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Sage Smudge Incense Wand

Sage Smudge Incense Wand

Natural dried, White sage incense smudging wand- INCI (Salvia apiana).  6" wand of white sage for smudging. American Indians consider this type of sage to be the king of all sages, and use it in smudging ceremonies.  It is said that smudging sage removes negative energy from a person, clears the mind, and relaxes the body. Smudging is done by lighting the end of the sage wand, then blowing out the flame so the wand is smoking.  The person then circles each portion of their body with the smoking wand, while inhaling a small amount of the smoke to purify their inner body.  American Indians also use these sage wands to purify their homes; visiting each room of their homes and making sure that each corner of each room is purified with the smoke. American Indians believe by doing so, they can drive out any negative energy and bad spirits from their homes.

Country of Origin: USA


1.  White sage incense wand is used for smudging.

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