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Sugar Cookies Scent

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sugar cookies scentSugar Cookies Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Did you smell that? That whiff of something absolutely delicious? That aroma that made your senses go crazy? Sugar cookies! I’m sure your taste buds are going just as insane as mine, hardly being able to contain the urge to sink your teeth into this deliciously warm treat! Our Sugar Cookies scent perfectly captures the scent of this tantalizing aroma. This amazing fragrance is sure to fill your home with the scent of sugar cookies baking fresh in the oven, just waiting for you to devour them.

What Does Sugar Cookies Smell Like?

Sugar Cookies Scent by Nature’s Garden is the amazing aroma of a warm and fresh butter cookie with a background of wonderful vanilla. A best seller!

How Do Our Customers Use Sugar Cookies Fragrance Oil?

Sugar Cookies scent is a fragrance that is sure to leave you craving the taste of that delicious buttery and sugary goodness. It will send you right back to the memories of your childhood with all the excited feelings of freshly baked cookies that you just can’t wait to get your hands on! For all the candle makers out there, our Sugar Cookies scent is just what you’ve always needed. This scent performs perfectly in wow wax and joy wax, as well as working nice and strong in soy wax. You can easily fill your home with the tantalizing aroma of this amazing treat by using this fragrance to create some nice and strong homemade aroma beads. For all of the potpourri and incense makers, this fragrance has a maximum usage rate of 50%.

For bath and body products, our Sugar Cookies scent has a maximum usage rate of 5%. Some common bath and body products that can include this great fragrance are lotions, bath oils, perfumes, soaps, and bath gels. Sugar Cookies does happen to have a vanillin content of 7%, meaning that it may tend to discolor your soaps and other homemade bath and body products. Make sure to test this fragrance thoroughly before using it in any of your finished and final products, and use a Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to avoid any discoloration! For all of the cold process soap makers out there, our Sugar Cookies scent is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Our cold process results are: there is no acceleration or ricing and this fragrance has a perfect pour. This sweet scent does discolor soap to a dark chocolate brown once it has cured.

I’m sure you can hardly contain the urge to make a batch of sugar cookies and sink your teeth into them, but hold on just a second. This amazing fragrance just keeps getting better and better! We offer many amazing free classes and recipes here at Nature’s Garden and our Sugar Cookie Whipped Body Butter recipe is actually made with our Sugar Cookies Fragrance Oil! This is one recipe you’ll just want to eat right up! Please make sure to contact us here at Nature’s Garden if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns! Enjoy this amazing fragrance and watch out for more.



Lemon Meringue Scent

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lemon meringue scent Lemon Meringue Pie Fragrance OilFragrance Oil Spotlight

Nothing says summer like a piece of Lemon Meringue Pie.  This true to life lemon meringue scent is the perfect addition to your bakery aroma line.  With an amazing balance of tangy lemon and sweet sugared meringue this decadent treat is incredible.  So realistic that you can smell every lovely layer from the buttery crust, tart lemon filling, to the classic meringue topping, this lemon meringue scent is perfection at its finest.  Many of our customers state not only is this scent delicious, but it is one of the best lemon scents in the market.

What does Lemon Meringue Pie Fragrance Oil smell like?

This wonderful fragrance oil by Natures Garden is the aroma of fresh baked pie filled with lemon custard and lemon zests topped with a creamy vanilla meringue.

How do our customers use Lemon Meringue Pie Fragrance Oil?

For anyone who is a candle crafter or home scenter, this lemon meringue pie scent is a must have fragrance.  Our customers use this yummy scent in their soy tarts and soy waxes, Palm Container wax, Joy wax, paraffin wax, and WOW wax.  In fact, this lemon meringue scent is the perfect fragrance to make the best pie candles with.  Known for having amazing scent throw, lemon meringue fragrance oil has a natural, realistic lemon scent.  And, it even gets stronger as it cures.  As for home scenting ideas, this nice lemony scent works very well in electric burners, aroma beads, and smelly jellies too.

For the bath and body end of products, this pick me up fragrance has a usage rate of 5%.  Now, this lemon meringue scent does contain a vanillin content of 2%, so using Vanilla White Color Stabilizer is highly recommended to offset discoloration in your finished products.  This wonderful and delicious scent is used to make a variety of personal care items like:  sugar scrubs, melt and pour soaps, whipped shea butters, salt bars, lotion bars, body butters, and bath bombs.  And, for those of you that are cold process soapers, this lemon meringue scent tops the charts.  Here are the official results:  Perfect Pour, no ricing, no acceleration, soaps like a dream, scent is very strong and lasts. Discolors to a tan color.

If you would like to try this lemon meringue scent in a recipe, please click on this link to see Natures Gardens Lemon Meringue Pie Soap Recipe using melt and pour soap.