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Pillar of Bliss Wax- 10 Pounds


Natures Garden's Pillar of Bliss WaxTM-  A blend of soywax (more than 50%) and paraffin wax used for poured votive and pillar candles.  It is also the wax we suggest using when making candle wax tarts. Pillar of Bliss Wax has excellent fragrance retention with good cold and hot throw characteristics.  Pillar of Bliss Wax comes in granulated form.

Instructions for using Pillar of Bliss Wax:  Melt wax to 195 degrees, and add coloring.  Drop melted wax temperature to 180 degrees and add 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of melted wax.  Pour 3/4 of your melted wax at 175 degrees into your molds.  Keep the remaining wax for your second pour.  Allow the candles to set up at room temperature.  The wax will naturally sink in the middle.  Heat the remaining 1/4 of your wax to 165 degrees, and top off your candles in order to fill in the sink holes.  Allow candles to cool at room temperature.  Pop set-up candles out of the molds. 

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Great for Clamshells

Reviewer: Angela from West Virginia 12/08/15

I've been making A LOT of wax melts lately and ordered this wax after reading the description. MUCH better than the wax I was using before. Pours great into the clamshells and has a wonderful scent throw! Will be sticking with this wax from now on.

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so much better

Reviewer: A viewer from Athens, Ohio 03/27/15

i just got tthis to start making my tarts with and its so much better than the parasoy blend i was using and the scent throw hot and cold it way better for both in this wax as well! and i love that it doesnt come in a big slab, this is so much easier to measure!

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Help me!

Reviewer: A viewer from Vernon Hills, IL US 08/27/14

Love Pillar of Bliss I think my tarts have been coming out great ~ I made a small pillar candle but I think the wax was not hard enough ~ I use to make candles years ago but this was the first Pillar I've made in over 20yrs lol any suggestions on what I can add to make my pillars harder? And any other suggestions on wax for tarts with wax even though I love pillar of bliss I'm wondering if there are other waxes I can use as well that give a great throw! Thanks!

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Fantastic to Work with

Reviewer: A viewer from Utah, US 08/05/14

I began making wax tarts with this product and both the cold and hot throws are great. Couldn't be easier to work with, and I love the opaque look and how it doesn't seem to sink with cooling much. I love it.

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Great product!

Reviewer: A viewer from Vernon Hills, IL US 07/14/14

I have not made candles for many many years so buying this wax made it so easy for me to make tarts and candles~ I'm looking forward to my next batch and learning from the great tips and recipes here @Natures Garden ~

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Not to thrilled!

Reviewer: A viewer from Topeka, KS US 04/02/14

New to candle making, this was the first wax I tried. The candles are pretty ,the cold throw is awesome, my hot throw is NON-existent!

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trying new wax

Reviewer: A viewer from Fulton, MS US 01/07/14

This is my second round of making wax melts with this wax and so far I am impressed. I was using 4974 and I was having a hard time getting it to release from clamshells but held fragrance well. PBW is wonderful to work with and releases easily from molds and clamshells and I love the appearance in my finished products. I hope to get a great scent throw, so far cold throw is nice still waiting on cure time though.

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Wonderful Wax!

Reviewer: A viewer from Tulsa, OK US 11/02/13

This wax is so easy to use. It is smooth and has a nice finish. It holds it's scent very well too. I like it very much!

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LOVE this wax!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Cincinnati, OH US 09/28/13

This wax is incredibly easy to work with. Pillars and tarts are flawless using this wax! Good cold and hot throw - pillar filled my entire first floor with scent just from cold throw! Will be using this wax for my tarts from now on!!!

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Reviewer: A viewer from PLAINFIELD, IN US 07/19/13

This is the best wax I have ever used. It is so smooth and creamy like. Candles look flawless.

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