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Snowy Luminary Candle Jar Recipe

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Snowy Luminary Candle Jar RecipeSnowy Luminary Candle Jar Recipe

Do you want to learn how you can make another one of our homemade crafts for the holidays? Then this blog is for you! We will be talking about our Snowy Luminary Candle Jar Recipe today. This is a pretty simple craft to make, that uses only five ingredients and looks gorgeous once it is all finished. Since it isn’t difficult to do, children can also be a part of the process of making it! If you were in search of some new craft ideas to make for decorating the house or to gift a family member, this is the perfect one for you! Even though the jar is holding a candle, it still has other uses as well. If you do not want to create the candle portion, you can use the glittery snowy jar to put candy such as candy canes for your holiday parties. You can also definitely use it as a unique rendition of a stocking, which you could fill with cute stocking stuffers that are good for children, spouses, friends, and even coworkers. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the recipe!

Ingredients Found at Natures Garden

Epsom Salt
Christmas Wreath Fragrance Oil
Diamond Dust Mica Pigment
1.75” Zinc Core 44-20-18 Candle Wicks
Pedestal Cup
Disposable Pipette
Joy Candle Wax
Pouring Pot

Other Ingredients & Equipment You Will Need:

Elmer’s Glue
Newspaper or wax paper
Crafting paint brush
Mixing Spoon
Glass Bowl
16 oz Apothecary Jar

Preparing Our Station

The first thing that we are going to do is to prepare the work station where we will be creating. For this project, it is a good idea that we lay down either newspaper or wax paper on a clean surface. By doing this, it will protect counters and other parts of your workstation from becoming messy. Putting down the paper will prevent the Epsom salt and the glitter in mica powder from spreading all over the place. 

Pouring in the GlueCreating the Paste for the Candle Jar

For the first step in the recipe, we are going to need to prepare our glue. We will just be using regular Elmer’s glue for this craft recipe, that you can buy from almost any store. We need to pour into a small bowl about two ounces of the Elmer’s glue. Then, we need to add to that between 2-4 ml of the Natures Garden Christmas Wreath Fragrance Oil. This is the ingredient that will provide your candle jar with a wonderful Christmas scent. It is a strong but nice mixture of a lot of different elements. Natures Garden’s Christmas Wreath scent starts with the top notes of orange pomander, bergamot, and holly berry. The Mixing the Fragrance to Create the Gluemiddle notes of this fragrance include Christmas lily, eucalyptus leaves, and cinnamon bark. Finally, the base notes are fir balsam and pine. Another recipe that we have made which uses this fragrance oil is our Christmas Wreath Fire Starters. These will help to make it easier to light your fireplace, since it can sometimes be difficult to do so.

Coating the Candle Jar in the Glue PasteCoating the Candle Jar in the Glue Paste

Next, bring out your 16 oz apothecary jar. We are now going to apply the glue mixture that we just made to our jar. Take out a paint brush and dip it into the bowl of glue. Then, we are going to take it and use it to coat the jar in glue. Just get a bit at a time, applying thin layers. We should not over load the paint brush with glue because we do not want the jar to be drenched, which can create a big mess. We also cannot use too much of the glue because it will create clumps, which will still show when the glitter is added onto it.

Adding the Epsom Salt to the Jar

Adding the Epsom Salt to the Jar

Now that we have all taken the time to read up and learn all about Epsom Salt and the benefits of using it, we can continue making our snowy luminary candle jar. While the glue is still wet, go ahead and get out your bag or jar of Epsom Salt. We are going to sprinkle the Epsom salt all over the entire jar, covered in glue. There is no exact amount that we can give you to use for this part of the recipe. Use your judgment and continue pouring it on until the glue is hidden. After the jar is completely covered, grab the diamond dust mica pigment for the next step. Now, on top of the Epsom Salt, we are going to sprinkle the diamond dust mica all around the jar, giving it a nice layer of glitter. Make sure that you allow the glue to dry completely before moving onto the following steps.

The Candle Making ProcessThe Candle Making Process

While you are waiting around for the candle jar to completely dry, we can start on the actual candle portion. In this step we will be preparing the candle that will eventually be set in the luminary candle jar. Begin by gathering the scale and weighing out one ounce of the Natures Garden Joy Candle Wax. We are going to be using the double boiler method for this recipe, as we usually do. Grab a normal stove-top pot that you use only for soap making and candle making.

You will also need to grab a pouring pot. Fill up your stove-top pot with a few inches of water and place it on the stove burner to heat the water up. Then, take the one ounce of Joy Wax that we weighed out and add this ingredient to the pouring pot. Place the pouring pot with the Joy Wax within it into the stove-top pot with the heated water. We are going to leave these on the stove burner until the one ounce of Joy Wax has completely melted. Add 0.1 ounces of the Natures Garden Christmas Wreath Fragrance oil once it has melted. Stir to fully incorporate the ingredients.

Pour into the Pedestal CupPour into the Pedestal Cup

When everything is stirred together, pour the melted wax into the pedestal cup that you have set to side somewhere. Then, pick out one of the 1.75″ Zinc Core 44-20-18 candle wicks. This is the wick we suggest using for this recipe. However, if you are interested, we have an entire selection of different candle wicks. Place one of the wicks in the pedestal cup. Allow the candle enough time to set up.

Decorating the Candle JarDecorating the Candle Jar

Now we have reached the fun part! Once the glue on your jar has completely dried, you can finally decorate it. For our jar we grabbed a cute ribbon that was red and sparkly and we wrapped it around the top of the jar. This addition to the craft really tied in the theme of Christmas for us. For your jars you can use anything Christmas themed or just simply sparkly. You could always add other colors of glitter such as gold or green, or maybe incorporate stickers or crinkle paper shred filling. Keep messing with different craft decorations until you achieve the final look that you want your snowy luminary candle jar to have. Once you have achieved that special look, place the set up candle that you made into the candle jar.

We hope that you enjoyed creating this homemade snowy luminary jar candle!

Epsom SaltEpsom Salt

Since this ingredient is going to be used today, and since it plays such an important role in the overall look of this luminary candle jar, we are going to talk a little bit about Epsom Salt. There are many benefits to using Epsom Salt for many different kinds of products and projects. If you are interested, we actually have an Epsom Salt class up on the website that will go in depth about some points I will be summarizing here. This product is beneficial to use medicinally and to add to bath, body, and cleaning products.

Medicinal Benefits of Epsom Salt

Medicinally, Epsom Salt is an anti-inflammatory that can be used to treat problems such as headaches, muscle pains, bites, stings, and rashes. It is rich in both magnesium and sulfates. The magnesium helps to eliminate toxins and control the production of energy. Sulfates form brain tissue, joint proteins, and other proteins that line the digestive tract and help with the digestion of food. It also helps people sleep better because it has properties that relax the muscles and soothe the skin.

Epsom Salt Uses in Products

Epsom Salt is useful in cosmetics, bath and body products, as well as for skin care and hair care. Bath fizzies and bath bombs commonly use Epsom Salt because of the benefits to the skin. It deep cleans and exfoliates the skin, helps eliminate acne, and can even help with preventing wrinkles from developing. Natures Garden has a Christmas Bath Cookies Recipe, which uses Epsom Salt, as well as our Green Apple Candy Bath Bomb Recipe. It is also a nice ingredient to add to hair conditioners because it provides them with a volumizing property.

As far as cleaning products, a mixture of Epsom Salt and liquid dish detergent can work well when used to scrub floors. This combination will gather up any dirt and grime that are clinging onto your floors. It can also be useful to scrub pots, pans, or dishes clean that have been scorched and hold burnt food on them.

Refreshing Foot Soak RecipeRefreshing Foot Soak Recipe

I wanted to mention at least two of the recipes from Natures Garden that include Epsom Salt as one of the ingredients. This recipe for a Refreshing Foot Soak will create eight of these simple homemade baggies. You will be mixing together Epsom Salt, dead sea salt (high minerals fine ground), menthol crystals, bath tea bags with pull strings that are fillable, and the Natures Garden eucalyptus and spearmint fragrance oil. Diving into this foot soak will feel great on the skin and soothe it, along with relaxing the muscles in your feet. However, make sure to use this only for your feet, as directed, so that the menthol crystals do not irritate other parts of your skin.

Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub RecipeChocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe

For the second recipe I wanted to mention our Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub. This will make you four 8 ounce jars of bath butter. The ingredients in this one are also fairly simple and used often in the soap making, candle making, and bath products industry. It takes whipped soap base, organic cocoa powder, vegetable glycerin, vanilla white color stabilizer, Epsom Salt, Better than Sex Cake fragrance oil, and the brown and black FUN soap colorants. All of these ingredients are sold by Natures Garden and are easily accessible through the link above.

Other Holiday Ideas

If you enjoyed making this recipe and have been searching for more holiday crafts to try out with your kids, friends, or family, check these free Christmas craft recipes out. Just as with this one, we have many more recipe ideas that use all different fragrance oils to make things. This includes crafts, candles, air fresheners, soap recipes, and much, much more that can also be used as holiday gift ideas. This whole section of our website provides a bunch of recipe and craft ideas to make for the Christmas season. For even more fun craft ideas check out the 25 Simple Christmas Crafts from Crazy Little Projects

Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Testing is always the responsibility of our customers. If you plan to resell any of the recipes that we provide, it is also your responsibility to follow all FDA regulations. We cannot offer any advice on where to buy the products and ingredients that are listed in our recipes if they are not sold by Natures Garden. When you use Natures Garden recipes and/or raw ingredients, you are agreeing to indemnify Natures Garden against any liability of performance, any lack of performance, or any problems that you encounter with the finished products.


Holiday Ribbon Melt and Pour Soap Project

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Holiday Ribbon Melt and Pour Soap ProjectHoliday Ribbon Melt and Pour Soap Project

Natures Garden has come up with a brand new recipe for all of our customers to try out this Christmas season! We love this time of the year because there are many different recipes we all can make, that our Christmas fragrances add the perfect touch to. This Holiday Ribbon Melt and Pour Soap Project will throw you right in the spirit of Christmas. Creating new ideas and finding crafts that are going to excite and inspire people is always a goal of ours. This is especially important around the holiday season, at a time of giving to the people you care about most. People are constantly searching for interesting gifts to give to family and friends, which homemade crafts provide the perfect fix for!  We hope that this unique melt and pour soap can be the inspiration you have been looking for. It is super fun to make and will provide you with 32 soap ribbons! Let’s go ahead and get started with this project.

Ingredients Found at Natures Garden

Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base
FUN Soap Colorant Tomato Red
FUN Soap Colorant Neon Green
Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil
FUN Soap Colorant Kelly Green
FUN Soap Colorant Black Oxide
8 ounce Clear PET Bullet Bottle
White 24/410 Fine Mist Sprayer

Other Ingredients & Equipment You Will Need:

Cutting Board
Microwave safe containers
Large Knife
13 x 9″ Pan
Rubbing alcohol (in the bullet bottle)

Diamond Clear Melt and Pour SoapDiamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap

The first step in this recipe is to prepare the red soap portion. We will need to weigh out the 456 grams of the Natures Garden Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap. This soap base of ours is made up of 99.5% glycerin and pure deodorized, double distilled, coconut oil. These ingredients give excellent qualities to this soap. Glycerin helps the skin to retain moisture that is naturally made, soap that contains glycerin in it is gentler on the skin than other types of soap are, and it is great for more dry and sensitive skin.

Coconut oil contains many healthy saturated fats, it is a natural anti-fungal product, and it is also naturally anti-bacterial. Another great property of coconut oil is that it is highly moisturizing, which makes it a popular ingredient in soap and lip balm. Natures Garden also sells Coconut Oil 76 along with Fractionated Coconut Oil, both of which are used in several of our other homemade recipes. Also, if you really enjoy the scent of coconut, you might want to check out the coconut-related fragrance oils that we carry. Some of these are Coconut Cream Pie, Creamy Coconut, and Natures Garden Coconut Vanilla Type

Melting the Soap Base and Adding the Fragrance OIlMelting the Soap Base and Adding the Fragrance Oil

Now that we have discussed some of the properties of this soap base, we can begin melting it to make our soap. Melt the 456 grams that we measured out. You can melt the soap in either a microwave or using a double boiler. After the soap has completely melted, the next ingredient we are going to be using is the Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil. Weigh out 23 grams of it and add that to the melted Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap. 

holiday pomegrante fragrance oilThis Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil has definitely been a popular scent in the products and crafts that we have been creating for this holiday season. The other recipes that we have used it in so far are the Holiday Pomegranate Candle, Holiday Air Freshener, and the Holiday Pomegranate Cold Process Soap. As with many others, this fragrance oil is versatile to use in many types of products. We have been using it so much because it smells so delicious! It contains an arrangement of pomegranate, dewberries, blackberries, sparkling citrus, sheer musk, iris, jasmine, red cassis, and finally, sandalwood. It brings together all of these elements in a way that makes it a great ingredient to add to Christmas products!

Making the Red Portion of the SoapMaking the Red Portion of the Soap

Stir the melted soap and Holiday Pomegranate fragrance oil mixture together to incorporate them before moving on. Next, add 35 drops of the tomato red FUN soap colorant. Additionally, use a toothpick to add just a tiny amount of the black oxide FUN soap colorant. Fully stir it together until it is completely red, without any streaks of white.

Allowing the Soap to Set UpAllowing the Soap to Set Up

Next, we are going to pour the red soap onto one of the two pans. In order to release any air bubbles, spray the red soap with rubbing alcohol. When it has had approximately twenty minutes to set up, you can then remove it from the pan. However, the time that it takes for the soap to set up may vary, depending on different conditions. If the temperature of the room that you are working in is too hot or too cold, set up time could be affected. Another factor that may affect set up time is the temperature at which you poured it. When you are removing it from the pan, it should still be warm to the touch at that point.

Creating the Red Strips For Your SoapCreating the Red Strips For Your Soap

For the next step, we are going to place the red soap onto a cutting board. Place it in front of you horizontally. Then, using a knife that you have, begin slicing the soap into vertical strips. Cut them so that they are all about ¼ inch wide. Use and cut the entire portion of the red that you have made, since we are going to have some of them left over. Set them to the side for now and we will come back to them in a later step. 

Preparing the Green Portion of the SoapPreparing the Green Portion of the Soap

Grab your second pan for this next step. It is time for us to prepare the green portion of this holiday ribbon melt and pour soap! Once again, you will need to weigh out 456 grams of the Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap. Then, in exactly the same way as before, melt it down. Once the soap has completely melted, we are going to repeat another step from earlier. Measure out and add 23 grams of the Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil. You can stir it together to incorporate it before adding the colorants. Then, add 20 drops of the neon green FUN soap color along with 3 drops of the Kelly Green FUN soap colorant. Once again, we used a toothpick to add just a small amount of the black oxide FUN soap colorant to the bowl. Stir all of the ingredients together so that they are fully combined. 

Setting Up the Green SoapSetting Up the Green Soap

Next, pour the green soap onto one of your pans. Spray with rubbing alcohol to release air bubbles. You will want to remove the soap from the pan when it has setup but is still warm to the touch. Once again, this will take approximately 20 minutes. However, setup time can vary depending on the temperature that you poured as well as the temperature of the room you are working in.

Slicing the Green Soap into StripsSlicing the Green Soap into Strips

Once again, after you have removed the soap from your pan, place the soap on a cutting board. Have it facing horizontally in front of you. Then, just as before, we are going to slice it into vertical strips that are about ¼ inch wide. They should look exactly the same as the red strips we cut previously.

Making the White Portion of the SoapMaking the White Portion of the Soap

Now, we can prepare the last portion of our holiday ribbon melt and pour soap project. This will be the white portion of the soap, which will follow very similar steps as the red and green soap portions did. However, instead of using the Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap, we are going to be using the Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap. Start by weighing out 655 grams. Once it has melted, add 32 grams of the Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil. Incorporate everything together by stirring. 

This base is unscented with no Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), or any other added detergents. The ingredients in this base are glycerin, sodium stearate, sodium cocoate, and sodium myristate,. It also contains coconut oil (cocoa nucifera), palm oil (elaeis guineensis), sunflower oil (helianthus annus), purified water, mango butter (mangifera indica), and titanium dioxide. Mango butter has several beneficial properties to it such as soothing and softening the skin. Eczema and dryness of the skin can be helped by mango butter. Additionally, it cleanses the surface of the skin from blemishes or impurities, and helps to unclog pores. 

Spraying the Strips of SoapSpraying the Strips of Soap

At this time, you will need one of your empty pans and the red and green strips that we previously created. Place the strips in the pan, leaving about ¼ inch gaps in between each. The soap is going to be white in color where the ¼ inch gaps are when we are finished pouring. Due to this, it does not matter how you choose to lay down your strips. You can lay them in whatever order you would like. We created variations when making this recipe. Some of our ribbon soap simply had green and white lines, while others had only red and white lines. We also created some with both green and red strips, as you can see in the picture. How you choose to do it is completely up to you! Once you have your strips laid out on the pan how you would like them to be, spray the soap strips in the pan with rubbing alcohol. This will help to ensure that they will adhere to the white soap we are about to pour on top of them. 

Incorporating the White SoapIncorporating the White Soap

Then, we are going to finish off our strips by adding the white portion. Pour the melted soap into the pan where you have left the gaps in between the green and red. These gaps will be filled by the white soap and will eventually harden. Once you have done this, spray the soap with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles again. Just as you have before, remove the soap from the pan while it is still warm to the touch. Make sure that it has had enough time to set up. When it is at this stage, the strip will still be flexible, which makes it much easier to work with. This flexibility is essential for the final step, so the timing is very important.

Slicing and Bending the Finished ProductSlicing the Finished Product

For this next step, quickly and carefully slice the soap the way that we did for the green and red strips. However, this time we want to have eight strips. Once you have cut them, trim around the edges to remove any excess or jagged pieces. 



Shaping the Ribbon Soap

For the final step in creating this holiday ribbon candy project, we are going to bend the strips of soap. We created a zig zag texture to resemble ribbon candy. The shape of this soap makes it that much cuter! Allow enough time for it to finish cooling down before use.

As we mentioned earlier, you are going to notice that you still have left over green and red strips of soap. All you have to do is simply repeat the steps, beginning when you make the portion for the white soap. This way, you can find a way to utilize the remaining strips and avoid any waste. It is also a great idea to use all of the extra pieces that you can make as a gift for someone this holiday season! We ended up having enough strips to create a total of four pans of striped soap! This will obviously vary depending on how thick you decided to cut your strips of green and red soap. 

After you have made as much soap as you would like to, your Holiday Ribbon Melt and Pour Soap Project is now ready to be used! We hope that you enjoyed making this new and fun holiday themed product! If this soap making recipe has you hungry for the real thing, you can find it at the Vermont Country Store!


Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe

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Pinecone Christmas Ornaments RecipePinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe

The best part of Christmas is family, nothing is better than being together with all your loved ones. One fun way that you can spend this time is by creating fun crafts together! We at Natures Garden have created a holiday recipe that is easy and fun for the whole family. While parent supervision is necessary for the glue gun, the Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe is a simple recipe that kids can help make, too.

When I was younger, my grandma would have each of her grandchildren make and sign an ornament for her Christmas Tree. It was one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Not only is this ornament easy enough for kids, but this elegant, rustic design is perfect for decorating a unique and gorgeous Christmas tree. Plus, you can all enjoy decorating the tree after the pine cone ornaments are complete. Regardless of how you spend your holidays this year, this simple and lovely ornament is perfect for decorating and bringing the family together!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Ingredients Available at Natures Garden

Disposable Pipettes
Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe All Ingredients You Will NeedPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe All Ingredients That You Will Need

Pine cones
Plastic Easter Eggs
Gold Craft Glitter
Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil
Liquid Craft Glue
Twine or Ribbon
Small Glass bowl
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Foam Brush or Paint Brush
Disposable Pipettes
Newspaper or Wax Paper
Scale (optional)


Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Gathering Your Pinecones

Of course, you can try to find some unscented, decorative pine cones at a store. But, it would certainly be more fun to go out and gather this part of the craft on your own. This way you have the chance to find the perfect pine cone for your ornament. This idea is especially great for kids that want to create this craft. Not only is this idea fun for kids, but it can certainly save you money from overpriced, decorative pine cones. That’s one of the beautiful things about creating pine cone ornaments, you can use the same pine cones from your yard!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Preparing the Work Area

After you have gathered all of your ingredients you can start preparing your work station. All you are going to need is a clean, flat area to create your ornament, but you are going to want to lay down something to catch the mess. So, grab either some wax paper or an old newspaper to cover your counter top. You are going to want to lay this down over your work area before you get started. This will protect the counter top from the glue and the fragrance oil. Another bonus is that laying this down will make clean up so much easier. So, you are not going to want to skip this step.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Creating the Scented Pinecone

We are going to start off by creating the pine cone portion of this recipe. Not only will this pretty pine cone ornament use the gold glitter, but this part of the holiday craft will be scented with the perfect Christmas scent, Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil. It is a wonderful blend of pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry, holly, and a hint of vanilla. So, let’s get started!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Measuring the Liquid GluePinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Measuring the Liquid Glue

Now, we are ready to begin creating these simple Christmas ornaments. You are going to want to begin by measuring the liquid craft glue. We chose to use Elmer’s glue in our project, but any liquid craft glue that dries clear will be perfect! So, portion out about an ounce of glue into a small, glass bowl. This amount may vary slightly depending on the size of both your pine cones and plastic Easter eggs, but this is a good amount to start off with. If you happen to run out before you finish your pine cones, then you can make more later. 

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Adding the Fragrance OilPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Adding the Fragrance Oil

Next, you are going to be adding in the wonderful fragrance oil. We chose to use our original Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil because it is a strong scent that is perfect for Christmas time. Plus, this aroma is amazing for creating homemade room scents, as it is a strong aroma. So, grab this fragrance oil and the ounce of liquid glue. You are going to add about 1-2 mL of Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil to the glue, which you can measure using a disposable pipette. Then, mix thoroughly to incorporate the scent into the glue.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Adding the Scented GluePinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Adding the Scented Glue

Now, you are going to take your pine cones and coat the whole thing in the Sleigh Ride scented glue mixture! Although only the edges will have glitter added, you can use the glue everywhere to create a stronger scent for your home this season! The more your add, the stronger the fragrance will be in your home. Just make sure that you create enough to coat the edges and remember that you can mix up more scented glue as you need it. After your pine cone has been covered well, you are ready to move on to the next step of adding the glitter.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Rolling in the GlitterPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Rolling in the Glitter

After your liquid glue has dried we are ready for the glitter! Just sprinkle an amount of this gorgeous gold glitter on your protected work area and roll your pine cones in it. The goal for this method is to cover the outer edges of the pine cone and add some lovely shimmer. Although we did add glue to places that don’t have glitter, we didn’t necessarily waste any of the glue. This scented glue will dry clear and add to the aroma of the overall recipe. So, the extra glue will create a stronger room scenting product for your Christmas Tree!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Preparing the Plastic Easter Eggs

Now, you are ready for the second part of this lovely Christmas craft! While the freshly glittered and scented pine cones are drying, you can prepare the other half of this diy Christmas ornament. You will need to take the smaller halves of the plastic Easter eggs and completely cover them with gold glitter!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Adding Glue to the Plastic Easter EggsPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Adding Glue to the Plastic Easter Eggs

Now, you are going to get the plastic Easter eggs ready for the ornament. You are only going to be using the smaller halves of the plastic eggs for these diy pine cone christmas tree ornaments. So, take these halves of the plastic eggs and cover them in unscented glue. You can wipe out and re-add the liquid glue to the same small bowl. Then, just roll or brush the glue onto each of the plastic eggs. After, set these plastic eggs some where that they can be sprinkled with glitter without making a big mess, we chose to use a large glass bowl.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Pour on the Gold GlitterPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Pour on the Gold Glitter

Next, you are going to add the gold craft glitter. Make sure that you move fast enough that the liquid glue doesn’t dry before you’re ready, because you are going to want to have a nice, even coat of glitter. Once you are ready, simply pour the gold glitter on the glue-coated plastic eggs until they have a nice layer of sparkles. Later, these beautiful, glittery plastic eggs will be added to the bottom of the pine cones!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe After the Plastic Easter Eggs DryPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe After the Plastic Easter Eggs Dry

After the plastic eggs have been coated in glitter, just leave them to dry in their place. You are going to want to wait until both the pine cones and the plastic Easter eggs have dried completely. Depending on how thick your coat of glue was, this could take some time before you are ready to move on to the next step. But, it is worth the wait because nobody wants to smudge their glitter! So, take a break and let the glitter get settled as the glue dries.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Finishing Up the Ornament

Now that both halves of your homemade Christmas ornaments have been created, it’s time to put it altogether. So, the next part of this blog will be combining the pieces and putting the finishing touches on your gorgeous holiday decorations.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Gluing the Plastic EggPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Gluing the Plastic Egg

Once both the plastic Easter eggs and the pine cones have completely dried, you are ready to combine the two finished pieces. You will be hot gluing the plastic Easter eggs to the bottom of each of the pine cones. So, you are going to want to start off by warming up your hot glue gun. After the glue gun is ready, you will add a line of glue to the inner perimeter of one of the plastic eggs. Quickly, move on to the next step before the glue dries.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Combining the Plastic Easter Eggs with the PineconesPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Combining the Plastic Easter Eggs with the Pinecones

Finally, you are ready to combine the two pieces of your diy ornament. This step will be pretty simple, but you need to be gentle to make sure your don’t accidentally remove the glitter. So, place your plastic egg half over the bottom of your pine cone. Then, hold the two pieces together for a few moments so the hot glue has an opportunity to dry. Then, repeat the gluing and combining steps with each of the remaining pine cones. Together, the pine cone and the small, plastic egg halves will create a wonderful, sparkly ornament for your Christmas Tree!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Hanging Your DIY Christmas Tree OrnamentsPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Hanging Your DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now that your homemade ornament has both its halves put together, you need to get your craft ready to hang up on the Christmas tree! So, grab either the twine or the ribbon and let’s get started. Since we chose to use the twine, we will refer to it as such during this step. Just know that you will be using the hanging device that you chose. Now, you can take your nearly finished ornament and loop the twine around the top of the pine cone. Make sure to secure the twine around the ornament. Then, make a smaller loop at the top of the twine to make sure your new Christmas decorations can be hung up on the tree this year.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe Sleigh Ride

Not only is creating some homemade Christmas crafts with our Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil a fun way to celebrate this season, but taking an actual Sleigh Ride would be absolutely perfect. Nothing compares to riding on a horse drawn sleigh through the snow on a gorgeous winter day. Every year my hometown would have a Christmas festival with crafts in the library, lights down main street, hot chocolate, and the beautiful horse-drawn sleigh. There was nothing more magical than a ride in the sleigh with a warm hot chocolate and light, fluffy snow drifting from above. This lovely tradition is just one of the many that makes Christmas so wonderful!

While you can find lovely sleigh rides all throughout the United States, this website has some of the absolute best sleigh rides around. So, you can check out the travel section of Fox News and find the Top 10 Sleigh Rides in North America. Whether  you try out these wonderful sleigh rides or find a lovely sleigh near your home, we hope you find some of the holiday magic this delightful tradition can bring you!

natures gardenPinecone Christmas Ornaments Recipe

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! We hope that you enjoyed this lovely homemade Christmas recipe. Whether this craft is perfect for decorating your Christmas tree or a great craft for the kids, we would love to hear about your holiday stories. Plus, we would absolutely love to see some or your decorated Christmas trees!  You can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page or on Instagram with the handle @ngscents. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil

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Sleigh Ride Fragrance OilSleigh Ride Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil is a holiday scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a wonderfully jolly Christmas blend of pine trees, holly berries, cinnamon sticks, and sweet vanilla with a few other notes. This scent is not only a perfect holiday scent for Christmas time, but this fragrance is an Natures Garden original as well! We hope that you are happy with this aroma and have a happy holiday season!

What Does Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a Christmas Scent. A wonderful blend of pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry, holly, and a hint of vanilla. An NG Original!

How Do Our Customers Use Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil in Air Freshening Products?

Create beautiful and seasonally appropriate room scenting products of all kinds. Room scenting products, such as potpourri, incense, and reed stick diffusers, can have this Christmas scent included in their recipes at a rate of 50% overall.  Also, aroma bead products that use this pine tree, vanilla, and cinnamon fragrance oil have a nice and strong scent retained.  Another option is creating homemade smelly jelly jars.  Our smelly jelly crystals allow you to create adorable air freshening jar that are perfect for school dorms and bathrooms.

How Do Our Customers Use Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil in Handcrafted Candles?

This holiday season get swept away on a scenic sleigh ride by creating handcrafted candles with our magical Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil.  Candles and wax melts can include up to 10% of this fragrance oil. Pillar of Bliss, WOW Wax, as well as our Joy Wax all will perform perfectly for this scent.  Also, if you are looking for a natural wax, try one of our soy waxes.  We have found that all of the Golden Brands perform wonderfully with Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil.  This includes the 100% Soy Wax 415, Golden Foods 464, and Golden Brands 444. Lastly, our palm waxes.  Both our palm container and our palm pillar waxes perform amazingly well with this scent.  With the wax having a crystallized effect, it reminds me of a blanket of snow covering the candle.  Not only that, but our palm waxes are eco-friendly, coming from sustainable sources.

How Do Our Customers Color Their Room Scenting Products Using Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil?

Are you undecided on how to color your products using Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil?  Our recommendation is using eight drops of green candle colorant and two drops of black liquid candle dye.  Alternatively, you could use an ample amount of shredded green and black color blocks in the wax.  We have chosen these suggestions for a four pound batch.  When coloring your candles and melt with crayons you do risk clogging your wick.  For this reason, we never recommend crayons as a suitable candle colorant.

How Do Our Customers Use Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Products?

While this holiday fragrance oil can be included room scenting products, this scent is not body safe.  Therefore, it can not be used to create bath and body products.  Since this Christmas time fragrance oil is not a body safe scent, bath oils, bath gels, soaps, lotions,  and other related bath and body products can not safely include this fragrance oil.  Even though homemade cleaning products are not meant to be used directly on the body, it is unable to contain this scent due to the opportunity of it coming into contact with skin.

Whether you are using this fragrance oil to add a bit of cheer to your holiday products or just enjoying this scent in your everyday products, we hope that you enjoy this fragrance oil!


Christmas Thyme Scent

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christmas thyme fragrance oilChristmas Thyme Scent– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

It’s almost here! Christmas is just weeks away, pretty much right around the corner! Have you finished all your present shopping? Do you have everything wrapped and ready to go? Are all of your decorations up? This is the most wonderful time of the year and definitely the most exciting! Are you looking for some new Christmas fragrances to add to your holiday projects? Have you ever tried our Christmas Thyme Scent? It is the perfect fragrance to add to all of your projects, and it is the perfect scent to use for gifts for all of your loved ones!

What Does Christmas Thyme Scent Smell Like?

Christmas Thyme by Nature’s Garden is the wonderful aroma of apples and bayberries with base notes of thyme and fresh thyme needles. Christmas Thyme also has top notes of cinnamon bark that is freshly ground. This amazing scent is actually a Nature’s Garden original fragrance!

How Do Our Customers Use Christmas Thyme Fragrance Oil?

Do you see that little red light in the sky? Rudolph gets closer and closer every day, leading Santa’s sleigh filled with presents! For all of the candle makers out there, this fragrance is absolutely perfect for you! When used in the candle making process, it is nice and strong in soy wax, while performing perfectly in wow wax and joy wax! If you would like to have your whole house enveloped in this lovely scent, Christmas Thyme can be used in some nice and strong aroma beads! There is also a 50% maximum usage rate for this fragrance if used in incense and potpourri recipes!

For bath and body products however, Christmas Thyme scent is not body safe. So please, do not attempt to use it in any soaps, lotions, perfumes, creams, or any other type of bath and body product. It is best to stick with just filling your house with this amazing scent!

Although, this fragrance is not body safe, please don’t hesitate to use it in candles or potpourri recipes! Here at Nature’s Garden, we actually offer many free recipes and classes, and our free recipe for our Christmas Liquid Potpourri is actually made with our Christmas Thyme Fragrance Oil! Make sure to try out this amazing recipe! It would be the perfect stocking stuffer or new unique gift to give to all of your friends and family, and even your customers! But make sure to check out all the rest of our free Christmas recipes as well!

Are you wondering how to get your hands on this wonderful scent as soon as possible? All you have to do is type “chris thyme” into the search bar on our website. That will take you directly to our Christmas Thyme Fragrance Oil. On top of the fragrance picture, there is a little green box that says “Recipe.” If you click on that tab, you will see the name and picture of our Christmas Liquid Potpourri recipe. That is a direct link to the actual free recipe. Make sure to check out this awesome product as soon as possible!! Please contact us with any thoughts, questions, or concerns you may have, and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!


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Christmas Cabernet Scent

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christmas cabernet fragrance oilChristmas Cabernet Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Hello all of you wonderful people! Are you all ready for Christmas? Do you have your delicious cookies baked and ready for the big guy yet? Is all of your shopping done for your amazing family and friends? Or are you looking for the perfect Christmas scent to add to your new projects to use as unique heartfelt gifts for all of your loved ones? How about our Christmas Cabernet scent? Christmas Cabernet is definitely the perfect fragrance to use for all of your holidays projects and gifts!

What Does Christmas Cabernet Smell Like?

Christmas Cabernet by Nature’s Garden is sure to make you want to speed up the clock to reach the time for Christmas celebrations! It is the scent of a full-bodied wine with power and a good varietal character, and hints of the flavor of delicious red cherries, giving it an excellent balance of flavors and a long finish! Christmas Cabernet also gives off the aroma of a beautiful bouquet of oak and berries and is the classically traditional red that is perfect for the holiday season!


How Do Our Customers Use Christmas Cabernet Fragrance Oil?

With the warmth of the Christmas spirit inside you and everyone you know, Christmas Cabernet is the perfect fragrance to use for this holiday season. For all you candle makers out there, this scent is just right for you! When used for candles, it performs perfectly in joy wax and wow wax and is also nice and strong in soy wax! Hoping to fill your house with a warm Christmassy scent for the holidays? This fragrance actually is lovely in some nice and strong aroma beads! It can even be used in potpourri and incense recipes with a maximum usage rate of 50%!
For bath and body products, Christmas Cabernet has a 5% maximum usage rate. Common products it can be used in are lotions, creams, bath gels, bath oils, and soaps. However, when used in bath and body products, this fragrance does have a .35% vanillin content, meaning it can possibly discolor your products. Just make sure to thoroughly test it before using it on finished products! For all you cold process soapers out there, this scent is perfect for you! Our CP findings are: it has a very strong scent and no acceleration, but it does discolor products to a light beige color.

This fragrance is the perfect fragrance for this coming holiday season! It is sure to remind you of many Christmas parties past, and brings thoughts of many more to come! Christmas Cabernet is a wonderful fragrance to use for all of your Christmas projects and even new gifts for your family and friends! The easiest way to get ahold of this amazing scent is by typing “chris caber” into the search bar on our website. That will take you directly to our Christmas Cabernet Fragrance Oil page! But while you’re there, make sure to check out all of our wonderful free classes and recipes as well! You are sure to enjoy each and every one of them! Please contact us if you have any problems or concerns and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!


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Myrrh Uses

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myrrh usesMyrrh Uses

Hi everyone! For all you crafters out there, are you looking for new and exciting projects to try for this upcoming holiday season? Maybe you’re in need of a new unique gift to give to your friends and family for Christmas? Or maybe you’re just looking for something new that is sure to remind you and yours of the Christmas story? Well, do we have the perfect product for you! Have you ever tried anything with myrrh gum powder? Well, myrrh just so happens to be one of the three special gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the three wise men. Using myrrh for the holidays is the perfect way to remind everyone you know of the real meaning of Christmas!

There are many different uses for myrrh in many different products and industries. It can be used for bath and body products, cosmetics, foods and beverages, medicinal purposes, and even hair and skin care! When used in cosmetics and bath and body products, myrrh uses have many different benefits. It helps to keep your hair healthy by working as an astringent. It helps to soften and strengthen hair and even prevents hair loss. It also helps to treat dandruff, lice, underactive sebaceous glands, and dry scalp. When you use myrrh for skin care purposes, it helps to maintain a youthful complexion, rejuvenate cell growth, contract and cool the skin, heal blemishes and reduce wrinkles and swelling. Myrrh also helps to repair cracked, damaged, and chapped skin.

Even more benefits of myrrh uses come from its medicinal purposes. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to help treat women for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine problems, and even menopause. It is also used to treat circulatory, liver, heart, and spleen ailments. Myrrh has even been shown to help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. In Ayurveda and Unani medicine, myrrh is used to help treat kidney dysfunction and stomach pains. Specifically for women, it is also used to help treat excessive uterine bleeding. Myrrh oil works as a booster for the immune system, helping to protect the body from infections. Myrrh is even used to treat many other ailments such as coughing, asthma, joint pain, congestion, lung congestion, ulcers, indigestion, hemorrhoids, athlete’s foot, laryngitis, rheumatism, and bronchitis. Myrrh even helps to inhibit tumor growth and helps the body to fight against and inhibit cancer!

Myrrh can even be added to food and beverages as a flavoring or stabilizing agent. Did you know that ancient Egyptians even used myrrh as an embalming agent for mummies? Are you thinking about how to get your hands on this amazing product as soon as possible? Well, all you have to do is type “myrrh gum” into the search bar on our website. That will take you directly to our actual myrrh gum powder. But just a second, because this product gets even better! We have many wonderful free recipes and classes here at Nature’s Garden, but our Frankincense and Myrrh Soap just happens to be made with actual myrrh gum powder! This fantastic soap would be the perfect gift or project for the holiday season! Go check out this product as soon as possible and make sure to keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!


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