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Animalistic Instinct Fragrance

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animalistic instinct fragranceAnimalistic Instinct Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Animalistic Instinct fragrance is a scent that is sure to get your juices flowing. This aroma is sure to make you want to find your significant other as soon as possible. With the echo of multiple animal roars echoing in your mind, this scent is sure to fill your home with the exhilarating feeling of having stepped right out of the jungle itself. This is one fragrance you definitely don’t want to miss out on, it is sure to be an experience that will get your blood flowing!

What Does Animalistic Instinct Smell Like?

Animalistic Instinct fragrance oil by Nature’s Garden is a scent that is sure to intoxicate you. Starting with clean citrus notes of lemon and orange, that are surrounded by spicy notes of clove, rose, pepper, and anise. An unforgettable finish is brought on by notes of balsam, leather, warm musks, and vanilla.

How Do Our Customers Use Animalistic Instinct Fragrance Oil?

You definitely won’t be able to keep your hands off of your man with this tantalizing masculine scent around. It is sure to be like nothing you’ve ever come across before and an experience that you’ll never be able to forget. For all the candle makers out there, our Animalistic Instinct fragrance is just what you need. You can easily fill your home with this amazing aroma by using it to create some strong homemade aroma beads. For all of the incense and potpourri makers out there, our Animalistic Instinct fragrance has a maximum usage rate of 50%.

For bath and body products, this wonderful fragrance has a maximum usage rate of 5%. Some common bath and body products that can include this scent are perfumes, lotions, bath gels, bath oils, and soaps. As this fragrance does have just a slight vanillin content, we suggest testing it thoroughly before using it in any of your finished and final products so as to avoid any discoloration. For all the cold process soap makers out there, our Animalistic Instinct fragrance oil is exactly the fragrance that you’ve been searching for. Our cold process results are: this fragrance has no acceleration or ricing, and it has an absolutely perfect pour. The scent is amazing and we had no discoloration.

I’m sure you’re just dying to get your hands on this fragrance as soon as you possibly can. But hold on just one minute because it just keeps getting better. We offer many amazing free classes and recipes here at Nature’s Garden, and our free Tiger Stripe Soap recipe is actually made using our Animalistic Instinct fragrance oil. This is one recipe you need to try out just as soon as you can, it is a soap that is sure to get your blooding boiling and your juices flowing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns. Enjoy this amazing fragrance oil and make sure to keep watching for even more fragrance fun ideas!



Tiger Stripe Soap Recipe

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tiger stripe soap recipeTiger Stripe Soap Recipe

What inspires you? Well, here at Nature’s Garden, we are inspired by pretty much everything, but lately we’ve been on a serious animal print kick! We found this amazing picture of this gorgeous tiger and couldn’t wait to get started on making a tiger stripe soap recipe! And we of course have used our Animalistic Instinct Fragrance, I mean how could we not? It’s absolutely perfect!

tiger stripe soap recipe




Our wonderful inspiration!




animalistic instinct fragrance oil




Make sure to try out our amazing Animalistic Instinct scent!





272 grams of Olive Oil

272 grams of Shea Butter

181 grams of Palm Oil

181 grams of Coconut Oil

70 grams of Animalistic Instinct Fragrance Oil

15 grams of Titanium Dioxide

7 grams of Neon Orange FUN Soap Colorant

5 grams of Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

125 grams of Lye

345 grams of Distilled Water

Other Ingredients Needed:

Square Loaf Mold Market Mold


Safety Mask

Safety Glasses

Safety Gloves

Stick Blender




Mixing Bowls



animalistic instinct soap


Always make sure to protect yourself first with your gloves, glasses, and mask! Then you can prepare your lye water. Weigh 345 grams of distilled water, and 125 grams of lye. Carefully pour your lye into your water. Never pour water into lye! This can cause an explosion! Thoroughly mix your lye water and then set it aside to cool down.


animalistic instinct soap



Next, you can get your butters and oils ready. Weigh out 272 grams of Shea Butter, 272 grams of Olive Oil, 181 grams of Palm Oil, and 181 grams of Coconut Oil 76. Melt these down completely and then set them aside to cool as well.


animalistic instinct soap


While you are waiting for both of these to cool, you can get your colors ready. In separate bowls, add 5 grams of Black Oxide colorant, and 7 grams of Neon Orange. Then in another bowl, measure out 15 grams of Titanium Dioxide, mixing this thoroughly with just a little bit of your oils from your base bowl until you have achieved a paste-like consistency.


animalistic instinct soap


Make sure to keep checking your oils and lye water temperatures using your thermometer, until they have reached about 72 degrees Fahrenheit (room temperature) and are within ten degrees of each other. Then carefully pour your lye water into your butters and oils, mixing it together very thoroughly with a stick blender until you have come to a light trace.


animalistic instinct soap



When your mixture is at a light trace, pour 400 grams into the bowl with black colorant, 500 into the orange, and 500 in a separate bowl, adding your titanium paste to this last bowl. Then thoroughly mix each color. Make sure to add 20 grams of your Animalistic Instinct fragrance to your black bowl, and 25 grams to the orange and white. Again, make sure to mix them thoroughly!




Once your colors are completely mixed, you can begin to pour them into your mold. We started with our orange, carefully pouring just a little bit in a straight line all the way across the mold.







Then we alternated all three colors until the mold was almost full, leaving just a little bit of each color in our bowls.

animalistic instinct soap





With the remaining colors, we splattered it over the top of the soap into gorgeous designs! Splatter the rest of your soap however your heart desires!



Once you have finished your soap, it will need to sit to set up for at least 24 hours before removing it from the mold. Once it is removed, your new Tiger Stripe Soap will need to sit for at least 4 to 6 weeks to give it enough time to cure and become less alkaline. After that, your soap will be ready for you to use and enjoy! Check out all the rest of our free recipes and classes and watch out for more Enlightened by Layla!