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About the Industry
The candle industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry, and market analysis reports show that this industry is going to grow even more. Candle makers are not only using paraffin wax to make candles, they are now also using gel wax, soy waxes, and other natural-based waxes. Candle companies are also complimenting their candle line with bath and body products and homemade natural soaps. Consumers are becoming more aware of the superior quality of handmade candles and soap products. Handmade candles are stronger than machine-made candles, and this quality alone is getting consumers to buy handmade candles as opposed to machine-made. Consumers are also realizing that handmade natural soap is superior to store-bought soap. Natural soap lasts longer, is gentler on your skin, and does not contain the additives that store-bought soap contains.

In addition to candles and soap, consumers are spending more and more money on products that SMELL GOOD. Consumers want their homes, cars, clothes, and especially themselves to Smell Good. Perfumists and scientists are working harder than ever to create unique products that support these desires and spending habits.

If you would like to enter into an industry that is exciting and creative, prosperous and still growing, Nature's Garden would like to help you get started on your road to success! Nature's Garden staff is some of the most experienced people in the industry today. We have more than 40,000 happy customers; making us one the largest candle supply companies in the world. Let the "Candle making specialists help you succeed....it is our passion". See what our customers are saying.

Natures Garden also offers a Toll Free H.U.G LINE (Help U Grow). This technical assistance line is free to all of our wonderful customers to help you make and market the finest candles and bath and body products. 1-866-647-2368 (HUG Line)

Class 1 - Class 2 - Class 3 - Class 4 - Class 5 - Class 6 - Class 7 - Class 8 - Class 9 - Class 10
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Natures Garden offers Ohio wholesale candle making supplies for candlemaking. We also offer wholesale soap making supplies for soapmaking. In addition to candle supplies and soap supplies, we offer incense supplies and cosmetic supplies. Wholesale fragrance oil in Ohio.

Toll Free H.U.G Line: 1-866-647-2368
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