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Bergamot and Ginger Soap

by Bonny Bubbles LLC
Bonny Bubbles LLC Bergamot and Ginger Soap


Bonny Bubbles LLC -  Bergamot and Ginger Soap

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The Natures Garden fragrance we have used:  

Gingered Bergamot Fragrance Oil

Hey there... Rachel here from Bonny Bubbles! Our smelly obsession with body products started back in 2010.
Starting with handmade vintage style Powder Puffs and Silky Body Powders. It wasn't long before we caught the crazy soaping bug (making soap only once will never hold true) right soapy friends?  Want to watch me making some soap, just hop on over to my YouTube channel (Rachel Lalonde).
So here we are still bearing arms with our ninja stick blender, fragrance oil hoards and dripping in oils. Come on by and say Hi !

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