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Trinity Candles Plus - Rootbeer Candle

Rootbeer Candle

   Trinity Candles Plus Rootbeer Candle

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My name is Angie Chism. I am a fulltime student and mom of 3 wonderful boys and my candle journey began in May of 2010.
I have always been a person for confrontation and candle making looked like a fun and creative challenge. I started melting down candles I had in my own home just to see what kind of creative things I could do with wax. I researched all the tricks of the trade and made notes and files on certain topics and troubleshooting. I made candles, tarts and scented bears for family members and word quickly spread. Before I knew it, outside people were calling family members trying to get a hold me of because they wanted products. In July, my husband said the words that would change our lives forever, If you are enjoying it that much, why do you not just open your own business making candles?
The economy was impossible at the time and with me having a back surgery and a new born baby the chances of me getting a job had proven to be unsuccessful. My husbands words were a  seed that was planted and it definitely grew from there. I started shopping for companies that sold candle making supplies and compared prices. In the meantime, the church had heard of my journey and contacted me to do a fund raiser for one of the students going to Atlanta Dream Center. That was my first official big order and I placed my first NG supplies order in August.
The fund raiser was a huge success and news about this small business in Kenton, Ohio continued to spread. At that point I knew I needed a website. With me offering every single scent that NG offered, I needed something for my customers to choose from. I started making catalogs and starter kits (mini catalogs, samples and order booklets) and by October, I hired 6 sales associates.
The holidays were just around the corner and I actually had to bring in family members to help keep me stay caught up with orders. I remember eating fast food several nights a week because I was too busy to even cook dinner and paying my mom to clean my house while I caught up on sleep. I kept reassuring my family that once the holidays were passed, things would settle down. But much to my surprise, that was not the case.
Because of the advertisement from holiday orders, sales remained just as busy. My kitchen is now overran with boxes of wax, bottles of scent and immediate candle supplies. My dining room now harbors nothing but shelves stocked with jars, samples and supplies. My living room now holds all outgoing orders and even my desk has been cluttered and taken over by all the paperwork of incoming, outgoing and completed orders. I decided it was time to take this blessing to a new level.
In February 2011, we bought a small building across town. Over the next few months we plan on remodeling and opening a store front. Never in a million years did I think that a simple little experiment would turn into an income, let alone result in having our own business. It was doing so well that when my husband got laid off for 6 weeks, Trinity carried our budget until he got back to work. What I do for a living is not a job, it is a pleasure!
Trinity has a goal of adding about 20 more products to the line when we open the store front. At the moment we offer candles and various bath and body products. From soaps, lotions and deodorant to healing ointments and perfumes. Thanks to Natures Garden, I started this business on only $350.00.    
A customer found this mug in his mothers basement. He brought it to me and asked if I could fill it with wax to make it look like real root beer. I decided to make it a little dressier than just root beer. Here is an antique root beer mug, filled with NG 100% soy, dyed brown with NG brown and unscented. When the wax started to set, I plunged a craft stick down along the sides of the mug to create pits, to give it the effect of melting ice cream when I added the white wax. I scented more NG soy (no dye) and stirred as it hardened. Eventually it looked like icing. I topped the root beer with a heaping pile of creamy whipped 100% soy, scented with NGs Root beer. It ran into the grooves made from the craft stick and created the perfect look. I then packed an ice cream scoop with the scented wax and let it set in the freezer. Once it was set, the scoop of ice cream popped right out. I added a chunk of warm wax to the top of the foam and while the wax was still warm I placed the ice cream scoop on top. Final touches, a straw. He is still raving about how his entire kitchen smells like root beer... and it is not even a candle! Thank you NG for making it happen!

I cannot express how much I absolutely LOVE Natures Garden. My very first order was placed with Natures Garden and I was so impressed with the products, prices and customer service; I cannot imagine ordering from anyone else! Most businesses do not want outsiders knowing who they get their supplies from but I proudly announce my relationship with NG. A few of my friends have even considered doing this on their own and ask me for direction. I send them straight to Natures Garden! Great prices, huge selection, awesome customer service and super shipping; why would anyone shop elsewhere? Natures Garden has literally allowed a dream to come true!

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