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Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil

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Creamy Coconut Fragrance OilCreamy Coconut Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden embodies the smooth, creamy scent of fresh coconut milk.  Coconut milk is the liquid that comes from the grated meat of a brown coconut.  This is not to be confused with coconut water, which is the result of grating the meat of an unripe, green coconut.  Fresh coconut milk has a soft, off-white color and very rich taste and aroma.  This is caused by a high oil content, as fresh thick coconut milk is not mixed with any other fluids.  Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil is most representative of thick coconut milk, whereas thin coconut milk would have a significantly less noticeable aroma due to it’s lower oil content.  Give your scented projects a vacation with Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil.

What Does Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil is the rich aroma of fresh, thick coconut milk.  Prominent notes of coconut are given a boost by subtle fruit and vanilla notes.

Top Notes: Peach, banana, coconut
Mid Notes:  Coconut Tree Leaves
Base Notes: Vanilla

How Do Our Customers Use Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil?

Customers who are crafting candles will be delighted to learn that this fragrance oil has shown to perform perfectly in Joy Wax and Wow Wax.  Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil also performs nicely in Soy Wax.  The maximum recommended usage amount in candles for this beachy fragrance oil is 10%.  For this fragrance, we do not recommend coloring your products.  If you do wish to color your candles, use only liquid candle dye or color blocks.  Never use crayons to color your candle as they will clog your wick.

Room scenting products such as potpourri or incense can be made using up to 50% Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil.  This fragrance also performs well in aroma beads.

If you are creating bath and body products with Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil, note that the maximum recommended usage rate is 5%.  Bath gels, bath oils, and lotions perform very well at the recommended usage.  Perfumes have also shown to perform perfectly.

Household cleaning products can be made using this fragrance with a maximum concentration of 5% fragrance oil.

Homemade soap crafters can make enjoyable bars of soap using Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil in amounts up to 5%.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results reveal that this fragrance has a perfect pour and good scent retention.  Soap made with this fragrance experienced no acceleration, no ricing, and no separation.  Because of the 1% Vanillin content, this fragrance oil will discolor to a beige.  Using Vanilla White Color Stabilizer with this fragrance oil may help prevent some of the discoloration.  For this particular fragrance, we do not recommend coloring your product, as the natural color of the soap will match nicely with the scent of fresh coconut milk.  If you do wish to color your soap, remember never to use candle dye in your products as they are not body safe.

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Send your senses sailing with this amazingly smooth, fresh Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil.