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Sugar Plum Fairy Fishbowl Slime

by bananananaslime
bananananaslime Sugar Plum Fairy Fishbowl Slime


bananananaslime - Sugar Plum Fairy Fishbowl Slime

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Hi! I'm Jesse, and I run a business called bananananaslime. I sell handmade, oddly satisfying slime! Slime is used as a method of stress-relief. It is similar to stress balls and Silly Putty.

Almost all of my slime is scented with Nature's Garden Fragrance Oils! My products are extraordinarily fun to play with! I sell a variety of clicky, crunchy, fluffy slimes, and more!

The slime I have pictured is one of my best sellers! It's name is Sugar Plum Fairy Fishbowl. It is crunchy, sparkly, and smells AMAZING (thanks to Nature's Garden)! I used the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Fragrance Oil, which smells like spiced plums! Absolutely awesome! The smell is one of the reasons why my customers love it :)

I sell even more slimes like Sugar Plum Fairy Fishbowl, such as Nutter Butter and Shirley Temple, which are all scented with Nature's Garden products!

Interested? Check me out and support my business on Etsy! Follow me on Instagram too, @bananananaslime. Thanks! <3
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