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Make Your Own Candles, Soaps & Cosmetics

Vanilla Body Scrub

by BEL's Body Essentials
BEL's Body Essentials Vanilla Body Scrub


BEL's Body Essentials -  Vanilla Body Scrub
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The Natures Garden fragrance we have used:  

French Vanilla Fragrance Oil


Silky Emulsifying Wax

BEL is my mother’s initials she inspired me to start my own business. Growing up as a child my mother was known as The Candy Lady. She taught my sister and me how to budget, to make a profit, and the value of money. For many years, I had a vision to start my own business however; I did not know what type of business. Then finally, after many years of searching for the right naturally made body butters and scrubs; I decided to start making and selling my own products. However, I did not want to start my business before I completed my college degree in Network System Administration. BEL's body butters and scrubs are homemade with natural ingredients and many of my ingredients have been purchased from Nature’s Garden.

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