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Fun Fall Crafts

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Fun Fall CraftsFun Fall Crafts

There are a lot of fun characteristics of fall. Some of these including: the cooling weather, the colorful leaves, and the smell of those fresh falling leaves. Our fun fall crafts capture the attributes that one would normally associate with autumn like apples, leaves, and pumpkins. All of these crafts smell great and will change the atmosphere of anyone’s home. Whether you’re looking to make your home more autumn like or looking for a new product for your bath and body line, we got a recipe for it. Get ready to be amazed by your results!

What Makes Fall Such a Great Season?

There are many reasons why fall is a wonderful season, and I’m going to outline some here. For one, it’s pumpkin season, and you can use pumpkins to decorate almost any nook and cranny of your home. Also, carving jack-o-lanterns is a great family friendly activity for anyone to do. Clothing can also appear way more comfy to most people because sweaters and joggers are normally very comfy to wear around. You also get the chance to decorate all around your home and dress up for Halloween. Fall always gives someone the chance to show off the best of their creative side. There’s also something relaxing about listening to the sound of fallen leaves snap under your footsteps as you walk outside. On top of leaves, walking around through corn mazes and pumpkin patches is always an entertaining activity anyone would enjoy doing.

Fun Fall Crafts Spider Slime RecipeFun Fall Crafts Spider Slime Recipe

This recipe captures the true spooky nature of Halloween. Nature’s Garden’s Spider Slime Recipe features a spooky dark purple colored slime that appears to be oozing with spiders. Anyone can make this recipe, and it is not only scary but safe to play with. This recipe features our Witching Hour Fragrance Oil made up of notes of cinnamon bark, bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, and rose. When making this recipe, you should watch how much borax solution you add, as adding to much won’t give the slime that scary, oozy consistency.

Fun Fall Crafts Black Licorice Candle RecipeFun Fall Crafts Black Licorice Candle Recipe

What’s the first thing kids think of when it comes to Halloween? Candy! This candle recipe captures the different colors of traditional licorice, which has always been a popular Halloween candy. This candy is dark, which compliments the scary dark nights of Halloween. On top of it, the Black Licorice Candle Recipe also contains a layer of dark black. The different colors in this candle are made using Nature’s Garden’s Yellow, Black, Mauve, and White Color Blocks Dyes. This candle is easy for anyone to make and will make for the perfect Halloween decor for your home.

Fun Fall Crafts Pumpkin Roll Bubble Bar RecipeFun Fall Crafts Pumpkin Roll Bubble Bar Recipe

Another fun thing to look forward to in Autumn, all the festive desserts! Pumpkin rolls not only taste good but are always fun to make with the family. This recipe nearly replicates the process you have to go through to create a pumpkin roll, but you are creating a bubble bar instead. Nature’s Garden’s Pumpkin Roll Bubble Bar Recipe uses Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend Powder. This natural powder is made up of a blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. You add this powder to cold process soaps as well to provide it with a fragrance and color. Enjoy creating this fun recipe!

Fun Fall Crafts Green Apple Lip BalmFun Fall Crafts Green Apple Lip Balm

Autumn is the time of the year when apples begin to become ripe for the picking. Families, friends, and people of all ages travel to apple orchards every fall for picking apples. Nature’s Garden’s Green Apple Lip Balm captures the fruity essence of a green apple for your lips. This recipe is also very easy to make, and anyone can have fun making it. Our Green Apple Blast Flavoring smells very similar to the tart scent of a green apple. If you want to sweeten the lip balm, you can also add stevia.

Fun Fall Crafts Football Field Candle Loaf RecipeFun Fall Crafts Football Field Candle Loaf Recipe

One of the more popular fall past times that people look forward to every year is watching football. Not only do people enjoy watching it, they also enjoy setting up viewing parties for the sport as well. Are you looking for a great decoration for your football parties, try this recipe. Our Football Field Candle Loaf Recipe looks like and smells like a football field too! This recipe uses Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil to allow the candle to smell like a freshly trimmed football field. The candle will smell so realistic, that you will think you’re standing on the field itself. This candle is also fun for anyone of any age to make. Enjoy making this candle, and impressing all your guests when they come over for the big game.

Fun Fall Crafts Caramel Apple Bath BombFun Fall Crafts Caramel Apple Bath Bomb

This recipe is just oozing with creativeness. Everyone enjoys a sticky, sweet caramel apples in the midst of the cool fall weather. Nature’s Garden’s Caramel Apple Bath Bomb is easy for anyone to create, and fun to use in the bathtub. This recipe involves two steps, making the green apple bath bomb, then making the caramel soap. The caramel gets its texture from combining both Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap and Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap.  The Hemp Oil M&P Soap for covering the bath bomb, and the Diamond Clear M&P Soap for giving the caramel the shiny look. You will be amazed at the outcome of this recipe, as it will look just like a real caramel apple. Have fun using this bath bomb in the tub!

Fun Fall Crafts Pumpkin Latte Bath Bomb RecipeFun Fall Crafts Pumpkin Latte Bath Bomb Recipe

There’s nothing more soothing in the cool, crisp Autumn weather than a hot cup of pumpkin latte. This recipe attempts to capture the warm aroma of this blended drink by blending a bunch of different scents associated with a pumpkin latte. One of the unique ingredients used is Vanilla Powder. Most lattes are usually made with frothed milk, and the vanilla powder attempts to capture the creaminess of a pumpkin latte. This recipe is really fun to use, as you can drop it in your bathtub, and it will make it look like you are bathing in a latte.

Fun Fall Crafts Witches Brew Candle RecipeFun Fall Crafts Witches Brew Candle Recipe

This candle recipe captures a fun Halloween Witch. The colors of this candle create very dark layers that work their way up to a bubbly top. The candle looks just like a cauldron and is made up of both Nature’s Garden’s Pillar of Bliss Wax and Joy Wax. As you can see, these waxes allow you to create a vibrant color. Also, Pillar of Bliss Wax has an excellent scent throw, so your candle can smell as strong as it needs to.

Fun Fall Crafts Ghostly Scented Toilet Paper RecipeFun Fall Crafts Ghostly Scented Toilet Paper Recipe

Nothing more terrifying than a ghost. This cute recipe recreates the image of a ghost onto your toilet paper, and turns it into an air freshener. Keep this air freshener in your bathroom to decorate it for the scary season. The scent used in this recipe is Nature’s Garden’s Tricks or Treats Fragrance Oil. This fragrance features top notes of persimmon, pumpkin, and apple; followed by middle notes of elderberries, blueberries, currants, cinnamon, and orange; all finished off with base notes of sugar cane and vanilla. This fragrance uses a lot of different scents to capture all the candy smells of Halloween. The best part about this recipe is that it’s fun. Try this recipe out if you’re looking for a fun Halloween decoration for your home.

Fun Fall Crafts Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts RecipeFun Fall Crafts Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts Recipe

Cheesecake is a favorite year round dessert. This fall spin on cheesecake features a Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melt Recipe that captures the aroma of a fresh cheesecake. The hint of pumpkin with cheesecake is a scent that will make your house smell amazing. This recipe uses Joy Wax to create the whipped wax frosting that you see on the wax tarts. After the frosting is applied to the wax tarts, Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend Powder is then applied to the top of the frosting.  Use these wax melts in a wax melter, and watch your home smell just like a pumpkin pie cheesecake. Yum!

Fun Fall Crafts Apple Dumpling Air Freshener RecipeFun Fall Crafts Apple Dumpling Air Freshener Recipe

Apple dumplings are a very delicious fall time dessert. You can serve apple dumplings with ice cream. This unique recipe uses Aroma Beads – Sachet Beads to capture the aroma of Natures Garden’s Apple Dumpling Fragrance Oil. This recipe also uses golden mica dust and yellow liquid candle dye to give the beads their color. You won’t believe the wonderful aroma that this air freshener will give off when you are done. Place this in any room of your home to make it smell like an authentic apple dumpling. The best part about this recipe, you can make a lot of these air fresheners and place them all over your home. We hope you enjoy the aroma of this recipe!

Fun Fall Crafts Fragrance Autumn Woods Fragrance OilFun Fall Crafts Fragrance Autumn Woods Fragrance Oil

There are a lot of different crafts that you can create using Nature’s Garden’s Autumn Woods Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil captures many scents of fall including blackberries, pine, cedar wood, eucalyptus and many more. You can use this fragrance in our candle recipes as well as bath and body product recipes. A recipe created at Nature’s Garden that uses this fragrance oil is Autumn Leaves Potpourri. You aren’t limited to our recipes though, you can come up with your own recipes using the amounts that we designate on our website. The creativity is completely up to you.

Fun Fall Crafts Fragrance Caramel FragranceFun Fall Crafts Fragrance Caramel Fragrance

Caramel fragrance is a great fragrance to make crafts with because there’s a lot of scents you can mix it with. For example, we have used this fragrance oil in our Caramel Apple Bath Bomb Recipe and our Caramel Custard Cold Process Soap Recipe. Don’t limit yourself to our recipes. You can come up with your own fall themed recipes at home. Try mixing this fragrance oil with other fragrances, and see what you can come up with.

One of the fun fall crafts that a lot of people enjoy doing is apple picking. Here, I will talk about some of the best apple orchards that are available in the United States for picking apples. This article, Best Apple Orchards in the United States, outlines some of the best orchards based on size, available events, and treats that are available to eat. According to the article, the best orchard in the United States is Willowbrook Apple Farm in Oak Glen, California. There are also many activities featured here like hard pressing your own cider, mini horses, and eating caramel apples. Other orchards offer other food venues and many more fun fall activities that anyone would enjoy. Give this article a read, and share what you believe makes the best apple orchards in the United States.


15 Scented Slime Recipes

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Scented Slime Recipes15 Scented Slime Recipes

Scented slime recipes have become the new way to play with slime. We have had a lot of interest in the scented slimes recipes, so, we wanted to bring you some of our favorites! These scented slimes are a perfect way for parents and their kids to do a project together. These are very easy recipes that will be ideal for kids to get inspired by slime. Everyone involved will have fun making these simple crafts! So, grab the kids and check out these 15 scented slime recipes and plan your next craft day!

Ingredients Needed for the 15 Scented Slime Recipes

8 oz. Clear PET Bullet Bottles
White Smooth Disc Top Lids 24/410
8 oz. Clear PET JAR
White Straight Smooth Lid 70/400
Disposable Pipettes
Slime Fragrance Oils
Da Bomb Soap Dyes
FUN Soap Colorants

Other Supplies Needed

Mixing Bowls
Stainless Steel Spoon
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons
Clear or White Glue
Shaving Cream
Slime Charms


Bacon Slime RecipeBacon Slime Recipe

Who said playing with your food is a bad thing? There has been a lot of interest in a savory scented slime recipe, so we delivered our fantastic bacon scented slime. To give it an interesting layered look, we added some of Natures Garden’s FUN soap colorants. Twisting up all three colors gives it that realistic bacon look. It will be hard to believe this is a scented slime recipe.

Bacon Fragrance OilBacon Fragrance Oil

We were challenged to make the most realistic scent to smell like genuine bacon. The only thing you’re missing is eggs and toast. If I can say so, we delivered!

For all those bacon lovers out there, here are some fun facts about bacon. On average an American consumes about 17 pounds of bacon per year. Another fun fact about bacon is that it is actually used to flavor some bourbons, beer, and vodkas.

Blue Raspberry Slushie Slime Recipe Blue Raspberry Slushie Slime Recipe

Slime that smells just like childhood! Well, this is for most of us. It even has diamond dust in it the blue raspberry slime sparkle like real ice.  Plus, adding blue beads will give you a nice added texture. It’s colored very simply with Da Bomb soap dye. This is one of our simpler scented slimes. This is perfect for a project with the kids using a blue raspberry scent.

Blue Raspberry Slushie Fragrance OilBlue Raspberry Slushie Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil is a blast from the past. It combines amazing scents like ripened raspberries, cotton candy, and even crushed ice. It will give you that memory of when you were little drinking blue slushies at the movie theater. This is bound to be a favorite amongst the youngest crafters.

Top Notes:  Raspberries
Mid Notes:  Peaches, Strawberries
Base Notes:  Cotton Candy, crushed ice

Bubblegum Slime RecipeBubble Gum Slime Recipe

This simple slime is colored pink with Da bomb red dye to give it that amazing color. The bubblegum fragrance oil gives it a very sweet smell that will make you want to blow a bubble. Adding some glitter will give it a nice sparkle, while pink beads on top will make the perfect finish!

Bubblegum Fragrance OilBubble Gum Fragrance Oil

Natures Garden created a sweet, delectable fragrance oil to remind us of childhood. Bubblegum Fragrance Oil is the closest to the real thing that our perfumists could come up with!

Top Notes: orange, pineapple, banana
Mid Notes: peach, cherry
Base Notes: vanilla

Bunny Slime RecipeBunny Slime Recipe

This scented bunny slime recipe is perfect for early springtime. It combines the perfect mix of glittery confetti to give the purple slime a nice balance of color. Then, we added the Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil to scent the slime.  If you add the bunny slime charm it is ready for Easter, making this an awesome gift in an Easter basket or for a bunny enthusiast. (or for the Easter Bunny himself!)

Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil

Easter Bunny Burps Fragrance Oil Natures Garden original. We have tested a lot of fragrances to finally find the right mix. This scent embraces Easter time and the best things that go along with it. This vibrant blend of garden greens has a hint of fresh mint to lighten up the mixture. Along with a touch of spring flowers to make you feel like the Easter bunny yourself. An undertone of sandalwood adds warmth to the blend, finishing off with a splash of musk to have an overall amazing fragrance.

Cotton Candy Slime RecipeCotton Candy Slime Recipe

This cotton candy slime recipe will make you want to go to the fair and grab a bag of fresh cotton candy! The mixture of pink and blue FUN soap colorants will give you the feeling of nostalgia while opening your slime. Don’t be fooled, it’s actually not cotton candy! Slime confetti on top adds a little more fun to the mix.

Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil

Cotton candy fragrance oil combines fresh strawberry and French vanilla. This blend’s mixture gives a perfectly sweet confectionery aroma that has turn to be a Nature’s Garden bestseller!


Cucumber Melon Slime RecipeCucumber and Melon Slime Recipe

The cucumber melon slime recipe is a more natural scent that combines savory with sweet. The cucumber melon scented slime will have the kids playing with their slime all day long! The fun color scheme of green and yellow will make it extra fun. You can twist the slime in the jars to any pattern.

Cucumber & Melons Fragrance OilCucumber and Melon Fragrance Oil

Cucumber and Melon fragrance oil is a very nice blend to resemble a fan favorite. This is a mix of cucumber that has a sour and sweet attribute, subtle notes of deep green oil, and a splash of violet! In the close background, fresh honeydew melon is last, but certainly not least!

Fruity Rings Slime RecipeFruity Rings Slime Recipe

This is one of the wonderful recipes that are very simple, with no coloring, yet will give it pizzazz with the fruity ring slime charms. The kids will definitely vote this a fan favorite. It will make you think you’re actually having a bowl of cereal – just make sure you don’t actually eat it!

Fruity Rings Fragrance OilFruity Rings Fragrance Oil

Fruity Rings fragrance oil is the best selling scent used in our fruity rings slime recipe! It’s amazing how similar the smell is to one of our favorite cereals.  With this amazing fragrance, you will have everyone’s attention in the family. The base notes for NG Fruity Rings begin with notes of vanilla sugar. Middle notes with small amounts of lemongrass, lily, and verbena. The top notes are what sets it apart with lemon rinds, limes, and grapefruit.

Gummy Bear Slime RecipeGummy Bear Slime Recipe

Who doesn’t like playing with their gummy bears? So, why not play with them in slime?! When making this recipe, it will make you actually feel like you’re playing in a swimming pool with the  gummy charms on top. This is a unique scented slime recipe that uses clear glue to set it apart from the others, surely making it exciting for the kids!  Of course, we just had to add a little green glitter to give the gummy bear slime just a slight color!

Yummy Gummy Fragrance OilYummy Gummy Fragrance Oil

There is nothing like opening a fresh bag of gummies! It’s a special part of childhood to get a small treat. Why not treat yourself to this Nature’s Garden original Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil as an adult? It is the perfect essence of chewy gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness!

Top Notes: Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange, Peach
Middle Notes: Grape, Coconut, Raspberry
Base Notes: Pear, Plum, Sugary Vanilla

Hot Fudge Brownie Slime RecipeHot Fudge Brownie Slime Recipe

The hot fudge brownies slime recipe will make a realistic looking sundae that will look so amazing, it will make you want to dig in! People will have a hard time believing it’s slime. This mix of the brown FUN soap colorant and white slime will make it look just like your favorite dessert. We even added a cherry and chocolate on top to give it an authentic. It makes the perfect sundae!

Hot Fudge Brownies Fragrance OilHot Fudge Brownie Fragrance oil

Hot Fudge Brownie fragrance oil is a Nature’s Garden best seller. It has the aroma of a fresh baked brownie right out of the oven topped off with your favorite hot fudge! If you thought it couldn’t get any better, we added a hint of vanilla. This fragrance oil will make you salivate with excitement.

Mermaid Slime RecipeMermaid Slime Recipe

This slime has all the colors of the ocean! The colorful swirls will make you think you’re at the beach watching the waves. The glitter in the slime will make you believe those waves are glistening in the sun. You might even find a seashell or mermaid tail if you add some charms.  This slime is perfect for kids and adults.

Mermaid Kisses Fragrance OilMermaid Kisses fragrance

Combining sea salt and ocean mist will bring you right to the ocean. A touch of feminine florals will make you think you’re experiencing a mermaid kiss! This Nature’s Garden original fragrance will give you the beach best aroma. The top notes consist of oceans mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals; middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver. This well rounded fragrance will make you think your kissing a mermaid!

Monkey Farts Slime RecipeMonkey Farts Slime

This bright yellow slime will make you think you dropped a banana into the mix. The Yellow Fun soap colorant gives this an outstanding color! This monkey farts scented slime recipe will surprise you with an explosive scent when you go to play with your slime. Adding slime confetti and glitter will give it a fun texture.

Monkey Farts Fragrance OilMonkey Farts Fragrance Oil

Monkey Farts fragrance oil will make you think it’s about to be disgusting. Quite the opposite, it is a very unique  and complex fragrance! It will definitely attract some new attention and questions. It is a best seller in the Nature’s Garden scent selection. The top notes start with fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries with a splash of vanilla as the base note.

Pink Sugar Slime RecipePink Sugar Slime

This is a customer favorite out of our scented slime recipes! It is a very simple slime, but the smell is what makes it stand out. The pink color will make you think of the perfect piece of pink fluff.

Pink Sugar Fragrance OilPink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil

Pink Sugar fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden is a fruity mixture of sweet cotton candy, lemon drops, carmel, and a touch of raspberry jam on a base of dry down of musks. This is a best seller in the collection. Another fragrance that will take you back to some of your favorite childhood memories. This sweet smelling fragrance will just have you keep coming back for more!

Buttered Popcorn SlimePopcorn Slime Recipe

This light and delicate scented slime recipe will have you craving your favorite snack after you get done making this with your kids. The slime will be a joy to anyone who wants to play with it. You will have hard time putting it down. The yellow confetti gives it a perfect finishing touch! 

Buttered Popcorn Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for Slime: Buttered Popcorn Fragrance Oil

Buttered Popcorn fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden is a critic’s favorite, ready to go with any movie! It is a delicious aroma of freshly popped popcorn with extra rich creamy butter. Yes, we made sure to add extra butter! It will make you want to lick your fingers (but don’t).

Rainbow Sherbet SlimeRainbow Sherbet Slime Recipe

This is a really fun scented slime recipe that will be a blast from the past! It has a very fruity scent which makes it stand out. Its tye-dye color is an adventurous way to make slime. It uses three separate neon FUN soap colorants so you will not lose it! This is a perfect mother and daughter project! 

Rainbow Sherbet Fragrance OilRainbow Sherbet Fragrance oil

Rainbow Sherbet fragrance oil by Nature’s Garden has the aroma of fresh lime, pineapples, oranges and a hint of raspberries. It makes a vibrant smell with the base note being creamy vanilla. It will make you want a bowl of this decadent treat! This fragrance was tested by over 80 customers who absolutely loved it and gave it fantastic reviews.

Spider slimeSpider Slime Recipe

This is an amazing scented slime recipe which is a great project for Halloween parties, both for the kids and adults! Its deep purple color gives a very fun look. The spider slime charms give it a spooky vibe. Careful, they might just crawl on you when you’re making this! You can even add other creepy crawlies.

Witching Hour Fragrance OilWitching Hour fragrance

This Nature’s Garden fragrance is an amazing Halloween scent. Our perfumest worked on making a spicy oil with magical notes. It begins with fresh ground cinnamon bark, and complemented with herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, and roses. The base is an earthy fragrance of sheer musk, black tea, and patchouli. This is another Nature’s Garden original!

Scented slime recipes have a huge following not only with kids, but adults as well. We have recipes for both. Our fragrance oil is perfect to change up your slime endeavors. These are a few recipes to get you started. When you’re playing with your slime, why can’t they smell awesome as well? Check out this awesome video of more food slimes they will make you hungry. Food Slime  You just still can’t eat them!


How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts

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How to Make Watermelon Scented CraftsHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts

Would you like to learn a bit more about how to make watermelon scented crafts? We know that summer is the perfect time of year for you to break out the refreshing scent of a sweet watermelon fragrance oil. This is because nothing is better than enjoying a slice of juicy watermelon on a hot summer day! So, you will absolutely want to check out our watermelon craft recipes in this fun craft recipe blog from Natures Garden. There are all kinds of fun homemade cosmetics and candle recipes that you can create using a scrumptious watermelon fragrance oil. So, you should look below to check out some of the fun watermelon craft recipe ideas that you can try out.

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Soap CraftyHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Soap Crafty

Anyone that is looking for some fun melt and pour soap design ideas is going to love this watermelon soap bar recipe! If you what to learn how to make a watermelon soap recipe that looks just like this mp soap, then check out our Watermelon Soap Recipe. This soap making recipe uses melt and pour soap base, a curved soap mold, and other quality soap making supplies to create bars of soap that are both cute and cleansing! Further, this handcrafted soap recipe uses a scented oil that takes a fresh and unique twist on a typical watermelon scent. So, you will be sure to enjoy your finished watermelon soap bars.

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Pink Watermelon Fragrance OilHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Pink Watermelon Fragrance Oil

You will love the aroma in this watermelon soap. This homemade soap recipe includes the lovely aroma of our Pink Watermelon Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil is a fresh, crisp watermelon aroma with a beautiful, feminine twist! The aroma begins with strong notes of watermelon and strawberry. These sweet top notes are followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose, and green notes. All of these scents are sitting on base notes of cassis, oakmoss, white woods, and vanilla. So, you will be sure to enjoy this beautiful scented oil in your homemade melt and pour soap recipe!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Scrub DIYHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Scrub DIY

Another fantastic homemade cosmetic recipe that you can create with an irresistibly juicy watermelon scent is this layered sugar scrub recipe! Our Watermelon Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe includes great wholesale cosmetic supplies that will care for the skin and provide you with a lovely scrub recipe. Of course, this wholesale scrub uses quality cosmetic oils and butters that nourish your body. Further, this cosmetic recipe uses beet root and Spinach powered herbs as natural colorants. So, this bath recipe will look cute, too! This is because the pigmented herbs will provide you with a gorgeous layered scrub recipe that looks like the layers in a slice of watermelon!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Fragrance OilHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Juicy Watermelon Fragrance Oil

Not only is this diy scrub recipe made to look like a slice right out of a juicy watermelon, but it uses a scrumptious watermelon scent, as well. This bath and body recipe includes the mouth watering aroma of our refreshing Watermelon Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil blends the aroma of deliciously juicy fruit scents to create a truly fantastic aroma in this fragrance oil. The watermelon aroma begins with notes of melons, peach and strawberry. Then, the aroma will finish with a hint of vanilla. So, this is a fantastic watermelon fragrance oil for your body scrub recipe!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Make Watermelon Lip BalmHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Make Watermelon Lip Balm

If you are looking for some ideas for making cosmetics at home, then this natural lip balm recipe is a great idea for you to check out! Our Natural Beet Root Lip Gloss Recipe uses quality cosmetic ingredients to allow you to make lip balm from scratch. First of all, this lip care recipe includes wholesale cosmetic oils that will moisturize your lips. Further, this cosmetic recipe uses mica powder and a natural colorant using a cosmetic herb. Plus, this diy lip balm uses a delicious watermelon flavoring. So, this is a lip balm recipe that you will not want to pass up!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Flavoring OilHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Flavoring Oil

This lovely lip balm recipe includes the mouth watering aroma of sweet Juicy Watermelon Flavoring. This flavor oil has an aroma of a juicy piece of fresh cut watermelon. This fresh melon flavor oil is perfect for creating lip balm at home that would look and smell just like a real, freshly cut slice of watermelon.

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Homemade Bath ScrubHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Sour Watermelon Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

Another wonderful cosmetic recipe that you can create is the Sour Watermelon Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe. This bath and body recipe is both cleansing and exfoliating. This craft recipe uses melt and pour soap base to cleanse your skin. Furthermore, this soap making recipe includes cosmetic oils that will add to the nourishing properties of this recipe. Plus, this cute scrub recipe uses the Poppy Seed Whole. Not only does this cosmetic herb look like little watermelon seeds, but the herb acts as a natural exfoliant. So, you diy scrub will look like a watermelon and exfoliate any dead skin from your body. Lastly, this cosmetic recipe includes a scrumptious watermelon fragrance oil that brings the whole scrub recipe together!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Sour Watermelon Fragrance OilHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Sour Watermelon Fragrance Oil

Anyone that is looking for a sweet candy scent, will love the aroma in this homemade scrub recipe. This bath and body recipe includes the lovely aroma of our scrumptious Sour Watermelon Candy Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil uses sweet and sour mandarin oranges, pineapples, and wild watermelon to create an irresistibly sweet and sour candy aroma. Many will compare Natures Garden’s Sour Watermelon Candy fragrance oil to the smell of real Starburst watermelon chews candy. This wholesale scented oil is perfect for creating fun sweet candy fragrance oils that you will sure to love!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Scented SoapHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Kiwi Watermelon Soap Recipe

If you would like to try creating a watermelon scented soap using the cold process method, then you will want to try out the Kiwi Watermelon Soap Recipe. This scented cold process soap recipe uses great soap making supplies and ingredients to create quality bars of soap that look cute, too! First, this cp soap recipe includes nourishing cosmetic oils and butters that will really care for your body. Not only will this bar of soap care for your skin, but this soap recipe will provide you with pretty bars of soap.  This homemade cold process soap includes lovely hues of watermelon and kiwi mix together with a cold process soap swirl technique. Plus, the soap is topped with whole poppy seed to look like fruit seeds and exfoliate the skin. Altogether these cosmetic ingredients will provide you with a fantastic batch of homemade soap!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance OilHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil

This cold process soap recipe includes the aroma of our Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil. This sweet fragrance begins with bubbly, juicy top notes that will be sure to make this fragrance irresistible! This fragrance has fruity top notes of juicy watermelon and grapefruit. These fruit scents are followed by middle notes of strawberry, green melon, and white lily. Finally, these scents are all sitting on base notes of ozone, balsamic vanilla, and fresh woods. All of these scented oil notes blend together to create a fragrance oil that will create a fantastic bath and body recipe you will certainly enjoy!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Scent Slime

If you are looking for easy slime ideas, then you might be interested in trying out this watermelon slime recipe. This slime recipe will give you ideas on how to make your own watermelon slime, like what to use for the watermelon seeds. Of course, you can always think of your own creative way to add seeds to your slime. While watermelon Kool-aid may be okay for toddlers, you may want to step this recipe up for the older kids by adding a fragrance oil to add to the scrumptious aroma of this watermelon slime. This sweet sour candy aroma is delicious and will be sure to bring the fun to another level. If you are interested in creating this homemade slime, you can check out the Watermelon Slime Recipe For Kids by Coffee Cups and Crayons. This is one of those easy slime recipes that are still really fun to create and enjoy!

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Taffy Fragrance OilHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Watermelon Taffy Fragrance Oil

We think that watermelon is one of the best scents for slime! If you really want your homemade slime to smell good, then you can absolutely add some of the Watermelon Taffy Fragrance Oil! Adding a bit of this fragrance oil will provide you with an irresistibly delicious watermelon candy scent. The fragrance oil has top notes of watermelon, lime, lemon, and bergamot. These delicious scents are followed by middle notes of marigold, sweet, juicy melon. Finally, this fantastic fragrance has base notes of white musk and vanilla. So, this is a yummy candy scent that you will absolutely love in all kinds of homemade craft recipes, like your scented slime recipe.

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: More Homemade Craft Recipes

If you liked any of these homemade cosmetic recipes, then you will definitely want to check out even more of the free craft recipes from Natures Garden. Our craft recipes are perfect for creating great products that you will be sure to enjoy, which include wonderful scented oils and other quality ingredients! Plus, you can use our cosmetic and candle recipes to inspire your own formulations. So, check out the Free Classes and Recipes from Natures Garden wholesale supplier to find your favorite craft recipes.

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Even More Watermelon Craft Recipes

Anyone that is looking for even more fun watermelon themed crafts, will definitely want to check out this article full of various ideas for you to try. The article Slice Into Summer – 20 Watermelon Party Ideas from Giggles Galore shares all kinds of ideas that you can use to throw a great summertime party. Of course, all of these party craft ideas are watermelon themed! So, you will be sure to find something cute to create. For instance, this blog shares how to use a watermelon as a vase, dessert ideas inspired by the watermelon appearance, and other fun watermelon themed party ideas! So, this would be a fun article to find different kinds of adorable homemade craft recipes.

How to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Reach Out to UsHow to Make Watermelon Scented Crafts: Reach Out to Us

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