Making Bar Soap Cold Process Method

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Please note:  Since we no longer offer cold process soap supplies, we offer this free information to you, but cannot offer any type of technical assistance pertaining to any form of cold or hot process soap making.  Thank you! 

Equipment you will need:

Heavy Duty Plastic Measuring/stirring spoons
Heavy Duty Large Plastic Bowls
Safety Equipment- goggles, rubber gloves, apron.
Digital Scale- that measures grams and ounces
Molds (downspouts, cardboard milk boxes, drawer organizers, plastic bowls, anything sturdy and plastic, or a wooden box lined with freezer paper).
Distilled Water
Soap Coloring
Fragrance/Essential Oil
Lye (sodium hydroxide)  DO NOT USE DRAINO!
Additives (ground flower petals, oatmeal, ground apricot kernels, ground pumice, coconut, ect.)

Measure all ingredients exactly and keep notes!  Failures will later be seen as your successes!


  1. Pour the lye into the water.  Stir well.  After a couple of minutes, check the solution again and stir to make sure all the lye has dissolved.  Set the solution aside once all particles have dissolved & cool to 100-120 degrees.  Large pickle jars work great for mixing this solution in.  
        A)  Do not pour the water into the lye or a volcanic type eruption could result!
         B)  Do not breathe the vapors of this solution.  They are harmful, toxic, and deadly!

  2. Combine oils and heat until melted.  A microwave works great for this.  You want the temperature of your oils to be around 110-125 degrees.

  3. Pour the lye solution into the melted oils.  Be careful not to splash while pouring!

  4. Stir the mixture well until tracing occurs.  Tracing is when you draw some of the heated mixture up from the pot and drizzle it on top of the mixture, it sets on top of the mixture a moment before settling into the mixture again.  To speed up the tracing process, you may use a stick blender.

  5. At trace, add color if desired or any additives.

  6. Add fragrance oil.

  7. Stir well.

  8. Pour into prepared molds and insulate for 24 hours.

  9. Remove from the molds and cut into bars.  Allow the finished bars to dry for 4 weeks.

  10. Rotate the bars at least every other day.

  11. Scrub a Dub!

Class 1 - Class 2 - Class 3 - Class 4
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