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Neapolitan Candle Recipe

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Neapolitan Candle RecipeNeapolitan Candle Recipe

Did you know that Neapolitan ice cream originated in the late 19th century in Italy? Most likely in the city of Naples. Italy was actually the originator or all ice cream, or gelato if you will. Neapolitan ice cream was actually inspired by Spumoni. Spumoni is a three flavored ice cream that used pistachio, cherry and chocolate ice cream with a fruit and nut layer in between. So why vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate? When ice cream made it’s way to the states these were the most popular flavors at the time. And in elementary school, do you remember sampling freeze-dried Neapolitan Ice Cream that the astronauts were able to take with them into space? I can remember! The texture was crumbly and it melted quickly the minute it touched your tongue, but I’ll stick to the regular Neapolitan ice cream thank you very much! Who doesn’t love this classic flavor?  You have three yummy flavors all in one bite! Today, Nature’s Garden is sharing with you their Neapolitan Candle Recipe. An eye-catching layered candle recipe to mimic this classic, old-time ice cream.  When you have finished creating this fun new candle, check out an easy recipe for Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Cake! It’s truly magnifico!


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Ingredients You Will Need Found At Nature’s Garden

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Other Equipment and Supplies needed

  • 16 oz. Glass Apothecary Jar
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Stove
  • Scale
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper Bowl
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Pecans Mold (flexiblemolds.com)

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: German Chocolate Cake Fragrance Oil

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: The 3 Fragrance OilsFor this candle recipe, we will be using three different Nature’s Garden fragrance oils for the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla layers of your homemade candle. For the chocolate layer, we have chosen German Chocolate Cake Fragrance Oil. It smells of rich chocolate cake with hints of pecans, vanilla, and coconut.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Strawberry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Fragrance Oil

Next, we have Strawberry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil. This is a perfect blend of sweet strawberries and the tangy scent of rhubarb and an undertone of flaky pie crust.



Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Vanilla Insanity Fragrance Oil

Vanilla Insanity Fragrance Oil

The last oil is Vanilla Insanity fragrance oil. The strongest vanilla scent that we offer!  It is a sweet vanilla scent with notes of French Vanilla, creamed butter, cotton candy, maple sugar, and of course, vanilla beans.

All three of these fragrances will blend and compliment each other as your candle burns through the layers. You will have a house smelling of an Italian bakery!



Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare wax for the Strawberry Embeds Part 1

We will be using our Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax for our embeds.  Pillar of Bliss is a soy and paraffin blend that has wonderful scent retention as well as a wonderful cold and hot throw. To work with Pillar of Bliss, melt the wax to a temperature of 195 degrees F and add your color. Let the wax cool to 180 degrees Fahrenheit before adding your fragrance and let it cool to 175 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring into your molds. When melting any kind of wax, though, we suggest the double boiler method. Place on your stove, an old cake pan or pot with at least a 1/2 inch of water, place your pouring pot inside the cake pan or pot to create a double boiler.

For our Neapolitan Candle Recipe, we need to first prepare the strawberry embeds that will top your candle. Using a double boiler, melt 2 grams of Pillar of Bliss candle Wax.

Prepare the Strawberry Embeds:  Adding the Candle Dye

Prepare the Strawberry Embeds:  Adding the Candle DyeYou always want to be careful adding candle dye to your creation. Our Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye is concentrated and a little can go a long way.  Always start small to test the color you are trying to achieve. We suggest using toothpicks for this process. So take a toothpick, dip into the green Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye. Now you dip the toothpick into the melted wax. Mix to incorporate the color.


Then you fill only the leaf portion of the strawberries embed mold. Let this cool down and harden.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the wax for the Strawberries Embed Part 2

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the wax for the Strawberries Embed Part 2Next, we need to prepare the red wax for the strawberries. Using your double boiler, melt 10 grams of Pillar of Bliss, stirring to help with the melting process. Take your toothpick, dip it into your red Spectrum Liquid candle dye and add it to your melted wax.  Next, add 1 gram of Strawberry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil and stir to incorporate it. Now you can add this melted wax to into the remaining portion of the strawberry cavity. Allow this to setup before removing from the mold. Set your strawberry aside to top your candle later.



Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Pecan Embeds

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Pecan EmbedsNow we are going to work on our pecan embeds. First, you need to weigh out 20 grams of Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax. Then, using your double boiler melt the wax, stirring occasionally. Once this has melted, use a toothpick to add a tiny bit of brown Spectrum liquid candle dye and yellow Spectrum liquid candle dye. Stir to incorporate this and then pour into your pecan embed mold.

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Pecan Embeds
You will make 6 pecans total. Allow your pecan embeds to cool and setup.  Once they have setup, remove your pecans from the mold and set them aside
.  We will need them when we begin topping our candle later.

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepping your Candle Jar

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepping your Candle JarNow you will want to prepare your candle jar. First and foremost you will need to have the correct size wick for your jar of choice. Prior to ordering wicks, measure the diameter of your jar. The size of your wick depends on the diameter of your jar. We are going to use 2 CD-10 size wicks. CD wicks are our most popular candle wicks. They are easy to work with and give a nice, clean burn for your candle. If you need further assistance with figuring out your wick size, check the description of the wicks for size recommendations based on the diameter of your jar. Once you have chosen your wick, you will use your hot glue gun to firmly adhere the wicks to the bottom of your container. Simply dab a bit of glue to the bottom of the metal part of your wick and press it firmly to the bottom of your jar. Repeat the process for the second wick. Keep in mind that as your candle cools, adjust your wicks so that they are straight and stay centered.

Another trick that you can do to make pouring your wax easier is to warm your jar beforehand. Simply turn your oven on to the lowest temperature, place the container on a cookie sheet and place in the oven. You do not want your jar hot, Just warm and still easy to handle without burning yourself. Warming your jars prior to pouring into them will help the wax adhere to the jars better.  This will help eliminate the wet spot look.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare the  First Layer of Chocolate Wax

Let’s talk Joy Wax. Nature’s Garden Joy Wax is a blend of soy and paraffin that is amazingly easy to work with. It melts beautifully and sets up smooth and creamy. You also get an awesome cold and hot scent throw! When working with Joy Wax, we suggest melting to 200 degrees F. You can add your candle dye at this temperature, but allow it cool to a temperature of 170-175 degrees Fahrenheit before adding your fragrance. When your wax has cooled to 160-165 Fahrenheit you can pour your wax into your container of choice.

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare the  First Layer of Chocolate WaxWeigh out 90 grams of Joy Wax and melt using your double boiler. Once this has melted you will need to add a tiny amount of brown Spectrum liquid candle dye using your toothpick. You are going for a chocolate color. Mix this to blend well. When your wax has cooled to the suggested 170 degrees F you may now add 9 grams of German Chocolate Fragrance Oil. Stir well to incorporate the fragrance.

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare the  First Layer of Chocolate Wax


Next,  pour the candle wax into your prepared jar.You need to allow this wax to cool and set, adjusting your wicks so they stay centered in your candle jar.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare the First Layer of Strawberry Wax

Next, melt 90 grams of Joy Wax and melt in your double boiler. Once again, using a toothpick, add a tiny bit of red liquid candle dye to your melted wax and blend well. You are going for a pink color for this layer.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Adding the White Whipped Wax



Allow the wax to cool to the suggested temperature and then add 9 grams of Strawberry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil. Stir this to blend the oil and wax well.




Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Adding the White Whipped Wax



Pour this candle wax directly on top of your chocolate layer and allow this layer to cool adjusting your wicks as it sets up before moving on.

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare The First Layer of Vanilla Wax

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Adding the White Whipped Wax

Now we are going to create the vanilla layer of our candle. Once again, weigh out 90 grams of Joy Wax and melt in your double boiler.




Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare The First Layer of Vanilla Wax

Once this has fully melted and cooled to 170 degrees, add 9 grams of Vanilla Insanity Fragrance Oil. Stir well to blend the fragrance and melted wax.




Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Prepare The First Layer of Vanilla Wax


Pour the white wax directly on top of the pink wax and once again, allowing this layer to cool and harden, adjusting your wicks straight before moving on.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Second Chocolate Layer

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Second Chocolate LayerNow, it’s time to work on the second half of the candle. We will start with the chocolate layer. Weigh out 90 grams of Joy Wax and melt the candle wax in your double boiler. Once it has completely melted, add the brown Spectrum liquid candle dye using the toothpick method. Stir to incorporate the colorant and once the wax has cooled to the correct temperature, add 9 grams of German Chocolate Cake fragrance oil and stir well to combine. Pour this wax on top of your cooled and set strawberry layer. Allow this to cool and set up before moving on.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Second Strawberry Layer

Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Preparing the Second Strawberry LayerNext, it’s time for the second strawberry layer. Weigh out 90 grams of Joy Wax and melt the Joy Wax in the double boiler. Once that has melted completely you can add in your toothpick of red Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye and mix to combine. Once again, allow the wax to cool before adding in 9 grams of Strawberry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil and mix well. Pour this strawberry layer onto the chocolate layer and allow to cool and harden before moving on.


Neapolitan Candle Recipe: Adding the White Whipped WaxNeapolitan Candle Recipe: Adding the White Whipped Wax

Next comes the “whipped cream” for your candle. First, weigh out 150 grams of Joy Wax and once again, melt it in your double boiler. Once this is completely melted and cooled, add 15 grams of Vanilla Insanity Fragrance Oil and stir well to incorporate the scent. Carefully pour into your mixing container and allow this melted candle wax to begin to setup. Now, begin whipping the wax to a frosting-like consistency.


Next, top your candle with the whipped wax giving it the look of a whipped cream topped sundae and then place your strawberry and pecan embeds on top for the final touch! You may want to use your candle right away, but it is suggested to allow your candle to cure for about 3 days.  Then, trim your wicks to about 1/4″ before burning your homemade candle.

So would you like a cool looking cake to go along with your cool looking candle? Check out this very easy recipe for Neapolitan Ice Cream from Food Network. This amazing looking dessert is created with yummy layers of ice cream sandwiches, strawberry and mint chocolate ice cream and topped off with a chocolate hard shell topping. The colors of the ice cream are reminiscent of the original Neapolitan ice cream when it was first created but I believe you can use any flavors you choose. This recipe is perfectly easy and impressive! I know I am impressed with how it looks and I am also pretty sure I am ready for some dessert!


Soy Candle Recipes

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Soy Candle RecipesSoy Candle Recipes

We at Natures Garden created this blog to discuss the differences between our three soy waxes and share our best Soy Candle Recipes.

So, let’s talk a little bit about soy wax!  Soy wax is a natural vegetable wax that is created from soybeans. Plus, this wax is environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. So, we can all feel good creating  our scented candle masterpieces. Plus, this wax really isn’t just good for the environment, it can be used to make some great scented candles! They burn slower and cleaner than a candle made from paraffin wax. So, there is less soot left over as the candle burns and you even get a longer lasting candle! Plus, the wax is one of the most enjoyable waxes to work with! It comes in an easy to use form that makes weighing out and clean up super easy! It comes in flakes form instead of a slab.

Soy Candle Recipes Different Types of Soy Waxes

We at Natures Garden have three types of soy wax available, which are Golden Foods 444, Golden Foods 464, and NG 100% Soy Wax (Golden Foods 415).While all of these candle making options are made up of natural soy wax, there are a few slight differences between the types of soy wax that we carry. Some have varying melting points or have a different allowance for scent load, but each has a different set of characteristics that make it unique. A wax may have better qualities in one area, while another type has better qualities in a different area. So, choosing the right wax for you is all about figuring out what you value in a soy candle and which wax suits your needs best. So, let’s discover your favorite type of soy candle wax!

Soy Candle Recipes Terms for Soy Wax

As we discuss the benefits and drawbacks to our different types of soy waxes you can choose from, there may be some specific terms that you will want to know. It is important to know what we mean when we refer to these things to get a better idea of what you will be getting into.

First, we have the possibility of candle frost. This occurs in soy wax where the appearance on parts of the jar look lighter or even white. While this doesn’t impact the quality of the burn or scent, it may impact the appearance. Additionally, there is the possibility for wet spots to occur in your candles. This is when the wax cools too quickly in the jar and the wax doesn’t adhere to the jar in some places. This will look like some air or water became trapped between the wax and the container. Further, tunneling could be a problem where the wick is too small for the jar and isn’t able to heat the wax at edges of the jar.

Soy Candle Recipes NG 100% Soy WaxSoy Candle Recipes NG 100% Soy Wax

First of all, we have the NG 100% Soy Wax, which is known as Golden Foods 415 Soy Wax. This original soy wax is 100% pure soy without a single additive. This 100% soy wax is all natural and all regular soy. While this wax is just plain soy, it has a few interesting qualities.

Firstly, the melting point of this type of soy wax is 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit. This fairly high melt point provides some beneficial properties for your homemade candles. This higher melt point allows the wax to carry a higher fragrance load of up to 12% of fragrance oil per pound of wax.Thus, you can make a stronger scented candle than the typical 10% allowance for candles. Further, the higher melt point of this wax will help those that may be shipping candles in hotter temperatures. Also, this pure soy wax can be blended with other waxes, such as paraffin, beeswax, or any microcrystalline waxes.

Soy Candle Recipes Leopard Candle RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Leopard Candle Recipe

This candle making idea takes advantage of the agreeability of soy wax with waxes like beeswax. Since beeswax is a harder wax that has a higher melt point than this pure soy wax, it was perfect for creating designs. These embedded candles use the beeswax to create the leopard print pattern. After, the regular soy wax was added to the jar to fill up the candle and hold all of the leopard print spots in place.

Soy Candle Recipes Football Field Candle Loaf RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Football Field Candle Loaf Recipe

Next, we have a candle recipe that uses soy wax to create the grass effect on top. You simply beat the candle batter until you achieve a thicker consistency. Then, you can add it to your homemade candle. This will create the effect of more realistic grass with dirt underneath. Perfect for the football field inspired candle!

Soy Candle Recipes Citronella Soy Wax Candle RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Citronella Soy Wax Candle Recipe

Another great way to use this type of soy wax is a regular type of candle. Our Citronella Soy Wax Candle Recipe has a typical candle appearance with an unforgettably strong scent. This fragrance oil has a crazy strong aroma that creates a perfect citronella candle for the outdoors. Say goodbye to bugs and hello to your perfect soy wax scented candle!

Soy Candle Recipes Massage Candle Recipe Soy Candle Recipes Massage Candle Recipe

One great thing about using pure soy wax is that it is considered a natural moisturizing agent! So, adding this wax to a massage candle is perfect! The natural soy wax works together with the butters and oils to soften your skin during a relaxing massage. It is a perfect recipe for candles for massage therapy.

Soy Candle Recipes Green Beer Candle RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Green Beer Candle Recipe

Also, you can use the 415 soy wax in this fun beer themed candle! This recipe utilizes the lower pouring temperature of the wax, which creates a thicker pour. This is helpful for making some kinds of toppings, like the foam on our beer candle! We can mix the wax as it cools to create a fluffy consistency that looks just like the foam on top of a pint of beer.


Soy Candle Recipes Golden Foods Soy Wax 444Soy Candle Recipes Golden Foods Soy Wax 444

Also, we have a second soy wax alternative that is available for use in candle making. This next wax is Golden Foods Soy Wax 444, which is regular, natural soy wax with an additive. This additional ingredient is a soy based additive that is mixed to the soy wax. While this wax has the same type of wax, this additive helps to solve some of the issue you may come across when using the the 415 soy wax. So, we will go over some of the benefits to using this alternative type of soy wax.

First, this wax will increase your pour temperature during candle making. An issue that comes up with the pure soy wax is pouring too hot can cause issues with appearance. Meaning that the problem of the getting the slushy state pouring with the natural soy wax at the suggested 110 degrees Fahrenheit, can be solved with this wax. Thanks to this additive, you are able to pour this 444 soy wax at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that your wax will still be in a fluid form when you pour and the candle will have a smoother appearance. This difference is partially due to the fact that this type of soy wax will reduce frosting, so you don’t have to worry about cooling the wax to a slushie state to reduce this effect.

Also, the Golden Foods Soy Wax 444 provides you with a higher melt point than the other alternative soy wax. This wax has a melt point between 120- 125 degrees Fahrenheit, which will provide you with a few benefits. First, you will be able to raise the fragrance oil allowance in your candle to up to 12% of your scent per pound. So, you will be able to create a stronger scented candle. Second, your candles will be less likely to melt when the weather gets hotter. So, it will be safer to ship candles as they will be less likely to melt in hot temperatures.

Soy Candle Recipes Zebra Candle RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Zebra Candle Recipe

Again, we are using the higher melting point of beeswax to help create a cute candle design! We only use the beeswax for the red portion, which will be used for the zebra stripes. This will help prevent the wax from melting after the rest of the candle is added to the jar. Meaning, you shouldn’t have smears or running colors that could have been caused by the, melting of the red wax.

Soy Candle Recipes Golden Foods Soy Wax 464Soy Candle Recipes Golden Foods Soy Wax 464

Another natural wax that you can use instead of the pure soy option is the Golden Brands Soy Wax 464. This wax is one of the two alternatives that we carry for candle makers. While this wax is similar to the other alternative wax as they both contain a soy based additive. This wax has some similarities and differences with these other waxes.

Just like with the 444 soy wax, this type of soy wax will have an increased pour temperature, which is at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the original soy wax has to be poured at a lower temperature, this wax will become a slushy consistency by the time you can pour. However, this wax alternative will pour at a temperature where the wax remains liquid. So, the candle will be smooth, like the 444 soy wax candles.

Additionally, this type of wax has been made to reduce the frosting that comes with soy wax. While this frosting isn’t harmful, it does impact the appearance of your candle.

The main difference between the Golden Foods Soy Wax 444 and the Golden Foods Soy Wax 464 is the melting point. While the 444 soy wax has a higher melting point, like the original soy wax, the 464 soy wax is not the same. Instead, the 464 soy wax has a melt point of 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a few degrees lower than the other waxes. This means that you should be monitor the weather more careful to prevent the candles from getting too hot and melting. However, this lower melt point allows for a better glass adhesion in the finished candle!

While the maximum scent load for this wax is about 10-12%. We suggest that you have the fragrance oil at 10% of the wax to reduce the possibility of fragrance oil seepage.

Soy Candle Recipes Shimmer Gel Potpourri RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Shimmer Gel Potpourri Recipe

While candles are fun to create, it is always nice to try something new. Our sparkling potpourri gel uses this type of soy wax and rice bran oil to create a gel-like product that is perfect for a wax melt warmer.SImply squeeze some into the dish of a warmer and let the product do what it does best scent your home!

Soy Candle Recipes Mardi Gras Candle RecipeSoy Candle Recipes Mardi Gras Candle Recipe

This recipe is perfect for creating a simple candle that is still fun! This festive candle maintains the mardi gras spirit while not getting too crazy. This solid candle is simple and perfect! Since this recipe uses 464 soy wax, the wax adheres perfectly to the jar and has a very smooth consistency.

Soy Candle Recipes St Patricks Day Candle RecipeSoy Candle Recipes St Patrick’s Day Candle Recipe

Also, you can create a fun homemade candle for St. Patrick’s Day. This cute clove candle is perfect for anyone that enjoys unique, homemade decorations that you can use for this holiday. Not only is is a cute candle for this tradition, but this candle creation is a great room scenting product. The candle has a nice burn and smells very fresh.


Soy Candle Recipes Advice for Making Soy Candles

There are some possible issues that apply to all soy wax candles, so some advice may be helpful. First, you may have issues with the scent throw of soy wax candles. While this is the nature of soy wax, there are a few things you can do to maximize your scent throw. You can try increasing your wick size, however be careful not to go too large or you can burn the fragrance oil off before it hits the air.  Also, make sure that you have added the maximum amount of fragrance. While each fragrance will be different, most will use 1.5 ounces of fragrance oil per pound. Second, you can reduce wet spots by heating the jar before pouring your wax. This will allow the wax to have time to better adhere. Finally, you can reduce frosting by heating the jar as it allows your wax to cool slower.


30 Free Candle Recipes

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30-FREE-Candle-Recipes-cop30 Free Candle Recipes

For all the candle makers out there, are you tired of making the same candles over and over again? In need of some new and exciting recipes? Well here at Nature’s Garden, we offer over 40+ candle recipes! Awesome right? You will definitely be able to settle your craving for something new here! Here are 30 free candle recipes, be sure to check them all out!


1. Blueberry Muffin Candle– You will have the tantalizing scent of blueberry muffins baking in the oven all through your home.

Blueberry Muffin Candle

2. Beer Candle– A fun candle that all those manly men out there are sure to love.

Beer Candle

3. Bug Repelling Candle– Need a way to get rid of those annoying mosquitos and such? This candle will do it!

Bug Repelling

4. Chocolate Blossom Wax Tart– A reminder of the smells of delicious cookies baking.

Chocolate Blossom Tarts

5. Cinnamon Bun Candle– The smell will make your mouth water with the thought of a tasty hot cinnamon roll!

Cinnamon Buns Candle

6. Day at the Beach Candle– Your mind will be transported to the shores of a favorite vacation spot.

Day at the Beach

7. Ducks on the Pond Candle– This adorable candle is sure to overload your system with its cuteness!

Ducks on the Pond

8. Football Field Candle Loaf– The guys are sure to love this during a game!

Football Field9. Gummy Bears Candle– A fun project to include the kiddos on!

Gummy Bears

10. Honeycomb Candle– All of your busy bee friends will be buzzing with excitement.

Honeycomb Candle

11. Hydrangea Candle– Your house will be filled with the scents of spring.

Hydrangea Candle

12. Pigs in the Mud Candle– Perfect for all the animal lovers out there, they will love the good laugh this candle will bring them!

Pigs in the Mud Candle

13. Stacked Flower Tarts– You will be enveloped with the smells of beautiful flowers!

Stacked flowers

14. Rainbow Candle– A definite reminder that there will always be a rainbow after the rain passes.

Candle Recipe

15. Leopard Candle– For all the animal print lovers like myself, this is perfect!

Leopard Candle

16. Zebra Candle– More animal print to make us girls happy!

Zebra Candle

17. Pot o Gold Candle– Maybe there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Pot o Gold

18. Pug Candle– A fun reminder of all our favorite furry friends!

Pug Candle

19. Smores Candle– These yummy treats are sure to be on your brain with this!

Smores Candle

20. Santa Candle– A great way to start off the holiday season!

Santa Candle

21. Pink Camouflage Candle– This candle is awesome for all those tomboys out there who want a little touch of girly.

Pink Camo

22. Mardi Gras Candle– The perfect way to celebrate Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Candle23. Green Beer Candle– You can’t celebrate St. Patty’s Day without your green beer!

Green Beer Candle

24. Independence Day Candle– A creative candle to remember our nation’s birthday!

Independence Day

25. Valentine’s Day Candle– The feeling of romance is sure to follow this scent.

Valentines Day Candle

26. Green Camouflage Candle– This manly candle is perfect for all those many men.

Green Camo

27. Gingerbread Latte Candle– Another wonderful Christmas scent with the smells of gingerbread men filling your home!

Gingerbread Latte

28. Mothers Day Candle– A special creative gift your mother is sure to love!

Mothers Day

29. Bloody Fun Candle– This candle is great attraction to add to your house of haunts!

Bloody Fun

30. Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri– This potpourri is sure to bring the beauty of wintery snow into your home!

Glistening Potpourri

All you candle makers out there are sure to adore our recipes! Your creations are sure to bring so many homey and wonderful scents to your home and your loved ones! Please contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any questions and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

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Granulated Wax Candles

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rainbow candleGranulated Wax Candles

Although most candle makers melt down wax to make their candles, it is possible to create wax art candles if you have granulated wax at your disposal.  Since no heating is involved in the candle making process, this can be a fun project that you can do with your kids.  The sky is the limit as to how creative you can be.  You can used multiple colors, layer the wax, and even create artwork pictures on the inside of your candle jars.  How about scenting each layer a different scent?  You can do that too.  How fun is that!

Natures Garden offers two different kinds of granulated waxes that you can use to make granulated wax candles:  Pillar of Bliss wax and Palm Container wax.  The kind of colorant that you want to use is Spectrum Candle Dyes (you never want to use water soluble dyes or any types of pigments when making these candles).  hydrangea candle

How to Make Wax Art Candles

1.  Obtain a 16 oz. apothecary jar or any other candle safe glass jar that you desire to use.

2.  Using a hot glue gun, place a small amount of hot glue on the wick tabs of  (2)  CD-12 wicks and adhere wicks to the bottom of your jar (equally spaced apart).  Set aside.

3.  Decide how many colors you want to use in your candle.  Scoop about 1/2 cup of granulated wax of your choice into a zip lock bag.  Add a drop of spectrum candle dye to the bag and mix wax well.  Typically, a 16 oz. apothecary jar will hold a total of (6) 1/2 cups of granulated wax, so it is possible to use 6 different colors in your jar.

4.  Move on to your next color.  Do the same as mentioned above until you have a total of 3 cups of colored granulated wax.

5.  A 16 oz. apothecary jar can handle a total of 1.5oz. of fragrance.  Going above this amount will likely create a fire hazard.  So, at this point, add a little fragrance to each bag of colored wax and mix until you have added a total of 1 to 1.5 oz. of fragrance total.

6.  Add your colored and scented wax to your candle jars.  You can layer the wax any way that you desire.  Fill the jar with your granulated wax.

7.  Once you are done, trim your wicks to 1/2″ for your first burn.  Keep wicks at 1/4″ for future burns.  Enjoy!!

For more candle recipes, visit this page on our website.