How to Make Quartz Stone Soap



Ingredients Needed:

Nature Perfect TM  Melt-n-Pour Soap (Choose from Opaque white, Ultra Clear, Goats Milk, Amber Honey, Olive Oil, and Aloe Vera)
12 oz. Styrofoam Coffee Cups (used as your molds)
Several Plastic Bowls
Mica Pigment (We use Gold, but you can also use Opal white, pewter, copper, silver, ect.)
Soap Liquid Dyes (whatever color combinations you would like to use)
Small Box (used so that you can tilt your styrofoam cups at an angle)
Several Spoons
Several Forks
Sharp Knife (no jagged edges)



1.  First, decide what specific colors you would like to make your quartz soap.  Decide if you want your soap to appear completely crystalline, or if you would like for it to be both opaque and crystalline.  I personally like a combination of both opaque and crystalline.  This is your decision.  If you want a crystalline look, you will be using only Ultra Clear Melt and Pour Soap.  If you want to have a combination look of both opaque and crystalline, you will be using Ultra Clear Melt and Pour Soap and either Opaque White or Goats Milk Melt and Pour Soap.
2.  Prep your crystals-  In a microwave, melt until completely melted, approximately 1/4 pound of ultra clear melt and pour soap.  Use half of the soap and add your desired soap dye to it (you will want to add enough soap dye to make the color vibrant).  Use the other half of the soap to make another color.   Pourone of  the colored soaps onto a styrofoam plate of its own.  As it sets up, use a fork to press the soap and create crystals.    Do the same for the other color soap.  Set these crystals aside for later.   If you would like to use multiple color crystals, do the same for each color.  Also, if you would like for your crystals to have an opaque appearance, simply use the opaque white or goats milk melt and pour soap to make your color crystals. 
3.  Making your quartz soap-  In a microwave, completely melt approximately 1/4 pound of either ultra clear melt and pour soap or white melt and pour soap (opaque white or goats milk).  Add your desired color, or if you would like for part of your stone to be white, add no color at all.  While melted, pour some of this soap into the 12 oz. styrofoam cups you are using for your molds.  Make sure that you have your cups tilted at an angle so that you can create better effects!  Allow this soap layer to cool right to the point that it starts to develop a skin.  Quickly press some of your ready made crystals into the layer of soap.  Sprinkle a far amount of mica pigment on top of the layer of soap and give it a little swirl with a toothpick.    In the mean time, get your second layer ready and colored.  The second layer will be poured into the styrofoam cups sitting straight up...not tilted this time.  Make sure that before you pour your second layer that the first layer is firm enough to set the cup straight up, yet the first layer should still be warm so that the second pour will properly adhere to the first layer.  The second pour should not be so hot that it makes the crystals in the first layer melt dramatically.  Once you have your second layer poured, add some more ready made color crystals to it.  Allow the entire soap to set up completely.
4.  Once completely cooled, simply peel away the cup from the soap and discard. 
5.  Making the soap look like quartz-  Using a sharp knife without a jagged edge, cut the outside of the soap to give it angles.  You can use the cut pieces in a soap dish at your home...they are attractive too!  You are done!
6.  We have seen these soaps sell for as much as $15 a piece.  They are absolutely wonderful money makers!
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