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 Beet Root Eyeshadow Recipe download-recipe

Beet Root Eyeshadow Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 3- 10 ml jars.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:



Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Measuring Spoons
Small Mixing Bowls
Wax Paper
Rolling Pin

1.  Before we begin, we should note that when working with natural ingredients, the color can vary from batch to batch.  
2.  In the directions below we are working with beet root powder.  You need to make sure this powder is clump free. So, you will first need to remove any clumps.  So, you will need a piece of wax paper. Place the wax paper in front of you. Then, fold it in half. Along two of the side edges, make a one inch fold again.  Place the measured out beet root powder in the opening of the wax paper. Using the rolling pin, break up any clumps by rolling the pin over the contents of the wax paper.  You can also use a sifter to remove any remaining small clumps.
3.  Next, you will need 3 small bowls.  In the first bowl, measure out 1 ½ tsp of your arrowroot powder.
4.  In addition, add 1 tsp of the clump-free beet root powder to the same bowl.  Then, mix until the ingredients are completely blended. Finally, add the powder to one of the plastic jars.  This will create a pink colored matte eyeshadow finish.
5.  Next, we will create an eyeshadow with a silver-white undertone, giving the finished product a cool and shimmery pink color.  So, to your second bowl, add 1 tsp of your arrowroot powder and ½ tsp beet root powder. Finally, add ½ tsp Diamond Dust Mica Pigment.  Mix, blending all three ingredients completely. Add the powder to one of your 10 ml jar.
6.  The last eyeshadow that we will create is an eyeshadow using the 24K Gold Mica Pigment.  This will create a gold color with a pink undertone. So, you will need your third small mixing bowl.  To this bowl, add 1 tsp arrowroot powder along with ½ tsp beet root powder, and ½ tsp 24K Gold Mica Pigment.  Mix once again until the ingredients are fully blended. Then, add it to one of the 10 ml jars.
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