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Calendula Bath Bomb

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Calendula Bath BombCalendula Bath Bomb

We have a beautiful new bath bomb to show off to all our customers! Our Calendula Bath Bomb is an excellent way to give your skin the nourishment it needs and deserves! Just by having a relaxing soak in your tub, you can give your skin some much needed Vitamin C without drinking any Orange Juice! This bath bomb uses both Calendula flowers and Calendula flower powder. We have also incorporated Bentonite Clay Powder and Safflower Oil. We have also chosen our fresh and flowery Floral Bouquet fragrance oil.  Not only will we share the amazing benefits of using Calendula, but we also have a few other recipes that use calendula to help inspire you!


Calendula Bath Bomb: What is CalendulaCalendula Bath Bomb: What is Calendula

Calendula,  also known as Calendula officinalis, is a very well known therapeutic herb. Since it is native to Northern Mediterranean countries, it is used in many of their food dishes.  Calendula is an annual flower, which refers to the tendency it has to bloom accordingly with the calendar. Calendula is a modern Latin diminutive of the word calendae, which means “little clock” or “little calendar.”  It usually blooms along with the full moon or at least once a month. The more commonly known name, pot marigold or the nickname “Mary’s Gold”, refers to the Virgin Mary. These flowers are used in some Catholic ceremonies to honor her.

This herb has a great number of uses in many different industries, including cosmetics. Egyptians considered the herb to have rejuvenating powers. Also, in the Hindu world, the people adorned the statues of their gods in their temples with the flower.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Uses and Benefits of the CalendulaCalendula Bath Bomb: Uses and Benefits of the Calendula

So what are the uses of calendula? Well, there are a multitude of uses for this gorgeous, sunny yellow flower! It is used in food as a colorant for some foods, such as cheese or butter. Also, it is completely edible and makes a wonderful addition in salads, soups or even stews. This flower can also be made into a tea that is chock full of healthy benefits for your insides!

Medicinally, this flower has been used for centuries! As far back as the Civil War and even during  World War II, calendula flowers were used on battle fields to keep open wounds from hemorrhaging. It was used as an antiseptic to help clean wounds. Calendula is best known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It’s use in salves and ointments help promote healing from burns, frostbite, diaper rash or cuts. Also, when made into a tea, calendula can help heal ulcers, relieve colitis, gastritis or even menstrual cramps.  A mouth wash made from this mighty flower can help with gingivitis, gum problems or can be gargled with to reileve sore throats.

In bath and body products, Calendula is even more amazing! When made into any type of lotion, soap, cream, oil or even an astringent, your skin will look healthy and feel healthy. As we talked about before, topically, this herb is amazing in healing many kinds of skin issues. From acne, to eczema to cuts and burns, Calendula can heal it all.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Some of the other Ingredients

We also have a few important ingredients in this recipe that are also beneficial to the skin. The first two are the base of any bath bomb recipe: citric acid and baking soda. Combined, these two will give your bath bomb its fizz. Seperately, they are very gentle cleansing agents. Baking Soda has been around since ancient times. It can be found dissolved in many mineral springs and is a component (the natural form is called nahcolite) of the mineral natron. Ancient Egyptians used natron as a soap.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Bentonite Clay PowderCalendula Bath Bomb: Bentonite Clay Powder

Our next ingredient is Bentonite Clay Powder. This is a very popular ingredient in creating bath and body products. Bentonite clay is used in face mask formulations to help clean impurities from the skin. In soap making, it can be added to cold process soap during trace to help oily skin. It can help thicken lotions and aid in emulsifying the ingredients. Also, adding bentonite clay to bath bomb recipes helps to make your bath bombs harder.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Safflower OilCalendula Bath Bomb: Safflower Oil

Safflower Oil is not just for cooking your heart healthy food dishes. This oil is a wonderful addition to any type of bath and body product. This oil has a high linoleic acid that is important for boosting the appearance of your skin. It can help with new skin cell regeneration and help clear up scars and blemishes.



Calendula Bath Bomb: Floral Bouquet Fragrance OilCalendula Bath Bomb: Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil

The fragrance oil we chose for this bath bomb is our Floral Bouquet. This fragrance oil has a definite Floral Shoppe scent to it. Close your eyes and you can picture vases of roses, tulips, carnations surrounding you!

So you see, this bath bomb is just the thing to help give you a relaxing soak in the bathtub! There’s some amazing action going on in this happy little bath bomb!


Calendula Bath Bomb: Ingredients you can get at Nature’s Garden

Calendula Bath Bomb: Other Ingredients and Equipment Needed

  • Witch Hazel (in spray bottle)
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Scale

Calendula Bath Bomb: Total Recipe Amounts

  • 300 grams Citric Acid
  • 600 grams Baking Soda
  • 10 grams Bentonite Clay Powder
  • 18 grams Safflower Oil
  • 18 grams Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil
  • 5 grams Whole Calendula Flowers
  • 5 grams Calendula Powder

Calendula Bath Bomb: Before You Get Started

Before you get started on your recipe, it’s always important to take a few steps to help your creating go along smoothly. Clean and sanitize your work area. Also, give your equipment and packing materials a cleaning and sanitizing. We suggest wearing an apron, gloves and other protective clothing when preparing your recipe. One last step, fill your bullet bottle with witch hazel and place a sprayer on top. We will be using this when we start to form the bath bombs.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Prepping the Dry IngredientsCalendula Bath Bomb: Prepping the Dry Ingredients

Our first step will be mixing the dry ingredients. So in your first bowl, after placing it on the scale and taring out the weight, you will weigh the dry ingredients. To the bowl add 300 grams of Citric Acid, 600 grams of Baking Soda and 10 grams of Bentonite Clay Powder.



Calendula Bath Bomb: Mixing the Dry IngredientsCalendula Bath Bomb: Mixing the Dry Ingredients

Now, with gloved hands you will mix the dry ingredients together, breaking up any clumps that you come across. This bowl will be set aside as we move on to our wet ingredients.




Calendula Bath Bomb: Prepping the Wet Ingredients

Our second step will be the wet ingredients. To a second bowl, after placing it on the scale and taring out the weight, you will weigh in the wet ingredients.  So to the bowl add in 18 grams of Safflower Oil and 18 grams of Floral Bouquet fragrance oil.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Mixing the Wet Ingredients

Now that your wet ingredients are together, give these a nice stir making sure that the oils are combined well.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Adding the Wet IngredientsCalendula Bath Bomb: Adding the Wet Ingredients

Next, you will be adding the wet ingredients to the dry. Once the oils are all added into the powders, used your gloved hands to thoroughly mix the bath bomb ingredients together. Continue mixing until you are confident that you have everything completely and evenly mixed.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Dividing the Mixture

You will now need two mixing bowls. You will need to divide you bath bomb mixture into two equal parts. Place each half in an empty bowl.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Adding the Calendula Flowers and PowdersCalendula Bath Bomb: Adding the Calendula Flowers and Powders

Now that our bath bomb mixture is evenly seperated, place the first bowl on the scale and tare out the weight. Weigh in 5 grams of calendula powder.  Remove this bowl, set it aside and place the second bowl on the scale. Tare out the weigh and add in 5 grams of the whole calendula flowers. You can remove this from the scale also.



Calendula Bath Bomb: Using the Witch HazelCalendula Bath Bomb: Using the Witch Hazel

Now that we have everything add in we will be using the witch hazel to help create and form the bath bomb mixture into a dough. Starting with your first bowl, begin spraying the mixture with the witch hazel and using your hands, mix the ingredients together, misting as you go. You should have a crumbly, dough like texture when you are done. Next, you will do the same to the second bowl, misting with the witch hazel and combining the ingredients until you have reached the crumbly dough stage. You are now ready to move on to creating the bath bombs.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Before Making the Bath Bombs

Before you start adding the dough to the bath bomb mold, take a small amount of whole calendula flowers and place them in the bottom of each one half of the molds you will be using. This will add a pretty touch of interest to your finished bath bomb.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Filling the First Half of the  Bath Bomb Molds

Now you can move on to creating the bath bomb. These bath bombs will be layered. So, add a small amount of the mixture that contains the calendula powder. Then, add a layer that contains the whole calendula flowers. You will repeat this process filling one half of each mold.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Filling the Second Half of the Mold

For the second half, it will not have the extra calendula flowers added in. It will simply be the dough mixture. So continuing the layering process and fill the second half until it is completely full, just as you did with the first half of the mold.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Fitting the Two Halves Together

The last step will be fitting the two halves of the mold together, to form the bomb. Take both halves of the bath bomb. Next, mist each half lightly with witch hazel. This will help the bath bomb adhere together. Now, press the two halves together until the mold is closed. Continue filling and layering the remaining bath bomb molds and pressing them together. This recipe will give you 6 bath bombs.

Calendula Bath Bomb: Letting the Bath Bombs Set UpCalendula Bath Bomb: Letting the Bath Bombs Set Up

When you have completed all the bath bombs, you will allow them to set up and harden. This can take anywhere form 24 to 48 hours. It will all depend end on the humidity of your environment. We do suggest that creating your bath bombs is best done in a cool, dry area. Also, keep them in the same cool, dry area while they set up. Creating your recipe in an area that is humid will make the bath bombs difficult to form and set up.

Once your bombs have hardened, you may leave them in the mold, which makes packaging for selling or giving away, easy and fast. However, you may remove them from the mold and package them however you choose.  When your ready to use your Calendula Bath Bomb, simply place it in a nice, warm bath and relax!

Calendula Bath Bomb: That’s All For Now

We hope you enjoyed this fun new bath bomb recipe! We also hope you enjoyed learning about how amazing this pretty yellow flower can benefit you in your every day life! It’s an incredibly versatile product to have around. If you enjoyed this recipe, we have a few more recipes that we have incorporated Caldendula in. We have two wonderful cold process soap recipes, Calendula Sunshine Cold Process or our Calendula Swirl Soap. Also, we have a Calendula Bath Melt recipe that will give you some amazingly soft, moisturized skin! Would you like some more detailed information on the Calendula? Follow this link to learn some more amazing benefits!

Come find us! We love hearing from our customers! Share with us some of your amazing creations that have used any Nature’s Garden products! Find us on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents) or on Instagram (@ngscents).






Castor Oil Recipes

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 CASTOR OilCastor Oil Recipes

This lovely oil has quite a few of beneficial qualities for the skin. This oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin beautifully. While many cosmetic oils are good for moisturizing, this oil is one that reaches down deep into the skin. In fact, as you can see below there are many benefits to using castor oil. So, Natures Garden has gathered the best castor oil recipes into one easy blog! These recipes vary from soap making recipes to lip balm recipes and many types of creative recipes in between. These bath and body products are sure to be great for your skin, so check out the recipes we have created with this oil.

Castor Oil Recipes Blackberry Sage Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Blackberry Sage Soap Recipe

First, we have the luscious Blackberry Sage Soap Recipe. Not only does this soap include great oils, like castor oil, but this cp soap recipe is super cute! This moisturizing bar of soap uses an in the pot swirl to create this gorgeous white, green, and purple design. Plus, the bar is topped with a melt and pour blackberry that compliments the aroma of Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil perfectly!

Castor Oil Recipes Lavender Sage Bath Bomb RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe

Another amazing recipe that includes this nourishing oil is the Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Recipe. Also, this bath bomb recipe uses various herbs that are either calming aromas or softening for the skin. In addition to the lovely aroma of whole flowers, the Lavender Sage Fragrance Oil fills the bathroom with the unique scent of French Lavender, lime, sage, and fern leaves; followed by middle notes of dill, pepper, moss, and ginger; and well rounded with base notes of pine, musk, and patchouli. All together, this is a pretty great bath product!

Castor Oil Recipes Bastille Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Bastille Cold Process Soap Recipe

Also, you can create the very conditioning Bastille Cold Process Soap Recipe. Not only is this recipe moisturizing, but it is simple to create. Just whip up the soap batter, add The Fastlane Fragrance Oil, and pour the soap into your mold. Further, the soap has a strong, masculine scent that possesses a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood. If you are looking for masculine soap recipes, then this is for you!

Castor Oil Recipes St Pattys Day Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes St Pattys Day Cold Process Soap Recipe

The St Pattys Day Cold Process Soap Recipe is a great soap-making recipe that is moisturizing and super cool! This soap is both nourishing for the skin and well scented. The aroma of this bar is the fresh and clean English Ivy Fragrance Oil, which is very strong in cp soap. Plus, this soap has a green swirled design with a golden mica swirl shimmer of 24K Gold Pigment that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

Castor Oil Recipes Natural Salve RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Natural Salve Recipe

Another great idea for incorporating this conditioning oil into skin care is the Natural Salve Recipe. This is a perfect way to moisturize your skin and leave your skin feeling healthy. Plus, this salve uses the refreshing and herbal Rosemary Mint Type Fragrance Oil, that is cool peppermint and spearmint leaves, makes for a very awakening combination of herbs and mint.

Castor Oil Recipes Lime Cupcake CP Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Lime Cupcake CP Soap Recipe

Next, check out a super cute and creative soap recipe. Our Lime Cupcake CP Soap Recipe combines the best of melt and pour soap and cold process soap. The base of this soap cupcake uses luscious butters and oils to create quality cp soap. The top uses perfectly piped cold process soap that forms the frosting. Then, an embed lime is placed strategically on top. Plus, these cute soaps are scented with the delicious citrus Agave Lime Fragrance Oil. So, those looking for an amazing soap with a creative twist may enjoy creating these three bars of soap.

Castor Oil Recipes Calendula Swirl Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Calendula Swirl Soap Recipe

The Calendula Swirl Soap Recipe is a perfect and gorgeous batch of soap! The orange and yellow hues that are swirled perfectly are an amazing match for the fresh, whole Calendula flowers. Plus, this beautiful bar of soap uses Aromatherapy Energizing Fragrance Oil, which is an uplifting blend of fresh airy notes combined with lemon, garden peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen; balanced with floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and rose.

Castor Oil Recipes Sinus Relief Bath Bomb RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Sinus Relief Bath Bomb Recipe

Plus, you can create a great bath bomb with the Sinus Relief Bath Bomb Recipe. This recipe utilizes strong, cleansing scents that are designed to clear out your sinuses. This recipe uses both real mint herbs and the Sinus Relief Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil smells similar to the aroma of Vicks VapoRub with a cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint scent. Plus, this bath bomb includs castor oil to nourish the skin, too. Not only is this recipe great for your body, but the bath bomb itself is pretty cute!

Castor Oil Recipes Game On HP Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Game On HP Soap Recipe

Also, the Game On HP Soap Recipe is a fun soap recipe that would make some great bars of handmade soap! This bar contains moisturizing butters and oils just like any quality soap made from scratch. Plus, this soap uses the masculine Game On Fragrance Oil. But, this is a hot process soap batch. This means that you are heating the soap before it goes into the mold. Therefore, you won’t have to wait as long for curing.

Castor Oil Recipes Natural Facial Night Cream RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Natural Facial Night Cream Recipe

The Natural Facial Night Cream Recipe is an amazing home recipe for your face. This recipe uses a variety of natural oils and a Calendula flower infusion that are great for skin care. For example, Castor Oil is a deep conditioning moisturizer that has been known to reduce wrinkles after a few uses. Plus, this recipe is sensitive enough to care for your more sensitive skin. So, you can trust this lotion on your face to restore moisture, increase health, and reduce wrinkles.

Castor Oil Recipes Blueberry Cheesecake Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Blueberry Cheesecake Cold Process Soap Recipe

The Blueberry Cheesecake Cold Process Soap Recipe is a fun soap recipe that is great for skin care. These oils combined with the In-the-Pot Swirl makes for an awesome soap batch. Not only does this soap recipe use a fun design, but it smells great, too. This soap uses the Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil, which has the scent of sweet, yummy decadence. It starts with Tahitian vanilla, rich creamy butter and ripe blueberries atop a crumbly graham cracker crust.

Castor Oil Recipes Beard Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Beard Soap Recipe

Next, we have a bar of soap from scratch that is quicker to finish. Since this batch is created using a crockpot, the soap will finish curing sooner than cp soap. While you still use lye and a variety of butters and oils, you heat the soap before moving it into the molds. This way the lye reacts faster and you can use your soap quicker! Not only is this a crockpot soap recipe, but this bar was specifically formulated for beard care! This bar will soften the hair as it cleans your beard and leaves a nice scent. This scent is from the manly aroma of pure, all natural Gurjun Balsam Essential Oil.

Castor Oil Recipes Beard Balm RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Beard Balm Recipe

Additionally, we created the Beard Balm Recipe to pair perfectly with our beard soap bars! After you wash up with the beard soap and dry your home grown masterpiece, you can work this balm in to provide some amazing qualities. This hair product will make your facial hair softer, thicker, and all around healthier. Every single oil and butter in this balm was selected to help your beard in one way or another. All together this blend of nourishing oils and butters is perfect for beard care.

Castor Oil Recipes Caramel Custard Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Caramel Custard Cold Process Soap Recipe

Also, you can create our Caramel Custard Cold Process Soap Recipe with the luscious Castor Oil. This soap recipe includes a variety of nourishing butters and oils, as well as real milk! This is great for skin and is perfect for repairing and soothing damaged skin. Plus, bars of soap from this recipe include the scrumptious Caramel Custard Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil is a mouth-watering combination of Caramel, Maple Leaf, French Vanilla, Rum, Caramel Creme, Brown Sugar, Heavy Cream, Caramelized Sugar, and Vanilla Extract. So, this recipe creates some amazing scented soap!

Castor Oil Recipes Silky Lip Butter RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Silky Lip Butter Recipe

Instead, you could create the nourishing Silky Lip Butter Recipe. This homemade lip care product is perfect for treating dry, cracked lips with its various butters and oils. These combined ingredients will restore your lips and protect them from drying out. Not only is this recipe great for moisturizing, but it tastes good. This lip balm uses the Tropical Paradise Flavoring, which tastes exotic, fruity, and delicious. This flavor is because the aroma is of exotic tropical fruits, which includes coconut, pineapple, goji berries, dragon fruit, star fruit, papaya, mango, and kumquat.

Castor Oil Recipes Carrot Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Carrot Cold Process Soap Recipe

Another unique cold process soap recipe that you can create with moisturizing oils, like Castor Oil, is the Carrot Cold Process Soap Recipe. These oils keep your skin nourished, which will keep them soft and moisturized. Plus, these bars are scented with the delicious Frosted Pumpkin Type Fragrance Oil. This scent is a famous duplication that begins with fresh top notes of citrusy lemon, leading to middle notes of creamy pumpkin and hints of nutmeg and ginger; sitting on base notes of maple sugar and vanilla frosting. Furthermore, this soap uses real carrots, which helps to nourish the skin. Plus, this creates an authentic batch of carrot cp soap.

Castor Oil Recipes Peeps Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe

This next soap making recipe is absolutely adorable! The Peeps Cold Process Soap Recipe uses bright colors for a pretty soap design and super cute peeps shaped soap to create a batch that is irresistibly cute! Plus, the pretty swirled portion is made from scratch with ingredients that are great for your skin.  Not only is this soap pretty and moisturizing, but it smells great! This soap uses the sweet Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil, which is a childhood favorite for many with the essence of chewy gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness.

Castor Oil Recipes Mothers Day Bath Bomb RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Mothers Day Bath Bomb Recipe

Also, you can create our Mothers Day Bath Bomb Recipe! This bath bomb was created to look just like a flower. Plus, this recipe uses real Calendula Flowers. Further, the bath bomb includes our refreshing, flowery Happy & Free Fragrance Oil.  This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral jasmine, lily of the valley, carnation.

Castor Oil Recipes Beginners Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Beginners Cold Process Soap Recipe

Also, you can create a very simple soap recipe with this luscious oil! Obviously, the Beginners Cold Process Soap Recipe was created to be simple enough for an inexperienced soaper. This recipe is especially great for a soap to use for their first batch. Not only is this recipe super simple to create, but it is great for your skin. Plus, this soap uses the refreshing and intriguing Rain Barrel Fragrance Oil.

Castor Oil Recipes Cotton Candy Bath Bomb RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Cotton Candy Bath Bomb Recipe

Also, you can use Castor Oil to create a more moisturizing Cotton Candy Bath Bomb Recipe! This bath bomb recipe is fun, fizzy, and cute. The cute pink and blue colors blend perfectly like cotton candy, which pairs perfectly with the aroma. This bath product uses the sweet Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil

Castor Oil Recipes Column Swirl Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Column Swirl Cold Process Soap Recipe

The Column Swirl Cold Process Soap Recipe is another great soap recipe that you can create with Castor Oil. This cold process soap recipe is amazing for the skin, like many homemade soaps. Also, this soap is scented with the NG Magnolia & Orange Blossom Type Fragrance Oil, which is a delightful, spa floral scent. Further, this soap creates a fun design with a column swirl.

Castor Oil Recipes Awapuhi Seaberry Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Awapuhi Seaberry Cold Process Soap Recipe

Next, we have the Awapuhi Seaberry Cold Process Soap Recipe. This soap recipe is a gorgeous blend of blues and cream colors, which is reminiscent of waves and seafoam. This appearance goes well with the tropical marine notes of Awapuhi Seaberry Fragrance Oil.

Castor Oil Recipes Herbal Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Herbal Soap Recipe

The lovely Herbal Soap Recipe is another option for those hoping to utilize some Castor Oil soap benefits. This soap uses this oil as well as other skin nourishing ingredients. Plus, this soap bar uses real Chamomile Flowers and the lovely Dandelion Pear Fragrance Oil.

Castor Oil Recipes Mistletoe Cold Process Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Mistletoe Cold Process Soap Recipe

Also, you can check out a perfect holiday batch of soap. The Mistletoe Cold Process Soap Recipe is perfect for Christmas time. This batch both uses the cheerful Mistletoe & Ivy Fragrance Oil and has a perfect mistletoe design on the top of the loaf. This recipe is perfect for creating decorative Christmas soaps!

Castor Oil Recipes Frankincense and Myrrh Soap RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Frankincense and Myrrh Soap Recipe

Another great Christmas scented soap idea is the Frankincense and Myrrh Soap Recipe. This recipe was inspired by the three gifts that the wise men brought to baby Jesus. Further, this soap includes the realistic Frankincense & Myrrh Fragrance Oil.


Castor Oil Recipes Pooch Smooch Solid Shampoo Bar RecipeCastor Oil Recipes Pooch Smooch Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe

Finally, we have the Pooch Smooch Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe! This is perfect homemade dog shampoo recipe. This shampoo is made with Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap and uses the Pooch Smooch Fragrance Oil! So, your dog will be clean and smell fresh!



Before you go, meet my new doggie! This little guy’s name is Jax and he’s a Shih Tzu puppy. He is very active and loves to play. But, this means he is always getting into something and getting dirty. So, this homemade soap definitely came in handy! Plus, he smelled so good! This dog shampoo bar is definitely Jax approved!