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Easter Confetti Soap

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easter confetti soapEaster Confetti Soap

The Easter Bunny is coming! He’s just around the corner! Are you and all of your kiddos ready for his appearance? We certainly are here at Nature’s Garden! We have come up with the perfect free soap recipe that the Easter Bunny himself is sure to adore! Our Easter Confetti Soap is like an Easter party explosion! Scented with our Sweet Pea fragrance, this is a soap that everyone of all ages is going to love!


Ingredients for the White:

656 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap

18 grams Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil

Ingredients for the Colors:

Each color will need:

175 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap 

6 grams Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil

Pink: 10 drops Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant

Orange: 16 drops Neon Orange FUN Soap Colorant

Blue: 17 drops Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant

Purple: 17 drops Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant

Green: 10 drops Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant

Yellow: 10 drops Neon Yellow FUN Soap Colorant

Other Ingredients Needed:

Square Loaf Mold Market Mold

Rubbing Alcohol

8oz Clear PET Bullet Bottle

White Fine Mist Sprayer 24/410

Stainless Steel Mitre Box

Stainless Steel Cutter for Mitre Box

PAM or other cooking spray

paper towels

Mixing Bowls

Mixing Spoons



Pans or Cooking Sheets

Silicone 4 Loaf Mold



Start by measuring and weighing out 6 separate bowls of 175 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap, and another with 656 grams. Go ahead and melt down your first bowl of 175 grams of soap. Once that is fully melted, add 6 grams of of your Sweet Pea fragrance, and 16 drops of Neon Orange FUN Soap Colorant. Mix it together thoroughly and then carefully pour it into your Silicone 4 Loaf Mold. Repeat the same process with the other 5 bowls with 175 grams of soap, adding 6 grams of fragrance to each, 10 drops of Neon Yellow to one bowl, 10 drops of Neon Pink to one, 10 drops of Neon Green to another, 17 drops of Ultramarine Violet to another, and 17 drops of Neon Blue to the last. After you have made each of these soaps, let them sit for enough time to set up and harden.

easter confetti soap

easter confetti soap

Once your colored soaps have hardened, go ahead and cut up each bar into different shapes. we cut them up into little tiny chunks to make it look more like confetti, but you can cut them into whatever shape and size you want! After they have been cut, mix all of your confetti into a bowl so that you don’t end up with more of one color! Next, spray your cooking oil onto a paper towel and rub it on the inside of your Square Loaf Mold. This will help to make the soap easier to remove once it is finished.

easter confetti soap

Now you can prepare the bowl with 656 grams of white soap, melting it completely in the microwave. Once it is melted, add 18 grams of Sweet Pea fragrance and mix it together thoroughly. Next, start to pour your soap into the mold. Fill it only about 1/4 of the way full, adding confetti chunks while it is still melted. Make sure to spray it with rubbing alcohol to release any air bubbles that may form. Repeat this process until you have filled your mold! When the mold is full, make sure to add some confetti chunks to the top too!

easter confetti soap

Make sure to give your soap enough time to set up and harden and then your Easter Confetti Soap is ready for you to enjoy! Make sure to check out all the rest of our free recipes and classes as well and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!