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Graffiti Soap Recipe

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Graffiti Soap RecipeGraffiti Soap Recipe

Natures Garden has created our Graffiti Soap Recipe that is fun for both the young and young at heart!  This is the perfect melt and pour soap recipe to do with your kids.  Our graffiti soap uses drizzles and splatters to create a paint inspired recipe sure to delight.  This is a wonderful way for beginner soap makers to decorate their melt and pour soap as well!



Graffiti Soap Recipe Natures Garden Ingredients

Below, is a list of the ingredients you will find available at Natures Garden.  Most of the ingredients for our melt and pour graffiti soap recipe can be found right on our website.  You can simply click on the links below.

Graffiti Soap Recipe Ingredients

Fun Soap Colorant Ultramarine Violet
Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base

Country Garden Fragrance Oil
FUN Soap Colorant Neon Yellow
FUN Soap Colorant Neon Green
Basic Rectangle Soap Mold
8 oz. Clear PET Bullet Bottle
FUN Soap Colorant Neon Orange
FUN Soap Colorant Neon Blue
White Fine Mist Sprayer 24/410
Natures Garden Apron
FUN Soap Colorant Neon Pink

Graffiti Soap Recipe Other Ingredients Needed

Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Rubbing Alcohol
Freezer Paper

Preparing the White Soap Base of the Graffiti Soap Recipe

Graffiti Soap Recipe MP Soap


First, we will be creating the white base portion of your soap.  Using your scale, weigh out 865 grams of Natures Garden’s Shea Butter Melt and Pour Base.  Melt your shea butter soap base in the microwave in 30 second intervals.   Heat only until your base is in a fluid state.  Be careful not to overheat your base.


Graffiti Soap Recipe Adding Fragrance Oil


Once you have melted the shea butter base, add 43 grams of Country Garden Fragrance Oil.  Then, stir well to blend the fragrance oil with the soap base.



Graffiti Soap Recipe Pouring Melt and Pour Soap


Then, pour it into two of the basic rectangle soap mold.  Once you have poured the soap, spray any air bubbles that appear with rubbing alcohol.




Graffiti Soap Recipe White MP Base


Finally, allow the melt and pour soap to set up before you remove it from the mold.  Once you have removed the bars from the mold, place them on a piece of freezer paper.



Preparing the Colored Soap Bases for our Graffiti Soap Recipe

Graffiti Soap Recipe Melt and Pour Soap






Pink Soap  FUN Soap Colorant Neon Pink- 6 drops
Blue Soap  FUN Soap Colorant Neon Blue- 8 drops
Green Soap  FUN Soap Colorant Neon Green- 3 drops
Yellow Soap  FUN Soap Colorant Neon Yellow- 5 drops
Orange Soap  FUN Soap Colorant Neon Orange- 10 drops
Purple Soap  FUN Soap Colorant Ultramarine Violet- 9 drops

Graffiti Soap Recipe With Country Garden Fragrance Oil


Now, you will need six small microwave safe bowls.  Add 95 grams of the shea butter melt and pour soap to each bowl.  Then, melt the soap base, again, in 30 second intervals.  Once melted, add 4 grams of Country Garden Fragrance Oil.



Graffiti Soap Recipe Yellow Soap Base
For the next portion of the soap, you will want prepare each color one at a time.  We began with the yellow soap.  However, you may begin  with whatever color you would like.  Use the guide above to color your melt and pour soap.



Graffiti Soap Recipe Yellow Splatter Soap


Once melted, you will first want to spray your white bases with rubbing alcohol.  This will allow the drizzled soap to adhere to the white soap.  Then, use as spoon to drizzle or splatter your first color.  Make sure you drizzle the soap on each bar.



Graffiti Soap Recipe Orange Splatter Soap


Now, move to the next color.  You will want to spray the bars of soap again with rubbing alcohol to ensure adhesion.  Drizzle the next color.




Graffiti Soap Recipe Pink Splatter Soap


Follow the last couple steps, until you have used each color.  You do not need to use all of each color at once.  We saved some of each color so we could do multiple layers.




Graffiti Soap Recipe Shea Butter MP Soap


Continue drizzling and splattering your soap until you are satisfied with your results.  Once you are finished, remove the soap from the freezer paper.


Finally, when you are finished, show us your results.  Post your picture on our Facebook page.  We would love to see what you have made!  Alternatively, you can post your pics on our Instagram page by tagging us @ngscents!


NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil

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NG CanCan Type Fragrance OilNG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil is a sensual and feminine scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a complex blend of floral scents, sensual notes, and some greenery and fruity notes that create an amazing feminine scent. Our clients use CanCan Type scent in many bath and body products.  One customer said, “This is the ultimate girlie girl fragrance! I have used it in votive candles (paraffin), M&P soap, and aroma beads. All have strong scent throw. My customers LOVE it!”

What Does NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is fresh mandarin that balances with hints of apple peel to open this feminine fragrance.  Jasmine, violet and lily form a floral accord that balances with woodland fern and hints of berry at the heart of this scent.  A sensual blend of cashmere musk, golden amber and vanilla bean creates a romantic sweetness that surrounds the floralcy.

How Do Our Customers Use NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Products?

Our customers can use this complex floral fragrance oil to scent all sorts of different bath and body products. Bath gels, bath oils, lotions, perfumes, and other sorts of products can be made with 5% NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil. If you want to add color to any of your bath and body products, then we would recommend that you use pink liquid soap colorant and purple soap dye in your preferred number of drops. Just never use any candle dye in your body products. They will stain your skin.

NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil CP Soap DiscolorationThis feminine fragrance oil can be use in melt and pour soap and also hot process soap. Since this scent can be used in different soaps, know that cold process soap can use this fragrance too. Our cold process soap testing video shows that this female fragrance oil is nearly perfect for this method of soaping. A batch that uses CanCan Type scent will have no ricing, no separation, and no acceleration. While this scent has quite a few floral notes and floral scents typically accelerate, we have observed no acceleration with this fragrance oil. The final soap will maintain a good scent and the bars will discolor to a light beige.

How Do Our Customers Use NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Products?

Homemade room scenting creations can be created using this sensual and feminine fragrance oil. Potpourri and incense can each using this scent at no more than 50% for either recipe. Scented cleaning products can be created  using a maximum concentration of 5% for this fragrance. Further, aroma beads will retain a nice, strong scent after this fragrance oil addition.

NG CanCan Type Fragrance Oil Candle Making Color SuggestionMoreover, candle creations can be made using this fragrance oil blend of flowers and sensual aromas. If these wax creations use either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax, then the recipe can add up to 10% of this fragrance oil. If you wish to add a color to your candle creations, then we would like to suggest using either two drops of red liquid colorant plus a tiny bit of purple candle dye per four pounds of wax or a small amount of shredded red and purple color blocks in your melted wax. Just remember to never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

NG Cancan Type Fragrance Oil Candle RecipeIf you love making candles and enjoy this fragrance oil, then you may want to check out our Pink Camouflage Candle Recipe. While this recipe is a tad time consuming to get the candle looking just right, it is absolutely worth the time! Personally, I find projects such as this therapeutic in their own way.