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NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil

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NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance OilNG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil is a coconut scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a sugary combination of coconut with sweet vanilla, floral notes, and woodsy elements that create a beautiful, sweet, and soft aroma that is perfect for scenting homemade creations.

What Does NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Compare this fragrance oil by Natures Garden to a popular name brand coconut vanilla.  Our coconut vanilla fragrance begins with top notes of coconut, cream and sugar; followed by middle notes of rose and lily of the valley; with base notes of cedarwood and vanilla.

How Do Our Customers Use NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Products?

Many of our customers are able to use this vanilla and coconut fragrance oil to create their own room scenting products. Either potpourri or incense can be made using a maximum concentration of 50% for this sugary sweet fragrance oil. Additionally, homemade cleaning products can be scented with this sweet coconut blend fragrance oil at a rate of 5%. Also, any aroma beads products can be made using this fragrance oil and will retain a nice and strong scent.

NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil Candle Making Color SuggestionFurther, candle makers can create their wax products with this sugary sweet fragrance oil. Wax products that are made of either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax can include up to 10% of this sweet fragrance oil. If you wish to add some color to your candles or wax tarts, then we would suggest using either our Spectrum Liquid Candle Dyes or color blocks. However, we suggest leaving it uncolored as we find this represents the fragrance nicely.

How Do Our Customers Use NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Products?

Customers who enjoy creating their own bath and body products can use this sweet coconut fragrance oil in their recipes. Bath gels, bath oils, lotions, melt and pour soap creations, perfumes, and many other sorts of related bath and body products can use no more than 5% of this fragrance oil and remain body safe. While we recommend not using any color in your bath and body products, you can feel free to use your desired shade and amount of liquid soap colorant for your products. Just don’t use candle dye to color bath and body products as they aren’t body safe.

Although this complex and sweet scent is body safe and can be used in some soap recipes, we do not recommend that you use this fragrance oil in cold process soap. After testing, we decided not to use our cold process soap test results. We had discovered that our NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil does not perform well in cold process soap making. Therefore we would not recommend using any amount of this fragrance oil in your cold process soap. You can however incorporate the fragrance oil into hot process soap recipe.  We also feel it would be a wonderful addition to any of our melt and pour soap bases.

We hope that you enjoy our NG Coconut Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil in your homemade products and supplies.


Coconut Oil 76 in CP Soap

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Coconut-Oil-76-in-CP-SoapCoconut Oil 76 in CP Soap

You’ll go coco-nuts for coconut oil 76 in CP soap. What does the ’76’ mean? It simply denotes that this type of coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Coconut oil has many beneficial properties for use in all sorts of products–it’s even edible!!–but for our purposes, we’re going to discuss coconut oil 76 in CP soap. (Please do NOT attempt to eat the soap.)

Coco Clean

Our cold process soap testing recipe features coconut oil as the second most abundant ingredient (by weight) after water. Rightfully so, for you see, coconut oil is comprised primarily of lauric and myristic fatty acids which are characterized in soap-making by providing cleansing properties, a bubbly lather, and hardness. Coco-o is a surfactant, meaning it reduces the surface tension of a liquid when it is dissolved, allowing the dirt and impurities to be rinsed off of the skin.

Coco Cream

In addition, the high content of saturated fat serves to give coconut oil a higher SAP value (the number of milligrams of lye that is needed to completely saponify, or turn into soap, one gram of a specific oil, butter, or fat. — Lye, while generally thought of as a bad guy, is a necessary evil for the saponification process. Always remember to follow safety procedures when handling lye. [Add lye to water, the mixture will get hotter; add water to lye, you’ll probably die]). Remember that rhyme to ensure safety.  While you will likely NOT actually DIE, you can certainly get hurt from the lye volcano you will create if you add water to lye.  SO… Don’t ever do that!  Always add your lye to your water.  The high SAP value of coco-o helps to superfat the soap (the amount of lye used is less than the given SAP value), giving it a nice, creamy texture and more lather ability. You can thank coconut oil for making your homemade CP soap clean and bubbly.

Coco – What the heck does that mean?

Furthermore, coconut oil serves as an emulsion stabilizer. What the heck does that mean? You may already know, but I just learned about this today, so I’m going to recap for myself and the benefit of anyone out there who’s not entirely sure. An emulsion is a mixture of two things that don’t really want to go together– for instance, oil and water. Water is the number one ingredient (by weight) in our CP soaps, and just about everything else is some type of oil (apricot kernel oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, fragrance oil, and- of course- coconut oil 76). An emulsion stabilizer helps to keep this mixture from separating. This means, not only will it help hold your soap together, it will also help hold the fragrance. (Don’t worry, the coconut oil itself has been refined so it is odorless. Unless you ARE looking for a coconut fragrance in your soap. If so, we’ve got ten coconutrelated scents you may enjoy using!)

Coco No-no

Oh, wow, you’re thinking. Coconut oil 76 in CP soap is so great, I want to use as much of it as possible! And of course you do, but how much is too much?  A typical soap recipe calls for 20-30% coconut oil. It’s important not to use more than 30% coconut oil. Why? Is it possible to be TOO clean? The excess coconut oil 76 in CP soap will interact with the natural oils on your skin and dry it right out. But if you use the appropriate amount of coconut oil, it works in the soap to help clean skin and even reduce inflammation.


Coconut oil 76 in CP soap is awesome as long as you’re careful not to use too much in your recipe. So go ahead– what are you waiting for? Follow the links above to purchase coconut oil 76 and other ingredients for our CP soap testing recipe or one of our other fun CP soap recipes. Browse our wide array of fragrance oils to find a scent that you love. Thanks for reading and happy soaping!


Coconut Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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Coconut Vanilla Fragrance Oil


Eyes Open

 This particular polyvore set features Nature Garden’s Coconut Vanilla Fragrance Oil.  One of my favorite polyvore sets this week!  I love the use of pink and yellow together in this set; very summery (is that a word)?    Natures Garden Fragrance Oils are frequently used on Polyvore to create masterpiece sets like this one!  If you are not aware of the Polyvore Set contest Natures Garden is currently having, please visit the Contest Page on our website for more information.

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