Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day

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Crafts for St. Patrick's DayCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day

If you are looking to create some fantastic soap and candle recipes for Saint Patrick’s Day, then check out our St. Patrick’s Day crafts in this Natures Garden blog. We have some fun scented crafts for St. Patrick’s Day that you will be sure to enjoy and decorate your home. There are even more fun ways that you can use these homemade crafts other than decorating your home for this holiday. Of course, it is just as fun to use these lovely Natures Garden craft recipes.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: St Patricks Day Candle RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: St Patricks Day Candle Recipe

One fun candle making recipe that you can create for this holiday is the St Patricks Day Candle Recipe. Of course, this fun candle making recipe is perfect for adding some luck to your home for this fun holiday. This scented candle recipe uses a homemade wax shamrock to create a perfect holiday design. Not only can you use this homemade candle to decorate for Saint Patrick’s Day, but you can use this candle aroma as well. After the cute shamrock is affixed to the edge of the candle jar, the rest of the scented wax is filled in behind with the fresh scent of our NG Aloe & White Lilac Fragrance OilSo, this clover candle has an aroma of refreshing florals, sweet aromas, and musk. You will be sure to love the green clover candle to decorate during the holidays and the refreshing scent of this candle afterward.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Leprechaun Hat Soap RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Leprechaun Hat Soap Recipe

Another fun bath and body recipe that you can create is the Leprechaun Hat Soap Recipe. This adorable melt and pour soap recipe is created to look like just a cute leprechaun hat. Not only will you find that this recipe for cute St. Pattys Day soaps is perfect for making homemade decorations. Your soap making recipe uses fun soap molds and other soap shaping techniques to create a unique batch of soap. Plus, these cute soaps are scented with the aroma of our Apple Happy Camper Candy Fragrance Oil. This means that this cute mp soap recipe has the aroma of tangy and sweet green apple goodness that will remind you of the scent of sour green apple candy. So, you can enjoy the adorable leprechaun soap as decoration as well as a quality bar of hand soap!

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow Bath Salts RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow Bath Salts Recipe

Another wonderful way to decorate for Saint Patrick’s Day is our Rainbow Bath Salts Recipe. This beautiful bath and body recipe uses bright colors and fun cosmetic ingredients. This scented scrub recipe uses fun, fizzy SCI and exfoliating cosmetic salt. The wholesale dead sea salt mixture is colored with various hues of the rainbow. This beautiful cosmetic recipe is perfect for enjoying a bubble bath that leaves your skin soft and silky. Further, this salt scrub recipe uses the aroma of our Celestial Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has notes of warm sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and musk. This aroma is blended with enlightening spicy notes of sage and thyme combined with bright citrus notes that inspire both mind and soul. This blend of cosmetic ingredients is perfect for creating a fantastic bath and body recipe.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe

The lovely Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe is a great bath and body recipe that would be a perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. This bath and body recipe uses luxurious cosmetic ingredients that would create a quality bubble bar recipe that will be sure to care for your skin. Further, this bath recipe uses wholesale cosmetic herbs, like peppermint leaf powder and basil leaf ground. Also, this bubble bar recipe uses the scent of our Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil with a bright and herbal aroma. This scented oil has notes of basil leaves, sage and peppermint sprigs with citrus zests, fresh spring flowers, and soft, soothing musk. Further, this scented bath recipe has a swirl of brilliant green hues with white to create a beautiful cosmetic recipe. So, this cosmetic recipe a perfect bath recipe that has perfect hues for St. Patty’s Day! 

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Golden Clover Bath Bombs RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Golden Clover Bath Bombs Recipe

You will love the benefits you will have from creating the Golden Clover Bath Bombs Recipe. First, you can use this fun cosmetic recipe to decorate your home, as this bath bomb is shaped like a lucky golden clover. Second, you can use this cosmetic recipe to care for your skin during a relaxing soak in the bath. Of course, this bath and body recipe uses conditioning cosmetic oils that will care for the skin. Also, this bath and body recipe uses cosmetic herbs, like the French Green Clay Powder, that can be used to improve skin care. Plus, this bath bomb recipe is scented with the sophisticated and clean aroma our Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil. So, this lucky clover bath bomb is perfect for decorating and pampering yourself this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Lime Cupcake CP Soap RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Lime Cupcake CP Soap Recipe

Another fun bath and body recipe that you can enjoy is the Lime Cupcake CP Soap Recipe. This green cupcake soap uses a cold process soap recipe to create the base of the lime soap cupcake. Further, this homemade soap recipe is topped with whipped soap frosting and lime soap slices. This scented soap uses the lovely aroma of Agave Lime Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has a citrus blend of lime, lemon, and orange. The effervescent blend of citrus blends with tropical floral notes, exotic greens, clear musk, and rich sandalwood. So, you can enjoy this green cupcake soap for decoration and conditioning properties.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow MP Soap RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow MP Soap Recipe

Find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with our Rainbow MP Soap Recipe! This adorable soap uses melt and pour soap base to create a layered soap recipe topped with a tiny rainbow in the clouds. First, this soap recipe uses liquid soap colorants to create a rainbow layered soap base. Then, this fun bath and body recipe is topped with fluffy whipped soap clouds. Lastly, a curved rainbow layer strip arcs out of the fluffy soap clouds to look like a rainbow spread across the sky. Further, this adorable bath recipe is scented with the Angel Wings Fragrance Oil. The soft aroma of newborn baby blends with the aroma of creamy vanilla custard. So, you can enjoy this rainbow soap as decoration and a lovely scented soap bar.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: St Patty's Day Cold Process Soap RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: St Patty’s Day Cold Process Soap Recipe

Next, we have a soap recipe that is sure to make you feel lucky. Our St Pattys Day Cold Process Soap Recipe uses conditioning cosmetic oils to create a quality bar of cp soap. This soap recipe uses luscious cosmetic oils, like olive oil and palm oil, to create a lovely soap. Not only does this soap making recipe care for the skin, but this soap recipe perfectly includes green and gold. First, the soap bar is a swirl of green and white. Then, the bar is dusted with shimmering gold mica dust. Plus, this lovely bar soap is scented with the aroma of English Ivy Fragrance Oil. This aroma is a refreshingly clean blend of morning dew, fresh greenery, and a light floral bouquet with earthy base notes. Altogether these soap making ingredients create a bath and body product that you are sure to love!

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: 4 Leaf Clover Layered Soap RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: 4 Leaf Clover Layered Soap Recipe

If you are looking for a bath and body recipe with a bit of luck, then this mp soap clover is a great choice! Our 4 Leaf Clover Layered Soap Recipe uses quality cosmetic ingredients to create great scented crafts for St Patrick’s Day. The conditioning melt and pour soap base is used to make lovely layered green soap perfect for anyone looking for shamrock decorating ideas. Further, this scented soap includes “the luck of the clover” aroma, which is the refreshing aroma of our 4 Leaf Clover Fragrance Oil. This clean clover scented oil has supporting notes of fresh greenery, fresh cut wisteria, and the earthy green scents. These lovely fragrance oil notes are perfect for scenting this lovely clover mp soap recipe that you will enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day!

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Pot o Gold Candle RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Pot o Gold Candle Recipe

Another great idea for someone looking for homemade decorations for St Patrick’s Day is our Pot o Gold Candle Recipe. This lovely candle recipe uses candle making supplies that are perfect for creating a fun scented wax design. First, the cosmetic beeswax is used to show a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Then, the rest of the cosmetic wax is colored a beautiful light blue and is used to fill in the sky behind the rainbow. Further, this scented candle making recipe uses the aroma of our Green Clover and Aloe Fragrance Oil. This fresh unisex aroma blends the aroma of wild summer herbs, fruity floral notes, and the scent of sweet musk. Not only will you love the aroma of this scented candle, but this scented candle is perfect for decorating your home!

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Green Beer Candle RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Green Beer Candle Recipe

There are many people that would enjoy a tall glass of cold beer on St. Patrick’s Day. So, the fantastic Green Beer Candle Recipe is a perfect candle making recipe that you will enjoy this candle recipe along with diy crafts for St Patrick’s Day. The gel wax is a perfect candle wax for creating a lovely beverage appearance. Then, the soy wax used to create a whipped, foamy top to the green beer. So, these candle making ingredients are absolutely perfect for creating an authentic beer candle. Not only would this candle recipe be perfect for decorating, but this homemade candle includes the lovely aroma of our Green Irish Fragrance Oil. This masculine scented oil is perfect for this homemade candle with a blend of spicy and sweet scents.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow Candle RecipeCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow Candle Recipe

Follow the rainbow all the way to a scrumptiously scented candle recipe. The Rainbow Candle Recipe is a fun and simple room scent recipe that is perfect for St. Patrick’s DayThis scented candle recipe uses pillar of bliss wax and bright candle colorants to create a layered candle that is absolutely perfect. Plus, this candle making wax is scented with our Rainbow Fragrance Oil with a bright fruity scent rounded with floral scents and white musk. After you separate and color each of the six portions of your wholesale container wax, the layers can be scooped into the jar. So, you can enjoy all of the colors of the rainbow as well as the aroma of this wonderful candle!

Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day: St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Adults

If you are looking for even more fun crafts that you can enjoy on St Pattys Day, then you may want to check out 18 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts Everyone in Your Family Will Love by Country Living Staff. This craft making article shares recipes for making cute homemade decorations for St Patrick’s day. You can use many of these fun craft recipes to create some lovely diy St Patrick’s Day decorations.

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Reach Out to UsCrafts for St. Patrick’s Day: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day! If you have any questions about making these lovely themed crafts, then feel free to reach out to us. You can find us on the phone, in the store, and online. You can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on Instagram and Twitter. Not only is our social media a good place for questions, but this platform is perfect for connecting as well. You can share your own creations and experiences with us and other craft makers. So, we hope to hear from you soon and wish you good luck!