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Cookie Mold - BOO

Cookie Mold - BOO
 Cookie Mold - BOO


BOO Cookie Molds

Boo Cookie Molds -  Plastic embed mold made out of food grade plastic.   Can be used for bath fizzies, gel wax embeds, soap samples, chocolate covered cookies, or potpourri candle tarts. Made in the USA.  Each mold contains 4 cavities which hold 1.5 oz.  Each cavity is 2" diameter.

*Note-  Molds are not returnable once you have used them.  These particular molds are not recommended for prolonged use.  These particular molds may melt if washed in the dishwasher, or if you get them too hot.*

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5.0 1 Cookie Mold - BOO

Halloween Soaps!

5 Cookie Mold - BOO

Reviewer: from Darlington, SC US

Although Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I don't typically start getting ready so early. However, these were too cute to pass up! I made some m&p soaps for my bathroom and I can't wait to decorate!!

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