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Zinc Core Candle Wicks- 100 wicks


Zinc Core Candle Wicking. Precut, prewaxed, pretabbed. Tab size is 20mm;  neck height is 3mm.  A variety of sizes available. Pack of 100 wicks. Zinc Core candle wicking. Note: We do not accept returns on our wicks, so we advise you to purchase sample packs before committing to a larger sized bag of wicks.

Below you will find candle wicking suggestions based on jar sizes. Our candle wicking suggestions are based on using fragrance oils, not straight essential oils. 

1 3/4 inch zinc core candle wick (44-20-18z)- great for tealights, and small containers with a diameter of about 1 inch.
2 1/2 inch zinc core candle wick (44-28-18z)- great for votives, and containers with a diameter of about 2 inches. 
7 inch zinc core candle wick (44-24-18z)- great for candles with diameter of 2-2.5 inch diameter. 
7 inch zinc core candle wick (51-32-18z)- great for candles with a diameter of about 2.5 to 3 inches.
7 inch zinc core candle wick (44-28-18z)- great for candles with a diameter of about 2-2.75 inches. Also nice for cylinder candles. 
7 inch Extra Large zinc Core candle wick (62-52-18z)- great for candles with a diameter of 3 inches to 4 inches. 
3 inch self centering zinc core candle wick (44-24-18z)-  great for votives and candles with the diameter of 2-2.5 inches. These wicks self center themselves due to their 33 mm wick tabs. 

Note: There are no performance warranties written or implied for any of our candle wicking products.  Wick performance will vary with different waxes, colorants, and fragrance.  Always test candle wicks before making large batches of product.  We do not except any type of returns. 

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Reviewer: Sue Parks from Richmond, VA 02/07/16

I purchased a variety of zinc wicks because I switched to a para-soy blend for my candles. These wicks are very sturdy! I have had to test each type of candle (conditions) but I think they are real easy to use once you test. I trim the wick after every burn. The only time I noticed significant mushrooming is when I power-burn them (+ 5 hours). I was using LX and soy.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Georgetown, OH US 08/11/13

When in doubt, please call the wonderful ladies at Nature Garden Candles. They have helped me out with my wick sizes and with their advice, my problems were solved=)

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Too Long

Reviewer: A viewer from Lancaster, CA US 07/31/13

I purchased the 1 3/4 Inch 44-20-18z for my tea light candles, as recommended but I found that the wicks are a bit long. I ended up having to trim them for safety reasons.

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Reviewer: A viewer from White Bear Lake, MN US 06/22/13

Love these! I have been using store brand wicks for a long time and been recently noticing that they no longer work how they use to. I decided to purchase these because of the cost and to see how they worked. I will not purchase another wick again! sturdy, easy to work with.

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NG wicks work great

Reviewer: A viewer from Worcester, MA US 04/30/13

I jut started making candles a few months ago and the wicks work perfectly. I am now making gel candles in jars. and find they are smoking. So Not sure why maybe I should try a smaller wick? or a zinc core?

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I did as recommended . . . .

Reviewer: A viewer from Warren, OH US 02/17/08

NG recommended to use 44-28-18 in votives so I tried 100 just to see how they would work out cause I'm having trouble with the wick size I have now and pretty much every thing else I've gotten From NG has worked out really good but that size wick really seems too large for that size candle. Maybe I'll try44-24-18.

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works ok

Reviewer: A viewer from Ringgold, GA US 01/14/08

These wicks are ok, I think I will try cd wicking next time. But like I said these are ok .

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responding to West Virginia

Reviewer: A viewer from Rockford, Il 11/07/07

I have notice that the stronger fragrances such as cinnamons, strong pines and spices will seem to put out the wicks. I think you need to try larger wicks in the ones that go out. I would start with one wick first then try two. I find that even though the jars are the same size that the wick sometimes have to be adjusted to the fragrance. I also find the spicer fragrances sometimes will smoke if I use to much frag. The uneven burn is when I use a wick that is not large enough. These are the experiences I have had. Hope this helps.

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Problems with wicks

Reviewer: A viewer from West Virginia 01/25/07

I have been making candles for two years now using Joy wax and zinc (44-28-18)wicks, using a 10 oz. jar, two wicks per jar. I have never had a problem until recently, they either put themselves out, produce alot of smoke or cause an uneven burn. Has anyone else had this problem and how do I correct this? I've noticed that the wicks don't seem to have as much wax on them as usual and are smoother in appearance. I have replaced customers candles, but this could get costly if this continues. Help !!!

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Great wicks...

Reviewer: A viewer from Knoxville, IL US 10/08/06

I really like these wick's, there is no 'mushrooming' and no need to trim. You should try these. I'm sure you'll love them.

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Option Price Quantity
7 inch 51-32-18z $6.99
2.5 inch 44-28-18z $5.99
7 inch 62-52-18z $6.99
7 inch 44-28-18z $6.99
1.75 inch 44-20-18z $5.99
7 inch 44-24-18z $6.99
3 inch Self Centering 44-24-18z $6.99

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