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Tulip Fragrance Oil

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Tulip Fragrance OilTulip Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Tulip Fragrance Oil is a strong and true to the name scent by Natures Garden. This aroma captures the pure and wonderful scent of an exquisite bouquet of fresh tulips that is a duplicate of the very best floral aroma we could sniff out. Our tulip fragrance is a best selling scent that is delightful and exactly true to the name, which makes it a perfect choice for creating candles, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and so many more homemade products!

What Does Tulip Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Yankee candle should be credited for having the most wonderful, strong, and true tulip fragrance we have found. This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a duplicate of this scent. Being one of the most expensive fragrances that we tested, we have placed this scent in our designer fragrances…because there is simply no other tulip that we have found that compares!  A Best Seller!

How Do Our Customers Use Tulip Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Our customers can create all kinds of various homemade room scenting products with this floral fragrance oil. A rate of 50% of this tulip aroma can be included in dry potpourri and making incense sticks at home. Homemade household cleaner recipes can be scented with up to 5% of this fragrance oil. Sachet fragrance beads can be made with this true to the name aroma.

Homemade candle makers can make strong scented candles. These include products made of either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax. We suggest a maximum of 10% for this fragrance oil with these candles and wax melts. Wow wax and joy wax candle making can be done with this floral aroma. Those who know how to make soy candles can include this fragrance oil. If you would like to use our candle coloring method, then we would suggest using four drops of red liquid candle dye.  Alternatively, a small amount of shredded red color block per 4 pounds of wax will work. You can use different coloring methods as long as you avoid using crayons, since they clog wicks.

How Do Our Customers Use Tulip Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Our customers that create their own handmade bath and body products can create their products with this beautiful floral fragrance oil. Bath oils, bath gels, bath bombs, lotions, perfumes, and other homemade bath and body recipes.  These recipes can be scented with a maximum of 5% for this aroma.

Soap can successfully be made with this floral scent. Whether it is cold process soaps, melt and pour soaps, or hot process soap, this tulip scent does well.  Scented soap making has been shown to be successful by our Cold Process Soap Testing Results video. A batch that uses this scent will have no ricing and no separation. Although this scent does cause accelerated trace, this can be reduced by bringing your lye water and oils to room temperature before beginning. Another plus to using this fragrance oil, the soap does not discolor and will remain very strong after cure. Finally, we suggest for you to use your preferred amount of red liquid soap dye. If you are going to color these creations differently, then just know that candle dyes are not body safe.



Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil

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Yummy Gummy Fragrance OilYummy Gummy Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil is a fruity scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a scrumptious fruity blend with notes of sweet vanilla that create a perfect fruity gummy bear fragrance oil. This scent is great for parents and children alike. Kids love that it smells like candy and parents can enjoy the nostalgic scent of fresh and delicious gummy bears. But this fragrance oil isn’t limited to just kids and parents, any candy lover will adore this aroma!

What Does Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

An NG Original Scent!  A childhood favorite, the essence of chewy gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness.

Top Notes: Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange, Peach
Middle Notes: Grape, Coconut, Raspberry
Base Notes: Pear, Plum, Sugary Vanilla

How Do Our Customers Use Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Let this delicious fragrance oil take your nose straight to the candy shop with its true to the name aroma. Whether you’re making a smelly jelly recipe, room spray recipe, incense recipe, or another related room scenting product, you can use up to 50% of this sweet scent. Fragrance beads will include this fragrance oil perfectly. There are an uncountable number of unique crafts and products that you can scent with this delicious gummy bear fragrance oil. One possible idea are household cleaning products, which can include up to 5% of this scent.

Next, if you are looking to create candle crafts that smell amazing, then look no further than this gummy bear fragrance oil! As long as your recipes use either a vegetable wax or paraffin wax, up to 10% of this fruity fragrance oil can be included. Joy wax, wow wax, and pillar of bliss wax will each perform perfectly with this aroma. Soy wax candles can be crafted perfectly with this aroma and will retain a strong scent. Also, this scent is considered to be compatible with gel wax. However, it is still the customers responsibility to test their purchased scents. For coloring your candle creations, we recommend either adding one drop of orange liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax. Alternatively, you can shred an orange color block into the melted wax. However, if your chose another method to color, then know that crayons clog candle wicks.

How Do Our Customers Use Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

This candy fragrance oil has the perfect aroma for making your products smell irresistible! Various bath and body products, can include this fragrance oil at a body safe rate of 5% and no more. Perhaps you enjoy creating lotions, body sprays, or even bath bombs. Look no further, this scent is a must use!  Try one of our unscented bases with it and let us know what you create.

Finally, both soaps from scratch and melt and pour soaps can be created with the previously stated body safe fragrance concentration. For cold process soap makers, we tested this scrumptious aroma and recorded the results in our Cold Process Soap Testing Results. We found that batches that use this scent will have no separation, no ricing, and no acceleration. Also, the soaps will discolor to a light beige and the scent will remain true to the original scent and very strong after the curing process. Orange liquid soap dye can be included in bath and body creations that use this fruit and vanilla scent, just make sure to avoid candle dyes.

Now, this is absolutely not the complete list of crafts and projects, this scent can be included in any creation that you can imagine.  We would love to hear what you create with our Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil!