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Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe

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Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe

Green Tea is incredibly popular these days. It’s considered a super food in today’s world of healthiest foods to eat or drink. However, this little leaf that’s made into a tasty beverage, isn’t just for drinking! While the health benefits for the inside of your body are endless, green tea can be beneficial for the skin as well. It can be used in a toner, facial masks or scrubs. Lotions, soap, shampoo and conditioners. In fact, Nature’s Garden has developed a brand new  Green Tea bath bomb recipe that incorporates the mighty                                                                                                 Matcha!


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Let’s Talk About Green Tea

Before we get started, though, let’s talk about what Green Tea can do for your skin. Green Tea contains polyphenols called catechins. These powerful antibacterial agents that are responsible for effectively delaying the signs and symptoms of aging. Also present are high amounts of enzymes, amino acids, vitamin B, folate, manganese, potassium and magnesium. These nutrients are perfect for improving your skin complexion and giving you a healthy glow. Not only will it improce the skin’s elasticity, but the antioxidants, tannins and Vitamin K in green tea can help treat puffy eyes and dark circles.

Green tea is perfect for those that suffer from acne. It is also wonderful for correcting sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It can even promote new hair growth and prevent common problems like dry scalp and dandruff! It’s amazing stuff, that’s for sure! There’s no time like the present on getting started with treating your body right! Trying out our new bath bomb is the perfect way!

Did you know? There are four main varieties of green tea prepared in Japan. Each type depends upon it’s leaf length, method of processing, and season of harvesting. However, the most common kind of green tea that I am sure we are all familiar with is, Matcha. This is the leftover powder of green tea and it is also called “Dust”. While this green tea has a more subtle, aroma and natural sweetness than the other varieties, this tea is more common in traditional Japanese ceremonies.

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Ingredients you can find at Nature’s Garden

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Other Ingredients and Equipment You Will Need

  • Witch Hazel (in spray bottle)
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Scale

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Total Recipe Amounts

  • 300 grams Citric Acid
  • 600 grams Baking Soda
  • 5 grams Bentonite Clay Powder
  • 5 grams French Green Clay Powder
  • 18 grams Argan Oil
  • 18 grams Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis Fragrance Oil
  • 5 grams Green Tea C/S
  • 5 grams Green Tea Powder

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Before You Get Started

Before you get started on creating your bath bombs, it’s important to take a few precautionary steps. Always clean and sanitize your work area. Plus, you will want to make sure all of your utensils packaging materials are clean and sanitized. We strongly suggest that you should wear gloves, safety mask, safety glasses and protective clothing when preparing this recipe. Have a spray bottle filled with the witch hazel ready to go and all your equipment within arms reach. These steps will allow your creating to run smoothly with no interruptions!


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis Fragrance OilGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis Fragrance Oil

While we could have used our Green Tea Fragrance Oil in this recipe, we chose to use Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis. This fragrance oils is an unique, refreshing combination of fresh lemon pulp, orange rinds and tropical kiwi along with middle notes of eucalyptus, cassis, green tea, and bamboo. The base notes are of cedarwood and vanilla! A very uplifting, fresh green fragrance! It works perfectly in cold process soap, with no discoloring, accelerating, ricing or separating. The scent retention was strong and perfect!


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Let’s Talk about a Few of the Ingredients

For this recipe we will be using citric acid and baking soda. Citric Acid can be used for many different industries and products. It can be used for medicinal purposes, skin care, hair care, bath and body products, soaping, and cleaning purposes. When used in soaps, it works as a water softener, and helps to produce better foam. When used in bath bombs and combined with baking soda, citric acid is responsible for the actual “fizzing” action of the bath bombs. Baking soda. Many skin care benefits come from baking soda. It gives the skin a silky and soft feeling, helps to treat many skin conditions and is also great for exfoliating the skin. For hair care, baking soda can be used in a rinse to make the hair softer and give it a silky feeling.

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: French Green Clay PowderGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: French Green Clay Powder

French green clay powder is a perfect addition to this bath bomb recipe. French Green Clay is the most frequently used clay by health professionals and spas to treat skin conditions, to nourish the skin, and to remove impurities. This clay is light green in color when dry, but turns dark green when wetting agents are added.  The reason French green clay is green is because it contains actual decomposed plant material; making French green clay very nutritious for the skin. It contains some very important minerals such as,  Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, and Selenium.  Since French Green Clay powder is so full of healthy minerals, it can be added to mineral baths to help nourish the skin, remove impurities, relieve sunburn, and to aide in the relief of arthritis pain.

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Bentonite Clay PowderGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Bentonite Clay Powder

Bentonite clay is a light greenish/beige colored clay that turns an olive color when water is added to it. Also, Bentonite clay is used in face mask formulations to help clean impurities from the skin and adding bentonite clay to bath bomb recipes helps to make your bath bombs harder.



Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Green Tea PowderGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Green Tea Powder

A green tea bath bomb wouldn’t be complete without, of course, the Green Tea Powder and we all know how awesome this is for your skin! We have also included Green Tea Leaves. These leaves are cut and sifted and will help give you some gentle exfoliation! While you can use any oil that you have available, we chose Argan Oil. This oil is very luxurious feeling and helps leave the skin soft, smooth and supple!


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Let’s Get Started

To begin with, you will need two mixing bowls. The first mixing bowl will be for your dry ingredients and the second bowl will be for your wet ingredients.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing The Dry IngredientsGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing The Dry Ingredients

In your first bowl, weigh out 300 grams Citric Acid, 600 grams Baking Soda. Using your hands or a large mixing spoon, combine these ingredients together until fully mixed. Set this bowl aside, while you get the wet ingredients together.



Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the Wet Ingredients

Next, in the second bowl, you will prep the wet ingredients. So, in the bowl, weigh out 18 grams of Argan Oil and 18 grams of Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis fragrance oil. Give these a stir with your spoon.

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Wet and Dry Ingredients

Now we are going to add the two bowls of ingredients together. To the dry ingredients, add the bowl of wet ingredients.

Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Combining the Ingredients

Next, you will be mixing the ingredients together. Using your hands to combine the ingredients well. You want to be sure the oils are evenly dispersed throughout the mixture.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Dividing the Mixture

Now we are going to divide our mixture in half. Leave one half of the mixture in the bowl and place the other half of the mixture in another mixing bowl.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the French Green Clay and Green Tea PowderGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the French Green Clay and Green Tea Powder

Next, to the first bowl, weigh out 5 grams of French Green Clay and 5 grams of Green Tea Powder. Mix these ingredients together using your hands.





Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Green Tea C/S and Bentonite Clay PowderGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Green Tea C/S and Bentonite Clay Powder

Now you will take the second bowl of mixture and weigh out 5 grams of the cut and sifted green tea and the 5 grams of bentonite clay powder. Give this a good mix together using your hands.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Using the Witch Hazel

At this time, we will begin using the witch hazel that was prepped earlier in your spray bottle. Begin with the first bowl and spray the mixture while mixing the contents with your hands. You want to keep spritzing and mixing until you have a crumbly dough-like consistency throughout all the bath bomb dough. Once the first bowl is done, you will set that aside and do the same with the second bowl.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Creating the First Half of the Bath Bomb

Now you will be forming the bath bomb and for this you will need your bath bomb molds. Keep in mind that each mold set will consist of two differently shaped parts. So, take one half of the bath bomb mold and fill it with the mixture that contains the green tea powder. Pack this into the mold half tightly and compactly.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Creating the Second Half of the Bath BombGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Creating the Second Half of the Bath Bomb

Next you will be making the second half of the bath bomb. Using the mixture that contains the cut and sifted green tea, pack the other half of the mold tightly and compactly.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Putting the Bath Bomb TogetherGreen Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Putting the Bath Bomb Together

Now you are going to put the bath bomb together. Before doing so, lightly mist each half of the bomb with the witch hazel. Then, press the two halves together tightly. The mold should snap together. You can set this mold aside to set up and continue the process of packing the halves of the molds and putting them together with the remainder of the dough. This recipe makes 6 bath bombs.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Letting Them Set Up

Finally, you will give your bath fizzies enough time to set up. This can be anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the humidity of your environment. Keep your bath bombs in a cool, dry area away from places that they could get knocked down or roll away.


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: Ready to Use

You can choose to keep your bath bombs in their molds until you are ready to use them. This makes selling or giving your creations easy, clean and simple! However, if you wish, you can also remove the bombs from their molds and package them how you prefer. When it’s time for a bath, simply drop a bath bomb into some warm, running bath water. Relax and enjoy a nice, soak in a beneficial bath!


Green Tea Bath Bomb Recipe: That’s the End

We hope you enjoyed this new recipe from Nature’s Garden. Using green tea in any or all of your bath and body products is sure to give your skin some glowing, healthy results! If you would like to add another green tea bath product to your line, check out our Green Tea Blooming Bath Oil. This bath oil has some skin softening oils that will leave your skin feeling extra moisturized and luxurious!

If you would like to learn more about how amazing green tea is, follow this link to read about 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea. It’s a very informative article that may inspire you to start adding this healthy beverage to your diet!

Let us see what you have been creating! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter (ngscents) and Instagram (ngscents). We love hearing from our customers and seeing what you have been up too! Plus, it’s a great way to show off something you are proud of! Show us and show everybody!




Green Tea Benefits

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Green Tea BenefitsGreen Tea Benefits

Many people enjoy drinking green tea, but the taste isn’t all that this tea is good for. In fact, there are many green tea benefits that you can enjoy in your various products. Just drinking green tea have some wonderful benefits for your body. Plus, you can even use green tea to provide benefits that make it perfect to add combine with bath and body supplies and create some fantastic products. Both our Green Tea Powder and our Green Tea Leaves Cut and Sifted from Natures Garden are perfect for creating wonderful homemade bath and body recipes. Plus, you can combine these herbs with other flower and herb powders that can be used as wonderful soap making supplies. So, let’s get into some of the amazing benefits that people can have from this wonderful cosmetic herb.

Green Tea Benefits: Growing ConditionsGreen Tea Benefits: Growing Conditions

Although green tea plants will grow best in areas that are considered zone 7, you can grow this plant in colder areas, too. All you have to do is put your tea plant in a pot and bring it in during the winter. This plant can survive down to about 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, you can transfer your plant to larger pots as it grows. You will know when it is time if you see that the roots begin to push out of the drain holes in the bottom. Your green tea plant will prefer soil that drains well, like a light sandy or medium loamy soil. Further, these plants like soil that is acidic that has a pH between 4.5 and 6. Also, your plant will prefer to be in either full or partial shade.

Once your plant is thriving, you can start thinking about harvesting your tea leaves. You will want to use the young tender tea leaves. So, pick a new shoot with only a few leaves on it. For best results, you may want a new shoot with about two or three leaves on it. Typically, you will be able to harvest your tea leaves in the summer. Later, the plant will bloom to produce pretty flowers, this will happen between September and November. While these blooms are quite pretty, they aren’t all that great for making green tea. So, you may want to store some for after green tea season.

Green Tea Benefits: Industrial Uses

There are many benefits that you can have from bringing green tea into your life. You can use this as a regular tea to provide your insides with all kinds of benefits. Also, you could use green tea to create all kinds of yummy foods. Another fun option is to create fun bath and body creations that you can use to care for your skin and hair. So, check out all the amazing benefits that you can use to pamper your body from head to toe.

GGreen Tea Benefits: Bath and Body Productsreen Tea Benefits: Bath and Body Products

Creating homemade bath and body products is great for making easy crafts for adults that produce some amazing results. One option for incorporating green tea into your products is adding the powdered herb directly into your products. Also, you could use our whole green tea cut and sifted to create a tea to use in the water phase of your cosmetic recipes. This homemade tea can be added to many recipes. You can also infuse green tea into the oils you are using in your recipe. Another option for you is to add the whole herb directly into your cosmetic recipes. Adding the whole green tea leaves will provide the regular benefits of green tea along with some light exfoliation for your skin. This could be useful for creating homemade scrub recipes. Now that we have options for incorporating this herb, let’s look at some of the potential benefits.

Green Tea Benefits: Bath and Body Product Benefits

First, this cosmetic herb has been found to be useful for skin complexion. A study had been done with green tea that revealed this herb can be used to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. Not only does this herbal tea help your complexion, but it can be used to reduce circles or puffy under eyes. This is because green tea contains antioxidants and an astringent that can help shrink the blood vessels. So, you may want to create a lotion soap, or other bath and body product. Also, this herb would be perfect for making bath bombs, as you can soak in the rejuvenating herb as you relax in the tub.

Another great benefit of this herb is that it has been known to help reduce breakouts of acne and pimples. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are both thought to be useful for fighting acne. These properties are thought to fight the bacteria that cause acne and reduce the redness and inflammation, too. Further, it is thought that the catechins in this tea can be used to help regulate hormone imbalances. So, creating an acne soap recipe with green tea would be a great idea!

Green Tea Benefits: Natures Garden Bath and Body Recipes

We incorporated our green tea cut and sifted herb to add some refreshing, soothing properties to our Sunburn Relief Bath Tea Recipe. We included this herb because green tea is popular for homemade sunburn remedies. First, the anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the redness and pain. Further, some have found that this herb is effective for reducing your risk of skin cancer or tumors due to UV sunlight. So, green tea is an amazing way to care for your skin after a sunburn and makes a perfect addition to our recipe for sunburn relief.

Green Tea Benefits: Food and BeveragesGreen Tea Benefits: Food and Beverages

The taste of green tea is often bittersweet, but the taste can vary slightly. This variation depends on the growing conditions, processing methods, and harvesting methods. Most often, people will use these leaves to create a tea. This practice is so common that the herb has been called green tea. However, there are other ways that people will use this herb. This includes adding it into their food recipes, as this herb can be a delicious flavor for some meal recipes, like the Green Tea Teriyaki Chicken Recipe. Another delicious example is all of the green tea themed dessert recipes on this Green Tea Food Recipes board on Pinterest, which is full of all kinds of ideas for green tea recipes.

Green Tea Benefits: Medicinal UsesGreen Tea Benefits: Medicinal Uses

Green Tea was one of the many herbs included in traditional Chinese medicine. The natural flavor was said to have cooling properties, which can be used to refresh the mind and promote a positive, alert mental state. Plus, it was thought that this tea will quench your thirst, promote body fluid production, and lead to good digestion. Also, some green tea would be good for a cold, as it has been thought to cool the body and clear phlegm. Plus, it was thought that this tea could flush out toxic evils, as it would flush the body by promoting urination and bowel movements. Some of the traditional benefits that have been studied were immune and cardiac health. First, it was found that green tea contains polyphenols, which can reduce oxidative stress. and prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol. Further, another study on these polyphenols were linked to reduced abnormal cell growth.

Green Tea Benefits: More Medicinal Uses

Also, green tea has been known to kill bad bacteria. So, this tea is thought to help lower your risk of infection and possibly help reduce the length of illnesses. Plus, these properties are beneficial for promoting good oral health. The tea is thought to kill the bad bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for forming plaque and creating cavities. Further, the properties in this herb are thought to help reduce bone loss.

Some people will try green tea to help reduce their chance of cancer. There are properties in this tea that can help protect your cells from oxidation damage. This kind of damage can damage cells and lead to the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. A few studies were done that found a correlation between drinking green tea and having a reduced risk of certain cancers.

Additionally, green tea has been thought to promote brain health. A study on green tea found that the polyphenols were able to boost the amount of available dopamine in the brain, which promotes a positive mood. Further, these chemicals were found to help regulate insulin in the brain by enhancing the sensitivity for it in the brain. Also, some studies have linked green tea to a reduced risk of certain brain diseases common in old age. These diseases include both Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Since Parkinson’s disease involves the death of dopamine producing neurons, an herb that promotes the production of dopamine from other cells could be beneficial. Also, EGCG was found to help protect your brain from forming the plaques that are thought to cause Alzhemer’s disease.

Green Tea Benefits: Other UsesGreen Tea Benefits: Other Uses

Another benefit of green tea is that it can help you stay awake. Many people prefer to drink tea instead of coffee, as it doesn’t provide the same “jittery” feeling that coffee can. Although green tea does naturally contain some caffeine, it has a much lower concentration than coffee. So, this is a more gentle way to wake yourself up in the morning. Furthermore, there is a chemical in green tea called theanine, which can provide a calming effect. So, you may be able to use tea to have a calm, alert feeling without the nervous jitters.

Additionally, green tea contains chemicals that are useful for reducing anxiety. This tea contains L-theanine, which has been found to increase leaves of dopamine and improve positive mental function. Also, there have been studies that like green tea to weight loss. It is thought that this tea can help to reduce appetite. Further, there have been mixed results on the EGCG, a powerful antioxidant, in green tea being able to promote weight loss.

Green Tea Benefits: Boseong Green Tea Fields

Anyone that is a really big fan of green tea will want to hear about the Boseong Green Tea Fields. These Green Tea Fields in Korea are absolutely stunning and you can stroll through the beautiful landscape, stop at souvenir shops, or even try green tea ice cream. If you want to hear about a tea lover’s actual experience, then check out Boseong Green Tea Fields: Everything You Need To Know To Visit. Not only does she show pictures and share her experience, but she provides tips for travel and other nearby destinations to visit for anyone that is interested in going!

Green Tea Benefits: Ask Us Any QuestionsGreen Tea Benefits: Ask Us Any Questions

We hope that you learned something new about green tea from our natural cosmetic blog. Also, you can use this botanical herb along with some of our other herbs and spices to create some amazing bath and body recipes. If you have any other questions about this wholesale herb or any other, then reach out and ask us. You can find us in the Natures Garden store, on the phone, or online. You can easily find us on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents), or Instagram (@ngscents). Hope to hear from you soon!

Green Tea Benefits: Reminder About All Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells herbs, like our Green Tea Powder and our Green Tea Leaves Cut and Sifted, for external use only. Although other suppliers may sell green tea that is food grade, we do not sell our herbs as food items. So, the information that we provide about our herbs is only for educational purposes. We do not intend for you to use this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of this information. Make sure that you keep your herbs out of reach of any children or pets. Also, pregnant and/or lactating women should take special care when handling our various herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with these herbs. All product testing is the responsibility of the customer.