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Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe Fragrance

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Apple Cinnamon - Body Safe FragranceApple Cinnamon – Body Safe Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Finally done with almond scents, we move onto apple fragrances. Trust me, there are plenty more apple fragrance blogs to come. But why wouldn’t there be? Apples smell absolutely delicious. Not to mention the taste, but no matter how good fragrance oil smells, we never eat it. Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe is a perfect autumn aroma. As fall approaches, it’s heartwarming to smell the sweet, spicy scent of apples and cinnamon, reminiscent of a nice, hot cup of apple cider.

What Does Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

If you’re looking for a wonderful blend of apples and cinnamon without an overkill of bakery base notes, then our apple cinnamon fragrance oil is just for you!  The aroma of a red juicy McIntosh apple, sprinkled with freshly ground cinnamon sticks.  Best of all, this fragrance is body safe!  It is both an NG Original Scent and a best seller!

How Do Our Customers Use Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe Fragrance Oil?

Candles, of course. This apple cinnamon aroma is ideal for creating succulently-scented decorative candles. Apple Cinnamon fragrance oil performs perfectly in joy wax and wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax. The maximum recommended usage percentage in vegetable waxes and paraffin wax is 10%. Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe is not gel wax compatible (but it is body safe- and we’ll get to that). Our coloring recommendations for candles are to use two drops of red liquid candle dye and two drops of brown liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or shred a small amount of cinnamon color block into your melted wax.

Surely they make sweetly, spicy-scented soaps, and other bath and body products. This is where the “body safe” part is important. The maximum recommended usage percentage for this fruity fall fragrance in soaps, bath oils, bath gels, and cleaning products is 5%. We’ve found that Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe performed well in bath and body products. Our cold process soap testing results found that in CP soap, Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe caused slight acceleration, no ricing, no separation, and discolors to a light beige, with good scent retention. Our coloring recommendations for soap are: use red soap dye in the amount that satisfies you (of our four red soap colorants, I would recommend Tomato Red or Red Oxide- but it’s ultimately your decision, so do whatever you’d like!)

We’ve got this awesome 3D Apple Mold (that I’m going to be pushing a lot with all of the upcoming apple aromas) that you can use to make life-sized apple soaps! You could even get crafty and use this mold to make an apple-shaped candle. Simply use wick pins in the mold while pouring your wax (I’m not sure how simple it is, I just thought it was a neat idea, maybe someday I will have time to test it out! I’ll get back to you on that.)

This amazing autumn aroma is also perfect for perfumes and lotions. It performed perfectly in perfume and the maximum recommended usage percentage for lotions and perfumes is 5%.

Why not fill your whole house with this sweet cinnamon scent? The maximum recommended usage percentage for Apple Cinnamon – Body Safe fragrance oil in incense and potpourri is 50%. It comes across nice and strong in aroma beads.


Apple Cinnamon Scent

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apple cinnamon original fragrance oilApple Cinnamon- Original Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Our original Apple Cinnamon scent is sure to delight your senses. It is a smell that is sure to throw your taste buds into over drive, and remind you of every delicious apple recipe you’ve ever tried. Whether it’s apple cider or plain old apple pie, this fragrance will get your stomach rumbling with its’ delicious reminders. Apple Cinnamon is sure to be a scent that will keep everyone you know coming back for more again and again. If you are looking for a scent to get everyone’s taste buds tingling, then this is the perfect one!


What Does Apple Cinnamon- Original Smell Like?

Apple Cinnamon- Original fragrance by Nature’s Garden is a NG original scent! It is the wonderfully delectable scent of fresh cinnamon sticks sprinkled over a delicious juicy red McIntosh apple.


How Do Our Customers Use Apple Cinnamon- Original Fragrance Oil?

Are you looking for the perfect way to tingle the tastes of everyone you know? Then Apple Cinnamon is precisely what you’ve been looking for! For all the candle makers out there, this scent is just what you’ve been searching for. It performs perfectly in wow wax and joy wax, and is also nice and strong in soy wax. You can also get the smell of Apple Cinnamon wafting throughout your house by using this amazing fragrance in potpourri or incense. It has a maximum usage rate of 50%!

For all the crafters out there who like to make their own bath and body products, unfortunately this fragrance is not body safe. So please do not use it for any lotions, perfumes, bath gels, or any other kind of bath and body product recipe. Melt and pour and cold process soapers, this includes you as well.  However, we do offer a body safe version found here.


Apple Cinnamon- Original scent is the perfect scent for any candle or project you are in the mood for. It is a fragrance that is sure to bring back delicious childhood memories of possibly your first taste of apple cider, or maybe your first time trying a candy apple, bobbing for apples, or even your very first delectable taste of a yummy apple pie! Who can turn down the scent of a tasty red apple? This smell is definitely one that you and everyone you know will surely not be able to resist!

Are you just drooling at the thought of this wonderful fragrance? Wondering what the easiest way to find this awesomeness is on our new website? Well, all you have to do is type “apple cinnamon original” into our search bar and it will take you directly to this amazing fragrance! But hold on, there’s more! On the top of the fragrance picture is a little green link that says “Recipe”. If you click on that link, it will show you the name and a picture of one of our many free recipes, Candle Wax Tarts! By clicking that link, it will take you directly to that wonderful recipe! But be sure to check out all the rest of our free recipes and classes as well! You will definitely love them! Have fun and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

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