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Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil

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Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil is a tangy scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a pet friendly scent that blends citrus scents with floral, musk and woodsy notes that creates a perfect scent for dogs, cats, and humans! This fragrance oil is especially perfect for creating all sorts of great homemade products, including pet shampoo, pet soap, and even perfumes for your fuzzy buddies!

What Does Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Introducing….Natures Garden’s Pet Fragrance Oils!  To our knowledge, we are the first and only supplier to carry an entire line of fragrances designed especially for your furry friends!  Deborah’s pug, Enji, loves taking baths, and she has given this fragrance her Paw of Approval!   We are sure that your loving, adorable  companions will be equally satisfied.  By the way, all of these fragrances can be used in human products too.  Who knows, maybe you and your pet can wear the same fragrance!

Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil:  A refreshing medley for your pet that combines juicy Mandarin orange, tangy lemon and tart lime with nuances of fresh flowers, soothing musk and sheer woods.

How Do Our Customers Use Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Potpourri and incense products can each be created successfully and can use up to 50% of this fragrance oil successfully. Additionally, homemade cleaning products can be scented with this fragrance oil at a rate of 5%. Also, aroma beads can now be used with this fragrance oil.  Smelly jelly crystals also incorporate Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil, creating strongly scented air fresheners.

Are you looking to add a new candle or wax melts scent to your product line?  Well, now Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil can be used in homemade candles as well!  We have found it to give a wonderful hot and cold scent throw in any of our waxes.  Whether it’s Joy, WOW, Pillar of Bliss, Palm, or soy waxes, it smells absolutely amazing!  Candle makers, you can incorporate up to 10% of any of our pet fragrance oils into your candles.  We suggest coloring candles with 2 drops brown candle colorant and a small amount of yellow liquid candle dye.

How Do Our Customers Use Purrs and Paws Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Bath and body creations of all different kinds can include this pet friendly fragrance oil. Pet shampoo, bath oils, perfumes, bath teas, lotions, perfumes, soaps, scrubs, and other related products can be made. Make these products with up to 5%of this fragrance oil.

Further, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results show this is a fantastic choice for cp soaping! A batch using this fragrance oil will have a perfect pour.  This means no separation, no acceleration, and no ricing. There will be no discoloration and the bars will retain a strong scent retention. If you wish to color your bath and body products we are here to help. We suggest using brown soap colorant and yellow liquid soap dye in the amount that you would enjoy.  However, never use candle dyes in body products as candle colorants are not body safe.

Purrs & Paws Fragrance Oil HP Soap RecipeFinally, our Purrs & Paws HP Soap Recipe is great way to utilize this nice pet fragrance oil in a fairly simple way to make soap from scratch. Hot process soap or crock pot soap, is a fun soapmaking method. Additionally, it allows you to make some pretty cute bath time soaps for a cat or dog!


Best Summer Scents

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summer scentsBest Summer Scents 2014

Summer will officially be here in one week.  School is out of session, many are preparing for their family vacations, and the gardening and outdoor grilling season has begun.  The much anticipated carefree days of summer are near.

Summer, longer days full of sunshine, warm breezes, and happiness.  In all honestly, after the brutal winter many of us experienced, we are even accepting of the humidity summer brings over the bone chilling cold.

So it’s now time to bring out the sundresses, bathing suits, and shorts.  But, a change of the seasons not only means a change in the wardrobe, but also a change in the scents that people prefer.  Summertime brings with it a longing for crisp, clean scents, sweet fruity aromas, and soft blends.

With all of this in mind, Natures Garden would like to present to you our list of the best summer scents for 2014.  These scents encompass both classic summertime favorites, as well as new fun in the sun aromas.  In fact, some of these summer scents should come to you as no surprise because they are known as top selling fragrances no matter what time of the year it is.

This list of the best summer scents was based off their purchase popularity, performance in both candles and bath and body products, as well as the reviews that the customers have given them.

It is a remarkable feat for these 15 fragrances to be listed as one of the best summer scents 2014.  Natures Garden currently carries 816 different fragrance oils; so, quite literally they are in the top 2%.

Please Note:  These best summer scents are not listed in any particular order.

In the Fruity and Sweet Category

Butt Naked Fragrance Oil

Cucumbers & Melons Fragrance Oil

Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil

Fluffy Pink Candy Fragrance Oil– If you are interested in using this summer scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see the Cotton Candy Emulsified Sugar Scrub recipe.

Blue Hawaiian Fragrance Oil

Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil– If you are interested in using this summer scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see the Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub recipe using this fragrance oil.

Blue Raspberry Slushie Fragrance Oil

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance Oil–  If you are interested in using this summer scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see the Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter recipe.

Coconut Lime Verbana Fragrance Oil– If you are interested in using this summer scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see the Coconut Lime Verbana Soap Bowl recipe.

NG Loving Spell Fragrance Oil  

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Fragrance Oil– If you are interested in using this summer scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see the Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Cold Process Soap recipe.

In the Crisp and Clean Category

NG Aqua Di Gio Type Fragrance Oil

NG Island Fresh Gain Type Fragrance Oil–  If you are interested in using this summer scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see the Island Fresh Air Freshener recipe.

The Perfect Man Fragrance Oil

In the Soft Blends Category

Lotus Blossom Fragrance Oil

That concludes the list of Natures Garden’s Best Summer Scents for 2014.  All of these scents work amazingly in your homemade products.  However, if you are wondering what other summer scent Natures Garden carries, simply click on this link to view the Spring Summer Scents Category.