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Fall Leaves MP Soap Recipe

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Fall Leaves MP SoapFall Leaves MP Soap Recipe

You know it’s fall when the colors of the leaves on the trees begin to change. Autumn is always a season of change, as the colors of the leaves can resemble the changing atmosphere outside. The air also starts to begin to cool down, and everything outside seems to resemble its final stages of beauty before winter hits. Our Fall Leaves MP Soap Recipe is a great way to incorporate these magnificent colors of fall into your home.


Fall Leaves MP Soap Recipe Ingredients Available at Natures Garden

Maple Whiskey Toddy Fragrance Oil
Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
Vanilla White Color Stabilizer
Red Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Brown Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Orange Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant
White 8 oz Bullet Bottle
24/410 White Fine Mist Sprayer


Other Ingredients and Supplies You’ll Need:
Small Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Paint Brush
Rubbing Alcohol (in a bullet bottle)
Wax Paper
Baking Pan

Different Types of Leaves

The fun aspect of this recipe is that there are a lot of different types of leaves that you can choose from. I’m going to highlight some different types of common leaves. This should help you decide which leaves you’d want to use for this recipe. Just know that some leaves can come in rounded shapes, pointy shapes, or even very narrow shapes. Depending on where you live can affect your access to different types of leaves. Outlined below are some more common leaves that you can find almost anywhere.

Options for Different Types of Leaves

For a larger, more full leaf you could decide to go with the Maple leaf which will give you almost a star shaped leaf. If you wanted a smooth, rounded leaf you could also use a Southern Magnolia. For a smaller, more rounded leaf, the Hickory might be what you are looking for. Another pretty leave that you can use is the Red Maple. The Red Maple leaf has three, rigid triangular points on its end that are unique to the shape of the leaf. There are many more shapes and sizes that you can use, it’s up to you to decide what you want.

Fall Leaves MP Soap Recipe: Ingredient Spotlight

Before we begin creating the Fall Leaves MP Soap Recipe, Let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients that we will be using.

Maple Whiskey Toddy Fragrance OilFeaturing Maple Whiskey Toddy Fragrance Oil

Maple Whiskey Toddy is commonly used as a warm, after dinner drink that is mostly enjoyed in the cooler months of fall. This warm beverage first entices the user with notes of maple and rum, which is then followed by a smooth vanilla base and buttery caramelized sugar. This fragrance oil can be used to create handcrafted soap. In addition to soap, when used in candle making, this fragrance will leave a nice, strong aroma for your home. This fragrance can be used in candle waxes, potpourri, bath oils, lotions, and cleaning products as well. The possibilities are endless! Use this maple fragrance oil to bring the warm sensations of fall into your home.

Top Notes:  Vanilla Essence, Lemon Peel, Chilled Whiskey Accord
Mid Notes: Amber Blooms, Vermont Maple Syrup Accord, Damask Rose
Base Notes: White Tonka Beans, Frosted Musk, White Cedarwood

Diamond Clear Melt and Pour SoapUses for Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap

Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap from Natures Garden Soap Making Supplies has a high moisturizing content and is great for lathering qualities in any homemade soap recipe. The higher the amount of lather in the soap, the more suds it will create as you use it. This soap base is very fun to use in recipes where you want to bring out any vibrant colors in your soap.


Vanilla White Color StabilizerUses for Vanilla White Color Stabilizer

There are a lot of different aqueous bases that tend to have color stability problems from vanillin and other aromatic ingredients. Vanilla White Color Stabilizer can be used in any soap making or bath products that you create for keeping the original true color in your creation.

Gathering the LeavesGathering the Leaves

The first step is to gather leaves. Some good places to gather them include the local park, your backyard, or in a forest.  We used different types and sizes of leaves for making this recipe. We collected around 30 leaves. Regardless of this number, we were still able to reuse some of the leaves a few times. The size of the leaves will impact how much this recipe will yield. Using larger leaves will produce a smaller amount of Fall Leaves when making this Nature’s Garden soap recipe.  After collecting the leaves, place them on a wax paper lined pan. Putting the leaves on the wax paper will ensure that they peel off easier. In addition, it will keep your work area clean. This will guarantee the best result with your Fall Leaves Soap Recipe.

Melting the Melt and Pour SoapMelting the Melt and Pour Soap

This next step to take is to prepare your soap base for melting. Use your soap cutter to cut and weigh 40 grams of Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base. Cutting the soap into smaller chunks will make the process of melting the soap easier. Next, take the soap and place it in a microwave safe bowl or container. Microwave the chunks of soap. Depending on your microwave, it can take less than 15 seconds to melt the soap. The soap needs to be melted completely, otherwise; your soap won’t look as smooth as it could look.  

Coloring the MP SoapColoring the MP Soap

After the soap is completely melted, the next step is coloring the MP soap base. The fun part about this recipe is that you can add any color to the soap base and layer on any color onto the leaf. You can set up multiple bowls, all with 40 grams of Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base. Then, once you are finished painting your leaves with that color, you can start this process over and create another color of soap. We don’t recommend creating all of your colors at once because the soap will setup too quickly if you create more than one at a time.

Different Types of Color Combinations

There are many different color combinations that are available to you in this recipe. So, when creating this recipe, we found that the first few layers will create a translucent look. Once we added about four layers it created a solid leaf that you could not see through.  So, we used this to our advantage. For example, if you add a layer of red oxide colored soap and a second layer of the Kelly green, then you can get a leaf a beautiful red- green combo. Another color combination is Yellow with the Kelly Green which will give you a vibrant yellow-green color. You can also try the Orange Oxide with the Red Oxide colorant to give you a bright red-orange colored leaf that will stand out from the rest of the colors. There are a lot of other color combinations that you can experiment with.

Adding the Fragrance Oil to the SoapAdding the Fragrance Oil to the Soap

The next step is to add your fragrance to the mixed soap base. You want to add 2 grams of the Maple Whiskey Toddy Fragrance Oil. Then add 2 grams of the Vanilla White Color Stabilizer. Fragrance oil with a vanillin content can cause discoloration in finished soap. The reason it does this is because fragrance oil will oxidize over time. To keep our mixture true to its color, we add the Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to make sure we keep the original color we had in the bowl.  After adding the fragrance to the mixture, stir it thoroughly with the mixing spoons. 

Painting the Fall Leaf MP SoapPainting the Fall Leaf MP Soap

Take the paintbrush and paint each one of the leaves. You don’t want to apply too thick of a coat to make sure that you have enough of a soap base for all of the leaves.  After each leaf has been painted, spray it with rubbing alcohol and let it setup. After it has setup, begin spraying each leaf with the alcohol, then apply a second coat to it. The second coat doesn’t have to be the same color. You can layer whichever color you think would look the best. Keep repeating this process until you achieve 4 coats, or whichever thickness you desire. You should also know that with less layers, you will have more transparency. We did create some in this manner to give us a variety of leaves with different looks.

Removing the Soap from the LeavesRemoving the Soap from the Leaves

When the soap has finished setting up, you want to remove the soap from the leaf. To do this, you want to make sure to carefully peel away one end of the leaf, and slowly make your way across the leaf. Keep slowly peeling away the entire leaf as you don’t want it to break or crumble on you. After the soap portion of the leaf has been removed, it is ready to use!

Ways to Decorate your Home with These LeavesWays to Decorate your Home with These Leaves

You can choose any area of your home to decorate with these leaves. Some fun areas where that you can decorate with these leaves include the bathroom, kitchen, and any type of utility sink throughout the house. If you work outside in your garage, you can setup these leaves on the sink out in the garage to wash your hands off with afterward. the colors of these leaves can also be fun to incorporate into any kind of decorations that you setup for guests in your kitchen. There are many endless possibilities for how you can decorate your living area with these leaves.

Picking up leaves isn’t the only fun fall activity that you can do. There are a lot of different fall activities outlined in this Fall Festivals article from Country Living that you can do. Some of these activities include Pumpkin Patch Festivals, Apple Festivals, Corn Mazes, and many more. There are always many ways to enjoy your fall, and making this Fall Leaves Soap Recipe was just another way that you can bring the sensation of fall into your home.


Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil

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Mardi Gras Fragrance OilMardi Gras Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil is a magnificently complex fragrance oil by Natures Garden. This aroma has fun fruity scents that mix with fresh floral scents and sexy notes to create a perfect fragrance oil for Mardi Gras. Bring the feel and fun of Mardi Gras to your handcrafted bath and body recipes with this festive fragrance oil.

What Does Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Our perfumist at Natures Garden has outdone himself this time!  A festive and fun fragrance oil that begins with fresh citrus top notes of grapefruit, orange zests, and tangerine;  middle notes of strawberries, apples, pears, rose petals and jasmine; with sexy bottom notes of vetiver, white musk, and ylang ylang.  This fragrance is sure to jazz with your customers!  A Best Seller!

How Do Our Customers Use Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

This fantastically fruity fragrance oil is perfect for creating festive bath and body creations. Bath gels, bath oils, various soaps, perfumes, lotions, and many other bath and body products can be made with a maximum of 5% for this scent. If you aren’t sure how to color your bath and body creations, then we would suggest using purple soap colorant in an amount that makes your product festive enough for the holiday. Just don’t ever use candle dye to color these products due to their ability to stain skin.

Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil CP Soap Discoloration ResultsFurther, this floral and fruity fragrance oil is great for creating soaps of a variety of different soap making tactics. One successful method was demonstrated by our Cold Process Soap Testing Results. This video shows this scent to be perfect for creating soap this way. A batch containing this fragrance will have no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The final products will have a good scent retained after cure and the bars will not have any discoloration.

How Do Our Customers Use Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Homemade room scenting products can be made with this festive fragrance oil. Potpourri and incense can both have a maximum fragrance concentration of 50% for their recipes. Scented homemade cleaning products can include 5% of this best selling scent. Also, aroma beads with this fragrance oil will have a nice and strong scent.

Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil Candle Color SuggestionMore, candles can be made with this complex and sexy fragrance oil. Candles and wax melts can use up to 10% of this scent. Joy Wax, soy wax, and WOW Wax will all perform perfectly with this fragrance oil added. If you want to color your candle products, then you could use our recommendation of either six drops purple liquid candle dye or a shredded purple color block in the amounts that you prefer per four pounds of wax. Just remember that you should never use any crayons for the coloring of your candles as they will clog your wick.

Mardi Gras Fragrance Oil Candle RecipeFinally, if you happen to be looking for an easy project to get you ready for this super fun holiday, then take a gander at our Mardi Gras Candle Recipe. This candle project idea simple way to get your house looking festive for Mardi Gras! This project will have your home looking and smelling ready to party.



Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil

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Passion Fruit Fragrance OilPassion Fruit Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil is a tropical fruit scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a mixture of sweet fruit scents with floral notes and a sweet musk base that is certainly worthy of being a best selling fragrance! For some, this fragrance has been so popular, they decided to mix it with others to create their own custom blend. One of our wonderful customers reviewing Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil has said, “This fragrance one of my most popular candles that I sell many of my customers really enjoy this fragrance so I expanded the use and now blend this with another fragrance and it seems to work extremely well!”

What Does Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a tropical blend of peaches, strawberries, pineapple, orange and coconut with slight floral undertones and a smooth musky vanilla background. A Best Seller!

How Do Our Customers Use Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Natures Garden customers can include our passion fruit scent in all kinds of their bath and body products. Some of these products include homemade bath gels, bath oils, lotions, and perfumes. All of these bath and body creations can use a maximum concentration of 5% of this fruity fragrance oil. When choosing a color, we suggest using burgundy soap colorant and purple liquid soap dye. Use the amounts that you feel represent the fragrance. However, when using other colorants, remember candle dyes should not be used.

Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil Cold Process Soap DiscolorationWe have learned from our Cold Process Soap Testing Results that this sweet musk scent will perform very well. We recommend a maximum of 5% Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil concentration. Your cold process soap batch that uses this best selling fragrance oil will have no acceleration. Additionally, we found no ricing, and no separation. Also, the final soap products will retain a good scent after cure. The finished soap did show some discoloration. They discolored to a light brown.  This could be partially because of the 1% vanillin  content.  Vanilla White Color Stabilizer can help lessen the discoloration.  You should note though, there are more than 40 ingredients in fragrance oils that can cause bath and body products to discolor. Additionally, Passion Fragrance Oil also does well in melt and pour soap bases and hp soap recipes.

How Do Our Customers Use Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Some of our customers use this sweet and fruity fragrance oil to make homemade room scenting recipes. Creations like potpourri or incense can each include a maximum of 50% Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil. Your cleaning products can be scented with this best selling fruit scent at a rate of 5%. Also, this sweet scent will remain nice and strong in your aroma bead recipes.

Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil Candle Color SuggestionFurther, many different kinds of candles, wax tarts, or various wax creations can successfully use this fragrance. Both Natures Garden pillar waxes and container waxes can include 10% Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil. Our testing has shown great scent throw with both our container waxes, pillar waxes, and natural soy waxes. When coloring these products, our recommendation is four drops of burgundy liquid candle dye along with a tiny bit of purple liquid candle dye. Alternatively, you could use a small amount of shredded burgundy and purple color blocks in your melted wax. Just don’t use crayons as a substitute for coloring your candles, as they have been known to clog wicks.

We hope that you enjoy this fragrance oil in your products as so many others have been already!