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Crafts for Valentines Day

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Crafts for Valentines DayCrafts for Valentines Day

Creating a unique and homemade craft as a gift for Valentines Day is one great way to show someone that you love them. At Natures Garden we have wholesale supplies and free crafts recipes that you can use to create some special gifts. Whether you want to create a room scent recipe or a cosmetic recipe, we have some great gift ideas that you can use to create a perfect present. So, check out these crafts for Valentines day to find the perfect gift idea for your Valentine!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Valentines Day Candle RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Valentines Day Candle Recipe

One lovely scented craft that you can create for this holiday is our Valentines Day Candle Recipe. Of course, this scented candle recipe looks cute and is perfect for this lovely holiday. Not only is this candle covered in tiny hearts, but this recipe uses the scrumptious aroma of our Chocolate Covered Cherries Fragrance Oil. So, you can enjoy the appearance along with the aroma of sweet maraschino cherries smothered in milk chocolate. Altogether, this homemade candle recipe would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting Recipe

Another great homemade craft that you can create for Valentines Day is the Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting Recipe. First, this skin nourishing bath and body recipe can be used to cleanse and condition your skin. Further, this bath recipe will provide you with a scrumptious aroma of chocolate due to cocoa powder and the Creamy Chocolate Cupcake Fragrance Oil. So, you can use this cosmetic recipe to create a scrumptious gift that will pamper you from head to toe.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Solid Sugar Scrub RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Solid Sugar Scrub Recipe

Also, you can use our cute Solid Sugar Scrub Recipe to create a great recipe for Valentines Day. These cute little sugar scrub hearts are perfect for decorating your home or giving as a gift. Not only is this soap scrub recipe adorable, but this bath and body recipe is wonderful for cleansing. First, the sugar will exfoliate the dead skin and grime from your body. Plus, this sugar scrub recipe will clean your skin as the recipe includes melt and pour soap.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Scented Valentine Glitter Shoes RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Scented Valentine Glitter Shoes Recipe

The Scented Valentine Glitter Shoes Recipe is a fun, unique idea for Valentines Day. These gorgeous high heeled shoes would be perfect for decorating for Valentine’s Day. Of course, these cute shoes could be used as a fun Valentine’s Day present! Not only are these shoes covered in the shimmer and shine of red glitter, but this homemade recipe is scented as well. This fun scented recipe combines glitter, cute shoes, and the spicy Red Hot Cinnamon Fragrance Oil. So, you can enjoy this fun craft to enjoy a spicy hot cinnamon scent and a pair of glamorous shoes.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Lip Balm RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Lip Balm Recipe

I don’t know about you, but my Valentine’s Day just isn’t right without having a few chocolate covered strawberries. So, the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Lip Balm Recipe would make perfect sense to create for the holiday of love. This scrumptious lip balm recipe uses both real dark chocolate and the delicious Strawberry Sorbet Flavoring Oil to create this irresistible lip care recipe.  These two absolutely scrumptious flavors are layered in one cosmetic recipe to create a lip balm that is both cute and delicious!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Valentine's Day Bouquet RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Valentine’s Day Bouquet Recipe

Of course, our Valentine’s Day Bouquet Recipe could be created to celebrate during this holiday of love.  This unique scented recipe uses both air freshening products and mp soap to create a diverse bouquet that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This craft recipe combines scented roses, aroma bead ornaments, and scented soap to create a gorgeous bouquet that you can give as a scrumptiously scented gift and decorate for Valentine’s Day. Plus, this recipe will provide you with real melt and pour soap that you can use!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap Recipe

Many women adore the chocolate and Valentines Day is a perfect Day to have it! So, you can use our delicious Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap Recipe. These adorable soap cupcakes are a fantastic bath and body product that you can give your loved one. First, these scented soaps look cute and have an aroma of a true Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Fragrance Oil. Plus, these homemade soaps include yogurt melt and pour soap, which will cleanse and nourish your skin.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Valentine's Day Scented Rocks RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Valentine’s Day Scented Rocks Recipe

Also, you can make your very own Valentine’s Day Scented Rocks Recipe. Not only will this recipe provide you with a decoration, but these fake rocks have a lovely aroma. These scented rocks include the aroma of Sinfully Hot Fragrance Oil, which had a strong blend of cinnamon, warm wood, and sweet amber. So, you can fill a pretty container with these lovely rocks and create a centerpiece that smells delightful!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Cherry Chocolate Soap RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Cherry Chocolate Soap Recipe

The delicious Cherry Chocolate Soap Recipe is another fantastic bath and body recipe that is perfect for Valentines Day. This scrumptious recipe is perfect for making soaps that look like desserts! Not only does this melt and pour soap recipe look adorable, but the soap smells great too. Our soap recipe uses a blend of the scrumptious Cherry Fragrance Oil with the true aroma of the cocoa powder wholesale herb. Plus, this craft recipe is cleansing due to the mp soap. So, this soap recipe would be another great gift idea for this upcoming holiday.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Metallic Kiss Soap RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Metallic Kiss Soap Recipe

Another cute Valentines gift diy is our Metallic Kiss Soap Recipe. Of course, this mp soap recipe uses the scrumptious aroma of our You Sexy Thing You Fragrance Oil, which has the aroma of an exotic, floral fantasy temptation. Plus, we provide you with color suggestions for several different gorgeous colors. Plus, these pretty lip soaps will use shimmery mica powder to add a pretty sparkle. This allows you to create full bars of adorable soap that is the perfect color and a scrumptious aroma. So, this year give your Valentine they can enjoy even when you’re gone with this cute soap recipe!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Valentines Day Cupcake Candle RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Valentines Day Cupcake Candle Recipe

Also, you can create the Valentines Day Cupcake Candle Recipe as a sweet gift for your Valentine. This sweet scented candle looks like a heart shaped cupcake. Plus, this cute Valentines Day candle uses the scrumptious scent of our Cinnamon Yum Yums Fragrance Oil. So, these homemade candles will have a scrumptious bakery aroma with notes of spice, sweet middle notes, and a base of vanilla blended with a rich nutty accord. So, this cute wax recipe is perfect as a Valentines gift idea that has a perfect aroma and appearance!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe

The Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe is a scrumptious bath and body recipe that would be great for Valentines Day. First, this scented cosmetic recipe uses the cleansing whipped soap base and conditioning cosmetic ingredients. Plus, this recipe includes Epsom salt that can be used to both exfoliate and soak sore muscles. Furthermore, this scrumptious bath recipe includes the aroma of our delicious Better than Sex Cake Fragrance Oil. So, you will be sure to enjoy the aroma of scrumptious chocolate cake with the skincare properties of this recipe!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Mulberry Love Air Freshener RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Mulberry Love Air Freshener Recipe

If you want to give your loved one a cute Valentine gift that smells great, then the Mulberry Love Air Freshener Recipe is a good gift idea for you. Of course, this aroma bead ornament is a perfect Valentines shape, as it is a heart. This cute red heart is scented with the sweet aroma of our Mulberry Fragrance Oil. Further, you can even switch out this wholesale fragrance oil with your Valentine’s favorite scent. So, you can give your loved one a fantastic room scent recipe that will fill their home with a scrumptious aroma.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Sexy Edible Massage Bar RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Sexy Edible Massage Bar Recipe

If you are looking for a Valentines Day gift that is a bit more romantic, then you may want to check out the Sexy Edible Massage Bar Recipe. This homemade lotion bar is perfect for providing a massage that conditions the skin as well. Not only is this cosmetic recipe perfect for providing a fantastic massage, but the bar is flavored with dark chocolate and our Black Cherry BOOM Flavor Oil. So, this massage bar is a great Valentines Day gift that you both can enjoy!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Sensual Massage Oil RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Sensual Massage Oil Recipe

Another romantic idea that you can use for Valentines Day is our Sensual Massage Oil Recipe. This cosmetic recipe uses cosmetic oils and essential oils to create a fantastic massage oil. Plus, this bath and body recipe includes the lovely wholesale lavender flowers herb. This herb combined with the aroma of both lavender flowers essential oil and patchouli essential oil creates a recipe with a fantastic aroma.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe

Our Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe is a wonder bath recipe that your Valentine will be sure to adore. First, this bath bomb recipe is a cute heart shape with a layer of real rose petals. Plus, this cosmetic recipe uses conditioning cosmetic oils and rose hips powder to care for the skin. Lastly, this lovely bath recipe uses the scrumptious aroma of our Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil, which has the exquisite aroma of Tuberose essential oil. Altogether, this bath and body recipe has all the properties of a fantastic gift!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Sugar Scrub RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe

Since chocolate is a staple of Valentines Day, our Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe would be a great idea for a gift this year. This simple and scrumptious body scrub will exfoliate your body with granulated sugar and moisturize with a wholesale cosmetic oil. Plus, this cosmetic recipe will leave a delicious aroma. Not only does this bath and body recipe use real cocoa powder, but this recipe includes Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil. So, this body scrub has all the properties of an irresistible bath recipe.

Crafts for Valentines Day: Kiss of Death Lip Venom RecipeCrafts for Valentines Day: Kiss of Death Lip Venom Recipe

Another possible valentines day gift is the Kiss of Death Lip Venom Recipe. This lip balm recipe is a fantastic recipe that is nourishing and tastes scrumptious. This homemade lip balm uses the conditioning lip balm base and our Kiss of Death FlavoringPlus, this simple lip care recipe includes mica dust powder, which adds a beautiful shimmer and shine to your lip care recipe. So, this scrumptious lip balm recipe is beautiful, moisturizes, and tastes like fruit punch. Of course, this homemade lip balm would be great to add to your Valentines Day gift ideas.

Crafts for Valentines Day: What Valentine’s Day is All About?

You may be surprised to discover that Valentines Day didn’t necessarily start out as a very romantic day. Instead, this day changed over time until it became the holiday of love that we recognized it as today. If you are interested in learning more about the origins of Valentines Day, then check out History’s article on the History of Valentine’s Day. This article talks about the potential pagan origins of this holiday as well as the transformation of this holiday into what we know of today!

Crafts for Valentines Day: Reach Out to UsCrafts for Valentines Day: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you have found a homemade craft idea that you can use to create a great gift. If you have any questions about our free recipes, then feel free to reach out to us. We are available on the phone on our HUG line, in the store, and on social media. You can find us on our Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to reach out to us on Twitter and on Instagram. We hope that you enjoy creating these lovely Valentines Day crafts and have a happy Valentines Day!


Easy Lip Balm

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easy lip balm Easy Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm is one of the easiest things to do.  By using Natures Gardens all natural lip balm base, you can quickly create your own lip balm.  With a few other supplies such as lip balm containers, flavoring, lip tints, and sweetener; you can take your lip balm to the next level.

To make your very own flavored lip balm using the all natural base, here is what you have to have:
All Natural Lip Balm Base
Lip Flavorings– now this list contains 24 different flavorings to choose from.  But, if you are wondering which flavorings are the most popular right now, they are: Juicy Watermelon, Strawberry Sorbet, Tropical Paradise, and Frozen Margarita.
Powdered Stevia (optional) but here is what you want to sweeten your lip balm or you can sweeten your lipbalm using chocolate wafers or white chocolate wafers.
Lip Tints (optional) but here if you want to tint your lips
Microwavable Bowl
Stirring Utensil
Pipettes (optional) but a great way to transfer the liquid lip balm to its container before it hardens
Containers–  this link will show a variety of lip balm containers from sticks to tins

Now, when it comes to actually making the lip balm, here are the steps:

1.  Scoop out some of the all natural lip balm base.  Place this into your microwaveable bowl.  Place the bowl into the microwave.  Heat in 30 second increments until melted.  If you are going to sweeten your lipbalm using chocolate wafers, you will want to melt the chocolate along with your lip balm base.

2.  Once the lip balm is melted, carefully remove it from the microwave.  If you are tinting your lip balm, add some colorant now and stir.  Obviously, the more colorant you add, the darker your lip balm will be.

3.  If you are adding stevia, you will want to crush it down even finer.  Because the stevia will not dissolve but only suspend in the lip balm the finer you can get it the better.  Once added, stir.

4.   Next, add a few drops of flavoring, and then stir again.

5.  Finally transfer your lip balm into its packaging.  Allow the lip balm to fully set up (which will not take too long).  Once your lip balm is firm, it is ready to use.

Making your own flavored lip balm is just that simple.  A great project to do with kids at birthday parties, sleepovers, or on a rainy day; this craft is simple, takes very little time, and is super easy to clean up.

Now, if you are interested in making your own lip balm from scratch, there are also other free recipes available on the Natures Garden website.  To view these recipes, you can simply click on this link.  Offering quite the variety, some of Natures Gardens more popular recipes are: Chocolate Avocado Lip Balm RecipeVegan Lip Butter, and the Natural Beet Root Lip Gloss Recipe, but there are many more to choose from.


Natures Garden Store

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Natures Garden StoreNatures Garden Store

Marsha and the staff at Natures Garden have been feverously working away at getting the store ready and in tip top shape.

Earlier this year, we started the intense planning and implementing of a store for our wonderful customers to come into and shop.  This was a feat that was easier said than done.  Through months of planning and strategizing, we were able to create a beautiful store on paper that believe it or not contained every item that Natures Garden currently carries.

Then came the week when all of storage and shelving units were put together.  This also included an electrician, a painter, and a small construction crew.  When they were finished, for the first time we were able to see the Natures Garden store becoming a reality.

Next, it was time to stock shelves.  This is where we are now.   Through immense hard work and dedication, the staff at Natures Garden has been steadily plugging away at stocking, pricing, and creating displays for the store.  And, now after all of this time, we are finally beginning to see light at the end of the store tunnel.

Although the store is still a work in progress so to say, we are getting very close.

Sure, all of Natures Garden products are out and available for purchase; but we are still finalizing some aspects to really knock it out of the park!

The Natures Garden store is currently open and you all are more than welcome to come in and visit.  We still have the fragrance sniffing wall (although it is more of a Fragrance Land), as well as 16 oz, 8 oz, 4 oz, and 1 oz fragrance bottles available to purchase.  All of our soap bases, waxes, butters, oils, molds, and herbs are also out and ready for purchase as well.  We even have our vast array of kits, colorants, flavorings, and essential oils out too and they are all ready for their new crafting home.

One thing is for sure, if you come visit the Natures Garden store, you will not be disappointed.  Just please bear with us as we strive for perfection.


Lip Butters with Soothing Properties

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fragrance oilsWhat’s your name & Your Company Name:  Keenya Noble of  She She Kouture

She She Kouture believes that looking good coincides with feeling good.  We are pleased to introduce our new line of accessories and bath and body products. The accessories were created with luxury and affordability in mind. We offer these beautiful accessories that you would see in high-end stores, at a fraction of the cost because we use less expensive fabrics and adorn them with notions such as buckles, beads, zippers etc. She She Kouture prides itself because we offer products in faux-fur and will NEVER use real animal fur.  Our products include Apparel and Accessories items such as T-shirts, Dresses, Denim wear, Handbags/Accessories, and Casual Wear. We have recently extended our product line to include handmade bath and body products. Our soft and silky lip butter are our best-sellers. The lip butter glides on smooth and leaves lip soft and smooth. These lip butters work great under your favorite lipstick for longer wear. They are made with all natural ingredients and enriched with sweet almond, castor, apricot kernel, and avocado oil. These lip butters also include aloe and almond butter for even more soothing properties. She She Kouture is your one  stop consumer brand. Our bath and body products are available at www.sheshekouture.com. We will be constantly adding new products for our customers’ satisfaction. We strive to bring our customers great products and superb customer service. Experience She She Kouture!

Lip butter made with Natures Garden lip balm base and flavoring oils

Your Website:  www.sheshekouture.com

Facebook page:  www.facebook/sheshekouture

Twitter:  @shekouture




Scented Bath and Body Products

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fragrance oilWhat’s your name & Your Company Name?  My name is Ms. M. Antwane Sheppard and I own Raw Essence – All Natural Bath & Spa Products

Why did you decide to go into business?  What was your motivation?  How long have you been in business?  I’ve been in business for all of six months and the way I got into this business is a sad but true story.  I went to a beautician who had styled my hair in a way that caused significant hair lost. I began to research different oils and their benefits, in effort to develop a concoction that would promote hair growth.   Here’s what I initially came up with – Emu Oil, Castor Oil, Sulfur Sublimed and Eucalyptus – and my hair grew back, longer than it was before going to the beautician, and within four months. With the knowledge I had gained on the wonderful benefits of oils, I started making soaps, sugar scrubs and bath salts. I gave them as gifts to co-workers and family.  Soon after, Raw Essence was born.  What motivates me is the idea of being able to help others and sharing the knowledge of living a more healthy and natural life.

What products do you make and sell?  I make and sell: two types of hair growth serums, handmade soaps, deodorant, flavored lip balms, scented sugar scrubs, bath salts, several types of lotions, whipped body butters, body splashes and solid perfumes, kissable massage oils, scented candles, aroma melts, reed diffusers, and room & linen sprays.

What are your business goals?  I would like to grow Raw Essence to a point where I could maybe give up my day job.  ….Maybe?

What are some products you use from Natures Garden; what are your favorite products from Natures Garden?  I use fragrance oils from Natures Garden; my favorite and best-selling is Cucumber Melon. My husband’s favorite and second best-selling is Linen Breeze. I also use NG’s additives, like Rose Buds, Lemon Peels, and Poppy Seeds as well as their packaging containers, like lip balm pots. The best thing about Natures Garden “in my opinion” is their SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!! I never have had to wait days for my orders to arrive and that is so very important to me and the success of Raw Essence.

Your Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RawEssences

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RawEssences


Hideaway Candle Company

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1.  What’s your name & Your Company Name:  Delynn Burrell, Southern Hideaway Candle Creations

2.  Why did you decide to go into business?  What was your motivation?  How long have you been in business?  I originally started making candles as a hobby to help with my candle obsession. From there it grew to doing them for Family and Friends for presents for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Shower Gifts.  Finally a friend told me I just needed to open a store online and try selling them. So I did, this was back in 2007. I’ve grown over the last couple years, increased my designs and expanded to include Bath and Body type products as well as homemade candy.

3.  What products do you make and sell?  A little bit of everything, from Tarts, to Memorial Pillars to Specialty designs such as Praying Angel Pillars. I do realistic food and beverage types, Wax dipped Animals, Aroma beads, Incense, and of course my Favorite from Nature’s Gardens the Aroma Buds.    I have a whole area dedicated to Pregnancy and Infant Loss which is very close to my heart.

4.  What are your business goals?   I want to continue to grow, to expand into more designs and mediums of wax as currently I only work with Soy and Gel. I would love to see myself grow enough to be able to fulltime support the purchase of my own domain and website, as currently we are only on Facebook. I truly just hope to grow as an artist, to continue to touch the hearts of my customers with the designs I put out.

5. What are some products you use from Natures Garden?  We currently use many of Nature’s Garden’s scents, flavorings for lip balm, we’ve recently started the salt scrubs using products from Nature’s Garden, and we do the Aroma Buds. Our favorites as far as scents go is Cola, Apple Butter Caramel fragrance oil, and one we tested but haven’t seen added to the site yet called Apple Pecan Sage. We adore all the flavorings we’ve tried, our biggest seller is Monkey Farts and the Aroma Buds are probably are most favorite because we love Roses but hate that real ones die so quickly so it enables us to keep them year round.

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Southern-Hideaway-Candle-Creations/382426478438074