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Witches Brew Candle Recipe

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Witches Brew CandleWitches Brew Candle Recipe

Today, Nature’s Garden has a brand new candle recipe that is just in time for Halloween! This Witches Brew Candle recipe is sure to get your friends excited for the upcoming spooky season! The candle is black and purple striped just like a witch’s stockings would be and poking out of the top is her pointed hat!. Did she melt into the candle and all that is left is her hat? Looks like it to me!

This candle is simple to make! We chose to use Joy Wax, for the base of the candle and Pillar of Bliss for her hat and the fluffy purple top! The whole candle is scented in our fun Halloween fragrance, Witches Brew fragrance oil. This candle would surely be the center of attention at your next party or on Beggar’s Night to help light the way for some candy-hungry trick or treaters.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Ingredients Used

Before we get started, let’s talk about some the components that are used for this sweet candle.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Joy WaxWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Joy Wax

If you are familiar with making candles or familiar with Nature’s Garden candle waxes, then you will know how wonderful using Joy Wax for your candles really is. Exclusively sold at Nature’s Garden! Joy wax is a blend of just the right amount of vegetable waxes, food grade paraffin, and other proprietary ingredients. This wax allows candles to smell stronger, both hot and cold. Also, Joy Wax has a wonderfully creamy, smooth texture to the candle once it has set up.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Pillar of BlissWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Pillar of Bliss

Pillar of Bliss is also a blend of soy wax (more than 50%) and paraffin wax used for poured votive and pillar candles. Pillar of Bliss Wax has excellent fragrance retention with good cold and hot throw characteristics. This wax has a nice hard finish to it. Therefore, when used in molds for wax melts or tarts, Pillar of Bliss has an easy release from the mold.



Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Witches Brew Fragrance Oil

Last, but not least, is our Witches Brew Fragrance Oil that inspired our creation. This scent is a unique combination of secret ingredients. However, there are notes of freshly brewed coffee and something spicy that you just can’t quite place! This fragrance oil isn’t your ordinary fall fragrance!

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Ingredients You will Need and Available at Nature’s Garden

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Other Ingredients and Equipment You’ll Need

  • Mixing Bowls
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Scale
  • Apothecary Jar
  • Pot (for double boiler)
  • Pencil (used to curl your candle wicks)
  • Witch Had Mold (From Flexible Molds www.flexiblemolds.com)

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Before You Get Started

Before you get started on your candle creating, it is best to familiarize yourself with how to make a candle. Check out our class on how to make Joy Wax Candles and our Candle Wick Chart to help you find the correct size wick for the container that you will be using! 

Also, before you start on your candle, you will want to clean and organize your work space. Make sure you have enough space to work on your candle. Give all your equipment and your work space a good wipe down. Now you can gather your supplies and your candle making equipment. Once you have everything cleaned and prepared, you are ready to move on to creating!

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Prepare the Double BoilerWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Prepare the Double Boiler

As with all candle making, you will need to have a double boiler. If you are familiar with this step then you can move on with the recipe. If not, we can give a quick tutorial. Since you will need a pouring pot, this will act as the inner portion of your double boiler. This will also hold your melting wax and it will go inside the larger portion of your double boiler. The larger pot (you can even use an old cake pan) will hold at least 3 inches of water. You can place the larger pot onto your heat source, and go ahead and add the water.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Prepping the Pillar of Bliss

Our first step will be preparing the witch hat. For this, you will need the Witch Hat Mold from Flexible Molds. These molds are wonderful for soap making and for candle making. They are, of course, flexible which means releasing your product is easier than a regular hard mold. Also, they are durable, last a long time and clean up easily. So place your pouring pot on the scale, tare out its weight and weigh in 2 ounces of Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax. Place your pouring pot into the larger pot with the heating water. Stir the wax occasionally until the wax is melted and has reached the correct temperature. 

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Adding the Black Candle DyeWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Adding the Black Candle Dye

Now that your wax has melted completely you can now add the black candle dye. So go ahead and add in 4 drops of the dye. Give this a nice stir to incorporate the dye completely.





Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Adding the Fragrance OilWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Adding the Fragrance Oil

Once the wax has reached the correct temperature, it is ready for the fragrance oil. So go ahead and weigh in 0.2 ounces of the Witches Brew and stir this well to completely combine the fragrance.




Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Pouring The HatWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Pouring The Hat

Now that you have your fragrance oil and black candle dye added and combined, your next step will be pouring the hat. Go ahead and carefully pour the wax into the Witch Hat mold. Allow this to set and cool completely before removing. Once it has, you can pop the witch hat out and set it aside for the time being.



Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Preparing the Candle JarWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Preparing the Candle Jar

Next, you will want to get your container ready. You will be using 2 wicks for this candle. Go ahead and adhere both wicks to the bottom of your jar using a glue gun. Once this is done, you can set it aside for the moment.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Preparing the Purple LayerWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Preparing the Purple Layer

You are now ready to start on the purple layer of your candle. In your pouring pot, weigh out 2 ounces of the Joy Wax. Place the pouring pot in your double boiler. Stir this wax occasionally until the wax is fully melted and has reached its correct melting temperature. Now you can add 2 drops of purple Spectrum Liquid Candle dye, stirring well. Next, add in 0.2 ounces of Witches Brew fragrance oil and stir this well also.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Pouring the Purple LayerWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Pouring the Purple Layer

Now that your wax is scented and colored, the next step is to pour into your container. Slowly pour this layer into your prepared candle jar. Allow this layer to set up before moving on to the next step.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Prepping the Black Layer

Next, you will be working on the black layer of the candle. In your pouring pot, weigh out 2 ounces of Joy Wax. Melt this wax, as before, stirring occasionally until the wax has completely melted. You can add in 4 drops of black candle dye now, stirring well. Then you can add in 0.2 ounces of the Witches Brew fragrance oil.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Pouring the Black LayerWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Pouring the Black Layer

Now that your wax is scented and colored, slowly pour this layer on top of the purple layer. Allow this to set up before moving on to the next step.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Prepping and Pouring the Next LayersWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Prepping and Pouring the Next Layers

Next, you will repeat the process of the black layer and the purple layer, two more times. Always make sure your wicks are straight up, adjusting them, if necessary, as the wax cools.  The last layer being the black layer. You should have 6 layers total before moving onto the next step. Once you have completed the last layer and have allowed it to set up, you can move onto the last layer of your candle.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Preparing the Whipped Wax

Now that your layers are done, you can move on to the whipped wax topping! In your pouring pot, weigh out 4 ounces of Joy Wax. Melt this in your double boiler, stirring occasionally until it has melted completely. Once your wax has melted, you can add in 1 drop of the purple liquid candle dye. Next, add in 0.4 ounces of Witches Brew fragrance oil. Stir well to completely incorporate the fragrance.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Whipping the Wax

You will want your wax to thicken before you start to whip it. When it has started to set up, you can begin whipping it with either a spoon, a whisk or even a fork.  Once you have your Joy Wax well whipped and fluffy, add dollops of it to the top of your candle, creating soft peaks with your utensil of choice.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Adding the Witch's HatWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Adding the Witch’s Hat

Next, you will be adding your prepared witch hat to the whipped topping. You will want to do this before the topping is set up, so go ahead and place the hat gently, but firmly into the topping, centering it in front of your wicks. We chose to tilt our hat slightly.  However, you can lay yours standing straight up, if you choose. Lastly, taking a pencil, curl your wicks around the pencil to complete the candle.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: Letting Your Candle Set Up

Your candle is now complete and looking beautiful! However, let your candle set and cure for at least 24-48 hours before using it. This will help the fragrance and waxes to fully bond together allowing the candle to have a better scent throw. The only thing left to do?  Trim your wicks to about 1/4″ before burning your candle.  You can even remove the witch hat and use it in your wax melter.

Witches Brew Candle Recipe: The EndWitches Brew Candle Recipe: Even More Fragrance Fun

We hope you enjoyed Nature’s Garden newest recipe! It’s the perfect addition to anybody’s Halloween decor. Whether you want to keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, it will be the center of attention!

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Come find us on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents) or Instagram (@ngscents) and show us what you have been creating for the upcoming holiday season! We love seeing what our customers make with Nature’s Garden products! You can also share your creations on our Show & Tell Creations page of our website! It’s another great way to show off what you have made.




Homemade Zebra Candle

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make your own zebra candleHow to make your very own homemade Zebra Candle!

This easy to make project is even fun to create.  Besides the standard candle making supplies such as: soy wax, wicks, scent, color, and jars; you will also need beeswax.  We will be using the beeswax to make the zebra stripes in the candle.  Because of the pliability of beeswax, it has the capability of being shaped easily into stripes.  Plus, due to the high melt point it has, beeswax can withstand a pour of another wax (soy), as long as the temperature isn’t too extreme.

Although for this project, the scent that was selected was Hot Pink Pomegranate Fragrance Oil, when you make your own zebra candle you can scent it to your pleasing.  The same is true for the candle color.  Since our fragrance oil has the name hot pink in it, the decision was made to make the zebra candle stripes pink on a white (or uncolored) background.

To see the full list of possible candle scents, please click on this link.  There are over 800 different fragrances to choose from!

Here are your total recipe weights to make (2) 16oz. Zebra Candles:
190 grams beeswax
2 drops candle dye (if making the candle like pictured)
About 4 oz.  of candle scent
1100 grams of soy wax (Golden Foods 444 soy wax)

Other items that you will need for this recipe are:
wax paper
9×13 cake pan
2- 16 oz candle jars
4 wicks (we used 2- cd10 wicks per candle)
2 pots (for double boiler method)
stirring spoon
cutting board

Below are the steps to make your very own zebra candle (pictures included):

Step 1:  Using the double boiler method, weigh out and melt 190 grams of beeswax.  You will want to set the temperature of your stove top between medium and low heat while melting.  Stir the beeswax occasionally as it melts.

steps to make a zebra candle

Step 2:   This step is the colorant of your zebra stripes:  Once the beeswax is melted, now you will add 2 drops of your candle colorant, and stir.  Once you are done, place your pouring pot back into the heat source.

color for the zebra candle

Step 3:  To make the zebra stripes, you will need to concentrate your beeswax in a portion of the area in your cake pan.  To do this, lay out your cake pan on a flat surface.  Next, roughly measure out at least 9 inches in length.  Hold this place by setting your knife across the pan.  Finally, lay the wax paper over the cake pan and knife.  Carefully, tuck the corners of the wax paper down.

how to make zebra stripes

Step 4:  Now it is time to scent your beeswax:  Remove your beeswax from the heat source.  Weigh out about 19 grams of your candle fragrance oil.  Then, add the fragrance and stir to incorporate it throughout the wax.

zebra candle scent

Step 5:  Now, take your beeswax and slowly start to pour it over the flat portion of the wax paper.  Allow this to fully set up.  Do not try to rush this step.  Cooling beeswax too quickly, may cause it to crack!

making the zebra candle stripes

Step 6:  Once the beeswax has hardened, and is cool to the touch; gently remove it from the cake pan.  Carefully stand the square on one end and starting in one corner, peel away the wax paper.  Then, place the beeswax on your cutting board.  Finally, cut off any jagged edges using your knife.

zebra candle recipe

Step 7:  For the background of your zebra candle, you will be using soy wax.  In order to have enough wax for 2 candles, weigh out and melt 1100 grams of soy wax.  Melt this wax using the double boiler method.  While the wax is melting, stir occasionally.

soy wax zebra candle

Step 8:  You will create the zebra stripe pattern using the tip of a pencil.  Trace this lightly into the beeswax.  The shape that you will want to draw will be various sized long and irregular lines similar to tree branches.  When you are finished, cut these lines out.

making zebra stripes in beeswax

Step 9:  Once you have a few of your stripes cut out, carefully begin to place them individually against the inside wall of your candle jar.  It is best to start at the bottom of your jar and work in an angular direction.  Apply slight and even pressure until the stripes stick.  Repeat this step until you have the zebra design you are looking for.  Then, do it again for your second candle.

zebra candle pattern

Step 10:  Center and secure your wicks to the bottom of your candle jars.  Then, set aside.

centering your wicks

Step 11:  When your soy wax is in a completely liquid state, remove it from the heat source.  If you are adding color to the background of the zebra candle, do this now.  Then, add 110 grams of fragrance Oil.  Stir again.

Step 12:  Using your thermometer, wait until the soy wax reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit; this temperature will not melt your zebra stripes.  Pour the soy wax into your candle jars.  Don’t forget to straighten your wicks. Allow the candles to fully set up undisturbed.

pouring a zebra candle

Now it is time to celebrate, your Zebra candles are now ready to use.  Simply trim your wick, light, and enjoy your new awesome candle.