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Candle Ideas for Christmas

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Candle Ideas for ChristmasCandle Ideas for Christmas

There are all kinds of fun candle ideas for Christmas that are available from Natures Garden. Since there are a variety of ways to use these fun craft making recipes, they are perfect for the holiday season! First of all, you can use our homemade candle recipes to create candles that are gorgeous and cheerful. So, these homemade candles are perfect for decorating your home for the holiday season. Second, each of our lovely scented candle recipes have a fantastic aroma that would be perfect for this time of year! Whether you are interested in creating unique Christmas candles to decorate this year or providing lovely aromas throughout your home, you will absolutely want to check out our scented candle recipes in the craft blog below!

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Candy Cane Candle RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Candy Cane Candle Recipe

First of all, you can use your wholesale candle making supplies to create the refreshing Candy Cane Candle Recipe. This lovely candle recipe uses layers of candle wax to create a pattern that looks just like a real candy cane! Plus, this fun scented recipe is topped with whipped wax and peppermint candy wax embeds. Not only is this a great candle to use for decoration, but this candle has a lovely aroma, too. This scented candle uses the true scent of our Candy Cane Fragrance Oil. So, your scented candle will have a cheerful aroma of refreshing peppermint leaves, perfectly ripened strawberries, and a dry down of vanilla. So, this is a fantastic candle recipe to create for the holiday season that peppermint lovers are sure to adore.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Eggnog Candle RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Eggnog Candle Recipe

Another fantastic candle recipe for the holiday season is the scrumptious Eggnog Candle Recipe. First of all, this lovely candle was created to look just like a full mug of rich eggnog. Everything about this candle from the real glass, the foam top, and the real cinnamon herb make this a fantastic candle for to decorate your home this holiday season. Further, this scented candle uses a delicious fragrance oil, which is the Eggnog Fragrance Oil. So, this homemade candle recipe will have notes of creamy eggnog along with strong notes of buttercream and vanilla. These tasty notes are followed by notes of spice, which include cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. The lovely appearance and mouth watering aroma lead to a candle recipe that is perfect for both decorating and scenting the home for the holidays.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Rustic Wax Melts RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Rustic Wax Melts Recipe

The Rustic Wax Melts Recipe is melted wax tart recipe that would be perfect to create for the holidays. The wholesale herbs in this recipe include cloves, juniper berries, orange peel, and cinnamon sticks. Further, this cute scented wax recipe is perfect for filling your home with a warm, rustic scent. This candle recipe uses the lovely Christmas Wassail Fragrance Oil with notes of mulled apple cider, fresh pineapple, and orange zests that are surrounded by warm notes of cinnamon and clove. Plus, this fragrance oil is enhanced by the same herbs that created such a lovely appearance for these wax melts. This means that when you burn these adorable wax melts you will enjoy the aroma of this warm holiday aroma and fresh spice herbs!

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Gingerbread Latte Candle RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Gingerbread Latte Candle Recipe

Next, we have the lovely Gingerbread Latte Candle Recipe that you can create this lovely holiday season. This delightful homemade candle recipe is perfect for decorating your home. First, this mug is full of a scrumptious gingerbread latte scented candle. Plus, this delicious latte candle has a lovely little gingerbread man cookie dunked in the drink. Not only is this fun candle recipe perfect for decorating for this season, but this scented candle has a scrumptious aroma. The scrumptious scent of this candle recipe comes from the lovely Snickerdoodle Latte Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil has a marvelous blend of rich roasted Columbian coffee with spices and toasted hazelnut. This blend of fragrance notes rest on a sweet base of vanilla butter cream that make this latte aroma simply irresistible!

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Santa Candle RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Santa Candle Recipe

Another fun candle recipe that you can create for the holiday season is our Santa Candle Recipe. This fun Christmas candle was inspired by Santa’s jolly holiday suit! Not only is the candle red and white, but we created a felt belt to go around the candle’s middle. So, this festive candle recipe is perfect for decorating for the holidays. Further, this fun candle recipe is topped with scrumptious sugar cookies. Plus, this fun Christmas themed candle uses the lovely aroma of our Santas Whiskers Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has notes of balsam, fir, and pine blended with warm, scrumptious notes of warm vanilla sugar cookies. This yummy aroma adds to this fantastic candle recipe to create a great candle recipe for the holidays.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Chocolate Blossom Cookie Wax Tart RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Chocolate Blossom Cookie Wax Tart Recipe

There is nothing like the fresh aroma of cookies perfect for leaving out on Christmas Eve for jolly old Saint Nick. So, the scrumptious aroma of the Chocolate Blossom Cookie Wax Tart Recipe is perfect for the holidays. Each of these lovely sugar cookie wax tarts are topped with sweet chocolate kisses. These perfect wax melt cookies are perfect for decorating your home this holiday season. Not only is our wax tart recipe perfect for decorating this winter, but these lovely wax melts will provide you with a mouth watering chocolate cookie aroma. This delicious aroma is due to the scent of our Chocolate Chip Cookies Fragrance Oil. This Natures Garden fragrance oil has a scrumptious aroma of freshly baked cookies with notes of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla. These lovely scented wax tarts look and smell absolutely scrumptious.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Reindeer Poo Candle RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Reindeer Poo Candle Recipe

Our Reindeer Poo Candle Recipe is another fun candle recipe that would be perfect of decorating your home for the holidays. This unique candle recipe is perfect for adding some silly fun to your typical holiday decorations. Plus, you can enjoy the lovely aroma of our Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil. This festive and fun aroma has sweet top notes of apples and pears that are followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium. These lovely scents are wonderfully balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedar wood, and patchouli. Further, you can even use this fun candle as a Christmas gift idea that is sure to get a laugh and be enjoyed for it’s lovely scent!

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Christmas Wreath Fire Starters RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Christmas Wreath Fire Starters Recipe

Also, you can enjoy our Christmas Wreath Fire Starters Recipe this season. These scented wax recipes are made for two purposes. First, you can use these wax creations in your fireplace. Not only can you use this craft recipe to help get toasty by the fire, but this homemade fire starter uses the scent of our Christmas Wreath Type Fragrance Oil. So, you can fill your home with the aroma of freshly cut boughs of pine, balsam, holly berry and earthy pine cones. So, you can enjoy the convenience of your fire starter as well as the perfectly traditional and welcoming holiday aroma.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Pinecone Firestarters RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Pinecone Firestarters Recipe

Another option that we have for fire starting help is the Pinecone Firestarters Recipe. This fun recipe uses scented wax to create another fantastic wax recipe that is both convenient and smells fantastic! Of course, you can use these wax covered pine cones to easily start up your fireplace. But, this scented wax recipe adds to the experience with the aroma of our Pleasingly Pumpkin Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has a lovely aroma of sweet, creamy pumpkin puree with warm notes of butter and sweet vanilla cream. So, you are sure to stay cozy with a crackling fire and warm fragrance.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Santa Hat Candle RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Santa Hat Candle Recipe

Next, we have the adorable Santa Hat Candle Recipe! This fun homemade candle recipe uses cupcake candle mold and whipped candle wax to create these fun Christmas candles! Not only can you make your holiday candles look like cute Santa hats, but these candles are scented with some lovely fragrance oils. These scented candles use the lovely Santa Snacks Fragrance Oil to provide a scrumptious aroma. This fragrance oil has notes of fresh baked sugar cookies with hints of yummy holiday spices. This scented oil is perfect for creating fantastic holiday candles that you will love to have this holiday season.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Gingerbread Men Wax Ornaments RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Gingerbread Men Wax Ornaments Recipe

Next, we have a fun scented wax recipe that is perfect for helping decorate the Christmas tree. Our cute Gingerbread Men Wax Ornaments Recipe allow you to make unique holiday ornaments that look cute and smell great! Your home will be irresistible with the aroma of our Gingerbread Fragrance Oil. This scented oil is the true aroma of spiced cookie with hints of  fresh notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. So, you can enjoy these gingerbread man ornaments on your tree as well as the strong cold scent throw of this fresh bakery scent.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Christmas Coffee Wax Tarts RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Christmas Coffee Wax Tarts Recipe

Next, we have a scented wax recipe that any coffee lover would be sure to enjoy! Our Christmas Coffee Wax Tarts Recipe uses real coffee beans and scrumptious fragrance oils to create an irresistible wax tart. The fabulous aroma of the whole coffee beans blend perfectly with the scent of French Vanilla Coffee Fragrance Oil with sweet notes of vanilla and freshly brewed coffee. Further, the scent of this wax melt is enhanced by the sweet aroma of our Snickerdoodle Cookies Fragrance Oil with fresh baked aroma of French vanilla with a touch of cinnamon sticks, gingerbread, and maple syrup. You will love using this deliciously sweet blend of coffee and warm spice in your home this holiday season!

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri RecipeCandle Ideas for Christmas: Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri Recipe

Finally, we have the Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri Recipe. This scented wax recipe uses pillar of bliss wax and snowflake wax embeds to look just like snow! Plus, this scoopable wax melt recipe uses the Jack Frost Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil has an aroma that is of crisp, clean peppermint with notes of sweet vanilla bean. So, you can enjoy both the lovely appearance of this wax melt recipe and the scrumptious crisp winter aroma.

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Homemade Holiday Decorations

While festive holiday candles are a fun way to decorate your home for the holidays. However, these fun homemade candles aren’t the only way to brighten up the season. You can find even more fun ways to decorate your home in HGTV’s article on Our 75+ Favorite Handmade Holiday Decorating Ideas. This article is full of all kinds of fun and unique ways to create handmade Christmas decorations for this cheery season. There are ideas for fun center pieces, wreaths, fire place decorations and so much more! So, you can fill your entire home with the wonderful Christmas candle recipes from Natures Garden as well as the fun holiday crafts to liven up your home this cheery season!

Candle Ideas for Christmas: Reach Out to UsCandle Ideas for Christmas: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you have enjoyed these holiday themed Christmas candles! If you have any questions about these candle making recipes, then feel free to reach out to us! We are available to help you create candle making recipes that are absolutely stunning! Of course, you can reach out to us on the phone, in the store, and online. Anyone that would like to reach us online should definitely check out our social media pages! You can find us on Facebook. Plus, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on Instagram and Twitter. You can use these social media platforms to ask questions and get candle making advice. Also, you can use these platforms to stay posted on new craft making recipes or even chat with other craft makers. So, there are all kinds of great reasons to find us online.


Candle Making Terminology

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Candle Making TerminologyCandle Making Terminology

We at Natures Garden know that there is a lot of candle making terminology and techniques that you need to know to make great homemade candles. So, we are going to answer some common candle making questions and problems to make your experience more fun. So, set aside your candle making equipment and let’s figure out how to make gorgeous scented candles!

Candle Making Terminology: Types of Candles

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Pillar Candle?Candle Making Terminology: What is a Pillar Candle?

Pillar candles are free-standing candles that don’t require a container. These often use a harder type of candle wax that is made for creating pillar candles, like Pillar of Bliss Wax or Palm Pillar Wax.

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Votive Candle?Candle Making Terminology: What is a Votive Candle?

Votive Candles are a smaller kind of candle. The average size is 1.5 ounces and they are about two inches tall and one and a half inches wide. These are often made with a Votive Mold.

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Tealight Candle?Candle Making Terminology: What is a Tealight Candle?

Tea Lights are very small candles that are about an inch and a half wide and a half inch tall. They can be made in Tea Light Cups .

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Fragrances

Candle Making Terminology: What Does Fragrance Load Mean?

In candle making, fragrance load refers to the amount of fragrance oil that you are using in your homemade candle recipe.

Candle Making Terminology: My Candle Wax Will Hold a 10% Fragrance Load. How Do I Know How Much to Add?Candle Making Terminology: My Candle Wax Will Hold a 10% Fragrance Load. How Do I Know How Much to Add?

All you need to do is some simple math that we will walk you through! First, weigh the amount of candle wax you are using. Then, multiply this amount by 0.10, which is 10% to determine the amount of fragrance oil that you can use.

  • Formula: Candle Wax Weight X Fragrance Percentage = Amount of Fragrance That Can Be Added
  • Example: 20 (ounces of candle wax) X 0.10 = 2 ounces of fragrance oil So, since your candle wax is in ounces, the fragrance amount that can be added to the candle wax will also be in ounces.
Candle Making Terminology: What Does Scent Throw Mean?

The scent throw is the strength of fragrance that the candle releases into the air. Cold throw is the strength of scent when the candle is not lit yet. Hot throw is the strength of the scent throw when the candle is lit and burning.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Waxes

Candle Making Terminology: What Kind of Wax Should I Use for Candles?Candle Making Terminology: What Kind of Wax Should I Use for Candles?

Choosing a candle wax type depends on the type of candle that you want to create. So, the isn’t a universal answer to the question, “Which is the best wax for candle making?” For example, pillar candles would require a pillar wax, which includes Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax and Palm Pillar Wax. The Pillar of Bliss Wax is a blend of soy and paraffin that has a great scent throw and a creamy finish. The Palm Pillar Wax has a crystal finish, has a wonderful scent throw, and comes form sustainable sources.

However, container candles would be best with a container wax, which includes soy wax, Joy wax, WOW Wax, palm wax, and gel wax. Soy wax would make a great, inexpensive addition to your natural candle making supplies. It has a clean burn and and excellent cold throw, but it can be tricky to get a good hot throw from certain fragrances. Wow wax is mostly paraffin and has an amazing hot throw, but has a less clean burn. Joy wax is a perfect blend of paraffin wax and soy wax, as well as veggie wax and proprietary ingredients, that provides a cleaner burn with an amazing scent throw. Gel wax has a neat translucent look, but is not compatible with all fragrance oils. Our palm wax comes from sustainable sources that aren’t harming the rainforest, has a beautiful crystal appearance, and a great scent throw.

Candle Making Terminology: What is Granulated Wax?Candle Making Terminology: What is Granulated Wax?

Simply, this is wax that is grainy and looks kind of like sand. This wax can be scented and colored without melting, so it is a easy and fun way to create candles with kids. We have made candle recipes like the Bacon Candle Recipe and the Hydrangea Candle Recipe with this type of wax.

Candle Making Terminology: Crucial Temperatures

Candle Making Terminology: Do I Need to Worry About the Temperatures When Making Candles?Candle Making Terminology: Do I Need to Worry About the Temperatures When Making Candles?

Yes, this is very important for creating quality homemade candles! There are a few key moments where you will need a thermometer to be aware of the temperature of your wax. First, you need to make sure that your fragrance oil isn’t added at a temperature that is too hot. If your fragrance is added at a temperature that is too high, then some of the notes may burn off and leave you with a less satisfying scent. Another issue is pouring your wax into the container too soon. If you pour at a temperature that is too cool, you could have improper adhesion, wet spots, sinking, and other issues. So, be sure to check your wax’s description to see the temperature that is should be poured.

Candle Making Terminology: What does sinkhole mean?

Sinkhole is a hole or cavity that appears on your candle as it is setting up. Often, this occurs when the candle wax is poured at too low of a temperature.

Candle Making Terminology: Can You Cool a Candle in the Fridge?Candle Making Terminology: Can You Cool a Candle in the Fridge?

No, candles should cool as slowly as possible on their own. If you place a candle in the fridge to cool, they may not adhere to the glass properly, which can lead to wet spots.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Wicks

Candle Making Terminology: Choosing the Right WickCandle Making Terminology: Choosing the Right Wick

The size of your wick depends on the diameter of your container. You can see the radius for each wick under it’s description. However, you will still need to test because there are many variable between wax type and fragrance oil. A fragrance with a high flash point and high specific gravity, like vanilla, requires a hotter burn. But, low flash point scents with low specific gravity, like citrus, need a smaller wick. Also, you may hear the terms “wick up’ and “wick down” when talking about find the right wick size. Wick down means that you should use a wick that is smaller than what you have been using and wick up means that you should use a wick that is larger than what you use for candles this size.

Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Stop a Candle From Tunneling?Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Stop a Candle From Tunneling?

If you don’t know, tunneling is often the answer for the question, “Why isn’t my candle wax not burning evenly all of the way down?” Tunneling can happen for a few reasons, which includes issues with wick size. If your wick is too small for the diameter of your candle, then it will not burn all the way to the outside edge. So, you may either need a larger wick, multiple wicks, or a different type of wick that will burn hotter.

However, there are a few other issues that could cause tunneling. If you think your wick is the right size, then look into some of these potential issues, First, you may have a clogged wick, which can cause uneven burning. Also, it could be that you didn’t do a memory burn for the candle’s first use to ensure a proper burn. Finally, you may need to use a wax that has a lower melt point that is easier for you chosen wick to handle.

Candle Making Terminology: Why Are My Candle Jars Black After I Burn My Candles?

Often, this occurs when you wick is too big for your jar or your wick is too long. If your wick is trimmed down to 1/4 inch, then the length is fine. You can check the suggested radius for your wick to see if you need to get a smaller size. Also, using too much fragrance can clog the wick and cause more soot than normal.

Candle Making Terminology: Do Candle Wicks Contain Lead?

No, candle wicks in the Unites States, like ours, do not contain lead. In fact, lead core wicks were banned in the US in 2003.

Candle Making Terminology: Proper Burning

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Memory Burn?

This is the first burn of your candles and is the most important. This burn will set the boundary of your melt pool and will determines whether the edges of your candle will be reached. A guide is to burn an hour for every inch your candle is wide to ensure that it will burn properly as it is used in future burns. Also, you will want to make sure that you wick isn’t too low and isn’t longer than 1/4 inch high.

Candle Making Terminology: What Does Melt Pool Mean?

Melt Pool is the candle wax that has melted on the top of the candle. Ideally, you will want this to be all the way across the top of your candle to ensure an even burn.

Candle Making Terminology: What Does Mushrooming Mean in Candle Making?

When I notice black clumps on top of my wick, I know that it is mushrooming. While all wick produce this carbon as they burn, some are worse than others. Also, factors that clog the wick can increase the mushrooming effect. The CD wicks produce the least amount of mushrooming, but there isn’t a way to completely stop it due to it being a product of burning the wick.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Coloring

Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Color a Candle?Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Color a Candle?

There are a few different candle colorant options for your home made candles. First, you can use our Liquid Candle Dyes, which are extremely concentrated and will last a long time. Also, you can use a color block, which is made with paraffin, vegan, and can color up to 15 pounds of wax. Lastly, you can use a bit of powder dye. Just be careful not to use too much because it can clog your wick.

Candle Making Terminology: Can You Use Crayons to Make Candles?

We do not suggest using crayons to color candles. They don’t burn properly and are likely to clog your wick.

Candle Making Terminology: What is a UV Light Inhibitor?Candle Making Terminology: What is a UV Light Inhibitor?

Since UV light from the sun can bleach the color out of candles, the UV light inhibitor is used to protect the color of your candles. This candle ingredient is most useful for preventing fading in burgundy, blue, and violet candle colors due to direct sunlight.

Candle Making Terminology: How Do I Color My Candles White?

While titanium dioxide can be used to create white pillar candles, you don’t want to add it straight to your container candles as it can clog your wick.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Apearance

Candle Making Terminology: How Do I Get Rid of Wet Spots on My Candles?

Wet spots are air pockets that are formed when your candle didn’t adhere properly to your candle jar. You can take a few steps to prevent this if you are having problems. First, try warming your candle jars to give you wax more time to cool. Also, you can try pouring your wax at a hotter temperature. Another good tip is to make sure the room your are making your candles in a room that is warm.

Candle Making Terminology: What Is Frosting In Candle Making?

Frosting is the white stuff that appears on waxes that contain soy wax. You can use a heat gun or blow dryer to re-melt the surface and give it a smoother finish. While you can lessen the effect of frosting, you can’t eliminate it completely.

Candle Making Terminology: What Are Jump Lines?

These are the line that you can see on the side of either a container candle or a pillar candle.

Candle Making Terminology: Progression of Candles

As you can tell, there is a lot that goes into candle making. But, it is a process that has been developed overtime and takes time to master. If you are interested in learning a bit about the evolution of candles, then check out The History of Candles from Prehistoric Times Until Now by Pioneer Thinking.

Candle Making Terminology: Talk to UsCandle Making Terminology: Talk to Us

If you have any more questions about candle making, you can look at our candle making classes or just ask us! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@ngscents).


Types of Candle Wax

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Types of Candle WaxTypes of Candle Wax

Often, here at Natures Garden, we are asked about the different types of candle wax that we carry.  For beginners, it can be difficult to know which wax to use and when to use.  From pillar wax to container wax or granulated waxes or wax in flake form, below, we will talk about all of the waxes that Natures Garden carries, what to use them for, and what for they come in.

Types of Candle Wax: Container Wax vs. Pillar Wax

Before we begin looking closely at the different types of candle waxes, we would like to talk about the difference between a container wax and pillar wax.  You might wonder why you would even need two types of wax.  Well, there are differences in the two types.

Container Wax vs. Pillar Wax: Container Wax

So, first we will talk about a container wax.  Container waxes are created specifically for container candles.  When creating a container candle, it is important that your candle wax adheres to your container.  If the wax doesn’t adhere properly to your jar, your candles will end up looking like they have wet spots.  While, yes, this can still happen with containers, it inevitable when you use pillar wax in a container.  This is why you will find container waxes to be softer.  Container waxes can come in many forms.  It can come in flake form, granulated form, and even slab form.  Natures Garden carries the following container waxes; Joy Wax, WOW Wax, palm wax, several types of soy wax, and gel wax.

Container Wax vs. Pillar Wax: Pillar Wax

Next, let’s take a look at pillar wax.  Pillar waxes are created to be a harder wax. This is important because a harder wax will release more easily from your candle molds.  This makes pillar waxes perfect to use when creating both pillar candles as well as wax melts.

Types of Candle Wax: Soy Waxes

First, we will talk about the three soy waxes that Natures Garden carries.  We carry three types of soy wax.  Soy wax will give you a clean burn.  All three soy waxes are Golden Brand waxes.  They all come in flake form.  They should all be used only for container candles as the setup wax will be too soft for tarts.  However, if you really want to use them for wax melts, you can add stearic acid to help harden the wax a bit.  Below, we will take a closer look at all three of these waxes.

Soy Waxes: NG 100% Soy Wax

We will start by looking at NG 100% Soy Wax.  This wax is a pure soy wax that does not contain any additives and is kosher.  It is also known as Golden Brands 415 Soy Wax.  As I said before, it should be used for container candles.  It will be too soft to use for your pillar candles.  Next, we will talk about a few things you should know about straight soy wax.  Soy wax can have a rougher finish and issues with frosting.  This is just the nature of soy wax.  There can also be more of an issue with glass adhesion.  So, when working with soy wax, it is very important to warm your jars before pouring the candle wax into them.  In addition, it can be harder to get a really strong scent throw with soy wax, when compared with paraffin.  Since there can be some issues with frosting, scent throw, and glass adhesion with a straight soy wax, Golden Brands has created a couple of other natural soy waxes to help with some of these issues.

Soy Waxes: Golden Foods Soy Wax 444

So, the first natural and kosher soy wax is the Golden Foods Soy Wax 444.  This soy candle wax has soy based additives to help with some the issues that you can have with the 415 soy wax.  This particular container candle wax has a higher melt point.  Since it has a higher melt point, the candle wax will retain a higher fragrance load.  The melt point of the 444 soy wax has a melt point of 119-125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soy Waxes: Golden Brands Soy Wax 464

Now, we will take a closer look at the Golden Brands Soy Wax 464.  So, this soy wax, like the 415 and 444, is still natural and kosher.  However, this wax contains soy based additives that will help with glass adhesion.  The reason this soy wax will adhere better to your jars is because the melt point is lower.  The melt point of the 464 candle wax is 113-119 degrees Fahrenheit.

Types of Candle Wax: WOW Wax

Next, we will talk about Natures Garden’s WOW Wax.  This candle wax comes in a slab form.  However, it is very soft.  In fact, it is so soft that you can cut it with a butter knife.  This candle wax is a single pour wax comprised of mainly paraffin wax.  Paraffin wax will give you the best scent throw compared to other candle waxes along with a nice creamy finish without the frosting that you can get from soy wax.  It is used for container candles.

Types of Candle Wax: Joy Wax

Our next container wax is Natures Garden’s Joy Wax.  Joy wax is a combination of  soy wax, food grade paraffin, vegetable waxes and other proprietary ingredients.  It, like our WOW Wax, comes in slab form.  It, too, is soft enough to cut with a butter knife.  This is my personal go to wax for container candles.  Since it is made of both paraffin and soy, I think of it as the best of both worlds.  It has soy in the wax, which will give you a cleaner burn compared to a straight paraffin.  In addition, it has paraffin in the wax.  This will give you a nice creamy finish along with a better scent throw when compared to a straight soy wax.

Types of Candle Wax: Gel Wax

Now, we will take a look at our next container wax, gel wax.  Natures Garden carries Penreco’s patented medium density gel wax.  Gel wax sets up to look, well, like gel.  Gel wax is a transparent, rubbery compound composed of mineral oil and polymer resin. So, it really does create a truly unique candle.  You can use embeds and micas with this candle wax.

However, there are a few differences when compared to other container waxes.  First, the flash point of the fragrance oil being used needs to be at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, you need to check for solubility.  Basically, you want to make sure that the oil will mix properly with the gel wax.  You will want to test the fragrance oil in mineral oil.  You can easily do this by mixing the your fragrance oil with mineral oil.  So, first, ensure that the flash point is 170 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.  If it is, it may be able to be used in gel wax.  However, you need to test it in mineral oil.  Simply mix the fragrance oil 50/50 with mineral oil.  Once you mix the fragrance oil, check for any separation, cloudiness, or striations.  If none of these are present, it should do well in gel wax.

Types of Candle Wax: Palm Wax

Next, we will look at palm wax.  Natures Garden’s palm wax come only from sustainable sources. We are pleased to affirm that the palm oil used by our company originates from reputable plantation companies who are members of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA). MPOA, together with many other stakeholders, has pioneered the establishment of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).  You can read more about this in the description of the palm waxes on our website.  Palm wax is another unique wax that has a crystal-like finish to it.  It is a beautiful wax.  We carry it in both a pillar wax form and a container wax.  Both types of wax are a granulated wax so, it is very easy to work with.

Palm Wax: Container Wax

First, our palm container wax.  This wax can be used for container candles.  So, if you are using a jar, you want to use this wax.  Once your candle sets up, it will have a crystaline finish.  It truly creates a stunning natural container candle.


Palm Wax: Pillar Wax

Finally, we have our palm pillar wax.  You can use palm pillar wax when creating homemade pillar candles.  The pillar wax will easily release from your candle mold.  The palm pillar wax can also be used to create natural wax melts.  They will also have the same crystal effect as the container wax.  This is my go to wax for both pillar candles and wax melts due to the crystals that appear on the finished candles and melts.

Types of Candle Wax: Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax

Let’s look at Natures Garden’s Pillar of Bliss candle wax.  This pillar wax is a blend, containing more than 50% soy wax.  However, it also includes paraffin.  So, this wax, like the Joy Wax, will have a smooth and creamy finish.  You can use Pillar of Bliss candle wax for both your pillars and wax melts.  It has excellent cold and hot throw.  It also comes in a granulated form.  In addition to using it for pillar candles, it can be used to create granulated container candles.  These types of candles are popular for projects with children and adults alike.  You can even create granulated candles without melting your candle wax.

Types of Candle Wax: Beeswax

Now, we will talk about beeswax.  Beeswax comes from the bee hive and is filtered.  In addition, our beeswax is naturally bleached by the sunlight.  It can be used to create homemade candles.  This wax can even be used to make a rolled beeswax candle.  We have even used it in candles like our zebra print candle to create the zebra stripes in a soy wax candle.  It comes in a pellet form.  You can also use white beeswax in cosmetic recipes as well.

If you are looking for recipes or ideas on how to use each candle wax Natures Garden carries, click the link to each wax.  Above the picture on our website, you will find a green recipe tab with a variety of tutorials for each type of wax.  Once you create your candles, show off your creations!  Tag us on social media.  You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @ngscents.  Or post your pictures on our Facebook page!


Wax Melts Recipe

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Wax Melts Recipe Wax Melts Recipe

This Wax Melts Recipe by Natures Garden is a simple and adorable way to create wax melts! We all know that wax melts are a pretty convenient way to scent a home without using candles. While candles are always great, sometimes it is much easier to simply add a wax melt to your warmer and just let the fragrance oil fill your home. But, many of these wax melts are plain, boring cubes. While plain wax melts still can carry some amazing scents for your home, they aren’t much to look at. Sometimes you just need something cute and pretty to give yourself a break. So, we created these strawberries and cream cookie shaped wax melts. They are easy to create and will make using a wax melter even more fun than before!

Wax Melts Recipe Ingredients Available At Natures Garden

Joy Wax
Pillar of Bliss Wax
Color Block – Red
Strawberries and Cream Fragrance Oil
Pouring Pot

Wax Melts Recipe Other Equipment and Supplies You Will Need

Stove Top
Mixing Spoons
A Medium Sized Pot (to create a double boiler)
Vanilla Wafers Soap and Candle Mold (available at

Wax Melts Recipe Weights and Amounts of Ingredients

90 grams Joy Wax
90 grams Pillar of Bliss Wax
A Small Amount of a Red Color Block
18 grams of the Strawberries and Cream Fragrance Oil

Wax Melts Recipe Prepare Your Work Area

Before you begin you will want to make a few preparations to ensure that your process is as problem free as possible. When you are creating anything, you will want to make sure that the area you are working in is safe for both yourself and your product. This means you should make sure that everything other than your ingredients and supplies have been cleaned up. This will make sure that there is nothing in your work space that could fall over or hinder your crafting in any way.

Also, you will want to sanitize all of the supplies that you need for this craft. No one wants dirt and filth in their candle wax, so it is a great idea to make sure that nothing will be able to get into your wax. Not only do you need to clean your countertop, pouring pot, and bowls, but you will need to clean the molds, spoons, and thermometer, too. This will prevent anything from sticking to a utensil as you work. It could be very easy to not notice a speck of dirt on your spatula until it is swimming in your melted wax, which can be a pain to remove. Plus, some may even sneak by and make it into your final product. So, just get cleaned up before you begin working!

Wax Melts Recipe Creating the Double Boiler

Additionally, you will want to know how to create a double boiler for this recipe. Knowing how to do this is important because it will help to prevent your ingredients from burning. When you don’t use this method, your wax can get too hot too quickly and could scorch before you even notice. However, this method uses boiling water to keep the heat at a level where the wax will melt and not get too hot.

So, you will be using a pouring pot and a regular pot for creating this device. Take the pouring pot and make sure that it will fit comfortably inside the other pot with room on either side. Now, remove your pouring pot and add about an inch of water to the regular pot. You will need to place your pouring pot into the water. Later, you will add heat to get the pot of water. Then, you will add your container candle wax to your pouring pot. Finally, your pouring pot will be placed into the pan containing the water. You may add or pour out water to get the right level for your specific pot size, just make sure that that water is touching the bottom of the pouring pot.

Wax Melts Recipe Creating the Vanilla Wafers Portion

First, we will be creating the vanilla wafer cookies portion of this recipe. This portion will end up looking like a bunch of pink wafer cookies and will be used to create the cookie sandwich later on. After, you will be setting these pink, wax wafers aside as you make the filling to finish off your strawberries and cream cookie wax melts.

Wax Melts Recipe Melting the Pillar of Bliss WaxWax Melts Recipe Melting the Pillar of Bliss Wax

Now, you will be using the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax for your vanilla wafers. So, weigh out 90 grams of the Pillar of Bliss Wax and transfer it into your pouring pot. Set the wax filled pouring pot back into the regular pot of water. Turn on your stove top and get your water to start boiling. Melt the wax and bring the temperature to 195 degrees. As you are heating make sure to occasionally stir the wax to further prevent burning. After all the wax has melted you can move on to the next step.

Wax Melts Recipe Adding Color to the Pillar of Bliss Candle WaxWax Melts Recipe Adding Color to the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax

Next, you are going to add the color to the melted wax. You will want to add the candle colorant at 195 degrees to ensure it will mix full into the wax. So, cut off a tiny piece of your color block and add it to the melted wax. Make sure not to start off with too much as you will not be able to remove the color once it has melted and been fully incorporated. Once you have added the red color block, stir to fully disperse the candle colorant. Further, you will want to test the color of your wax before you move on. You can easily test the wax color to see if it’s going to be right before it all sets up. So, take a spoon and scoop up a tiny bit of the colored wax. Now, add a drip of the wax to a white paper plate, napkin, or another white disposable object. It shouldn’t take long to dry, but once it does you will be able to see the color your wax will be after it dries. After, you can add more and retest if you feel like the color you have is not quite right.

Wax Melts Recipe Scenting and Pouring the Pillar Wax for Vanilla WafersWax Melts Recipe Scenting and Pouring the Pillar Wax for Vanilla Wafers

Next, you are going to add fragrance to the wax and pour it into your molds. First, you are going add the fragrance oil to your melted wax. Now, you can turn off your stove top and allow the wax temperature to drop to 180 degrees. Then, weigh out 9 grams of the Strawberries and Cream Fragrance Oil and add it to the pink colored wax. Make sure to mix well to incorporate the scent evenly.  Second, you will be pouring the wax into your molds. You will want to pour the wax around 165 degrees. Finally, allow the cookie portion of your melt to setup.

Wax Melts Recipe Removing the Wafers From the MoldsWax Melts Recipe Removing the Wafers From the Molds

Now, are going to finish up the first portion of your craft. So, once all of your wax wafers to fully set up remove all of the wafers from the vanilla wafer mold. After all of your wafers are removed from the mold you will want to set these pink wafers aside until it is time to assemble the final cookie sandwich wax melts.

Wax Melts Recipe Creating the Whipped Filling Portion

Next, we will be creating the filling portion of your wax melt cookie. This wax will be whipped and used to fill the center of the cookie. So, this part will be sandwiched between two of the pink vanilla wafers we have already created. After this portion is complete it will be time to assemble the wax melt cookie.

Wax Melts Recipe Melting the Joy Wax for the FillingWax Melts Recipe Melting the Joy Wax for the Filling

First, you are going to be melting the Joy Wax. You are going to want to have your pouring pot completely cleaned out. Otherwise, your filling will have a pink hue, which is not what we want. Then, add 90 grams of your Joy Candle Wax to the cleaned pouring pot. Melt this the same way that you melted the other wax for the wafers, which means you will need to use a double boiler. Once the wax has melted you will be adding 9 grams of the Strawberries and Cream Fragrance Oil. However, you will not be adding any color blocks or pigments to this portion.

Wax Melts Recipe Whip the Candle WaxWax Melts Recipe Whip the Candle Wax

Next, you are going to be whipping the Joy Wax. So, transfer your uncolored wax to a small mixing bowl. While you can keep the wax in the pouring pot, it will be easier for you to whip the wax in a shallow bowl. In addition, it will cool a bit faster. As the Joy Wax is beginning to get thicker you will want to whip the wax with a spoon or rubber spatula. Keep whipping until the wax reaches a consistency of whipped cream. After, you are ready for the next step.

Wax Melts Recipe Add the Filling to the WafersWax Melts Recipe Add the Filling to the Wafers

Finally, you are going to be assembling the cookie wax melts. So, retrieve your pink vanilla wafers and lay them in your work space. Take six of these pink wafers and lay them with their flat side facing up. These will be the bottoms of your strawberries and cream cookie shaped wax melts and the other six wafers will be the tops of the cookie.

Now, you will be adding the filling and will need to work quickly to make sure the top wafer cookie sticks to the wax filling. So, take a scoop of the wax and add it to one of your six bottom cookies. Quickly, take a top cookie and firmly place this on top of the filling you just added. Now, you have one completed wax tart cookie! You will need to repeat this filling process for your five other wax cookies. After, you will need to let the six cookie sandwiches set up completely, but for the most part, your project is complete!

Wax Melts Recipe Finishing Up and Using the Wax Melt Cookies

Now, you are almost ready to use your wax melts! All you will need to do now is to wait a few days for your wax melts to cure completely. Just like candles, the wax will need to rest a few days to be able to perform its best. Waiting a few days will provide you with a better scent when you add them to your wax tart warmers. Also, be sure to keep them covered while they are curing. While it may drive you crazy to have to wait for these little cuties, it will all be worth it in the end! 

After, you are finally ready to use your wax melts! Not only are these little cookies super cute, but they are super easy to use, too. Simply take one of your strawberries and cream cookie wax melts and add it to your wax tart warmer. In no time at all, you will be surrounded by the sweet scent of our lovely Strawberries and Cream Fragrance Oil. We hope that you will enjoy this wax melts recipe!

Wax Melts Recipe Sharing Your Wax Melt Cookie Creations

While you are waiting for your cookie wax tarts to finish curing, you can pass the time by talking to us on social media. You can ask questions, look around, or even share your own creations! We would absolutely love to see some of the products and crafts that you all have created. Especially, these cookie wax melts because we think that they are oh so cute! If you would like to check us out on social media, then you can find us on Instagram @ngscents or you can go over to the Natures Garden Facebook page. Either way, we would love to hear from you and see what you have been working on lately!


Types of Soy Wax

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464 soy wax444 soy wax415 soy wax                                                                                                                                      Types of Soy Wax

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! For all you crafty people out there, have you ever used soy wax when making your candles before? Or maybe you prefer wow wax or joy wax? For the soy wax lovers, do you have a certain type of soy wax you prefer to use? Here at Nature’s Garden, we actually offer three different types of soy wax:  415, 444, and 464. Soy wax is awesome to use for your candles, this is for sure a product you should use as soon as possible!

Did you know that soy wax is actually produced from soybeans? Soy wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and it s kosher! We are proud to say that all three of our soy waxes are Golden Foods Brand Waxes. Our 415 soy wax is a 100% pure natural soy wax. What sets it aside from our other waxes is that it has absolutely no additives added to it. Our 415 pure soy wax can be blended with many other waxes as well: beeswax, paraffin, and even microcrystalline wax. It has a pour temperature of 110 degrees and at its melting point, this wax will be around 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit. This wax can actually carry up to about a 12% fragrance load per pound because of its high melting point, which will make the candle’s scent stronger.  This 100% pure soy wax can also be used to make natural cosmetics.

Our 444 soy wax is different from the 415 soy wax because it does have a soy based additive added to it, but yet it is still a natural wax. The additive in this wax actually helps to combat many flaws that are also contained in the 415 wax. When this 444 wax is ready for pouring, the additive in it actually helps to keep it in a fluid form for pouring instead of the slush that occurs when the 415 is ready for pouring. This additive also increases the pour temperature, helps to achieve a smoother finished candle, and also helps to reduce frosting issues. Our 444 wax can be blended with microcrystalline, beeswax, and paraffin waxes, has the same melting point as the 415, and a pour temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a 12% fragrance load per pound, making these strongly scented candles as well.

Our third and final soy wax is our 464 Golden Foods soy wax. This wax is extremely similar to our 444 soy wax and also contains the same soy based additive. What makes this wax unique from the other two is that it reduces frosting, has a smoother wax finish in finished candles, and also has an increased pour temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The 464 soy wax can be blended with beeswax,  paraffin wax,  as well as microcrystalline and has a melting point of 115-120 degrees. The fact that this is a lower melting point actually helps to achieve better glass adhesion for finished candles.  This wax has a maximum scent load of around 10-12%, but it is suggested to keep it closer to 10% so that you do not have any fragrance seeping problems.

It is important to note that all soy wax can produce a frosting appearance due to its natural chemical makeup.  The natural soy additives in 444 soy wax and 464 wax will help to reduce this frosting, but may not completely prevent frosting from occurring.  This frost look does not affect the quality of your candles, but some of our customers do not like this frosting look.  Most people who are familiar with soy wax candles realize that soy wax candles have this natural frosting appearance to some extent.   The only way we have found to completely prevent frosting in candle making is to use a paraffin wax, or beeswax instead.

Make sure to check out our awesome class on How To Make Soy Wax Candles, or try out our Soy Wax Kit! Enjoy these wonderful products and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

enlightened-by-layla (1)



Happy Place Scent

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happy place scentHome Sweet Home Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “home sweet home” originated? History has shown that in America during the 19th century there was a song titled no other then, Home Sweet Home. And, this phrase is also quite popular for many home décor items as well. So, no matter how far you travel, or how amazing your end destination is, there is always a piece of you that longs to be, home sweet home. This happy place scent is so soothing and inviting, you will want to kick those shoes off and sit in your favorite chair. This fragrance will not disappoint, but instead have you coming back for more. Home Sweet Home Fragrance Oil is a keeper!

What does Home Sweet Home smell like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a Yankee duplication. Spicy (cinnamon and clove) with rose and ylang ylang.

How do our customers use Home Sweet Home Fragrance Oil?

For those of you that are candle crafters or home scenters; our customers use this fragrance oil in their soy, palm, WOW, pillar of bliss, and Joy wax candles. This happy place scent has a very nice and strong throw in both hot and cold. As for other home scenting ideas; this Home Sweet Home fragrance has been used to make incense sticks and cones, aroma beads, smelly jellies, and potpourri. And, even more this fragrance oil can also be used in oil burners, reed diffusers, and odor refreshing sprays as well.

Unfortunately, on the bath and body end this happy place scent is not body safe so we DO NOT recommend this scent for body products.


Easy Soy Candle

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first soy candleHello everyone! My name is Cindy and I am the new Marketing Rep for Natures Garden.

Although I am not new to the candle scene; I used to sell paraffin candles for Deborah back in 1997, I am new to the making homemade products world.  After working for Natures Garden a few days, I quickly realized that one of the most important aspects of my position is that I know all of these products in and out.  Since I am a hands on learner, the best way for me to understand these products is to put myself in your shoes and become a candle and soap artisan.  And, today I did just that.

Since I already have some knowledge in the candle market, I decided to start my venture with soy wax.  Now, I want to shout it from the roof tops, “I made my first candle….ever….in my whole life”.  It was super easy too!

Although secretly, I do have to admit I was a little concerned at first.  I actually thought I might burn down the test kitchen, a common fear that I assume many new crafters have.

Realizing it is now or never, I stood up straight and pulled myself together.  You will never learn if you never try, right?  So, I gathered all of my ingredients and supplies, and went to work.  The step by step instruction I used to make my candle came from the How To Make A Pure Soy Wax Candle Recipe.   This recipe as well as hundreds of others are offered in the free recipes and classes section of Natures Gardens website.    I now understand that every recipe created by Natures Garden came from the trial and error process.  A process that is done to put forth the BEST end product.  Natures Gardens creative team makes all the mistakes so you don’t have to (I think I hear a commercial in there).

Anyway, I worked through the easy to follow steps and before I knew it (about 30 minutes later), I was standing before my first candle creation.  A beautiful purple colored, Lavender Sage scented candle.  I could not believe my eyes.  I actually thought to myself….well, that was easy.  Who knew?  I then realized I could have been doing this for years, guaranteeing the candles I burned in my home had the best scent throw and longest burn time.

Now that I know just how easy it is to make candles, the possibilities are endless.  Guess what kind of gifts I’ll be giving this year…lol?  Overall I really enjoyed my experience; that is after I got over the initial fear.  A word of advice for anyone that wants to give candle making a try… I strongly encourage you to do it!  Candle making is easy, fun, and the accomplishment of your creation is inspiring.

Well kids, until my next adventure, have a FABULOUS day!


Soy Candle Recipe

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how to make a soy candle Soy candles always seem to be the craze.  The soy wax 415 that Natures Garden carries is a 100% all natural vegetable wax.  This also means that this soy wax is biodegradable, and is made from a renewable resource.  When used to make candles; soy wax provides a nice, clean and long burn.

For this recipe, we have figured everything out for you (measurements, temperatures, color, and scent).  We are also presenting it to you in an easy to follow step by step form (with photos).  This recipe will make (1) 16oz apothecary jar candle.

Your finished soy candle will be colored in a light red hue, and scented in with a matching apple orchard fragrance.

We will be double wicking our apothecary jar with (2) CD-10 wicks.  This wicking will provide the candle with a nice hot burn, and allow the scent to travel nicely through the wick; guaranteeing a wonderful hot scent throw.

Besides the ingredients hyper linked above, you will also need some other candle making equipment.  This includes: Thermometer, POURING POT, Warning Labels, Glass Apothecary Jar (16oz), Hot Glue Gun with Gun, Scale, Pot, A cookie sheet, and a Stirring Spoon.

Now, normally prior to making a soy wax candle, you must first check the flashpoint of the scent.  This is important because the flashpoint will indicate the temperature at which you will add the fragrance oil.  However, for this recipe, we have already figured out this information.  Apple Orchard has a flashpoint of 155 degrees Fahrenheit.  What this means is that the temperature at which we will be adding the fragrance oil to the soy wax is 155 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our rule of thumb is:  If a fragrance flash point is below 130F, then add it to wax at 130F.  If the fragrance oil flash point is between 130-185F, then add the fragrance to the wax at its flash point.  If a fragrance oil has a flash point above 185F, then add the fragrance to the wax at 185F.

So now, before we get started making our soy candle; it is important to get all of the supplies and equipment ready that we will be using.  Most of these supplies can be purchased at Natures Garden.  Once you have all of this ready to go; lets get started!

supplies for making a soy candle

Step 1:  Get your pot.  Into the pot, place several inches of tap water.  Next you are going to put the pot on to the stove top and set the heat setting on medium.

prepping for double boiler method

Step 2:  Now get your pouring pot.  Inside the pot, weigh out 440 grams of the 100% soy wax flakes.  Once you have the amount, place the pouring pot into the water pot.  This will be how we melt the soy flakes.  This process is known as the double boiler method.

the double boiler process

Step 3:  Set your oven to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.  Next, place your apothecary jar on your cookie sheet.  Then, place the cookie sheet inside the oven.  Allow the jar to warm for 10-15 minutes, then remove.  Also, plug in your hot glue gun now.

warming your apothecary jar

Step 4:  Now, place your thermometer into the wax.  This is important because you will want to monitor the temperature of the wax while it is melting.  Never let the temperature go higher than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will burn and discolor the wax.  As the wax melts, stir it occasionally.  Also, keeping melting until all the wax is in a liquid state.

melting soy wax

Step 5:  Once the wax is all melted, remove it from heat.  When the temperature reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit, add the 4 drops of Spectrum Red Candle Dye.  Stir.

coloring soy wax

Step 6:  After the wax has been colored, check your temperature again.  When the temperature reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit, add your 35 grams of Apple Orchard fragrance oil.  Stir again for a full 2 minutes.  This thorough stir will help the wax, fragrance, and color adhere.  Then, place your thermometer back into the wax.

scenting the soy wax

Step 7:  Next, grab your hot glue gun and place a small amount of glue on the bottom of your wick tabs.  Then, center and secure your candle wicks.

center and secure your wicks

Step 8:  Now, stick your warning label to the bottom of your jar.

applying your warning label

Step 9:  Check the temperature of the wax, you will be looking for it to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once it does, give your wax one final stir.

checking for the pour temp
Step 10:  Then, slowly start to pour your candle.  You will want to stop your pour once the wax reaches where the jar changes shape.  Then, straighten your wicks.

pouring your soy candle
Step 11: 
Now, allow your candle to fully set up undisturbed.

allowing your candle to set up

Step 12:  Once the candle has hardened, trim your wicks, and lid your jar.  Allow your candle to cure for 24-48 hours.

Congratulations, you just made a soy candle.  Your 100% Soy Wax Candle is now finished and ready to burn.  Enjoy the sweet apple scent that will fill your home and make your house smell good!


Homemade Zebra Candle

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make your own zebra candleHow to make your very own homemade Zebra Candle!

This easy to make project is even fun to create.  Besides the standard candle making supplies such as: soy wax, wicks, scent, color, and jars; you will also need beeswax.  We will be using the beeswax to make the zebra stripes in the candle.  Because of the pliability of beeswax, it has the capability of being shaped easily into stripes.  Plus, due to the high melt point it has, beeswax can withstand a pour of another wax (soy), as long as the temperature isn’t too extreme.

Although for this project, the scent that was selected was Hot Pink Pomegranate Fragrance Oil, when you make your own zebra candle you can scent it to your pleasing.  The same is true for the candle color.  Since our fragrance oil has the name hot pink in it, the decision was made to make the zebra candle stripes pink on a white (or uncolored) background.

To see the full list of possible candle scents, please click on this link.  There are over 800 different fragrances to choose from!

Here are your total recipe weights to make (2) 16oz. Zebra Candles:
190 grams beeswax
2 drops candle dye (if making the candle like pictured)
About 4 oz.  of candle scent
1100 grams of soy wax (Golden Foods 444 soy wax)

Other items that you will need for this recipe are:
wax paper
9×13 cake pan
2- 16 oz candle jars
4 wicks (we used 2- cd10 wicks per candle)
2 pots (for double boiler method)
stirring spoon
cutting board

Below are the steps to make your very own zebra candle (pictures included):

Step 1:  Using the double boiler method, weigh out and melt 190 grams of beeswax.  You will want to set the temperature of your stove top between medium and low heat while melting.  Stir the beeswax occasionally as it melts.

steps to make a zebra candle

Step 2:   This step is the colorant of your zebra stripes:  Once the beeswax is melted, now you will add 2 drops of your candle colorant, and stir.  Once you are done, place your pouring pot back into the heat source.

color for the zebra candle

Step 3:  To make the zebra stripes, you will need to concentrate your beeswax in a portion of the area in your cake pan.  To do this, lay out your cake pan on a flat surface.  Next, roughly measure out at least 9 inches in length.  Hold this place by setting your knife across the pan.  Finally, lay the wax paper over the cake pan and knife.  Carefully, tuck the corners of the wax paper down.

how to make zebra stripes

Step 4:  Now it is time to scent your beeswax:  Remove your beeswax from the heat source.  Weigh out about 19 grams of your candle fragrance oil.  Then, add the fragrance and stir to incorporate it throughout the wax.

zebra candle scent

Step 5:  Now, take your beeswax and slowly start to pour it over the flat portion of the wax paper.  Allow this to fully set up.  Do not try to rush this step.  Cooling beeswax too quickly, may cause it to crack!

making the zebra candle stripes

Step 6:  Once the beeswax has hardened, and is cool to the touch; gently remove it from the cake pan.  Carefully stand the square on one end and starting in one corner, peel away the wax paper.  Then, place the beeswax on your cutting board.  Finally, cut off any jagged edges using your knife.

zebra candle recipe

Step 7:  For the background of your zebra candle, you will be using soy wax.  In order to have enough wax for 2 candles, weigh out and melt 1100 grams of soy wax.  Melt this wax using the double boiler method.  While the wax is melting, stir occasionally.

soy wax zebra candle

Step 8:  You will create the zebra stripe pattern using the tip of a pencil.  Trace this lightly into the beeswax.  The shape that you will want to draw will be various sized long and irregular lines similar to tree branches.  When you are finished, cut these lines out.

making zebra stripes in beeswax

Step 9:  Once you have a few of your stripes cut out, carefully begin to place them individually against the inside wall of your candle jar.  It is best to start at the bottom of your jar and work in an angular direction.  Apply slight and even pressure until the stripes stick.  Repeat this step until you have the zebra design you are looking for.  Then, do it again for your second candle.

zebra candle pattern

Step 10:  Center and secure your wicks to the bottom of your candle jars.  Then, set aside.

centering your wicks

Step 11:  When your soy wax is in a completely liquid state, remove it from the heat source.  If you are adding color to the background of the zebra candle, do this now.  Then, add 110 grams of fragrance Oil.  Stir again.

Step 12:  Using your thermometer, wait until the soy wax reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit; this temperature will not melt your zebra stripes.  Pour the soy wax into your candle jars.  Don’t forget to straighten your wicks. Allow the candles to fully set up undisturbed.

pouring a zebra candle

Now it is time to celebrate, your Zebra candles are now ready to use.  Simply trim your wick, light, and enjoy your new awesome candle.


Beeswax Candles

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beeswax candles
Air Purifying Candles

Many people burn candles as a way of relaxing with a soft light, or too add subtle scenting to the air, or as a means of setting the mood.  But, burning a beeswax candle may actually do more than this.

Let’s get a little scientific
The air that surrounds us is positively charged.  In fact, many of the items in our own homes emit a plethora of additional positively charged ions; jam packing our already filled surroundings with more and more positively charged ions.  But, all of these positively charged ions are not good for us. Recalling any lightning storm you have experienced, you will better understand this explanation.  Generally, after one of these storms, people feel stimulated, rejuvenated, and replenished.  The reason for this is that electrical storms produce a superabundance of negative ions that actually balance out the positive ions that dominate our surroundings.  This is why some of the most relaxing and renewed places for our bodies are be by waterfalls, beaches, forests, and mountain scenes.  These types of landscapes provide extra negative ions in the air that restore a natural balance of the charged ions.  Not only can you smell the difference in the air, but you can also feel it in your body too.

Positive Ions in our Homes
Many of the pollutants floating in the air of our homes like pollen, dirt, and dust all have a positive charge.  They get this charge from the static electricity that occurs in our home from daily routines.  Introducing negative ions into the air; combats these allergens. It has actually been scientifically proven to reduce many allergic issues like hay fever and asthma.  Negative ions can even help you sleep better too. Harmonizing the ions in your surrounding can help make you feel healthier and actually distress you.  Releasing additional negative ions can help with depression (SAD), headaches, and can even help you stay focused. Negatively charged ions work to make you healthier too.  Negative ions can help to boost your body’s immunity as well as help to build a resistance to many illnesses. Your body’s metabolism also benefits from negative ions making it more efficient.

Introduction of Negative Ions to our Homes
Beeswax can be considered an air purifier.  Beeswax candles are the only candles that emit negative ions into the air when lit.  Since opposites attract; these negative ions attach themselves to the positive ones.  This therefore balances the charge. Once the ions are bound together, the charge is now neutralized, and the molecule is complete.  The heavier mass causes these ions to fall to the ground, and they are no longer suspended in the air as contaminants.  This process of stabilizing, removes the ions, and cleans the air we breathe. The negative ions emitted by beeswax candles can even clean the air to eliminate smells like second hand smoke and many common household odors. Beeswax candles can be scented and colored just like other candle waxes.  Beeswax candles produce very little soot and burn very slowly.  These candles will provide your home with hours of purer, crisper, and fresher quality air.

Attention:  Natures Garden provides this information for educational purposes only.  We do not intend for this information to be misconstrued as medical advice or for treatment of any ailments.  If selling beeswax candles, refrain from making medical claims on your labels and/or advertising.   Promoting this way could make your candles considered a “drug” by the FDA.