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10 Bubble Bar Recipes

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10 Bubble Bar Recipes10 Bubble Bar Recipes

If you are looking for a fun bath and body recipe to create, then you will definitely want to check out our 10 Bubble Bar Recipes. These awesome Natures Garden recipes are perfect for creating gorgeous bubble bars that are both unique and fabulous. We have recipes in all kinds of shaped that were are uniquely inspired. We have some that are swirls, scoops, and many that were inspired by beautiful things we have come across. So, there are quite a few beautiful recipes for you to choose between.

Not only are these homemade bubble bars beautiful and creative, but they are effective, too. These recipes are perfect for creating lovely bubble baths that are able to provide a wonderful bath time experience. Further, the aromas from our fragrance oils are simply irresistible. Regardless of which recipe that you decide on, you are sure to have a lovely aroma in your product. Plus, some of these bath product recipes use some luscious oils that truly care for your body. So, you are sure to find a bubble bar recipe that is perfect for you and your product line!

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Rainbow Bubble Bar Recipe

One amazingly fun bubble bar recipe that you can create is the Rainbow Bubble Bar Recipe. First of all, this wonderful bath product was made to look just like a real rainbow. So, this bath and body recipe uses a wide variety of bright colors to create a recipe that is gorgeous. Further, the multitude of layers make the swirl larger, which creates more of an arch. Just like a real rainbow!

Plus, this recipe includes the refreshing Rain Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has the aroma of delightful ozony notes with hints of lily of the valley, fresh hyacinth, and with a top note of wisteria. Not only is this bath recipe gorgeous and delightfully scented, but it has some ingredients, like the Safflower Oil, that are great for your skin. So, those of you that love rainbows, bright colors, and lovely scents are definitely going to want to try out this wonderful bubble bar recipe.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Pink Salt Bubble Bar Recipe

Also, you can create a pretty pink and shimmery bubble bar recipe. Our Pink Salt Bubble Bar Recipe is perfect for anyone that is interested in glamorous bath and beauty products. This recipe uses pretty white and pink colors to create an amazing swirl. Plus, this free recipe uses pink Himalayan salt to add some extra beauty to this recipe. Further, the pink salt is perfect for adding to your bath, as a Pink Himalayan Salt soak has some amazing benefits for your body. Also, the mica is dusted on top adds to the pretty pink salt on top. Additionally, the fragrance oil adds some wonderful properties to this bath product. The Spring Rain Fragrance Oil has a musky accord enhanced with a fresh floral bouquet of carnations, tiger lilies, alyssum, orchids, and roses, with hints of fresh greenery. You will absolutely love this stunning bath and beauty recipe!

ubble Bar Recipes: Blackberry Bling Bling Bubble Bar Recipe

One super cute bath and body recipe that you can make is the delicious Blackberry Bling Bling Bubble Bar Recipe. This bath product was inspired by yummy blackberry ice cream! So, our fun bath and body recipe uses an ice cream scoop to create some adorable ice cream shaped bubble bars. Plus, these cute ice cream bubble bars use mica dust to make this recipe really bling. The Diamond Dust Mica is lightly brushed on top to add some shine. Speaking of bling, this free bath recipe uses the delicious Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance Oil. This wonderful fragrance oil has the scent of juicy blackberries and bright citrus that perfectly blends with fresh herbs to create this spicy and sparkling. So, you will definitely want to try out this scrumptious bubble bar recipe to create your own homemade bath products.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe

Another fun bubble bar recipe that you will want to check out is the Basil Sage Mint Bubble Bar Recipe. This recipe uses quality ingredients, like Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, to create a fun bath product that is perfect for the tub. Also, this recipe uses a swirl of three beautiful colors to create some pretty slices of bubble bars. Plus, this fun bath recipe uses the scrumptious Basil Sage Mint Fragrance Oil.  This scented oil is a garden fresh medley of basil leaves, clary sage and peppermint sprigs accented by hints of citrus zests, fresh spring flowers, and soft, soothing musk. Further, the recipe includes real herbs, like peppermint leaf powder and basil leaf ground, that enhance the quality of the bar and the aroma. You will absolutely want to try out this wonderful bubble bar recipe.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Mango Sorbet Bubble Bar Recipe

Also, you can use some great Natures Garden ingredients to create the free Mango Sorbet Bubble Bar Recipe. This free bubble bar recipe was created to look just like real scoops of delicious mango sorbet. To create the authentic appearance of ice cream, we use a real ice cream scoop. This allowed us to scoop our batter straight from the bowl to look like little mango scoops. So yummy! Further, this bath and body recipe uses the tasty scent of Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil. This aroma is an uplifting and energizing blend of ripe mango, juicy lemons, and fabulous, red raspberries. Not only is this scented oil mouthwatering, but this aroma really adds to the appearance of the scoops. So, these adorable bubble bars look cute and yummy, smell scrumptious, and are perfect for having a bubbly bath.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Galaxy Bubble Bars Recipe10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Galaxy Bubble Bars Recipe

This next bath and body product recipe is another craft inspired by scrumptious food. The Galaxy Bubble Bars Recipe was inspired by a recipe for some delicious and gorgeous ice cream. This galaxy ice cream had beautiful, shimmery colors that looked like a swirling galaxy. This cute recipe includes a some beautiful colors and a bit of shimmery shine to create cute bubble bar ice cream scoops that you are sure to enjoy. Further, this bubble bar recipe uses the Grape Happy Camper Candy Fragrance Oil, which is both sweet and delicious. This fragrance oil has the scent of ripe, juicy grape candy that will remind you of the sour grape candy enjoyed during childhood. Altogether, this wonderful recipe is not one you are going to want to miss out on. Try it out today!

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Mandarin Mango Bubble Bar Recipe10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Mandarin Mango Bubble Bar Recipe

Also, you can create this next bubble bar recipe. Our Mandarin Mango Bubble Bar Recipe uses wonderful ingredients and colorants to create a gorgeous, effective bath product. First, this bath product recipe uses skin-loving ingredients, like Avocado Oil. Plus, this homemade bath recipe uses bright colors that are rolled into a beautiful swirl of yellow and orange. Further, this bubble bar recipe includes the juicy scent of Mango & Mandarins Fragrance Oil. This yummy fragrance oil has a refreshing aroma of freshly sliced mandarins and tangerines on a bed of diced ripe mango. So, this homemade recipe creates products that are scrumptiously scented and are great for the creating a relaxing bubble bath experience.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe

Another cute bubble bar recipe is the Neapolitan Ice Cream Bubble Bar Recipe. Not only does this recipe use an ice cream scoop to create cute scoops, but this recipe has all three flavors of real Neapolitan ice cream. Each of these flavors is individual scented with scrumptious fragrance oils. The chocolate section of this recipe uses the delicious scent of our Hot Cocoa Fragrance Oil. This fragrance smells like warm hot chocolate with melted marshmallow topping. Plus, the strawberry portion uses our Strawberry Patch Type Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has the aroma of juicy, effervescent, thirst-quenching aroma containing just the right amount of juicy, fresh strawberries, tropical white peaches, succulent mango fruit, and rich vanilla beans. Finally, the vanilla section contains some French Vanilla Fragrance Oil, which is our new and improved rich vanilla aroma. Altogether, this bubble bar recipe is adorable and smells absolutely fantastic!

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Giraffe Print Bubble Bar Recipe

Lastly, we have the wild Giraffe Print Bubble Bar Recipe that you can create for your own bath product line. This delightful bath recipe was made to look just like the patterns of a real giraffe. The tops of these bubble bars have use two different colors shaped to create a pattern similar to the giraffe’s. Not only is this bath and body recipe absolutely gorgeous, but this homemade recipe is deliciously scented and uses effective ingredients. One wonderful ingredient that is added to the bubble bar recipe our Cucumber Fragrance Oil. This scented oil has the aroma of sweet and sour cucumber and a deep green oily note with hints of violet. You are sure to love the scent of this fragrance along with the gorgeous pattern of this bath recipe.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: How to Use Bubble Bars

Bubble bars are a fun and simple way to create a wonderful bath experience. While bubble bars aren’t too difficult to use, you may want to learn about some tips for using them. Anyone who hasn’t tried them before may want a bit of advice on using these bath products. First off, this recipe is obviously one that you would need to use in a bath. The bubble bar is perfect for creating bubbles that are great for helping you relax. Plus, the fragrance oils and ingredients are perfect for caring for your skin and making your bath smell and look wonderful. So, you are definitely going to want to know how to use them!

Simply, we would suggest that you break them up under warm, running water. So, I would recommend  that you add your bubble bar as you are waiting for your bath to fill up. Then, you can sit back and relax in a nice warm bubble bath.

10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Contact Us10 Bubble Bar Recipes: Contact Us

Hopefully you have found a cute bubble bar recipe that is perfect for your needs. With all these wonderful recipes that you have to choose from, you will be sure to find something great. We are confident that you will find at least one great recipe for you. If you would like to share your favorite recipe or your finished products, then feel free to share your experience with us on social media. Also, we will be available on social media to answer any questions you may have about these bath recipes. So, you can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use @ngscents to find us on either Instagram or Twitter. We would love to hear from you and hope you reach out to us soon!


2012 Color Trends

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Wild Animal Prints, Bold Flowers, Lime & Hot Pink

Every year the corporation Pantone Inc forecasts a color trend.  The headquarters which is located in New Jersey spends countless hours researching through various worldly mainstreams, seeking the next “it” color.  They are quite literally looking for the color that will be a worldwide attention grabber.   The two main things that Pantone looks for is what they think the public will want and need.

The 2012 Pantone Color of the year is Tangerine Tango.   It was selected due to its energizing and encouraging elements.  A huge factor in this year’s selection, as well as the colors selected in previous years is the economy and spending habits.  Knowing that consumers are responsible for reviving the economy, this makes Tangerine Tango a perfect color to call shoppers to action in spending.

Now, although this color is vibrant and screams energy, let’s take the financial gain out of the situation and present to you what we at Natures Garden think is going to be the
hot color trends of the 2012 year.  With so many negative things that are occurring in the world:  violent protests, economic uncertainty, famine, poverty; the list seems to be never ending.  Our focus this year was to find colors and trends that will not only stand out, but will keep the positive energy flowing.

Our 2012 Color choice is Lime.  If lime had to be described in a single word it would be amazing.  Lime is the perfect choice because being of the green color family it is a combination of blue and yellow.  Hues of blue colors are calming, refreshing, and peaceful.  Yellow hues are energizing, hopeful, and happy.  Put these two together and bam… beautiful and breathe taking greens.  What a combo!

The color lime green represents many things.  It is a color of balance through means of the body, mind, and emotion.  It represents both change and growth while still maintaining a youthful and playful tone.  On an interpersonal level, lime signifies an open mind to learning and a non judgmental perception.  The color lime initiates the clearing of negativity and reminds us of hope.  Lime is a natural peacemaker.  A color that evokes a healthy anticipation of possible potential while still allowing for
openness to new ideas without any of the angst associated to demands of outside forces.  Lime is a self respect color.  On a final note, the color lime is a mental signifier of luck.

Another strong color that we believe is going to rock this year is hot pink.  You probably saw that one coming.  The color hot pink is fun and exciting.  It contains qualities that
are both passionate and sensual.  Hot pink is confident.  The color radiates feelings of encouragement and unconditional love.  Hot pink also decreases stress levels and
anger.  Hot pink can be a color that provides for very insightful energies.

This year as well we would like to forecast a theme that will surely remain a constant in the spotlight.  Wild, crazy, savvy… animal prints are HOT.  Let your wild side out, unchain the savage beasts.  This is a trend that cannot be trapped.  Whether it is zebra, leopard, tiger, or giraffe; making a statement with a little fierceness is never going out of style.  Bring on the safari!  If you are not sure which print best suits you, feel free to take this animal print quiz: 

Not only do we feel that lime and hot pink will be the hot colors for 2012, we also feel that these colors will influence the following markets:  fragrance, candle, soap, and cosmetics.  For many years now, people have used orange scented cleaning products to clean their homes.      Tired of the “same-ole same-ole” scent, we believe consumers will be looking for alternative citrus notes to make their homes smell clean.  Imagine a Pink Grapefruit fragrance infused with fresh Kaffir lime.  This is a perfectly, refreshing, clean smell, and it screams hot pink and lime!  Natures Garden just added this wonderful fragrance to our line, and we call it HOT PINK LIME; any coincidence?   Additionally, we
see sugary lime fragrances becoming hot.  Fragrances like Frozen Margarita, Mojito, Coconut Lime, Agave Lime, and Keylime Pie will be hot in 2012.

Fragrances that focus on hot pink will be equally hot; Hot Pink Pomegranate, Pink Watermelon, Pink Sugar, Fluffy Pink Candy to name a few.

Our conclusion:  2012 is going to be a wild and fun time filled with lots of HOT PINK and Lime.  Embrace it, and have fun with it!

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