Candle Making Classes
These candle making classes are meant only to give basics on candle making, and provide you with information and ideas for marketing and selling your finished products. These candlemaking classes are free to everyone! If you need any further technical assistance, please feel free to call Natures Garden's Toll Free at 1-866-647-2368.
Getting Started
What People Won't Tell You
Fund Raisers
Home Parties
Candle Colouring/ Fragrance Chart
Cool Projects
Work Environment
Get Candle Basics
Protect Against Liablilty
(candlemaking supplies at wholesale prices)

Natures Garden offers Ohio wholesale candle making supplies for candlemaking. We also offer wholesale soap making supplies for soapmaking. In addition to candle supplies and soap supplies, we offer incense supplies and cosmetic supplies. Wholesale fragrance oil in Ohio.

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