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Macaroon Soaps

by Bath Sweets Body Treats
Bath Sweets Body Treats Macaroon Soaps


Bath Sweets & Body Treats Macaroon Soaps

We are just a small home based company... there are four generations working together Myself, my daughter, my mother and even my grandmother :)    Although I mostly make the products they all help in some way.  We started out a year and half ago when I made some soap and a few candles....everyone wanted one :)  that's how it all started.  We named it  Bath Sweets & Body Treats

I mostly sell from home locally and have spa parties. Yaaahhh :)   These products are made using NG soap base and fragrance oils.    The first time I have tried your soap base....  I loved how it was nice and white, it made the colors Pop!  :)      It has a great lather too!!!!!

But what impressed me most was not only the LARGE fragrance choices but how fast you got your order, sometimes that is crucial when you are in business....  I remember that first time... I was shocked to get my order the next day so shocked I emailed the company to let them know how happy I  that was over a year ago now....

I think NG is a wonderful company that tries really hard to please their customers.   I think in many ways it opens doors for us.  I know I count on NG   A LOT....  I have hundreds of fragrance oils so it is hard to keep stocked up on all the oils all the time.  So sometimes I get an order for a scent I am low on... so I can just place my order and get it the next day...  I have had times with other companies that I have had to wait up to two weeks.... which means I cannot make my orders which means I probably will not get that customers business again :(   

Thank you NG (and Deb :) )  for helping me succeed and branching out in ways I never thought possible!!!

Misty Baker

Mi9 Retail