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Fox Run Soaps - Homemade Soap

Homemade Soap

   Fox Run Soaps-  Homemade Soap
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We have always known the benefits of homemade versus commercially mass produced, overly priced skin care. For many years we have made our homemade soaps and skin care products using the same high quality standards set forth by our American ancestors. We only use the finest hand selected ingredients and our products are homemade from recipes that were handed down from generation to generation.

Beanie & Brady's compassion for nature and animals has resulted in several adopted animals including 2 dogs (Marty & Macy - Puppy mill rescues and 2 ornery foxes (Bridgette & Kevie) - Fur farm rescues.

Bridgette & Kevie are fur farm survivors. As a dedication to Bridgette & Kevie, we call our business "Fox Run Soap & Sundries". We have a permit/license for both foxes that was issued to us by the State of Ohio DNR.

BOTH foxes were born and raised in captivity, they've never been in the 'wild' so to 'return' them to someplace they've never even been is just plain ridiculous.

Bridgette: Is an Arctic Marble. Born 4/01/1996, weighs 14 lbs. She's the matriarch of our little group. She has a strong maternal instinct.

Kevie: Is known as a Cinnamon. Born 4/01/2003, weighs 8 lbs. To date she has had 3 surgeries. She was born with brittle bones among other birth defects. She was tested years ago found to be at least 1/4 Arctic. She is NOT a native red fox. Kevie is the clown of our little group.

Both girls are extremely well cared for, up to date on shots. We are dedicated to providing the utmost respect and care to them, not only for their physical but also their emotional needs for the ramainder of their life.

All proceeds from sales go towards the care and upkeep of our adopted furbabies.

The picture is of our homemade soap and solid perfume stick that was made using Nature's Garden's fragrance oil, Tinsel. 

We heard about Nature's Garden from a friend of ours and when we did an internet search on the company, we found out that they're located right here in Ohio!  Brady and I visited Nature's Garden in the Spring of this year (2010) and purchased several of their fragrance oils.  We have been hooked ever since.  The quality of their fragrance oils is superior to many of the other companies out there!

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