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Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil

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Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance OilGingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil is a Natures Garden scent that is strong and delicious. This spicy ginger aroma smells good on its own or mixed with other great scents. Whether you’re making candles, bath bombs, lotions, tarts, or room sprays, this ginger fragrance oil will not let you down.  Are you ready to add a little spice to your life? Well then give Gingersnap Cookies scent a try for you homemade craft recipes!

What Does Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a fresh, crisp, ginger cookie aroma with just the right amount of bakery base notes.  The scent throw is simply amazing in candles and bath products!

How Do Our Customers Use Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil?

Our customers are able to create a variety of room scents with Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil. Any potpourri and incense products can use up to 50% of this scent. Additionally, this fragrance oil well perform nice and strong in aroma beads. While there are many room scents that can be created, this fragrance oil is not able to be used in gel wax due to incompatibility.

Homemade candle makers can include this fragrance oil in their own candle and tart recipes. The candle products that are made with vegetable waxes and paraffin wax can include up to 10% of this bakery scent. Joy wax and wow wax will both produce perfectly scented candles and wax melts using this aroma. Also, this scent will perform nice and strong in soy wax. If your want to color your candle creations, then we suggest using five drops of red liquid candle dye along with two drops of brown liquid candle dye. Alternatively, you could use a small amount of shredded red color block and brown color block per four pounds of wax. Just remember not to ever use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Those of our customers who enjoy creating bath and body products are able to use this cookie fragrance in their recipes. The bath oils and bath gels can use up to 5% of this fragrance oil. Perfumes will perform perfectly for this fragrance. These perfumes as well as lotions both should be used at no more than 5% for this scent. Also, any cleaning products can be created using 5% of this scent. Our customers who wish to make melt and pour or cold process soap can use this fragrance oil. In fact, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results revealed that this fragrance oil soaps very well! Not only was this fragrance a perfect pour, but the fragrance in the final product was noted as being a strong gingerbread scent. The batch will have no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. While the final bar will discolor to a tan color, there is a vanillin content of 0%. This means that vanilla white stabilizer will be unable to remove this sort of discoloration.  The discoloration is likely caused from other ingredients in the fragrance oil.  If you want to color any of your bath and body products, then we suggest using red and brown liquid soap dye in the amount you desire.  Never use candle dye in any body products.

Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil Bath BombsAdditionally, we at Natures Garden have created another bath and body product recipe that utilizes this fragrance oil. This recipe is called Gingersnap Cookies Bath Bomb Recipe and it is perfect recipe to make scented bath fizzies!



Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil

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Ginger Aura Fragrance OilGinger Aura Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil is a Natures Garden scent that is included on our best sellers list! This best selling fragrance oil has an aroma that is very similar to organically fresh ginger.

What Does Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is composed of fresh ginger notes enhanced by notes of nutmeg, lime, lemon, and black currants. Middle notes of jasmine, base notes of white musk. A Best Seller!  Compare Natures Garden’s Ginger Aura fragrance oil to Origin’s Ginger Essence fragrance.

Top Notes:  Lemon Zest, Basil, lime, black currant
Mid Notes:  Ginger, Lemongrass, jasmine
Base Notes:  Rosewood, Clove, nutmeg, white musk

How Do Our Customers Use Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil?

There are a wide variety of products and projects that can be created using Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil.

Customers who enjoy making room scents can create a variety of products for the home. Potpourri and incense can be created using no more than 45% of this fragrance oil. Homemade cleaning recipes can include this fragrance, so you can clean and scent your home simultaneously. While this scent is not gel wax compatible, it can perform well in aroma beads. In fact, this ginger fragrance oil is nice and strong in aroma beads.

Homemade candle makers could make use of this scent as well. Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil can be used at a 10% maximum in vegetable waxes and paraffin wax. This scent performs perfectly in Joy Wax and soy waxes. Also, our Ginger Aura scent is wonderful in WOW Wax. We recommend using two drops brown liquid candle dye with one drop red liquid candle dye or a small amount of shredded brown color block and red color block per four pounds of wax.  Remember to never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Various bath and body products that include this aroma will perform well. Bath oils and bath gels should be included at no more than 5% of the total recipe. Perfumes will perform perfectly. Also, lotions and perfumes can be used at a maximum recommended rate of 5%.

Our customers can create melt and pour, hot process, or cold process soaps. These soaps can be created using a maximum recommendation of 5% for the recipe. Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this fragrance soaped perfectly! Not only did this fragrance provide a perfect pour, but the scent was nice and strong, which is a really mellow spice. Further, the batch had no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. Moreover, the final product had no discoloration, due in part to the 0% vanillin content. We suggest coloring your soap with red liquid soap dye in an amount that you prefer.  Remember, never use candle dye in any body products.

While this scent can be added to a variety of products, this particular fragrance oil makes a fantastic addition to any cold process soap recipes. So, why not try something great and give Ginger Aura Fragrance Oil a chance to be in your products?