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Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe

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Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe

This Natures Garden original recipe combines the best qualities of both bath bombs and bubble bars in a cute heart shaped mold to create the Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe! It is an amazing bath recipe that bubble bath lovers will go crazy over! If you are unfamiliar with bubble bars, they are basically a solid bubble bath that foams and bubbles like crazy! Within no time you should have a bathtub full of bubbles, nourishing oils, and a wonderful rose scent. Imagine just sitting back and enjoying the exquisite aroma of Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil as rose petals and bubbles dance on the surface. Talk about a relaxing way to unwind! Try out this simple foaming bath bomb recipe today!

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Necessary Ingredients that are Available at Natures Garden

Baking Soda- Sodium Bicarbonate
Citric Acid
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate- SCI
Grapeseed Oil
Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil
Rosehips Powder
FUN Soap Colorant Tomato Red
6 Cavity Silicone Heart Soap Mold
8 oz. Clear PET Bullet Bottles
White Fine Mist Sprayers 24/410
Pink Rose Petals
24K Gold Mica Pigment
Diamond Dust Mica Pigment

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Other Ingredients and Equipment Needed

Witch Hazel in a Spray Bottle
Four Mixing Bowls (2 medium and 2 small)
Mixing Spoons

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Weights and Amounts of Ingredients

528 grams of the Baking Soda- Sodium Bicarbonate
264 grams of the Citric Acid
84 grams of the Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate- SCI
18 grams of the Grapeseed Oil
5 grams of the Rosehips Powder
8 grams of the Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil
5 drops of the FUN Soap Colorant Tomato Red
A Small Amount of the 24K Gold Mica Pigment
2 grams of the Pink Rose Petals
A Small Amount of the Diamond Dust Mica Pigment

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Sanitize the Work Space and the Equipment Needed

Before beginning working on your craft, you may want to do a little bit of preparation to ensure that the process goes smoothly and stays stress-free. So, clean your work space enough to provide an ample amount of surface area to create your foaming bath bombs. Also, you will want to clean everything that you will be using, such as bowls and the silicone heart soap mold. This will prevent unwanted particles or bacteria from getting into your bath products.

Additionally, you should make sure that your witch hazel is already in the bullet bottle and ready to use. This will ensure that you won’t need to pause the process to locate some witch hazel and a spray bottle. Further, you should try to chose a less humid day or area to create your products as too much humidity can actually cause the bath bomb to activate to soon. This will make it difficult to stick together and make prevent its correct use later on. Now, you should be prepared enough to enjoy creating some gorgeous bath bombs!

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Mixing the Powder Ingredients Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Mixing the Powder Ingredients

First, you are going to prepare your powder ingredients in one bowl. So, tare the weight of one of your medium mixing bowls on the gram scale. Weigh out 264 grams of the Citric Acid, 528 grams of the Baking Soda, and 84 grams of the Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate into this same mixing bowl. Now, use your gloved hands to mix these powdered ingredients well enough to incorporate everything. Also, be sure to break up any clumps that you find while mixing. It is very important to make this mixture as smooth and well mixed as possible.

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Adding the Rosehips PowderFoaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Adding the Rosehips Powder

Next, you will be dividing your powder mixture into two even portions. So, retrieve another of your medium mixing bowls and transfer about half of your previously weighed powder ingredients. This should leave you with about 438 grams of your mixture in each of the two bowls. While you may simply be able to eye the amount, you should make sure to weigh this amount with your scale to be certain that it is separated evenly. Now, you should have the same amount of powder ingredients in each of your bowls. So, you will be adding the rosehips herb to one of your bowls. So, add 5 grams of the rosehips powder to only one of your portions in the mixing bowls. Set these two bowls of your mixtures aside for now.

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Preparing the Liquid Ingredients Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Preparing the Liquid Ingredients

Then, you are going to prepare the liquid ingredients for this bubbling bath bomb recipe. So, grab two small mixing bowls and tare the weight of one bowl on your scale. The first bowl will have 4 grams of the Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil, 9 grams of the Grapeseed Oil, and 5 drops of the Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant. After everything has been added to one bowl, mix these ingredients together well with a spoon. Later, this colorful mixture will be added to the bowl with the rose hips powder.

Next, you will be combining the liquid ingredients that will be added to the second bowl of powdered ingredients. So, you will weigh 4 grams of the Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil and 9 grams of the Grapeseed Oil into the second small bowl. Later, this mixture will be added to the plain, white powder mixture.

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Preparing the Colored LayerFoaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Preparing the Colored Layer

Now, you are going to mix and prepare that pink layer for the mold. So, grab the bowl of dry ingredients that includes the rose hips powder. Add the red colored liquid ingredients to this bowl of dry ingredients. Mix well to incorporate all the scent and color into the dry ingredients. Be sure that use mix well enough to break up dye clumps and evenly disperse the fragrance oil.

Next, you will finish this portion of your bath bomb so you can add it to the mold. So, grab your spray bottle of witch hazel. Now, very lightly spray the pink bath bomb portion with the witch hazel and keep on mixing with your gloved hands as you spray. Continue to spray and mix until you have a crumbling dough consistency, but be careful not to over use the spray or it could activate your bath bomb prematurely. We have noticed that this recipe will use less witch hazel than our typical bath bomb recipe. So, be wary of the amount of witch hazel used. You can always add more, but once you have added too much the bath bomb is ruined before you have a chance to finish creating them. After you reach the crumbling dough consistency, quickly move on to the next step of filling the mold.

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Filling the MoldFoaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Filling the Mold

After you achieve the right amount of witch hazel, you are ready to move on to filling your silicone molds. So, get your six-cavity Silicone Heart Soap Mold and lay it on your work space. Now, pack each of the six cavities about half full with your pink portion of the bath bomb. You will be leaving the other have for the white layer of your foaming bath bomb. Also, make sure that you press down on the mixture as you fill the mold to ensure that it is packed tightly and will hold its shape after it is removed from the soap mold.

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Adding the Second LayerFoaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Adding the Second Layer

Then, you will be preparing the uncolored layer for the bath bomb. So, retrieve your unused bowl of liquid ingredients and the other bowl of powdered ingredients. Now, take the clear liquid ingredients and mix it into your plain white, dry ingredients. Remember to mix well enough to disperse the fragrance oil throughout the entire mixture.

After mixing well, you will spray this portion of the bath bomb with witch hazel until it becomes a crumbly dough consistency. As you know, you will not want to add too much of the witch hazel to your mixture. Once you get the right amount you will be ready to add the white mixture to the mold. Now, spray the previous layer lightly with hazel and tightly pack the white layer on top of the pink layer in each of your six cavities. You will want to pack this layer in well enough to stick to the pink layer and hold its shape after it is removed from the mold. Also, if you don’t pack the mold tight enough you could end up with empty space in the bath bombs.

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Adding the Finishing TouchesFoaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Adding the Finishing Touches

Immediately, you are going to want to top your bath bombs to make sure the petals and mica adhere. Spray the top of the white layer one last time to ensure that the rose petals stick to the tops. So, take about 2 grams of the rose petals and sprinkle them on top of each of your bath bombs. Now, press your sprinkled rose petals down into the top of your bath bomb slightly. This will make sure that they don’t fall off before you add them to your bath tub. Finally, add a light dusting of the 24 K Gold Mica Pigment and the Diamond Dust Mica Pigment to the top of the foaming bath bomb and rose petals. This will provide a super pretty shimmer!

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Your Finished Foaming and Fizzing Bath Products

Now, your bath bombs are basically ready for you to use! Next, you will let the foaming bath bombs set in the heart mold until they are entirely set up. After the bath bombs are hardened and entirely set up, you can remove the from the bath bomb. Finally, your lovely foaming bath bombs are now ready to use! Simply add one or two of these bath beauties to your bath and watch the magic happen! Not only do these cute hearts fizz all over, but the bath bombs will foam to create a perfect bubble bath. Just when you think that your bath creations can’t possibly get any better than they already are we add rose petals and shimmery mica dust. Ultimately, you can’t get a bath any better than that

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Using Your Foaming and Fizzing Bath Creations

If you are unsure on how to use these heart-shaped bubbly bath bombs, then we can run through a quick explanation of how these bath products work. The simple explanation of it use is to add your foaming bath bomb to your bath water. However, there are a couple tricks based on your own preference. First, those that enjoy more of the fizzing effect may want to run their bath and then add their foaming bath bomb afterwards. This will leave you with less bubbles, but you will still enjoy some foaming fun.

Alternatively, you can hold one of your Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs under your warm running water. You can slightly crush your product while it is under the water. This is the best for those that are looking for tons of bubbles. Further, you can try a combination of fizzing and foaming. If you let the Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bomb fizz and then break up the product under running water, then you may be able to get the best of both! However, any way you use this recipe you will have an absolutely perfect bath experience!

Foaming Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe Share Your Gorgeous Foaming Bath Bombs With Natures Garden

Further, be sure to show us pictures of what you have created! We would be delighted to see how they turned out and even how they are working! If you happen to snag a picture of your bath or finished product before you take your bath, then please consider sharing! You can tag us on Instagram @ngscents.  Also, you can share any of your pictures on the Nature’s Garden Facebook page. Either way, we would love to see what you have made!


Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub

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Foaming Hibiscus Sugar ScrubFoaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub

The Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub is a wrinkle reducer and the best possible scrub you could make for your skin! The ladies at Natures Garden have been trying this scrub on their own faces and are loving the results! In fact, Deb, the owner of this fine company, thinks that this scrub has to be the absolute best recipe we’ve ever made! This scrub makes your skin feel smooth and soft, while simultaneously reducing any wrinkles! Thanks to the natural powers of Hibiscus Flowers, we have created a scrub with natural botox properties that have fast results!

Impossibly, this miraculous sugar scrub got even better with the addition of some foaming bubbles! This scrub uses Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, or SCI, which will provide foaming bubbles and helps to soften your skin. So, this scrub really has a lot of good to offer your skin. Check out the recipe below and see for yourself why we love it oh so much!

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Ingredients Available At Natures Garden


Sweet Almond Oil

COCOA BUTTER Golden Natural

Shea Butter

Olive Oil Pomace
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate- SCI
VITAMIN E OIL (Tocopherol T-50) Natural


BEESWAX White Pastilles

Hawaiian Sea Mist Fragrance Oil

OPTIPHEN – Preservative

Hibiscus Flower Powder


Hibiscus Flowers Whole

4 oz. Clear PET JAR

White Dome Lid Smooth 58/400

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Other Ingredients and Equipment

A Mixing Spoon

Two Mixing Bowls 

A Spatula

White granulated sugar

One Small Pot

A Stove Top

One Medium Pot

A Gram Scale

A Thermometer

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Total Weights For All Ingredients

680 grams of White Granulated Sugar

121 grams Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate- SCI

136 grams of Coconut Oil 76
113 grams of Sweet Almond Oil 
62 grams of Cocoa Butter Golden Natural
74 grams of Shea Butter 
50 grams of Silky Emulsifying Wax 
12 grams of Beeswax
20 grams of Olive Oil Pomace
20 grams of Hawaiian Sea Mist Fragrance Oil 
5 grams of Optiphen Preservative
5 grams of Vitamin E Oil
8 grams of Hibiscus Flower Powder
20 grams of Vegetable Glycerin

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Clean and Sanitize

Before you begin, make sure that all your equipment and your work space is sanitized. This will prevent possible contamination from using dirty utensils or setting those utensils on a dirty counter top. Also, having your work space tidy will help you create this recipe.  Not only will all your equipment be close and ready to use, but there won’t be anything impeding your ability to work. Now, lets get started!

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Making the Double Boiler

Also, you will want to know how to create the double boiler before we begin. If you already know how to create this melting device, then feel free to begin the recipe. However, those that aren’t sure how to put this together can read through this short step-by-step instruction on how to create a double boiler. We stress this importance because the double boiler is crucial to preventing your butters and oils from scorching.

First, get your small pot and your medium pot. The larger pot will contain the boiling water and the smaller pot will contain the ingredients that you intend to have melting. So, add about an inch of water to the medium pot to start. Then, place your smaller pot inside the medium pot. You will need to adjust the water level so that it is at least touching the bottom of the small pot, but not high enough to boil over into your melting ingredients. Finally, you can turn on the stove top and add your ingredients to the small pot.

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Melting Your Butters and WaxFoaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Melting Your Butters and Wax

First, you will need to melt the necessary ingredients for your scrub. Retrieve the scale and tare the weight of a bowl. Now, weigh out 136 grams of coconut oil 76, 113 grams of sweet almond oil, 62 grams of cocoa butter, 74 grams of shea butter, 50 grams of silky emulsifying wax, 20 grams of olive oil, and 12 grams of beeswax. After, you will be ready to melt your weighed ingredients. So, pour these ingredients into the small pot of your double boiler and set the stove to medium heat. Stir as the butters and wax melts and continue until everything has completely melted.

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Creating Hibiscus Flower PasteFoaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Creating Hibiscus Flower Paste

While you wait for your ingredients to melt, you can begin creating the Hibiscus Flower Powder paste. So, weigh out 8 grams of Hibiscus Flower Powder and 20 grams of Vegetable Glycerin into a second bowl. You will need to mix these ingredients together very well until everything has been combined to create a paste consistency. Then, set this bowl aside for later use.

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub After the Butters and Wax MeltFoaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub After the Butters and Wax Melt

Now, we will be adding a few more ingredients to the larger mixture, which is made of butters, oils, and wax. So, wait for the butters and wax to finish melting. After all the ingredients are melted, transfer these ingredients to a bowl. Now, allow your mixture to cool to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is important as it prevents the preservative or other ingredients from burning off. Then, it is time for you to add 5 grams of optiphen preservative,5 grams of vitamin E oil, 121 grams of sodium cocoyl isethionate, and 20 grams of Hawaiian Sea Mist Fragrance Oil to your melted mixture. Be sure to mix thoroughly and incorporate all the added ingredients.

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Adding the Whit Granulated Sugar Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Adding the Whit Granulated Sugar

Next, you will add the sugar to the larger mixture of melted ingredients. So, weight out 680 grams of the white granulated sugar in a separate bowl. Then, slowly add the sugar to your mixture while you are whisking. This well incorporate all of the oils into the added sugar to create a well combined sugar scrub mixture.

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Adding the Hibiscus Flower Powder Mixture Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Adding the Hibiscus Flower Powder Mixture

Then, you can add the Hibiscus Flower Powder paste to the larger mixture. So, retrieve the paste that you have set aside in a previous step. Now, add the Hibiscus flower powder paste to your larger mixture. Again, make sure that you mix thoroughly to disperse the Hibiscus Flower Powder completely. However, incorporating this ingredient may be a bit more difficult as it is a thicker paste. While it may take more work, just keep mixing until the paste is dispersed evenly through the entire bowl.

Foaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Adding the Hibiscus Scrub to the JarsFoaming Hibiscus Sugar Scrub Adding the Hibiscus Scrub to the Jars

Finally, you are ready for the finishing touches for your foaming sugar scrub! First, allow your mixture to fully cool to room temperature. After, your will be able to pour your scrub into your nine 4 oz jars. We recommend using a spoon or spatula to scoop the mixture into your jars, but you can transfer the scrub anyway your want to do this.

Once all the sugar scrub mixture is put into the jars you can add the whole hibiscus flowers to the tops. Simply sprinkle a tiny bit on the top of each jar. Then, you can place the lids on the jars to either store or use the scrub. If you wish to use your foaming scrub, just scrub your hands under some warm, running water. Also, you can use this scrub in the shower as well. It will foam, soften you skin, and feel amazing. So, we are pretty sure that you are going to really enjoy this recipe!


How to Make Foaming Body Frosting

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Foaming Body FrostingA great idea for gift baskets this holiday season, foaming body frosting will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and moisturized.  Whether you are making this sweet body treat for yourself, as a gift, or for sale; this foaming body frosting recipe is a winner.

List of ingredients and equipment you will need:
Whipped Soap Base- 1 Pound
Any Body Safe Fragrance Oil
QUICK ORDER FUN Soap Colorants 1 oz.
4 oz. Clear PET JAR
White Straight Lid Smooth 58/400
Powdered Sugar
Bowls (5)
Spoons (5)
Hand Held Mixer
Deep Mixing Bowl

The Steps:
Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Step 1:  Using your scale, weigh out 454 grams of Whipped Soap Base and place it into your mixing bowl.  Set aside.

Step 2:  In a separate bowl, weigh out 250 grams of powdered sugar.

Step 3:  Next, using your hand held mixer, start to whip the whipped soap base.  You will notice the base will start to appear like whipped frosting.  When you have reached this point, add the powdered sugar to the whipped soap base.  Using a spatula,  begin to fold the powdered sugar into the whipped soap base.  You want to thoroughly mix this to incorporate it well.

Step 4:  Next, add 35 grams of any body safe fragrance oil.  Using your spatula, fold the fragrance oil into the whipped soap base.  Make sure you clean the sides of the bowl with a spatula.

Step 5:  Start whipping the mixture again. Make sure the mixture is well blended.  When the mixture begins to look like whipped frosting again, stop beating.

Step 6:  Now, get your 5 bowls and spoons.  To each bowl, add approximately 140 grams of the body frosting mixture.

Step 7:  Depending on the depth of color you are looking to achieve, add anywhere from 5-15 drops of Fun Soap Colorant to each bowl.  Stir well with a spoon to fully incorporate.

Step 8:  Finally, using your spoon scoop the foaming body frosting into your 4 oz clear PET jars and lid.

A perfect mom and me project, the foaming body frosting recipe is super easy to make and doesn’t take a very long time either.  Just make sure that when you make the recipe, you save a foaming body frosting for yourself.