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Acai Berry Soap

by Blissology
Blissology Acai Berry Soap


Blissology Acai Berry Soap

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Natures Garden ingredients used in the photo:  Acai Berry fragrance oil

Blissology was started in 2007 as a rebirth of 8-year-old company, Mountain Homestead Soaps.  Pam Smith started the latter after seeing handmade soaps and thinking that she could do that too.  Plus, she was really fascinated by how her grandmother had to make soap.  One thing led to another and before she knew it, she was making not only great soaps, but also lotions and balms and other bath and body products. 

Unfortunately, a severe car accident halted production while Pam concentrated on healing.
A few years later her eldest daughter, Shannon, decided that the old soap room needed cleaned out.  The memories brought on by the scents that were rediscovered in that room prompted her to encourage her mom to start again.  This time, they did it together.  To mark the new beginning, they renamed the company Blissology and it still continues to be quite the family affair.

Natures Garden is our favorite fragrance oil supplier.  We use Natures Garden oils in handmade soaps, lotions, bath salts, shea butter, and body scrubs.  They have an awesome selection of top-quality fragrance oils at very reasonable and affordable price.

Pam Smith and Shannon Daniels, Blissology

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