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Tiger Stripe Soap

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Tiger Stripe SoapTiger Stripe Soap

Do you love the gorgeous pattern of a tiger? You will love the beautiful Tiger Stripe Soap from Natures Garden. This homemade soap recipe will use soap making supplies that will be sure to create a fantastic cold process soap. Not only will this homemade soap recipe provide you with a beautiful animal print soap, but this cp soap will nourish your skin, too. So, take a look at the animal print soap recipe in the soap blog below.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Prepare and Sanitize

Before you start to make your own cold process soap recipe, you will want to make a few simple preparations. First, you will need to gather and wash any equipment you need for this soap recipe. Also, you will want to gather your soap making ingredients for this free craft recipe. Next, you are going to want to clean up a space to use as a work area. Make sure that you have enough area to work to make the process easier and more fun!

Tiger Stripe Soap: Prepare a Bottle of Vinegar

Also, you will need to prepare a bottle of vinegar before creating this homemade soap recipe. This bottle of vinegar will be useful for keeping yourself safe during the cp soap process, as the vinegar will be used to deactivate lye that may come into contact with your skin. Also, you can use this vinegar to clean up your work station after working on your lye soap. This will make sure that there isn’t any active lye left behind on your work station that you or someone else could come into contact with. So, you will want to fill a bottle with vinegar and set it somewhere close by until it is needed.

Tiger Stripe Soap: First Time Making CP Soap?

If you have never made soap from scratch, then you may want to look at some of our soap making classes on this soaping process. First, you will need to make sure that you are familiar with soap making safety, which you can find in our Soap Making Safety Class. Also, you can Click Here For Basic CP Soap Making Class. Another option you have is to check out an easier cp soap recipe to practice soap making before trying out this recipe. If you’d like to try an easy recipe first, then check out the Beginners Cold Process Soap Recipe. If you feel ready to make this bath and body recipe, then continue reading this soap making blog!

Tiger Stripe Soap: Ingredients Available at Natures Garden

Jojoba Oil
Mango Butter
Apricot Kernel Oil
Avocado Oil
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil 76
Jungle Love Fragrance Oil
Sodium Lactate
Neon Orange FUN Soap Colorant
Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Cutter for Mitre Box – Stainless Steel
Safety Glasses for Soap Making
Safety GLOVES for Soap Making
Natures Garden Apron
Safety MASK for Soap Making
Small Square Tray Mold

Leopard Cold Process Soap: Other Needed Ingredients

Distilled Water
Mixing Bowls
Stick Blender
8 ounce Squeeze Bottles (3)
Measuring Spoons
Wooden Skewer

Leopard Cold Process Soap: Weights and Amounts for Recipe

323 grams of the Distilled Water
115 grams of the Lye- Sodium Hydroxide
8 grams of the Sodium Lactate (added to cooled lye solution)

85 grams of the Avocado Oil
127 grams of the Mango Butter
170 grams of the Sunflower Oil
85 grams of the Apricot Kernel Oil
127 grams of the Shea Butter
212 grams of the Coconut Oil 76
42 grams of the Jojoba Oil
64 grams of the Jungle Love Fragrance Oil

Leopard Cold Process Soap: Amounts for Orange Soap Colorant

5 grams of the Neon Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Leopard Cold Process Soap: Amounts for Black Soap Colorant

5 grams of the Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Tiger Stripe Soap: Creating the Lye SolutionTiger Stripe Soap: Creating the Lye Solution

First you are going to want to create the lye solution for your cold process soap recipe. So, you will want to measure out 323 grams of the water and 115 grams of the lye. Of course, you will want to mix these cosmetic ingredients in a well vented area. Further, you will want to wear a face mask and protective clothing. Once you have made these preparations you can add the lye to the water while gently stirring the solution. Once the solution cools, you can add 8 grams of Sodium Lactate. Until the lye solution cools you can begin preparing the cosmetic oils and the soap colorant.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Preparing the Cosmetic OilsTiger Stripe Soap: Preparing the Cosmetic Oils

Next, you are going to create your cosmetic oils for this soap recipe. These cosmetic oils will be added to a microwave safe bowl to melt in the microwave. So, you will need to add 85 grams of Avocado Oil, 127 grams of Mango Butter, 170 grams of Sunflower Oil, 85 grams of Apricot Kernel Oil, 127 grams of Shea Butter, 212 grams of Coconut Oil 76, and 42 grams of Jojoba Oil. After these soap making oils have melted, you can set this bowl aside to reach room temperature.

Tiger Stripe Soap:Preparing the Soap ColorantsTiger Stripe Soap: Preparing the Soap Colorants

While you are waiting for the lye solution and the wholesale cosmetic oils to both cool to room temperature, you can start to prepare the soap colorants. You will need two small bowls to hold your colorants. One of these bowls will be used to hold each of the two different colors used in this homemade soap recipe.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Prepare the Orange Soap Colorant

In one small bowl you will want to prepare the orange soap colorant. This small bowl will contain 5 grams of the Neon Oxide FUN Soap Colorant. So, you can prepare the orange colorant for your tiger soap.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Prepare the Black Soap Colorant

In a second small bowl you will want to prepare the black colorant for your animal print soap. This bowl will contain 5 grams of the Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant that you will use in a later step for this soap.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Emulsifying the Soap IngredientsTiger Stripe Soap: Emulsifying the Soap Ingredients

You are going to want to pour the lye solution into your mixing bowl of cosmetic oils. Then, you will need to use a stick blender to emulsify these lovely soap making ingredients together. Once your soap batter has just about reached the point of trace, you are ready to move on to the next step in the cp soap process.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Adding the Fragrance OilTiger Stripe Soap: Adding the Fragrance Oil

Now, you are ready to include the soap scent in your emulsified mixture. So, you will add 64 grams of the Jungle Love Fragrance Oil to your soap batter. After, be sure to use a stick blender to fully incorporate the scent. This will provide your soap with an aroma of tropical and citrus scents. This fragrance contains a combination of fresh squeezed oranges, pineapples, bananas, coconut, and fresh kiwi notes.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Separate Into Two PortionsTiger Stripe Soap: Separate Into Two Portions

Next, you will want to separate your soap batter into two equal portions. One of these portions will be used for each of the colors for this soap making recipe. So, you will need to grab another clean mixing bowl and add half of the soap to this bowl. After your homemade cp soap has been divided you are ready to prepare your two colors.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Adding the Soap ColorantTiger Stripe Soap: Adding the Soap Colorant

Now you are going to add the soap colorant to each of the two portions of soap. In one of the two bowls, you will need to add the neon orange soap colorant. You can use the stick blender to thoroughly mix everything together. Next, you can use the black soap colorant to add to the second portion of the soap batter. You will want to wipe off your stick blender and use it to fully incorporate the colorant.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Filling Your Squeeze BottlesTiger Stripe Soap: Filling Your Squeeze Bottles

You are going to use these two colored soap portions to fill up your squeeze bottles. First, you are going to use your black colored soap portion and pour your soap into the bottle. Second, you are going to use the orange colored soap portion to fill another squeeze bottle. Once both of your bottles are filled you can add the lids. Now you are ready to use the filled bottles of soap.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Creating the Tiger StripesTiger Stripe Soap: Creating the Tiger Stripes

Now you are going to use your small square mold to begin your soap making process. So, you are going to want to use the black colored soap to create lines in the mold. You will want to make sure that these lines look like tiger stripes. You will continue to make these lines all throughout your soap mold.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Fill in the Empty SpaceTiger Stripe Soap: Fill in the Empty Space

Once you have all your stripes made with the black soap, you are ready to add the orange color. So, take your orange colored soap and fill in the empty places in the mold. Once you have created the first layer of this animal print soap, you can move on to creating the second layer in your homemade cold process soap.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Creating the Additional Soap Layers Tiger Stripe Soap: Creating the Additional Soap Layers

Now you are going to create the next layer of your tiger soap. You will want to go back and use the black colored soap to begin creating this second layer. So, you can use this soap to put another layer on the black stripes of the previous layer. Next, you will want to continue to make this second layer with the orange soap. Layer this orange soap by layering it on the orange soap from the previous layer. You will want to continue to alternate your colors and create additional layers of the soap.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Swirling the SoapTiger Stripe Soap: Swirling the Soap

Once your homemade soap has reached the top of the soap mold, you are going to swirl the top of your soap. So, you will need to use a wooden skewer to swirl the top of your soap. Of course, you are going to want to keep your wooden skewer towards the top of the soap. If you swirl too low into the mold, then you may ruin the stripes of your tiger soap. You will want to create a soap pattern that is a similar design to the swirled soap we are creating in the picture.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Finish Your CP Soap Recipe

Finally, your homemade soap with lye is done and nearly ready for you to use! Now you will just need to wait about 24 to 48 hours before you can remove the soap from the wholesale soap mold. After removing your soap from the mold, you will want to wait until your soap is set up enough to cut into individual bars. You will be able to cut sixteen individual bars. Now, you will just need to wait for your cold process soap to finish going through the curing process. This will take four to six weeks to be finished curing. Afterward, you will be able to use your finished soap!

Tiger Stripe Soap: Learn About Baby Tigers

While tigers are both beautiful and dangerous creatures, baby tigers just look so cute! These cubs have beautiful marking just like their parents, but they look as sweet as a kitten. If you want to learn even more about little tigers and see some adorable pictures, then check out Facts About Baby Tigers from Mom and Me.

Tiger Stripe Soap: Ask Us Your QuestionsTiger Stripe Soap: Ask Us Your Questions

We hope that you have enjoyed making this homemade animal print soap recipe! If you have any more questions about how to make the tiger print soap, then you can reach out to ask us You can talk to us on the phone, in the store, and online. An easy way that you can reach out to us online is through our social media. We are available on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use our handle @ngscents to find us on either Instagram and Twitter. Not only can you use these social media platforms to ask any questions that you may have, but you can share your own cold process soap creations, too! So, we hope that hear from you sometime soon!


Sunshine Soap and Candle Company

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Sunshine Soap and Candle Company

We at Natures Garden have found a wonderful soap and candle creator that we would like to share with you! This creator’s name is Cory and she makes gorgeous cold process soaps, adorable candles, and even more fun recipes! Not only does Cory share some fantastic homemade recipes on her YouTube channel, but she has her very own candle and soap making business! The Sunshine Soap and Candle Company website is full of high-quality products that are unique and beautiful! If you are interested in learning even more about Cory and her candle and soap business, then check out more information below!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: What is the Company's Mission?Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: What is Sunshine Soap and Candle Company?

Cory shared with us that the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company had come to be 2014.

Further, she has expressed the following as the core beliefs behind this company. “I have a passion for creating beautiful, usable products. I have always been drawn to more natural products, but also really wanted them to look beautiful as well as perform very well. I have always wanted people to smile, feel happy and a bit pampered when
they use my handmade products. The name of my company really epitomizes my idea of happiness. As a native Californian, I am a lover of the beach and the sun. These things make me happy and are reflected in my logo to represent the feelings I wanted people to have when using my products. Today, we carry an array of products you can feel good about like body butters, lotions, night cream, soap, candles and more.”

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: How Did This Business Start?

Today Sunshine Soap and Candle Company sells all kinds of products! This includes homemade candles and soap made from scratch. While this company has lots of wonderfully created recipes now, this endeavor began with Cory’s love for candles and an interest in making them at home!

According to Cory herself, ” A lot of people may not know that that Sunshine Soap and Candle Company started out in 2001 as a candle company only. I was a new college grad and newly married. I was working full time at a local insurance company and needed some
creative outlets. I was really into burning candles and thought I could make them.
That is when I started getting into the art of making candles. Back then, there was
no YouTube, so I did all my research and studying from books and hands on trial
and error. I became obsessed with making the perfect burning candle! Once I got
it down “Twilight Inspirations” was born and I started selling my candle creations.
I LOVED creating products from scratch and customizing items.”

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: How Did The Company Grow?Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: How Did The Company Grow?

Of course, this interest in candle making has grown over time and has led to even more skill for the craft through experience and experimentation. Plus, we all know that trying out a new craft is fun and can lead to another beloved hobby. In the case of Cory’s company, trying something new led to expanding her company to add even more lovely products!

Cory has shared that, “Over the years my candle making style evolved with changing styles and times. Fast forward to 2013 and three kids later! I became fascinated with soap
making after attending several local markets. I decided to give it a try. As soon as
I tried it, I knew I needed to expand my product line to include soaps. I loved it so
much I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before! I immersed myself in research and
studying until I came up with soap I could actually feel great about selling.”

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: What Does This Company Create?

We would like to share a few of the many wonderful products and recipes from Sunshine Soap and Candle Company. So, anyone that may be curious about the kinds of products that you can find on their site can find a sampling here. Of course, you can check out their website to find even more of the fabulous products that they have available for you to experience! 

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: "Life's A Party" Cold Process SoapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: “Life’s A Party” Cold Process Soap

One lovely cp soap recipe that you may enjoy is the Life’s A Party Cold Process Soap. This lovely cp soap recipe uses fun, vibrant colors in a creamy batch of white soap to create a gorgeous batch of soap that looks as fun as confetti!

Plus, this bar of soap includes luscious cosmetic oils, like apricot kernel oil, canola oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. Not only will this cp soap recipe nourish your skin, but it has a scrumptious fragrance oil. This soap scent has fragrance notes of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and tree ripe peaches, and fresh lemons. Further, the scent includes the aroma of tangerine essential oil. So, this is a fantastic product all around! If you would like to have this adorable soap, then check out the “Life’s A Party” Cold Process Soap page on the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company website!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Beach Bum Cold Process SoapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Beach Bum Cold Process Soap

Another gorgeous scented soap recipe that you may enjoy is the beautiful Beach Bum Cold Process Soap! This cp soap recipe is perfect for any beach lovers out there! These gorgeous layered soap bars are topped with white beach foam soap, golden sea star mp soap, and rounded sea glass mp soap. Not only are these bars of soap gorgeous, but this scented soap uses olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, canola oil and almond oil. Further, this cosmetic recipe includes cocoa butter and kaolin clay to add some extra moisture and bubbles to the bars.

Also, this luscious bar of soap has an aroma similar to Coppertone sunscreen with a note of light floral. If you want to get your very own beach themed soap recipe, then you will want to check out to the Beach Bum Cold Process Soap page to get your own scented soap recipe! Further, you can find out how to make the Beach Bum Cold Process Soap on their YouTube channel!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Daydream Cold Process SoapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Daydream Cold Process Soap

Also, you can check out this lovely swirled soap recipe.

First of all, this scented soap recipe uses purple and blue hues to create a gorgeous soap recipe. Further, this soap recipe uses the shimmer of mica dust powder. Also, this luscious cosmetic recipe uses lovely olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, canola oil and sweet almond oil. Plus, this soap recipe scent begins with mandarin orange, melon, blackberry, and violet leaf. Then, the scent continues with middle notes are lavender, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and nectarine. Further, this soap recipe has a fresh base of honey, oak, and musk. If you are interested in this beautiful, feminine soap recipe, then you should check out the Daydream Cold Process Soap page of their website!

https://www.sunshinesoapandcandle.com/product/beach-bum-cold-process-soapSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Egg Shell Candles

Next. they have a fun candle making recipe that you can try out at home! This is a perfect idea for anyone looking for some fun Easter egg crafts! So, you can decorate real egg shells exactly how you want and turn your colored egg shells into candles. If you want to learn how to make these cute scented candles, then you can follow these step by step instructions on making these cute scented candles! You can find a video on How to Make Candle Using Real Eggshells (a candle making tutorial) on the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company YouTube channel.

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Strawberries and Champagne Soapy CupcakesSunshine Soap and Candle Company: Strawberries and Champagne Soapy Cupcakes

Another adorable soap recipe that you can find from this company is one for the adorable Strawberry and Champagne scented cupcake soap. You can find how to make adorable cold process soap that looks just like these adorable cupcake soaps from the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company YouTube channel! This soap recipe has a gorgeous cp soap base that is topped with soap frosting and mp soap strawberries! So, you can learn how to make this soap recipe by checking out the Strawberries & Champagne Soapy Cupcakes video. Here you can learn how to create these adorable cupcake soap and even look at some of the ideas from other craft makers in the comment section!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Where Can I Find This Company?

There are a few different ways that you can find this lovely company online. First of all, the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company has a website where you can find all kinds of products. These products include all kinds of fantastic cosmetic recipes and scented wax creations that you can purchase and enjoy! Plus, you can find Sunshine Soap and Candle Company on YouTube, as they have a channel where you are likely to find videos on some of your new favorite recipes! Additionally, this lovely company has a variety of social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, where you can share your experience and reach out to them. 

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Can I Find and Buy From This Company Online?

Of course, you can shop from Sunshine Soap and Candle Company using their online store! If you are interested in buying some of this company’s products and checking out even more of what they have to offer, then you will definitely want to visit their online store! So, you can use the following link to find their online site and all their fun candle and cosmetic creations; www.sunshinesoapandcandle.com. Once you are there, you can shop for scented candles, homemade soaps, and all kinds of awesome products!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Where Can I Find Them on YouTube and Social Media?

First of all, you can find the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company on YouTube by clicking here. This channel is full of all kinds of fun and unique recipe ideas that they show you how to make! You may be interested in craft recipes or you may just want to know how the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company makes their lovely products. Regardless of what you are interested in, this channel is a great place to check out!

Additionally, you can find this company on both Instagram and Facebook. If you want to keep tabs on when your favorite products are restocked, be one of the first to know about a new product, see how some products work, or just scroll through all the gorgeous product pictures, then you will absolutely want to find them on their social media! You can find their Instagram by clicking here and their Facebook page by clicking here.

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Upcoming Candle Making Collaboration

If you are interested in their fun soap and candle making recipes, you should definitely subscribe to their YouTube channel! Not only will you find all kinds of fun step by step videos on how to make these awesome homemade cosmetic and candle recipes, but there will be a fun Natures Garden sponsored video that will be coming soon! So, be sure to turn on your notifications for this channel so you don’t miss out on this fun upcoming craft recipe!

Sunshine Soap and Candle Company: Reaching Out for Community and Questions

Of course, you can feel free to reach out to the Sunshine Soap Company with questions about their products or the homemade recipes they share. Of course, you can reach out to and communicate with the community on their YouTube channel, Instagram (@sunshinesoapandcandleco), and their Facebook page. 

If you have any questions related to us at Natures Garden, then feel free to reach out to us! As always, you can find us on our HUG Line.  You can also find us in the NG store or on any of our social media sites. So, you can ask us your questions on Twitter(@ngscents), Instagram (@ngscents), and Facebook. If you try some of the lovely creations from Sunshine and Soap Company, we would love to hear about it!  We would also love to hear about any of the products you have bought and enjoyed!


Cold Process Soap Benefits

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Cold Process Soap BenefitsCold Process Soap Benefits

With all the effort that comes along with making your own soap from scratch, it is nice to know the cold process soap benefits. We at Natures Garden would like to remind you about all the wonderful reasons why homemade soaps are the best.

Further, if you are a looking to become a soap maker, we’d like to share the advantages of making your own soap. Depending on what you are looking for in a soap, you may find different aspects of homemade soap appealing. Those that have a difficult time finding soaps that don’t irritate their skin will rejoice after using this soap. People that enjoy crafting and would like to make soaps that are more fun and creative than the typical bar will enjoy this method of soaping. Not only can you combine any scent with any color, but you can create crazy fun designs that are not not often found in soaps. Regardless of what you are looking for in a soap, I’m sure you will be able to find something special in cold process soap!

Cold Process Soap Benefits Main Reason to Soap At Home

The biggest reason you should want to create your own soaps from scratch is that they are better than store bought. It all boils down to quality and making your own soaps is the best way to ensure a quality product with total control of the ingredients. We will discuss exactly what we have found to convince us that homemade soaps are better for the skin.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Better for Skin Than Commercial SoapCold Process Soap Benefits Better for Skin Than Commercial Soap

When you can simply go out and buy a bar of soap, there are some benefits from making your own soap. Though both bars will get you clean, many store bought soaps aren’t as nice for your skin. Cold process soaps can be made with skin nourishing oils, butters, and herbs that really work well for your skin.

On the other hand, commercial bar soaps can contain ingedients that leave your skin dry. Further, store bought soap could have some of the natural moisturizing elements removed. For example, the glycerin in store bought soap, which is created during the saponification process, could be removed in these bars. Thus, leaving you with a bar that really dries out your hands. So, creating your own soap will leave you with a creamy lather that is softening and provides amazing moisture for your skin.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Get Ready For Softer Hands

Since you will have a bar of soap that is more moisturizing than those soaps at stores due to the glycerin content remaining, you will have softer, more moisturized hands! So, say farewell to your lotions and creams because you may not need them as much as you used to need them. These soaps will care for your skin and make sure that they don’t dry out your hands. While your soap will still clean hands effectively, it won’t dry out your skin. Also, you won’t need to buy as much lotion due to your soap extra moisturizing power! So, this is the best soap recipe to create for hands that will help your skin hydrate and heal.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Freedom to Control All Ingredients

When you make your soap at home you have all the control. You can create any kind of soap that your skin could possibly need. You can easily account for sensitivities, allergies, and your skin type. No need to find a specialty bar of soap at the store, you can simply leave out or swap ingredients to create your perfect bar of soap.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Crafting the Perfect Bar of SoapCold Process Soap Benefits Crafting the Perfect Bar of Soap

Since you are going to control exactly what is in your soap bars, you have the power to create a soap that cares for your skin exactly right. You know your skin best and can learn about the properties of different oils to create the perfect soap! Whether you have oily skin, sensitive skin, or dry skin it is within your ability to make kinds of soap, as well as many others, to formulate the bar that will fit your skin type perfectly. Changing the types and amounts of oils in your recipe will impact the bar’s appearance and how it treats you.

An easy way to create the exact soap recipe that you need is to enter in different oils into a soap calculator. This program will tell you exactly what kind of bar your recipe will create. It does help to know a bit about the oils. You can learn quite a bit about soaping oils through our Soaping Oil Properties class.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Soaps that Care For Your Skin

Further, you can choose from a wider variety of soaps when you have control of your ingredients. Stores don’t often have a wide selection of soaps. Often, there are different brands of the same old, generic kind of soap. Additionally, those that do find the rare, more natural bar of soap are likely to find it to be too expensive. So, you are more likely to be stuck with very little choice regarding your soap. However, creating your own soap from home will open the door to so many possibilities. You can literally make any kind of soaping recipe to find the exact recipe you enjoy best. No more waiting and hoping in the cosmetics aisle, it’s time for you to get more and better choices regarding you skin care!

Cold Process Soap Benefits Potential to Create All Natural SoapCold Process Soap Benefits Potential to Create All Natural Soap

Since you can control all of your ingredients, you have the option to create soap bars that are fully natural. For those that prefer to live on the more natural side, you can create soap without anything synthetic at all. You can include some herbs and spices to naturally enhance your soap with some nice properties. For example, you can add Chamomile Flowers to your soap for its relaxing and skin softening properties. There are so many herbs that provide different kinds of benefits that are explained for each one on the Natures Garden website.

Further, you can use powdered herbs to naturally color your soap, such as Beet Root PowderSpirulina Powder, or Cocoa Powder Organic. Additionally, an additive like Activated Charcoal has both deep pore cleansing properties and the ability to color your soap! You won’t have to turn to unnatural colorants or additives if you don’t want to, because there are plenty of options. All the decisions on ingredients are up to you!

Cold Process Soap Benefits Can Make Sensitive Soaps

As I mentioned before, you are able to create bars of soap that are perfect for sensitive skin. So, those that have had a difficult time with typical bars of soap may have more luck creating their own bars of soap. There is no fear of the recipe being changed all of a sudden to add an ingredient you are avoiding and no worries about finding the exact right product, because you control it all. If you have sensitivities to certain colorants, fragrance oils, or other ingredients, then just leave them out of your soap batch and enjoy the freedom!

First, there are many substitutes for colorants that have been mentioned and you can even leave the soap batch uncolored. Also, you can either create an unscented bar of soap or add one of our all natural essential oils. This option can be easier for sensitive skin and allows you to still scent your bar. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about unnatural ingedients in a natural soap bar! You can make everything homemade from natural ingredients to create a sensitive bar that will be gentle on your skin.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Creating Soaps With PurposeCold Process Soap Benefits Creating Soaps With Purpose

Plus, you can create soaps with a specific function. Instead of looking for a product that will fit the needs of a certain situation, why not create exactly what you need? We have a few recipes that were made with a specific activity in mind. So, all of the ingredients were researched to ensure that they would work properly for their intended use. For example, the Cold Process Shaving Soap Recipe was specifically formulated with the intention of creating a rich lather for shaving. So, every ingredient has a purpose and they work together to create the desired effect, which you can see on our blog for this recipe.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Total Creative Freedom

Or course, with full control over the ingredients comes full creative power. Since you are making your soaps from scratch you can make any kind of shapes or designs that you’d like. Some designs and techniques take more skill to master, but even the soaps you use to practice these techniques can be used. So, you won’t lose too much from working on your soap making abilities.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Ability to Make Creative SoapsCold Process Soap Benefits Ability to Make Creative Soaps

Another benefit of creating cold process soap is that it is a form of art. There are many different ways to change the appearance of you cp soap whether you are using swirls, layers, or a modeling soap recipe. You can get in touch with your inner artist and create something beautiful. While it can take time to get really good at making pretty soap,  eventually you will be able to make any kind of soap you’d like!

First, you can create swirled soaps like the Lavender Cold Process Soap Recipe or the Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe. While swirled soaps are lots of fun, you can create more simple recipes that are just as cute. For example, the Peppered Poppy Seed Cold Process Soap Recipe is a solid color with poppy seeds that was placed in a flower shaped mold. While this recipe looks more fun than a typical bar, it is very simple to create differently shaped soaps. Further, we have even more cold process soap recipes that you could look through on our webpage.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Customizing Your Soaps

Another great benefit of creating cold process soap is creating any style you’d like. Ever have the problem of trying to find soap you like that actually matches your home? With cold process soap making, you can create soaps to match your home or make them your favorite color. But, there is one twist that makes homemade soap making better than store bought soaps.

This twist is that you will be able to create any kind of scent and style combination. For example, you can create a blueberry scented soap that is colored red. While it’s unlikely that you would would want this exact soap, you have to admit it would be pretty hard to find this exact soap in stores. This is just a single example of all the fun combinations you can get into. All you have to do is pair a favorite scent with a fun recipe or design! So, if you want a unique scent and color combination this is the best option! Never settle for soap when you can create cold process soap with your favorite scents that match your bathroom perfectly. This gives you the opportunity to use you favorite scents in soaps without compromising the soap’s appearance.

Cold Process Soap Benefits Additional Fun with Soap Making Cold Process Soap Benefits Additional Fun with Soap Making

We aren’t kidding when we say that you can add many fun things to your soaps! The possiblites are endless. In fact, we created a Wine Cold Process Soap Recipe that used real wine to add some authenticity and create an even better scent with our fragrance oil. Also, we added real, raw honey to our Oatmeal Milk Honey Cold Process Soap Recipe to add the beneficial properties of honey to our bars of soap.

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