Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil

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Nectarine and Mint Fragrance OilNectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil from Nature’s garden is a shimmering blend of citrus notes cooled with a hint of mint.  This is a scent that truly shines and stands out in all applications.  The unique combination of notes will quickly grab your attention, and you will love the way the notes shine through in your finished product!  A valued customer from Alabama describes smelling this fragrance for the first time, writing “This is an original scent. I haven’t smelled anything like it before. It’s a wonderful combination. It’s not too sweet and all of the notes described are present. Strong but not overwhelming.”  Try Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil for yourself today, and fall in love with the unique scent that this fragrance provides!

What Does Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a brilliant citrus blend of lemon and orange, cooled by a hint of mint.  Leafy greens and woody undertones support the scent while a base of musk adds a soft finish.

How Do Our Customers Use Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Unique scents are always perfect choices for those looking to make room scenting products.  Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil will certainly turn heads, making this perfect for your scenting products which can incorporate up to 50% fragrance oil.  You can use this bright fragrance oil in reed diffusers, potpourri, or incense recipes.  This fragrance also creates strongly scented aroma beads.  Candles and wax tarts can be made using this smooth scent up to 10% with vegetable waxes and paraffin wax.  It works wonderfully in Joy Wax, Wow Wax, and soy waxes.  If you color your candles, we recommend 3 drops of orange candle colorant and 2 drops of yellow liquid candle dye.  This is per 4 pounds of wax.  You can also color your melted wax with a small amount of orange and yellow color blocks.  Crayons are never recommended to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

How Do Our Customers Use Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

This scent is a must-have for creating bath and body products!  Soap makers can use 5% fragrance oil in cp soap recipes and melt and pour soap recipes.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results show that this fragrance behaved very nicely.  There was no acceleration, no ricing, no separation, and no discoloration.  The scent retention was very strong in cured soap!  If you wish to color your bath and body products, we would recommend using orange soap dye and yellow soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you.  As always, do not use candle dyes in your bath and body products as they will dye your skin.

Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil can be used to create a wide variety of cool, refreshing products.  Bath gels, bath bombs, and oils are a great project choice and can incorporate the recommended maximum of 5% fragrance oil.  Handmade perfumes and body sprays will smell delightful when you incorporate this fragrance up to 5% of your recipe!  Uplifting scented homemade lotions can also be created, using up to 5% fragrance oil.   Homemade cleaning supplies can also be created using a maximum fragrance usage of 5%.

Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil Solid Lotion RecipeAre you looking for a fun way to incorporate this scent that is as unique as the fragrance itself?  Try our free Hydrating Hand Stick Recipe to create a moisturizing product that features the amazing Nectarine and Mint Fragrance Oil!