gel much easier.  So, you will need your scale placed in front of you.  Then, place your bowl on the scale and weigh out 27 ounces of the Ritzy Bath Gel.

Color the Bite Me Bath GelColor the Bite Me Bath Gel

Next, we will add the soap colorant to the Bite Me Bath Gel.  So, you will need the red Da Bomb Soap Dye.  Then, to the Ritzy Bath Gel, you will need to add about 15 drops of the red Da Bomb Soap Dye.  Now, you will need to stir the gel to incorporate the color.  However, be careful not to over mix or mix too quickly.  Doing so can cause the base to create bubbles.

Adding the Bite Me Fragrance OilAdding the Bite Me Fragrance Oil

At this time we will be incorporating the scent.  As we talked about earlier, we will be adding Bite Me Fragrance Oil to this bath gel recipe.  If you have not worked with this berry scent in the past, you are missing out!  It happens to be one of my favorite fragrance oils!  So, the easiest way to add the fragrance is with a disposable pipette.  Using a disposable pipette, add 12 ml Bite Me Fragrance Oil to the bath gel.  Using a mixing spoon, blend the ingredients together.  Remember, stir slowly as stirring to quickly can create bubbles.

Adding the Xanthum Gum ThickenerAdding the Xanthum Gum Thickener

Now, you may notice that the fragrance oil has thinned the Rity Bath Gel.  Well, to help thicken the base back up, we will be adding some of the xanthum gum.  In order to do this, we need to first create a slurry  So, since xanthum gum will clump when added to water, we will first need to pre-mix it.  In an empty mixing bowl, add 1/2 tsp of the xanthum gum powder.  Then, and add 1/4 cup of room temperature distilled water.  Finally, use a hand mixer to mix the ingredients.  You will need to mix the two ingredients for about five minutes.  You will notice the mixture begin to take on a gel-like look.  This gel can then be added to the Bite Me scented bath gel in order to thicken it.  How much you add will depend on how thick you would like your finished bath gel to be.  So, simply add a small amount and then stir.  Once you are happy with the thickness, you are ready to move on.

Adding the Bath Gel to the BottlesAdding the Bath Gel to the Bottles

Finally, we are ready to add the Bite Me Bloody Bath Gel to the 8 ounce bottles.  So, you will need three bottles.  Additionally, you will need three pump dispensers.  Finally, you will need your funnel.  So, place the into the opening of one of the bottles.  Then, fill the bottles with some of the bath gel.

Then, remove the funnel and repeat this process with each of the bottles.  Lastly, place a pump on each bottle, trimming the dip tube on each one before placing it in the bottle.


Labeling the BottlesLabeling the Bottles

For this project, we decided to create labels for the handmade bath gel.  We then added a fun Halloween themed label to each bottle.


We hope that you have enjoyed creating this Bite Me Blood Bath Gel project.  If you have any questions about this project, or any other candle, cosmetic, or soap making questions, feel free to reach out to us.  You can contact us on our HUG Line, through email, or any of our social media sites.  We hope to hear from you soon!



Soap Embed Ideas

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Soap Embed Ideas

Soap making is an art form that takes some creativity and skill. There are many different ways that you can create homemade soap. Not only are there many different processes, like melt and pour soap or cold process soap, that you can use to make soap, but there are different ways to create gorgeous designs in your bath and body products. We at Natures Garden love to come up with fun, new ideas for making fun, unique soaps homemade. One method that we enjoy for creating our homemade soap recipes is embed soap. Whether you are embedding herbs in your products or embedding differently colored soap in your soaps, this form of creating homemade soap is perfect for creating unique designs. So, here are some of our favorite soap embed ideas that we have used in our own soap recipes.

Soap Embed Ideas Bamboo Hemp Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe

The star anise is a great herb that you can use in your homemade soap recipes. This lovely herb can be used as an embed in your melt and pour soap recipe. It is perfect for decorating the soap and is great for adding something new and a little more rustic to your product line, too. The Bamboo Hemp Soap Recipe is simple with an elegant design and will leave you feeling clean and fresh!

Soap Embed Ideas Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

While many embeds are created with a mold, the Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap Recipe is a perfect example of cut soap embeds. Instead of adding in a predetermined shape into your base soap, this method gives you the freedom to create embeds that are unique. This soap has you create brown swirls and purple slices to decorate the fronts of your sliced soaps. It is a wonderful way to create more creative and interesting finished products within a typical soap loaf!

Soap Embed Ideas Mango Papaya Melt and Pour Soap Recipe Soap Embed Ideas Mango Papaya Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Another fun soap making idea that was created by Natures Garden is the Mango Papaya Melt and Pour Soap Recipe. This homemade soap recipe perfectly uses embed soap to create an adorable melt and pour soap recipe. The bright colors and fun shapes of this melt and pour soap are absolutely adorable! Plus, this lovely soap recipe includes triangle shaped soap embeds that add to the design. Plus, these triangle soaps top the soap loaf, as well. So, the design of this soap is perfect for creating soap that is both decorative and effective!


Loofah Honey Melt and Pour Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Loofah Honey Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Another great idea for creating homemade embed soaps is scrubby loofahs! In fact, soap and loofahs are a perfect pair. Since you’d use a loofah to clean and exfoliate your skin, combining the two just makes your bath and body product more effective. The lovely Honey Melt and Pour Soap base in this recipe will cleanse and moisturize your skin as the loofah exfoliates your skin. So, the Loofah Honey Melt and Pour Soap Recipe is a wonderful choice for creating bath and body products that are adorable and perfect for cleaning.

Soap Embed Ideas Easter Confetti Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Easter Confetti Soap Recipe

Everybody knows that confetti is a festive way to add some color and fun to your activities. But, the Easter Confetti Soap Recipe brings in all the fun of confetti without any of the mess afterward. This simple embed melt and pour soap recipe uses sliced up chunks of colored melt and pour soap. All you have to do is sprinkle your diced and mixed up soap into a mold and pour in the regular soap base. It is super simple and leaves you with a batch of gorgeous homemade soaps!

Soap Embed Ideas Watermelon Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Watermelon Soap Recipe

Also, embed soap can be the creative aspect that makes your soap design come to life. In the case of our Watermelon Soap Recipe, the embed soap was perfect for making the product look like a slice of freshly sliced watermelon. The black pieces of embed melt and pour soap looked just like the seeds of a watermelon. So, the embed soap really pulled the whole design together to create an amazing soap!

Soap Embed Ideas FUN Swirl Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas FUN Swirl Soap Recipe

Another wonderful embed soap creation that you can make is the FUN Swirl Soap Recipe. Of course, adding an embed soap design to your recipe is the perfect way to add some fun to your products. Instead of having a single color bar of homemade soap, you can add a clean soap design exactly where you want it. So, you should absolutely create the swirl embed for your own recipes!

Soap Embed Ideas Hearts a Flutter Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Hearts a Flutter Soap Recipe

Another fun soap embed that you can try out for your homemade soap recipes is a heart! In the Natures Garden Hearts a Flutter Soap Recipe we molded a heart shape for the center of the soap. The heart goes amazingly with the smaller heart embeds that were put on top with the fluffy pink topping. Plus, this sweetheart soap embed is the perfect way to add some love to your bars.

Soap Embed Recipe Gummy Bear Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Gummy Bear Soap Recipe

Further, you can create a fun, bright melt and pour soap that is absolutely adorable! The Gummy Bear Soap Recipe uses a blue and pink soap swirl as an embed to add some fun to the soap. Plus, the soap has gummy bear shaped soap on top of the loaf. This combination of colors and shapes creates a super fun design. You are going to love this design for your homemade soaps!

Soap Embed Ideas Dracula's Dentures RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Dracula’s Dentures Recipe

Since embed soap is perfect for creating fun designs, this soap making method is perfect for creating Halloween soaps! If you are looking for some unique products to use this October, then you may want to try out our Dracula’s Dentures Recipe. So, you will want to use the embed mold Vampire Teeth to create some fun soap recipes. This soap recipe is a funny and cute homemade soap recipe that is perfect for Halloween soap ideas.

Soap Embed Ideas Lollipop Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Lollipop Soap Recipe

Are you ready to try out an adorable and unique homemade soap recipe? The Lollipop Soap Recipe is made to look like real, sugary sweet Lollipops. First, the swirl is created to act as a soap embed. Then the swirl is put in a circle mold and the bright candy colored soap is poured in after. So, this candy themed soap is perfect for your next homemade soap craft.



Soap Embed Ideas Mango Loofah Melt and Pour Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Mango Loofah Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Of course, this embed loofah soap is a way an effective soap. This is just another great way to incorporate a loofah into your soap is the Mango Loofah Melt and Pour Soap Recipe. So, this lovely bath and body creation incorporates the exfoliation power of a loofah with the cleansing and conditioning abilities of Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap. Furthermore, the cut loofah looks absolutely gorgeous in the soap. You will love how this soap recipe cares for your skin!

Soap Embed Ideas MP Embed CP Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas MP Embed CP Soap Recipe

Also, you can create the delightful MP Embed CP Soap Recipe from Natures Garden. This soap recipe uses swirled soap as embeds in the soap loaf. While there are some lovely soaps that include a single, large soap swirl, this recipe uses a few small, cute swirls that are differently colored. Plus, these swirls match the swirled soap that tops the loaf. This will make your homemade soap absolutely adorable.

Soap Embed Ideas Cinnabun Melt and Pour Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Cinnabun Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Further, you can create a scrumptious looking soap at home with the use of a soap swirl embed. If you think that this homemade recipe looks nearly good enough to eat, then you are certainly going to want to try out the Cinnabun Melt and Pour Soap Recipe. The swirl embed is meant to look like a yummy swirl of sweet frosting on a fresh, warm cinnamon bun. So, try out this yummy soap idea!

Soap Embed Ideas Psychedelic Suds Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Psychedelic Suds Soap Recipe

Further, you can create the Psychedelic Suds Soap Recipe using embed soap! This unique and colorful soap recipe is a truly fun homemade soap making idea. This soap recipe uses straws to leave an opening in the clear soap base that is perfect for embedding colorful soap. While this isn’t the typical way to embed differently colored soap in your bar, it is the perfect method for creating fun, brightly colored soap!



Soap Embed Ideas Clamshell Kiwi Sugar Cubes RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Clamshell Kiwi Sugar Cubes Recipe

Also, you can create some lovely embed soap with the Clamshell Kiwi Sugar Cubes Recipe. This soap recipe uses poppy seeds and sugar to create a bath and body recipe that exfoliates the skin. Plus, the soap is moisturizing and cleansing. So, this poppy seed embed soap is perfect for cleaning your body and taking care of your skin.


Soap Embed Ideas Peppermint Fluff Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Peppermint Fluff Soap Recipe

The Peppermint Fluff Soap Recipe is another fun melt and pour soap recipe that you can create using embeds in the soap. This delightful soap recipe has a decorative swirl that resembles a real peppermint, which matches the fragrance oil perfectly. All you need to do is create a red and pink swirl, set it in your mold, and pour in your base color. Truly, this is the perfect addition to your product line this winter!


Soap Embed Ideas Fish Kiss Melt and Pour Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Fish Kiss Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Another fun soap making recipe that you can create is the cute Fish Kiss Melt and Pour Soap Recipe. Unlike most embed soaps, this fun fish soap isn’t completely embedded into the bar of homemade soap. Instead, the 3-D fish is half embedded into the bar. So, this soap bar is fun and looks just like a little fish poking out from the water. It is the perfect craft for bath time and is sure to be a hit with the kids!


Soap Embed Ideas Snowball Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Snowball Soap Recipe

Further, you can create a fun soap recipe that is perfect for the winter season. The Snowball Soap Recipe uses embed soap, essential oils, and fluffy whipped soap to create an amazing soap. Plus, the soap recipe uses circular soap embeds to create a design that looks like snow balls! So, this homemade soap recipe is truly a  winter wonderland made from soap.


Soap Embed Ideas Play Dough Embed Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Play Dough Embed Soap Recipe

Plus, you can create another very fun homemade soap idea. The Play Dough Embed Soap Recipe by Natures Garden is a perfect way to get a bit more creative with your homemade soap. First, you can create a soap recipe that is malleable like play dough! So, you can create a fun, little design and set it in your mold. This will give you the perfect way to create unique embed soaps with your own various designs!


Soap Embed Ideas Peppered Poppy Seed Cold Process Soap RecipeSoap Embed Ideas Peppered Poppy Seed Cold Process Soap Recipe

Finally, you can use the poppy seeds herb from Natures Garden to decorate your own homemade soap recipes. This nice herb is perfect for adding a pretty design to your unique bath and body product. Plus, the poppy seeds are perfect for adding a bit of exfoliation to your homemade bath creation. So, the Peppered Poppy Seed Cold Process Soap Recipe is sure to be a perfect soap recipe for creating gorgeous homemade soap that is wonderful for your skin.


Soap Embed Ideas Share Your Own Soap CreationsSoap Embed Ideas Share Your Own Soap Creations

Although we have quite a few fun ideas that you can use to create your own beautiful soaps, some of you creative soap makers may have amazing ideas, too. We would love to hear from you and see your own embed soap recipes. Alternatively, we would love to hear about your experiences with this method of soap making. Whether you have suggestions, questions, or comments, we would love to talk to you about them! You can find us on the Natures Garden facebook page or on our Instagram at @ngscents.