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CD Candle Wicks- One Thousand Count

CD Candle Wicks- One Thousand Count

Coreless German CD Candle Wicks. Precut, prewaxed, pretabbed. A variety of sizes available, are 7 inches in length, and come with a 20mm round tab. Pack of 1000 CD candle wicks. Note: We do not accept returns on our wicks, so we advise you to purchase sample packs before committing to a larger sized bag of wicks.

Coreless German CD wicking is a flat braided wicking that allows for a cleaner burn, and are almost self- trimming. Below you will find wicking suggestions based on jar sizes.

Our wicking suggestions are based on using fragrance oils, not straight essential oils. 

CD5 candle wicks- Use with votives and containers 2 inch in diameter.
CD7 candle wicks- Use with containers approximately 2.5 inches in diameter.
CD10 candle wicks- Use with Medium sized containers approximately 3 inches in diameter.
CD 12 candle wicks- Use with medium sized containers approximately 3- 3.5 inches in diameter.
CD14 candle wicks- Use with Large sized containers approximately 4 inches in diameter.
CD16 candle wicks- Use with large sized containers approximately 4.25 inches in diameter.
CD18 candle wicks- Use with large containers approximately 4.5 inches in diameter.
CD20 candle wicks- Use with extra large containers approximately 5 inches in diameter.
CD 22 candle wicks- Extra large wick for use in large containers approximately 5.5 inches in diameter. 

Note: There are no performance warranties written or implied for any of our wicking products.  Wick performance will vary with different waxes, colorants, and fragrance.  Always test wicks before making large batches of product.  We do not except any type of returns. 

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1 out of 5 stars cd 12 wicks 01/16/2013
Reviewer: Julie Benois-Sage from Portland, OR US
I have used these wicks from several suppliers. When i ordered them frm NG they arrived in poor condition....they were underweight and not at all the quality of ones I have used before.The price and descriptions are the same but the wicks arent.

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CD 22 $ 65.00
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