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Eggnog Fragrance Oil

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Eggnog Fragrance OilEggnog Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Eggnog Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a classic holiday scent!  The delectable aroma of eggnog is instantly recognizable, drawing clear memories of the holiday season.  The strong balance of sweet cream and distinct spice makes this fragrance oil stand out!  This mouthwatering blend embodies the aroma of traditional eggnog, consisting of milk, sweet cream, sugar, whipped eggs, and cinnamon.  While Eggnog Fragrance Oil is a distinct holiday fragrance, many customers use this scent year-round by naming it Creamy Spice.  Whether it is the rich, sweet cream or the warm, intoxicating spices, something about this fragrance drives customers wild!  It has become a Nature’s Garden Best Seller!  Try Eggnog Fragrance Oil for yourself today.  You just might fall in love!

What Does Eggnog Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Eggnog Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a rich, creamy aroma that embodies the scent of traditional eggnog!  The holiday beverage is a unique blend of sweet, creamy ingredients that are complimented and balanced by warm spices, and sometimes even smooth rum.  We feel that Eggnog Fragrance Oil is completely reminiscent of this delectable treat!

Top Notes: cherry, butter rum, egg nog
Mid Notes: nutmeg, clove, cinnamon
Base Notes: buttercream, vanilla

How Do Our Customers use Eggnog Fragrance Oil?

Customers use Eggnog Fragrance Oil to create sweet, inviting room scents that are inviting and intoxicating.  Products such as incense, potpourri, and Smelly Jellies can incorporate this fragrance oil as 50% of the total recipe. This fragrance oil also performs exceptionally well in aroma beads.  Wax based products, such as candles and tarts, will perform exceptionally well when up to 10% fragrance oil is incorporated in your recipe.  This scent will perform perfectly in Joy Wax and Wow Wax.  It will also perform very well in soy wax.  Unfortunately, this fragrance is not gel wax compatible, but we’re confident you’ll find no shortage of creative ways to utilize this scent!  If you wish to color your candle wax, we recommend using one drop of brown liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax, or your could shred a small amount of brown color block into your melted wax.  Crayons are not a viable replacement for candle colorants as they will clog your wick.

Eggnog Fragrance Oil is a buttery sweet scent, but it does have a spicy side!  Because of this, it is recommended that bath and body products incorporate much less fragrance oil than you may be used to.  Rest assured, this is for both safety and practicality!  Bath gels, bath bombs, and oils perform perfectly when .05% fragrance oil is used.  Homemade soap makers can use up to .05% in cold process soaps or melt and pour soap recipes.  Because of the small usage percentage for this fragrance oil, our staff did not test this fragrance in CP soap.  If you wish to color your soap, we recommend using brown soap dye according to your specification.  Remember, never use candle dye to color your bath and body products as they are not body safe.

Much like bath products, other related body products require a small usage percentage of Eggnog Fragrance Oil be followed.  Using a maximum recommended amount .01% fragrance oil, our customers create distinct homemade perfumes, body sprays, and lotions.  Customers also make their own household cleaning supplies with a maximum of .05% fragrance oil.